Review of Korean Air flight Seoul Busan in Economy

Airline Korean Air
Flight KE 1115
Class Economy
Seat 40F
Aircraft Boeing 737-900
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 14 Oct 11, 14:00
Arrival at 14 Oct 11, 14:55
KE   #7 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 136 reviews
By 4111
Published on 14th October 2011
You were expecting it, here is my latest FR… but not the last one !

After one last night in Seoul, I took a taxi to get to Gimpo Airport to check in for my flight for Busan.
It was 1:05pm when I get in line for check-in, a young ground agent will come a the back end of the queue where I am standing and will get me all the way to the front at another counter reserved for Morning Calm customers.
photo P1040045

She keeps on typing frenetically on her keyboard and will tell me that my departure is at 3:55pm and that there is a flight departing at 2:00pm if I want to change. I accept and she will start typing again and again… I ask how much is an upgrade to Prestige Class and she will tell me that it costs 40.000 KRW, or 25USD ! But Prestige is full on this flight…
I will request a window seat and she will give me the emergency exit seat. She tags my bag to Busan with the SkyTEAM Elite and sends my suitcase in the depths of Gimpo.

She gives me my boarding card and wishes me a great flight.

I go to the upper level and I go through security rapidly, I must say that it has always been fast in Korea since I landed here. They are efficient and fast !

I get confirmation that my flight departs from gate 9
photo P1040046

photo P1040047

At the precise moment, our 737-900 HL7599 arrives.
photo P1040048

Next to us is a Boeing 747-400 to Jeju.
photo P1040049

At all the gates, TV's with korean soap operas are shown, everyone was riveted to the screens !
photo P1040050

Korean Air is kind enough to tell us that boarding will start with a 5 minute delay from the scheduled departure time, due to a late arrival of the aircraft.
photo P1040051

At 1:50pm sharp, the ground staff will get into motion and invite people to board with a lane for the Prestige and the SkyTEAM Elite Plus passenger on one side and the Elite and Economy Class passenger on the other side. But it's a run for all and everyone will get onboard !
photo P1040052

My boarding ticket is scanned and I get on the jetway.
photo P1040053

Our 737-900 from each side !
photo P1040054

photo P1040055

The purser is outside and a female cabin attendant inside, both of them are greeting us.
photo P1040056

The 747-400 is still here.
photo P1040057

The legroom at the emergency exit, excellent !
photo P1040058

A room with a view !
photo P1040059

The cabin.
photo P1040063

photo P1040065

photo P1040067

photo P1040068

Still as many publications in the seat pocket.
photo P1040076

photo P1040060

The same thing as on the 380 with one extra, the Korean Air logo items catalog.
photo P1040061

photo P1040062

And they also sell meat !
photo P1040064

We pushback on time and I live Seoul behind me… See you on sunday for a short transit at Incheon !
photo P1040069

photo P1040070

photo P1040071

photo P1040072

The airplane has stopped, the ground personnel will walk away and wave us good-bye !
photo P1040073

photo P1040074

A part from a couple seats, the flight is nearly full, we'll say 90% full.
photo P1040075

Taxiing is a little long and finally the plane does it's turn and gets ready for take off and jets towards the skies !
photo P1040077

photo P1040078

photo P1040079

Turbulence are delaying the service a little and as soon as it stops, the 4 cabin crew will start their duties. 2 from the front, 2 from the back.
photo P1040080

Korean Air has a little more choice for drinks. Tomato juice, orange juice, coke, water, green tea and other hot drinks. No snacks either here. I'll ask for a glass of Coke.
photo P1040081

I see that the purser sticks something on the seat back in front of sleeping passengers…
photo P1040084

The cabin crew will walk by a few times to pick up the cups and serviettes and see if the sleeping passengers are not up and if they wanted something to drink.

We start the descent in the clouds, the weather is not so beautiful in Busan and the captain ives us a temperature of 16°
photo P1040085

Greenhouses around the airport.
photo P1040086

And we have now landed on the international airport of Busan Gimhae !
photo P1040087

The airplane stops and everyone gets out. I am not in a hurry, I have all the time in the world ! particularly because it is raining outside !
photo P1040088

photo P1040089

No glass jetway here but a faux-wood one.
photo P1040091

Bags will come at carousel 1
photo P1040092

photo P1040093

Here's my suitcase !
photo P1040094

I jump in a taxi to Hotel Homers on the Busan waterfront. It has a stunning view of the bridge which is a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge in white !
photo P1040097
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Korean Air

Cabin crew10.0

Seoul - GMP


Busan - PUS



Korean Air is exceptional once again, the apologies for the 5 minute delay at boarding that don't even delay the flight !

I can't complain about comfort as I had a lot of legroom.

Wether on the ground or in the air, all the personnel I encountered were exceptional ! Small attentions like the stickers for the sleeping passengers, the frequent walks to collect the trash...

I give KE a 7 because compared to Asiana and Air Busan, there are more choices for the drinks.

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