Review of Delta Air Lines flight Portland Salt Lake City in Premium Eco

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 2189
Class Premium Eco
Seat 05F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 19 Nov 13, 10:05
Arrival at 19 Nov 13, 12:50
DL   #34 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 833 reviews
By GOLD 3012
Published on 28th June 2014
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Next leg of the trip is PDX - SLC.

After 24:00 in Portland, a city without big touristic interests (a small bonus at the end of the report though!), it's time to go to LAS, via SLC.

We had 24:00 of non stop rain, and it was quite depressing. So we were in a very good mood as we left the city aboard a shared van to the airport, the cost is only USD 10- pp. There is a light rail as well from downtown to the airport, but would have allowed a walk and a change from the hotel, whereas the shared van stop was in front of the hotel.

Very efficient check in, nobody in front of us, TSA was empty, we'll be airside within 2 minutes!

Nobody's around ;)

photo DSC_0692

Our gate, but it is only in 90 minutes, so my friend goes to Starbucks, while I do a quick tour of the terminal:

photo DSC_0693

solide waste … I found that quite funny:

photo DSC_0697

And if you do a solide waste you have a little tray where you can put your laptop and watch a moovie :)

photo DSC_0698

Men are allowed to bring kinds along.

photo DSC_0699

Concourse and terminal maps:

photo DSC_0700photo DSC_0701

Morning flights with the first letter S:

photo DSC_0702

Our A320 pulls in:

photo DSC_0705

As usual, efficient boarding, I'll board as first in coach, and here is the Eco Comfort / Eco cabin:

PSU clearly showing the age of this ex-NWA bird:

photo DSC_0715

Excellent seat pitch, as usual in Y+ with DL:

photo DSC_0716photo DSC_0717

Seat pocket:

On Time push back, as there is absolutely no IFE in the DL single aisle Airbus fleet for the time being, no Deltalina video here. A bit of spotting with a 763:

photo DSC_0724

CRJ 200 United:

photo DSC_0726

CRJ 700 United:

photo DSC_0728

Embraer 120 United:

photo DSC_0730

Cessna Grand Caravan:

photo DSC_0731

Take off along the river:

Snack is served, double pretzels and cranberry juice for me:

photo DSC_0739

The hostess who was working in First begins to offer coffee or tee together with biscoff cookies. That was great that she did it, as the flight was short, this will avoid us finishing the flight with the paper cups on our laps!

photo DSC_0744

Soon enough we reach the SLC region, for an ontime arrival:

As promised, a bonus from Portland, not so much too see, it was cold and rainy. We took a one day pass and stayed on the tram for most of the day, as it allowed us to make the whole city tour with two different tram lines:

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew9.5

Portland - PDX


Salt Lake City - SLC



A very good flight, nothing more to say.



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