Review of Turkish Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK0061
Class Economy
Seat 36A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 11:20
Take-off 19 Jun 14, 23:15
Arrival at 20 Jun 14, 05:35
TK   #10 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 665 reviews
By 15437
Published on 16th June 2014
This report is the second in this series:
MEL - KUL (AirAsia X)
KUL - IST (Turkish)
IST - MAN (Turkish)
LHR - BKK (Thai)
BKK - MEL (Jetstar)

Continuing from my last report, KLIA2 is a big improvement on the old LCCT (not difficult!). I unfortunately forgot to take any pictures. I had seven hours before my next flight, so was in no rush. Eventually, I decided to head over to the KUL main terminal. The KLIA Transit between terminals is a paid service, which is really a shameless cash grab. However, for 2 MYR (0.6 USD), I really can't complain.

photo DSCF2325photo DSCF2323

Turkish check-in wouldn't open until three hours before the flight.

photo DSCF2326

Only MH was to be seen here.

photo DSCF2327photo DSCF2329

I had a bite to eat and watched some World Cup football. The wifi was temperamental (seamless at KLIA2), and I couldn't get it working on my iPhone. My Android tablet was fine.

There was hardly any queue this early for check-in.

photo DSCF2330

After a seamless journey through immigration and security, I still had to transfer terminals yet again! This automated train took me to KUL's Satellite Terminal.

photo DSCF2331

Another impressive building.

photo DSCF2335

Secondary security screening to access the gate is slightly annoying.

Here is the A333 taking me to Istanbul.

photo DSCF2336

TK cabin is nice and bright.

photo DSCF2339

My seat.

photo DSCF2341

Very good amount of space.

photo DSCF2345

The amount of little extras on TK is impressive. Newspaper, slippers, amenity kit and headphones.

photo DSCF2342

Inside the amenity kit was socks, a face mask, toothbrush, earplugs and lip balm. Impressive for economy!

photo DSCF2344

Take-off was on time and uneventful. The whole flight was in pitch darkness, so no outside shots.

The entertainment screen was relatively large and high-res. I only used the screen for location tracking, but the selection of film and TV appeared to be good. USB port for charging is most welcome.

photo DSCF2347

Pistachio lokums were handed out, followed by oshibori.

photo DSCF2350

The menu.

photo DSCF2352

I chose the beef. Presentation is truly impressive. The bread was warm and handed out separately.

photo DSCF2353

The shrimp salad was quite tasteless. However, I realised that I had forgotten to add the dressing packet, so only myself to blame.

photo DSCF2360

Yoghurt and cucumber was very fresh tasting.

photo DSCF2358

The grilled beef was perhaps a lacking a little in taste, but was still very satisfying.

photo DSCF2359

The chocolate cake was light and tasty.

photo DSCF2361

French red was very drinkable.

photo DSCF2362

So much so that I had another! I was promptly put to sleep…

photo DSCF2366

Waking up in time for yet more food. The eggs were well textured and not a solid block as I may expect on aeroplanes. Goat's cheese is a personal favourite of mine too.

photo DSCF2368

Here is the flight's route. Routing to avoid Iraqi airspace? I'm not sure.

photo DSCF2373

No aerobridges slightly surprised me.

photo DSCF2375photo DSCF2378

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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Istanbul - ISL



TK blew me away! I've flown on many 'top' legacy carriers (QF, SQ, EK), and TK is certainly in their league, if not better. Food was top notch and the amount of little extras is impressive. Service was efficient and unobtrusive. Departure from KUL and arrival at IST were both pretty seamless, although an aerobridge at IST would have been nice.

Information on the route Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Istanbul (ISL)


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  • Comment 111388 by
    kelval 122 Comments

    Thank you for this report!
    Seems you had a good flight.

  • Comment 111389 by
    Alextravel 11 Comments

    Great report! Seems like the food is not the only great thing on TK flights :)

  • Comment 111394 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5295 Comments

    Thank you, TK is scoring again a very good grade on this flight, catering, cabin and amenities are impressive indeed.

  • Comment 111412 by
    eminere™ 274 Comments

    Catering never fails to impress on TK. The presentation is great for Y and easily surpasses the Asian full-service carriers.

    First time also I've seen (proper) amenity kits handed out in Y. The inclusion of lip balm is impressive!

  • Comment 111436 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5842 Comments

    Another very nice report with beautiful pics! TK catering always looks so good and makes me hungry. I really like the look of the cabin and the IFE seems really nice.

  • Comment 111465 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for this great report with equally fantastic pictures.

    I agree 100% with you. When it comes to travel in Y, TK tends to exceed expectations. The amenity kit alone is better than what some competitors offer in their J class. Add a pair of slippers on top of that and it doesn't get better than this when it comes to extras.

    Meals have always been a strong point for this carrier and this reputation continues, despite the slight cutback in portions.

  • Comment 111550 by
    Numero_2 10105 Comments

    Thank you for this report.

    Another good experience with TK.
    I'm just wondering if Tukish Airlines is not lowering its soft product for few months, after having captured customers with a great economy class in the past years.
    I flew quite a lot with TK in 2013 in Y and Y+, and I can see that few things have been changed so far.

  • Comment 133214 by
    mc 16 Comments

    Hi,I'm a university student and I'm performing an analysis about airlines customer forums.

    For my research would be very important to know the nationality of each writer...May I know your nationality??

    Thank you so much!

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