Review of Delta Air Lines flight Amsterdam Seattle in Premium Eco

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 233
Class Premium Eco
Seat 10A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 10:40
Take-off 15 Nov 13, 10:40
Arrival at 15 Nov 13, 12:20
DL   #39 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 776 reviews
By GOLD 5335
Published on 22nd June 2014
  • Basle - Amsterdam KL/ Y F70: HERE!!
  • Amsterdam - Seattle DL Y+ A330-300: Now!
  • Seattle - Vancouver AS Y DH8-Q400: Soon
  • Vancouver - Portland AS Y DH8-Q400: Soon
  • Portland - Salt Lake City DL A320: Soon
  • Salt Lake City - Las Vegas DL F 757-200: Soon
  • Las Vegas - Minneapolis DL Y+ 737-800: Now
  • Minneapolis - Amsterdam DL Y+ A330-300: Soon
  • Amsterdam - Basle KL Y F70: Soon

Next leg of my Canadian/US trip, with the transfer in Amsterdam that was a mess. In the middle of the morning rush, the queues at customs are big and move very slowly. After a long wait, we'll head to the Non-Schengen lounge, with an almost inexistent welcome from the agent, and a very crowded place too.

Wifi works but is very slow. Corporate picture:

photo DSC_0257

My little morning selection from a very poor buffet, together with my new best friend:

photo DSC_0258

Our plane:

photo DSC_0259

Boarding is always called 90 minutes before the departure time. Yes, 90 minutes for long hauls. In fact, you got to go through US security first and another X-Ray control and then wait in the small boarding lounge. As I know the procedure, we left the lounge an hour before departure, and after having completed all scans in 20 minutes, we'll enter the lounge the same moment as boarding is called.

Here I am for a last time on seat 10A, as this seat does not exist anymore as such, there is now a bulkhead instead of the unlimited legroom…

On time departure and a bit of spotting:

photo DSC_0262photo DSC_0263photo DSC_0264

As service starts I was surprised to see that DL tops their trolleys in J with the black cover. Sure, you don't see the trolley anymore, but the black color makes it looking like a funeral trolley ^^

photo DSC_0268

I got my usual bacardi coke, together with peanuts and pretzels:

photo DSC_0269

Chicken or pasta, chicken for me please ;)

photo DSC_0272

A well known way to try to heat the bread, but it is well known as well that it does not work …

photo DSC_0273photo DSC_0274

Content wise, the tray has a very common green salad, cheddar cheese, butter and cookies that match good with the coffee. The entree, sweet and sour chicken was excellent. The chicken was moist and tender, the rice was well cooked, a very good airline dish. To wash it down, vodka apple.

And double bailey's with the coffee:

photo DSC_0277

Mid flight snack is a sandwich and some chocolate, a good and welcomed snack:

photo DSC_0278photo DSC_0279

Some pictures of the unlimited legroom. If you put your hand luggage in front of you and your feet on it, together with the very good recline, you have almost a business class recliner seat ;)

Small IFE but lots of things to watch:

photo DSC_0289photo DSC_0290

The wing is still there!

photo DSC_0291

90 minutes prior to arrival the arrival snack is served, tomato/cheese pannini (disgusting) and an ice cream, ok:

photo DSC_0293

Front galley:

photo DSC_0295photo DSC_0296

Boeing Field and a bit of spotting:

The BA and the LH planes that you see on the last pictures had just landed minutes before us, together with the EK flight… That means that all those people plus our plane will be at immigration. The result will be a 90 minutes wait at immigration. We had a two hours layover. That left us with 30 minutes to pick up our bags, re-check them and take the trains to the departure terminal.

As we arrive from the South Concourse, and leave from the North, we have to take first the train to the main building, then the train that runs from one end to the other end of the building, and then the train to the North concourse. We did this within 7 minutes. Then the final run to the gate C2C, at the other end of the Concourse.

Will we catch our flight to the Canuks? Response in the next report!
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.5

KLM Crown Lounge 5 - Non Schengen


Amsterdam - AMS


Seattle - SEA



A lovely flight with Delta, only concern was the meal.

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    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for this interesting report.

    I like that DL provides a decent mid-flight snack in addition to a meal after departure and a snack before arrival on their Europe - West Coast flights, which are really long trips. However, the quality can be improved. I wish US carriers would serve a proper appetizer and true dessert in their Y cabins. The salad and packaged cookie are very cheap in my opinion. If IB can manage to serve a shrimp with white beans appetizer and an apple pastry with whipped cream for dessert on the JFK-MAD flight that I took, I don't see why DL who tries to promote their image as a quality carrier can not.

    Also, the pannini and ice cream snack before arrival is cheap. KL provides two proper meals on a flight of similar length. Granted, the mid-flight snack might just be an ice cream or salty snack, but that should be enough to tide you up in between two meals. Did they provide other snacks in the galley?

    Nice cups. Has DL started using those eco friendly cups just like UA?

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