Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Doha in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK782
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 04:05
Take-off 01 Jun 14, 00:35
Arrival at 01 Jun 14, 04:40
TK   #20 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 646 reviews
By GOLD 7016
Published on 23rd June 2014
This may be the first trip whose flights are reported backward in time. The main point in translating this one from French was to complete the story about Doha's new airport, which is now coded DOH, but identified as HIA for the time being in FR's data base. Another reason is that there aren't that many reports in English on TK night flights in economy.

CGN - IST (A320): it is there in French , and over there in English
IST – HIA (A321): it is there in French , in here in English
HIA – CDG (A346): it is there in French , and over there in English

This was a business trip which collided with a pre-arranged private trip to Cologne. My primary objective was to save as much as possible of it, and I was ready to cope with a red-eye flight for that. No, my company would not fly me in business class for that distance. And no, I did not want to fly in daytime and spend less time in Cologne.

The FR starts after going through the security check after leaving the plane from CGN, with zero waiting time. The Arrivals level seemed empty, but at the top of the escalator leading to the Departures level, I was suddenly in a beehive with passengers from all kinds of places. The clothes they wore were enough to realize how much Istanbul is a gateway between the West and the East, be it Near, Middle or Far.

photo IMG_9834aphoto IMG_9835aphoto IMG_9837a

The gate number had been announced before landing in IST, and yes, it was confirmed as being 310. There were not that many gates whose number began with number 3, and I saw that as a bad omen.

photo IMG_9836a

The corridors may look longish…

photo IMG_9839a

…. but contrary to some other airports, the immigration counters are reasonably centrally located and there is no corridor before separate terminals, so the whole place is reasonably compact.

photo IMG_9844a

Plane spotting at midnight is TK only, since few foreign aircraft stay overnight, like this Olympic A319 and Air France A320. (I was told that despite this Greek aircraft has two overwing emergency exits, it is not an A320).

photo IMG_9840aphoto IMG_9889a

My guess was correct: gate 310 was at the lower level, and that meant a transfer by bus. As is often the case, the area was quite cluttered, with lower ceilings and was overall less attractive than the rest of the terminal.

photo IMG_9841a

But I had nothing else to do, so I followed the instructions and went to the gate of my flight.

photo IMG_9842a

A TK aircraft, just to remind you what the livery looks like.

photo IMG_9843a

Contrary to CGN, there were power plugs for passengers, some of them under power, but poorly located

photo IMG_9845a

… because the power supply cord had to be across the way (I did find plugs next to seats, but they did not have any power).

photo IMG_9846a

Meanwhile, flight CA5234 to PVG finished boarding,

photo IMG_9847a

… leaving some rubbish on the nearest seats.

photo IMG_9848a

I do not know how many last calls where broadcasted over the PA for flight CA5234, for this passenger was not the last one, far from it: late passengers arrived one after the other, running progressively faster, possibly from late connecting flights.

photo IMG_9855a

I did not wait until Flight CA5234 was closed, because boarding had started for mine, with full respect of priorities. Abaya and niqab for here, dishdasha for him : this couple travelling in J reminded me that we were going to the Gulf area.

photo IMG_9849a

Since we would be transferred by bus, there was no use to rush. I went to the counter only when the line had nearly disappeared, after the first bus had left. 37°C was the current temperature in Doha, and also that of my body.

photo IMG_9859a

Driving along a number of TK aircraft at jetbridges

photo IMG_9860a

… until we reached this A321.

photo IMG_9864aphoto IMG_9867a

I learned the existence of this small city in Anatolia,

photo IMG_9870a

… and of this sharklet in TK's fleet, which meant that the aircraft was brand new.

photo IMG_9872a-title

The A320 parked nearby was older, since it had wingtip fences.

photo IMG_9874a

Climbing in the aircraft

photo IMG_9878a

A last look at the reactor.

photo IMG_9880a

I had asked for a window seat when checking in in CGN and I got one. On the other hand, I did not explicitly request a good seat, and did not get one, because although seat 6A was two rows ahead of the second door, there was not seat 7A (seats 7B and 7C do exist), with the result that seat 6A did not recline. You can see rows 5 and 6 in that picture taken when leaving the aircraft.

photo IMG_9959a

To make it easier to understand, I borrowed this seat layout to

photo Turkish_Airlines_Airbus_A321_C_new

Note that the amount of reclining did not make that much of a difference in comfort.

photo IMG_9927a

My neighbor, a friendly Italian, first tried this position to get some sleep…

photo IMG_9933a

… but then had the good idea of moving after the meal service to seats 7B and 7C which were empty. I took this opportunity to go to the toilets at the rear of the aircraft. When I returned, after dodging several trolleys (the FAs did their best to let me go), I took ownership of seat 6B which had become empty and unclaimed by the passenger in 6C. Once the armrest between 6A and 6B was lifted, that provided me a 98 cm long lie flat bed. Few people realize that I am (slightly) taller than that, but I did manage to sleep comfortably (slightly comfortably only, because I had never been so much aware of my height being that excessive).

photo IMG_9934a

The passengers who slept the best were probably those in the back of the aircraft, lying on three seats on each side, because the aircraft was far from being empty. I might have had one of these improvised beds if I had checked in on the internet, but I had worked late instead the night before to prepare that business trip.

That drives us away from the comfort of the seat, which as opposed to that of the preceding short haul flight had an IFE of decent size and quality.

photo IMG_9881a

… which is used for the safety demonstration, and the safety information leaflet.

photo IMG_9884a

Apart from the emergency exits diagram, it is a twin of that of the A320 of the previous flight.

photo IMG_9886aphoto IMG_9885a

Pushback is late, and a long wait for takeoff. This seems to be a rush hour in IST.

photo IMG_9897a

Another taxiway to cross, and it will be our turn.

photo IMG_9898a

Take off at long last, at 1:18 am, with the apologies of the captain (the air traffic control…), which was bad news for me, because the hour of sleep that I was looking forward upon arrival at the hotel before setting to work was vanishing into thin air.

photo IMG_9908a

The lights of the ships which are admittedly fewer than when you take off from SIN.

photo IMG_9911a

The strobe (after umpteen failed trials)

photo IMG_9923a

What about the comfort of the seat? It is standard economy stuff, with a legacy airline seat pitch.

photo IMG_9939a

IST and HIA are in the same time zone, and this breakfast was served at 2:14 am, i.e. an hour after takeoff. That was a rather strange schedule for this meal, but all things considered, it was a better idea to serve it as soon as possible and let the passengers sleep until the descent, rather than wake them up too early in order to be sure to have enough time to serve them all.

photo IMG_9926a

This was a rather standard breakfast, but the bread was warm (some other airlines seem to have a hard time providing that), and it was both good and served efficiently.

A visit to the toilets, taking advantage of the above mentioned move of my neighbor.

photo IMG_9928a

Again these baby changing boards for exclusive female use.

photo IMG_9929a

And a forgotten turbulence warning light, which did not worry the FA when they saw me wait for my turn in front of the toilets.

photo IMG_9930a

A glimpse of the galley being cleaned up by a FA.

photo IMG_9932a

And then sleep in fetal position, and wake-up about here.

photo IMG_9941a

The plane did not follow the great circle route: it avoided the Saudi airspace and the center of Iraq.

photo IMG_9943a

Sharklet in the early morning

photo IMG_9947a

And landing at 5:06 local time, which meant 26 minutes late

photo IMG_9948a

… under the eyes of a plane spotter, or rather a passerby.

photo IMG_9951a

The good news was that Doha's brand new airport had starter operation on May 27, only five days earlier, making Doha's reputation as an all bus transfer airport a thing of the past.

photo IMG_9952a

The bad news was that guiding an aircraft to its final parking position requires a lot more precision when a jet bridge is going to be used.

photo IMG_9954a

The aircraft moved up a few meters: it did not seem enough, because it lurched forward again twice, with much waiting in between, until it did reach its final parking position. There has been a time when I thought that they would use the moving stairs as a plan B, with this truck whose staircase got deployed in the background.

photo IMG_9955a

Qatar is young country, with a brand new airport: we should not be too harsh on them; they need to pick up experience. HIA will eventually take its share in the air transport business, and they definitely that share to grow, with CDG being served with an A380 from next summer.

photo IMG_9958a

All that did nothing to reduce the delay of the aircraft

photo IMG_9960a

The corridors were evidently spotless clean, since they had been used for a few days only.

photo IMG_9961a

A peculiarity is that the toilets are explicitly designed to allow two parents to simultaneously change their twin babies' nappies. I did not expect HIA to be at the forefront of the world struggle towards equality between sexes when it comes to baby care, but I do take note of it.

photo IMG_9962a

An advantage of an airport being more an international transfer hub rather than a final destination is that the lines at the immigration were limited. Visa on arrival – if your nationality allows that – is delivered in a one-step procedure, contrary to the double queue when you land in Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia: you only need to give your passport and your credit card, and input your PIN code like in any convenience store. For 100 QAR (20 EUR), you do not have a smile (Taiwan does not charge anything and provides a smile for free), but you reach the luggage delivery room quickly.

I did not have any checked luggage, and customs control consisted only in an X ray check of the bulkier pieces of luggage, I was airside, where a driver was waiting for me.

photo IMG_9965a

His car was in the short term parking lot in front of the terminal.

photo IMG_9966a

I was luckier than a colleague who had landed the previous evening: the driver sent by the company did have the flight number, but waited for him at the old terminal, and the colleague eventually took a taxi.

That is what happens when you don't do the job yourself (the adult population in Qatar is 90% made up of foreigners – high end expatriates who travel in J, and low cost manpower flying steerage like me)

There is a huge parking lot outside the terminal, probably for the medium level staff who can afford to have their own car. Note the thousands of parasols to reduce the greenhouse effect in the cars.

photo IMG_9971a

The low end workers shuttle in buses with small ventilators and open windows.

photo IMG_0125a

I am already shifting into the tourist bonus which may be unfair to the local tourist attraction, to which I had no time to devote. My knowledge of Qatar is limited so far to less than 48 hours between these two stamps in my passport, and I encourage my customers to give more business and opportunities to research the issue.

photo IMG_0430a

No, I did not do my prayers, and yet I knew the schedule, to the minute, thanks to this display in the corridor outside the meeting rooms.

photo IMG_0004a

I had several excuses that this lack of piety: the fact that the mosque nearest to my hotel was obviously not yet ready to welcome worshippers, since it was still at the raw concrete stage,

photo IMG_0094a

… that the prayer room nearest to the meeting room was for women (in full bad faith, I did not try to find the symmetrical one),

photo IMG_0006a

… and last because nobody in the meeting seemed to want to make a pause at the prescribed time, since nobody was local. Due to the circumstances, this tourist bonus will not take into consideration the religious dimension of the country.

My first impression of Doha's skyline, as seen from the expressway from the airport, was of rather heterogeneous shapes.

photo IMG_9983a

I would have stopped to take better pictures of the Qatari merchant fleet, but the ideal spot for that was not adequate.

photo IMG_9981a

This kind of detail shows that Doha has not understood what it takes to make a city a major tourist destination. Doha has more heat, sea, sand and palm trees than the French Riviera, but it does not really qualify as a beach resort.

photo IMG_0102a

Especially if these activities are banned on the seafront, at least in that area.

photo IMG_0101a

(The top line is easy to identify as Arabic. What about the lower one? Maybe Urdu, the national language in Pakistan, whose alphabet is an extension of the Persian alphabet, which is itself an extension of the Arabic alphabet)

It is a good idea to encourage the Qatari women to exercise to reduce their risk diabetes, but forbidding hiking on the seaside is not a step in the right direction.

photo IMG_0113aphoto IMG_0114a

The Qatari Ministry of Social Affairs actually has a lot of work to do on that issue, for 50% of Qatar's female citizens have a BMI above 30, and they rival with those of Kuwait in the World Women's Championship of Obesity.

photo IMG_0111a

This may explain why they had no time to seriously overhaul the kefala system, whose existence some people at FIFA to have discovered, after awarding the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. Being the subject of enquiries by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch is a poor publicity, and it made the front page in the local English language newspaper received in my hotel room. The difference with Mainland China is that this kind of issue made the front page of a local newspaper.

True enough, their traditional clothing does not encourage the women to do much exercise in their daily life. This young lady at the check in when I left Doha only wore dark glasses, but many wear a strict niqab, which masks every square inch of the body except the eyes and is illegal in France.

photo IMG_0140a

I am straying from the topic…

You may have noticed that the sidewalk along the seafront was in construction. I found it to be in the same condition in many other places in the business quarter, and it is coherent with the fact that Doha's center is nearly empty of pedestrians, day and night.

photo IMG_0103a

In the searing heat – the temperature was then above 40°C in daytime, above 35°C at night – the only pedestrians are the low end workers, whose comfort is not a priority.

photo IMG_0002a

Let's revert to the architecture. It is a matter of personal taste, but it did not impress me.

photo IMG_0067a

I had the impression of a heterogeneous jumble of different styles, like if it was enough to draw a weird shape and cover it with glass to design a building.

photo IMG_0080a

I also had the impression of a race to height, even though space should not be at a premium in a city next to a desert, which limited creativity. The decoration of the Doha Tower (left, in the foreground), and the pure shape of the Tornado Tower are exceptions in that urban landscape, seen here in daytime

photo IMG_9988a

…and by night

photo IMG_0008a

It came as no surprise that the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning is in a rather nondescript building.

photo IMG_0108aphoto IMG_0109a

There is nothing new in this building on the seafront – we already have that in a French Mediterranean resort geared to mass tourism.

photo IMG_0071a

Building activity appears to be brisk. Contrary to the appearances, this is not the result of a scaffolding collapse, but a future entanglement of disks – I would not give my opinion before the building is completed.

photo IMG_9976a

Building is being carried out day and night; work conditions on the construction sites may be less demanding at night due to the temperature – it was on 33°C when I walked around after work, vs. a maximum of 44°C in daytime.

photo IMG_0093a

Only once, at night, did I see locals – Qatari or Emirati, I would not know – smoking a water pipe at the terrace of a bar. This was the only place where I saw people in the outside for a leisure activity. The only other places to unwind seem to be shopping malls, like this one.

photo IMG_0115aphoto IMG_0116a

Strolling in a shopping mall, be it in Doha or in Paris, is not my piece of cake, and I came back to my hotel.

photo IMG_0121a

… from where the view, both far away and in the vicinity, had nothing special.

photo IMG_9996aphoto IMG_9997a

This is the end of this FR and its tourist bonus, and time to draw a conclusion on this flight.
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When you are in economy class on a red-eye flight, comfort can only range from disastrous to poor (unless you managed to annex a full row to yourself). TK reaches the poor rating, and that is because having two seats compensated the fact that the seat did not recline.

The catering was decent; the timing was unexpected but good for getting rest. The FAs did their best to let walk up the aisle: a good point for them on a flight where they had few opportunities to stand up from the crowd.

I penalize the delay (shared between TK and HIA), for it had an impact on my tiredness during the ensuing day.

Zero waiting time at the security check in IST, and no significant congestion in the terminal despite this being a peak traffic time slot, with a rather simple layout and excellent signage. There was some rubbish leftover in the boarding rooms, but you can't have a cleaner behind each passenger. The power plugs are inconveniently located, but they did exist (there was none in CGN). I did not look for an internet access.

The terminal at HIA had been operating for a few days only: it was spot clean, but the snafu when the aircraft reached its final parking position resulted in a useless waste of time. Immigration was not friendly, but it was efficient. HIA is not far from the city center, but the absence of a rail link is not acceptable in a 21st century brand new major airport.

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  • Comment 111593 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5757 Comments

    Thanks for this very interesting report. Short red-eye flights in Y are rough, especially if you have a non-reclining seat so I understand why you graded it so low, though having an empty seat next to you definitely helps with comfort. Very night night-time pictures of your aircraft. I never expect immigrations agents to be friendly or fast (except in Asia), when they are efficient, as was the case here, it's just an added bonus. I a really surprised that there is no train link to this brand new airport! But then again, the Gulf nations are not always the most eco-friendly. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Comment 296545 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9856 Comments

      In my experience, immigration officers were desperately slow in BKK, fast and expressionless in Japan, fast and smiling in Taiwan, to name a few, so I would not generalize about Asia... and Qatar is in Asia ;)
      Qatar is currently planning to create a subway network in Doha; I am surprised that they did not build include an airport rail link when they planned this new airport some ten years ago.
      Thank you for your very night comment ! ;)

  • Comment 111612 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for sharing another great report.

    IST is an actual crossroads of people from all over the world and TK has played a crucial role in promoting this airport as an ideal connecting hub through its extensive route network. It's amazing to see the rapid growth that this airline has experienced within a few decades.

    Personally I think TK is being too generous by serving a breakfast on this flight. The times certainly do not warrant a hot meal service and a snack after departure or even a continental breakfast before arrival would suffice.

    Your bonus on Qatar is informative and revealing. There is no shortage of imposing buildings and shopping malls where consumerism rules. Despite all this, I did not see one aspect from your pictures that would entice me to visit this corner of the world.

    • Comment 296549 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9856 Comments

      I am used to airports with a strict curfew, and was amazed by the continuous night activity in IST - see the FIDS. It was an eye opening experience of a sort.
      I really hate it when they wake up all passengers over two hours before landing to serve breakfast after it took so long to find sleep in an uncomfortable Y seat - it is impossible to keep sleeping with all the lights on and movement around. I liked having a meal on that flight because the food served on the preceding CGN-IST flight was not enough. Two Y meals made a real dinner.
      Most readers of the French version of this FR commented that they do not plan to visit there,and neither do I, but one pointed out that there is an excellent museum of Islamic art. If I get another chance to go there for business, I would try and visit it.
      Thanks for your comment !

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    Irfan22 1 Comments

    Great report but just a quick question about the seating. Did the A321 have a row 8? I'm sat on 8A but I'm not sure if thats the exit row or after? Really worried as I want a good window seat

    • Comment 337076 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9856 Comments

      I checked on seatguru: TK has changed the seating arrangement, and the seats in J are now the same as in Economy with a marginally better seat pitch and an unused middle seat. That provided space for an extra row ahead of the first emergency exit : Row 8 is no longer the exit row, but a non reclining row ahead of the exit.
      I updated my report accordingly.

      Thanks for stopping by and attracting my attention to this seat layout change !

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