Review of Singapore Airlines flight London Singapore in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ319
Class First
Seat 2F
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:50
Take-off 12 Apr 14, 20:55
Arrival at 13 Apr 14, 16:45
SQ   #3 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 632 reviews
By 14597
Published on 19th July 2014
Hi all, this report is the return flight to SIN after my week off in Paris. I flew SIN-CDG in SQ Suites, the report is here

The flight above was my first ever in First class (well, except a EWR-CDG long time ago but so short it does not count). For my second First class flight, I wanted to try the new First Class on SQ's newest 77WN. So I needed to fly off from LHR on SQ319 rather than from CDG.

After an uneventful AF flight from CDG, I reach LHR. To avoid any problem, I had booked a flight reaching LHR 4 hours before my outbound SQ flight. This should be sufficient in case of delays from CDG, retrieval of my luggage, change of terminal then check-in again, and a visit to the lounge of course.

Following my arrival from AF in T4 (I think), a short (free) ride on the Heathrow Express brings me to the T3 where SQ operates from, until June when the new T2 opens, we will talk about it later.

First surprise is the size of the check-in area. For an airline operating 4 daily wide body flights (of which 2 are A380), I expected something larger (and classier too!).

That’s the check-in First. Not only it is small (2 counters) but it is also poorly arranged: when walking-in from outside the terminal building, the First counter in sight is the First class. And there is nobody to restrict its access to eligible pax. Result is, not so well-travelled pax tend to go to this counter first as it’s the first one in sight bearing the SQ logo.
In my case today, I had to wait 5 minutes for the Chinese pax travelling economy to move away.
photo DSC01465

These are the J and Y check-in counters, located at the rear of the First counter.
photo DSC01468

Once I reached the counter, I was checked-in quickly by a friendly and smiling look-alike of Elton John. I get my BP and invitation to the immigration fast track lane.

Fast track is this way, 3 minutes only to go through
photo DSC01473

Once inside, familiar sight. I have never seen this place empty. But tonight is not so crowded, at least there are some empty seats.
photo DSC01476

This display panel shows the list of lounges in the T3, very convenient. My friend G_G The Evangelist (according to FT lol) has recommended I check a new UA lounge… it’s not on that list :( After further reading, I understand he probably mentioned about the new UA Global First lounge… in the new T2, which has yet to open ;)
photo DSC01475

I make my way to the SQ lounge. On my way, a quick avgeek stop at the SAS/Mapleleaf lounge.
3 lady staffs are behind the counter. They struggle a bit to understand why a pax travelling SQ First would want to come to their lounge ;) One of them is undergoing training. Her colleagues explain to her that I am eligible due to my *G status, which is confirmed when my BP beeps green under the barcode reader.
photo DSC01480

Inside, well, it’s very Scandinavian ;) Since my only trip to Scandinavia (Stockholm 15 years ago), I tend to consider that everywhere bright and with a wooden-based interior is Scandinavian :) Well, a small lounge that seems quite nice with everything needed: seating , internet, TV, food and drinks.

At the time of writing the present flight report, I tell myself that I should have stayed there considering how crappy the SQ lounge is.

Talking about the SQ lounge, here it is
photo DSC01497

Upon entering, the layout is somewhat standard with one staff at the counter. The business class section is on the right on the upper floor
photo DSC01499

The First class section is on the left on the same floor.
photo DSC01498

At the end of the small corridor, I take this picture of the First class section of the lounge.
photo DSC01502

The view from the opposite angle
photo DSC01508

There are 2 evening flights from LHR to SIN, one 77W and one 388. Only one pax at that time in this lounge, it will get more crowded later.

So, what do we have here ?
A self-service buffet
photo DSC01504

Beef oyster-sauce and jasmine rice
photo DSC01520

Vegetarian pasta and lamb moussaka
photo DSC01516

Coffees, teas, potatoes chips and biscuits
photo DSC01521

Some more food, fresh and cold. Fruits, cereals, triangle sandwiches
photo DSC01503

Some starters, which look familiar. That said, just on a plate without any heating, I doubt they are very good after a few hours there.
photo DSC01517

The fridge with beers and soft drinks
photo DSC01513photo DSC01514

Then the important place, the bar ! Not self-service, an employee is there to serve drinks.
photo DSC01506

This is the wine list… a bit cheap for a J lounge… ooops, this is a First class lounge :(
photo DSC01507

Like the TPR in SIN, service is a the table. Plates and cutleries are also all Givenchy-branded, like those used at 37,000 feet.
photo DSC01505

Food menu
photo DSC01509

Wine list: red, wine and champagne.
photo DSC01511photo DSC01510

Mmm, not that exciting… I’ll get a glass of Krug please… Oh, not available. No worry, some Dom Perignon will do. Not available either… I will settle for the only champagne available here, Moët & Chandon Brut NV, not good for the rating of the lounge !
photo DSC01527

Cheers anyway ! I’m hiding most of my BP as I lost my PPS a week ago, back to *G, sob sob.
photo 20140412_190938

That’s my food selection. Don’t even think I would renew the feast I had at the TPR with 3 courses upon departing SIN !
photo DSC01528

Then… a laksa, very well prepared and cooked, the coconut taste was perfect and the gravy was not watery at all, just nice !
photo DSC01533

Then that one… for those who know how chicken rice should look like, it’s not even close. It’s some chicken with some rice, but not chicken rice. Good try though.
photo DSC01534

I then start looking for a powerpoint to plug-in my laptop… well, I had to go through the whole lounge and ask for help by a staff to find this one :(
photo DSC01531

The washrooms. Nothing special, small but clean of course as expected. But no cosmetics like moisturizer or shaving kit… I had to ask a staff for a toothbrush :(
photo DSC01525photo DSC01526photo DSC01549

OK, as you probably got it already, this lounge is a total waste of time, far from my expectations. Instead I will check out the Business section upstairs that I have patronized many times during the blessed years (sob sob again) when I travelled Business class for work.

This massive A380 model is on the stairs on the way up. Don’t get too excited, that’s the best this lounge has to offer.
photo DSC01535

As I said before, with 4 flights daily, this lounge is often full. Like tonight for example.
photo DSC01542

Selection for warm food
photo DSC01537

The bar
photo DSC01538

I ask for a glass of champagne… I am told no champagne… what ? What bubbly do you have then ? I can’t believe it, the only bubbly is Crement de Bourgogne :( Note that I’m not commenting on the quality, it may be good, but not up my expectations of a SQ Business lounge
photo DSC01539

Some finger food
photo DSC01540photo DSC01541

Bottom line is, the SQ lounge, both in First and Business, is not any more up to standard. Reading from various forum, I understand SQ has stopped investing in it as the new SQ lounge will open in June 2014 in the new T2. This lounge has been renovated in 2013 but I guess it was just surface renovation to make it last one more year. In addition, SQ First pax, unlike a coupe of years ago, can’t get access to the wonderful (so they say) VS Flying Club.

So, let’s talk about the near future. Once the new T2 opens, it will be almost fully dedicated to *A (except for Aer Lingus, not sure why).
The lounge offer will be as such:
- 1 main lounge operated by LH, a bit like the *A lounge in SYD operated by NZ
- An AC lounge
- A SQ lounge that is supposed to showcase the same concept than the new SQ lounge in SYD
- 2 UA lounges: one carrot-club (United Club) and one United Global First, which is supposed to feature a new concept – and be quite good
- An Aer Lingus lounge
- A paying-access independent Plaza Premium lounge
For some pics, click here

Anyway, I’m super excited of flying so I’ll leave early to get to the gate to be the first one to board the plane and enjoy every minute

This way, through a series of corridors. Looks very similar to SYD actually.
photo DSC01554

Same as in CDG 2E, a piano is available for any one to play on. Except that one is in a corner below artificial lightings… I would have to play some Richard Claydermann like in SIN:)
photo DSC01555

The boarding area. Very industrial look, not really welcoming !
photo DSC01562

It’s time to board. The usual announcements on SQ: First, Business and PPS, *G, then economy class. I rush to the gate as soon as the SQ staff says the magical words “Flight SQ319 is now ready for boarding”
photo DSC01563

Here it is, 9V-SWV, born in September 2013 (picture taken upon arrival in SIN)
photo DSC01843

Entrance is through door 2L, between the small and the large J cabins. The IFS welcomes me “Welcome back Mr. Durian, let me take you to your seat”. I pause in this new J cabin to take pictures, which seems to surprise her !
This is it, the new J. Current 777 fleet will not be retrofitted but all aircrafts newly delivered should be fitted with this product (all classes P, J and Y): it started in September 2013 with the first 3 77W, will continue with the other 5 ordered, the 5 upcoming A380 and the 70 A350.
This small cabin (2 rows only) just behind the First has a very intimate feel. Probably unlike the larger one just behind.
photo DSC01565photo DSC01566photo DSC01567

And, here we are, the new First, 8 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. And 4 crews including the IFS for us. Thanks to G_G (Lagentsecret), I am told KVS shows only 2 pax (2 hours before the flight)… but actually it will be full. In particular a group of 4 people who seems to be colleagues. Nice group upgrade !

These are the 2 center seats.
photo DSC01569

The 1A
photo DSC01570

My seat, 2F. Although I had never flown the current First, it looks similar with an added level of privacy. I particularly liked the leather color on the seat but also everywhere on the panels (OK, no comment on the cushion, which I find is a bit too much !)
photo DSC01571photo DSC01572

One of the crews asks if I want to read anything. The Straits Times will do, thank you. My eyes noticed the pen on her kebaya. Those who fly SQ know where they put the pen. Aaaahh, lucky pen !
I also see on her nametag a very familiar flag… oh she speaks French… I ask her “Donc vous parlez Francais ?” She blushes and replies “Un peu mais mon Francais n’est pas tres bon”… how cute… Although in London in April, the atmosphere is suddenly hot lol

The control panel
photo DSC01574

Like in the Suites, there are no overheads bins. There are individual lights on each side (at eye level, with 3 levels of intensity) and 2 lights above the seat
photo DSC01575photo DSC01576

On the right, one cabinet with its sliding door
photo DSC01577

The seat pitch
photo DSC01578

The tray is located just opposite the seat (not on the side like in Suites) under the IFE’s screen. This is how it works, its depth and height can be adjusted.
photo DSC01579

There is leather all over, I like the material and the color.
photo DSC01580photo DSC01581

One of the lights above the seat
photo DSC01582

After this terrible experience in the lounge, it is time to hydrate myself…
photo DSC01583photo DSC01584

The IFE’s remote control is located in a small cabinet on the left, with a small sliding door
photo DSC01585

Some storage space on the right
photo DSC01587

Moving the tray
photo DSC01589

This is the view from my seat. Unless standing and walking, all one can see is legs and feet. No proper door like in Suite but it still feel very intimate, which is a pleasant surprise.
photo DSC01593

The IFE’s screen is so big that I cannot take the usual picture with my hand next to it to show its size, as I am not far enough. So, I’ll do that with my foot instead, size 44.
photo DSC01597

On the left of the screen, another cabinet with a mirror.
photo DSC01595

Below the screen, next to the ottoman is the storage for the headset et some personal belongings. It’s all leather, in and out the cabinet, nice ! Of course, no wear and tear as the aircraft is only 7 month-old, that helps.
photo DSC01615

On the right side of the seat, another storage with all the plugs and connections one can think of.
photo DSC01598photo DSC01599

On the left, all leather again !
photo DSC01600photo DSC01601

Again the left side of the seat, against the partition/wall is a place to hang the headset.
photo DSC01602

Now, the menu, presented in a … leather booklet, it matches my pants and the cushion too. I really feel homey here.
photo DSC01604

What’s on the menu today
photo img-416113245-0001

photo img-416113322-0001photo img-416113536-0001

photo img-416113603-0001

Before landing
photo img-416113635-0001

Spirits and wines.

Hot towel #1. I won’t take a picture of all, there must have been up to 10 I think throughout the flight.
photo DSC01616

Having left my 2 SQ bears to the care of my nephew in Paris, I ask for their cousins, here they are.
photo DSC01618photo DSC01619

One crew brings the amenity kit. It’s the latest version, Ferragamo-branded
photo DSC01621photo DSC01622photo DSC01624

Good quality for that shade that I will keep after the flight.
photo DSC01625

The SQ Girl unwraps the slippers and put them on my neighbors’ feet… that’s service !
photo DSC01629

A short walk to the washrooms
photo DSC01639photo DSC01640

The headset, same than the Suite one, Bose QuietComfort 15
photo DSC01641

Seat pitch and slippers.
photo DSC01643

The pretty SQ Girls takes the order for post-takeoff drinks.
photo DSC01644

She will then come back to give away my pajamas and slippers. The unwraps the PJ and will also put the slippers directly on my feet… that’s a nice protocol !
She even, without asking, gives me the right size for the pajamas.
photo DSC01660

The PJ’s zipper with the SQ logo is provided by Givenchy
photo 20140412_080448

A quick look to my left
photo DSC01662

The captain introduces himself and the crew at 9:25pm and announces a 12 hours-flight… that short :(

Night flight, very limited spotting at LHR, all I see is this LX…
photo DSC01671

The IFE system is the latest Panasonic eX3. SQ was one of the first one to have it, now it is installed on the latest EK and AF aircraft. Unlike in the economy class on the same aircraft, the screen is not a touch-one (it would be useless as the screen is so far away from the seat). I like the “Surprise me” choice ;)
photo DSC01683

The remote control is tactile. And it can be used to show other programs than the main screen (like the flight for instance).
photo DSC01684

Key statistics for this flight. Only 12 hours, crap.
photo DSC01686

The new movies this month.
photo DSC01688

Overall view of the First class cabin.
photo DSC01691

Push back at 9:40pm. We are a bit late but I really really don’t mind !
Take-off at 10:05pm.

According to J/P protocol, it all starts with the satay sticks.
photo DSC01694

When the crew sees my smile when the satay come, she offers double portion lol

She then notice a reminder from my holidays in Paris. A plaster on my finger… I got a very benign cut when opening a bottle of wine. tough holidays !
She comes back a minute later with a new plaster. What else ? Yes, after changing the plaster, she takes away the used one. Amazing.

The is the boss, the lady in purple
photo DSC01697

Perrier and Krug, it’s all about bubbles !
photo DSC01706

My feet resting on the ottoman, the seat and configuration is just fine for my height, 1m80.
photo DSC01708

Time to set the table for dinner.
photo DSC01710

Bread selection. SQ in J or P is just average on cheeses but the bread never disappoint.
photo DSC01711

Of course, my favorite, the garlic bread.
photo DSC01712

The starter. The caviar portion is much more generous than on my SIN-CDG. The pretty lady asks if I want a shot of vodka to go along… well, why not ?
photo DSC01713

Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t eat caviar everyday… how is it supposed to be eaten ? Well let’s just like a home with a slice of bread !
photo DSC01716

Come on kids, greens are good for growth !
photo DSC01719

I had not tried the Chablis 1er cru before. The stewardess pours a few drops for tasting… Yeah, not bad. I’m kidding, it’s excellent
photo DSC01723

Bread again
photo DSC01724

I BTC-ed the lamb to change from my usual beef
photo DSC01728

To vary a bit from the Saint Estephe (tough life !), I picked the red Burgundy, Clos de la Vigne au Saint, Cote de Beaune Grand Cru. So much lighter than my usual Bordeaux, awesome !
photo DSC01729

I am not a regular lamb-eater but I really enjoyed it. The meat was so tender and tasty. Lentils were perfect as well.
photo DSC01731

Yummy !
photo DSC01735

The crew then comes to offer some cheese… I beg her for a 10 minutes break !

Here is the cheese platter
photo DSC01738photo DSC01744

I usually get criticized in my flight reports for not taking any dessert (!), so tonight I’ll make an effort: that was a good idea, the panacotta was delicious
photo DSC01748

We are here, war zone below us… that flight was in April this year… and I am writing this report in July… 2 days after MH17 went down, RIP.
photo DSC01757

Time to sleep. I go to the washrooms to change into my pajamas. Once this is done, I open the door to exit the washrooms, and… surprise… my sleepers have been put at the doorstep for me to step in, wow !!

After-meal mode
photo DSC01753

Good night, sweet dreams !
photo DSC01764

Sleep position
photo DSC01770

In the middle of night, I wake up to go to the washrooms. Once done, I go towards the galley to have a look at what snacks or drinks are offered… then… then… too much Krug ?? The French-speaking SQ Girl is standing right in front of me… in her pajamas ! (sadly she was not wearing any see-through lingerie lol). She stepped out of the crew rest area to get water and seems as stunned as I am ! After the initial surprise, we both laugh, what a pleasant and unexpected encounter !

I wake up after an unusually long 6hr30-sleep. Sun is already up in Asia.
photo DSC01773

This is to demonstrate how thick the mattress is. Like the J class bed, it unfolds from the back of the seat.
photo DSC01776

Daddy, we like it here, when is our next First class flight ?
photo DSC01777

We are almost there, crap !
photo DSC01779

Only 2 hours of pampering left !
photo DSC01780

It’s time for snacking. It is 3pm Singapore-time but a breakfast is served, which is fine with me. The SQ Girl asks me if I had a good rest… in French, wow !
photo DSC01782

Hot towel
photo DSC01783

Orange juice to begin with. Fresh, not from a can.
photo DSC01784

Table is set. Double espresso to wake-up.
photo DSC01788

Fresh fruits.
photo DSC01789

photo DSC01792

Scrambled eggs (prepared in the galley). SQ service may be outstanding, but I did spread the butter on the toasts by myself ;)
photo DSC01798photo DSC01799

Very goof and filling, but I need to add more substance to my flight report… so I ask for something else…
Fish curry and prata… simply fantastic, tasted like a home-made curry !
photo DSC01803photo DSC01804

Hot towel #258 (about that)
photo DSC01813

This fantastic flight will come to an end in only 14 minutes :( The weather in Singapore and arrival gate are shown.
photo DSC01819photo DSC01820photo DSC01821

I go back to the washroom to change back to my “normal” clothes.
And this is it. Landing 30 minutes late. I wouldn’t have minded if that flight had been longer !

Picture of row 2 upon leaving the aircraft.
photo DSC01841

Deplaning through door 1L, the same SQ Girl tells me “Au revoir Monsieur Durian, a bientôt »… in french. Ahhhhhh…. !
Thanks for reading

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Thanks for reading. Hopefully you enjoyed that reported as much it took time to write :)
I travel a lot for work. Mostly in J on SQ (until I switch job last year, now at the back of the aircraft), so this round trip from SIN to my hometown in Suite and First on SQ is the reward for donkey hours of flying, and it was well worth !
Before those 2 flights, I used to wonder how the First class on SQ could be better than the already-outstanding J… well, other than the obvious (Krug and caviar), the level of service is even higher (yes, it sounds crazy !), almost butler-type.

Information on the route London (LHR) Singapore (SIN)


If you liked this review or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post a comment below !
  • Comment 113448 by
    pititom GOLD 11166 Comments

    SQ delivers...nothing else to say.

    Oh yes, a word about the lounge. It's a shame. It's not bad in itself, but it doesn't carry the SQ promise at all. It's also surprising because Skyteam, Etihad, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic all put tremendous efforts into their lounges. LHR is a big deal...well, hopefully next flights will operate from T2 !

  • Comment 113457 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for taking us along on this exceptional journey. First class on a world class carrier is always a treat and one can only wish that time would stop in its relentless march.

    Gorgeous amenity kit truly reflective of the caliber of a F cabin. The surroundings are luxurious without being ostentatious. The body language of the crew speaks volume about their disposition.

  • Comment 113484 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5656 Comments

    Awesome report! The service is certainly better than in J, which is already amazing. I do feel, however, that with this non-Suite type First seat, that there is not enough distinction in the seat compared to J with those already freakishly wide seats, lol. I guess one of the biggest advantages of F is the small intimate cabin with personal almost butle-like service as you say. Of course, SQ lives up to its reputation as being a world-class leader in in-flight service. Sadly as a Delta FF, I'll never get to cash in miles in any First Class cabin on any airline. Because DL does not have First you can't use miles on other airlines inthe alliance who do have a First cabin (AF for example). So no First class for me in the forceable future, I guess I'll have to be happy with Business class...that sounds snobby, LOL.... #FirstWorldProblems :-)

  • Comment 157889 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 780 Comments

    Very interesting and complete report. Thank you!

    This is the first time that reading a report gives me a late night craving. I had to run to the fridge and see what was in it! The food looks delicious! And I learned about jasmine rice and laksa, too. I'll pay a visit to the local Chinese shop tomorrow.

    I can't believe that's the boarding room at Heathrow! My uncle's car repair workshop looks more welcoming.

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