Review of Horizon Air flight Seattle Vancouver in Economy

Airline Horizon Air
Flight AS 2024
Class Economy
Seat 18D
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 15 Nov 13, 13:45
Arrival at 15 Nov 13, 14:35
QX 13 reviews
By GOLD 2491
Published on 24th June 2014
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I'll continue this serie of report at Seatlle, one minute before the scheduled departure time with us arriving running and sweating at the boarding gate, convinced that we missed the plane.

We were wrong, the boarding did not even start, the plane had a slot at 02:15. Great for us.

There was a new passeport check at the boarding gate, and the boarding starts. It was quite a strange experience for us: it is a boarding via the tarmac, and three planes are boarding from the gate C2C at the same time. You got to follow a covered way with openings to the planes. The boarding agent wrote number 5 on the boarding pass, that means that we have to go to #5, there, someone says Vancouver and here you are in front of your plane. There is no additional boarding pass, that means that you could, in theory board any plane :)

A bit of spotting:

Our neighbourg:

photo DSC_0309

Our Dash:

photo DSC_0311photo DSC_0312photo DSC_0313

The cabin, sorry I couldn't do any better:

photo DSC_0315photo DSC_0316

There are no window blind aboard this Dash, as it was grey with very low ceiling, that would not be a problem on that flight.

photo DSC_0323

Boarding will be completed in no time, but a new slots has been given, we'll have to wait another 30 minutes close to the runway.

MD 11 Fedex:

photo DSC_0325

It's raining:

photo DSC_0326

DC 10 Fedex:

photo DSC_0327


photo DSC_0329photo DSC_0330photo DSC_0333

Space Needle in distance:

photo DSC_0334

Very, very limited leg room and the smallest seatpocket ever seen.

photo DSC_0324

Safety card:

photo DSC_0337photo DSC_0338photo DSC_0339

The service will be very easy: nothing, niet, nada, rien, nichts! The flight time was 25 minutes, the crew remained seated reading a newspaper. I understand the flight time is short, but water would have been more than welcomed. As we had to run to catch the flight, I'll try my luck by asking for a glass of water. Answer will be: no catering onboard. Very bad.

Approach is over the Pacific

photo DSC_0341photo DSC_0343photo DSC_0347

Landing, and it's reading here as well:

photo DSC_0348photo DSC_0350photo DSC_0352

Cabin bags are being collected as nothing apart of the hand bags will fit in the Dash racks:

photo DSC_0353


photo DSC_0355

Here we are in Canada. But the immigration officer will be as unfriendly as possible, shooting one question after the other in a very aggressive mode. Where you come from, where are you going, how long are you staying, why only two days, how much money you have, show me your credit card, where do you work, what's your position, how long have you been working for this company, adress and phone number of your company. And this is only a sample of the questions asked. It took very long to be cleared!

Once we arrive in the baggage claim area, we hear our names being called, as expected, our bags have stayed in Seattle. They will be delivered the same evening at our hotel.

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Horizon Air

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Seattle - SEA


Vancouver - YVR



We've been happy to catch our flight, the luggages arrived two hours after us, but it was a good thing as we did not have to carry our bags from the airport to the hotel.
The Dash 8Q-400, is everything but Quiet! No recline, no window blind, no service, a bad flight.

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