Review of Air France flight Paris Nice in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF6200
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 26 Jul 14, 09:05
Arrival at 26 Jul 14, 10:25
AF   #33 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4720 reviews
By GOLD 3379
Published on 24th July 2014
This is the story of an ordinary (from a Paris dweller's point of view) week-end trip on the French Riviera, flying AF rather than EZY for pure cost reason (the latter being even more expensive than the former, even months ahead of time), reaching the airport by bus.

What will hopefully save this tremendously bland routing from your closing the window is that the both tourist bonuses are unusual. But there is a price for that : be prepared for around a hundred pictures and captions.

ORY-NCE AF6200 A319 : you are here
NCE-ORY AF6245 A321 : here in French, there in English

This was supposed to be a major vacation departure day, but there was hardly a soul in the streets of Paris before 7am, and I did not wait for long before a bus came up at the bus stop near my home. On the other hand, all city bus stops are marked on the area maps at Denfert Rochereau (a major subway and bus hub in Paris), but not that of the Orlybus shuttle to ORY, and it is nowhere near where it appeared to be according to the website of RATP, the Paris mass transit authority.

photo IMG_0801a

I was fortunate to see by chance this bus in front of the RER train station; the picture is slightly blurry because I knew that a bus idling at a bus stop is likely to leave within one minute, which it did, just after I had boarded it.

photo IMG_0802a

The recent decoration of the outside of the South terminal of ORY

photo IMG_0804a

… but this time, I was flying out of the West terminal

photo IMG_0808a

This Welcome to Paris message is slightly out of place at the Departures level. Especially since we are not in Paris, strictly speaking.

photo IMG_0809a

I was well in advance, partly because I had hardly waited for the two buses, even though they have a quarter of an hour interval in the early morning.

photo IMG_0810a

A shop which has been used as a meeting point by Flight Reporters.

photo IMG_0811a

The self serve BP printing machines, but I had printed mine in the office the day before.

photo IMG_0812a

The toilets landside are not luxurious, but they are clean and functional. They are all the cleaner on the female side that they are being cleaned and there is a line of women waiting the men's room. Women usually object to using the same facilities as the men, but not when that requires walking to the next one (I took the picture after they had left).

photo IMG_0813a

Le Figaro, a major daily newspaper, announced that AdP (the Paris Airports operating company) would take three years to eventually allow men to change babies' nappies. They did not start here.

photo IMG_0814a

Plane spotting from ORY's West terminal is not very rewarding activity, since there is domestic traffic only. This is a sample:

AF A319

photo IMG_0817a

Air Corsica A320

photo IMG_0819a

What is more, Orly-West is not very planespotter-friendly, so you have to adapt. The windows which separated me from that Hop! CRK are far away and dark…

photo IMG_0821a

… but some creativity can be reached with a careful selection of the viewing angle. No, I did not photoshop this picture:

photo IMG_0825a

… I shot through the narrow horizontal slit between tinted window frames, seen below.

photo IMG_0826a

Cityjet Fokker 50, shot the same way

photo IMG_0830a

This AF A321 AF is too close to the terminal for the same trick, which only allows highlighting the logo

photo IMG_0827a

Air Corsica stabilizers, with an AF stabilizer in an artificial shade

photo IMG_0829a

ORY landside is not a hopeless place for families: there is a children's corner

photo IMG_0831aphoto IMG_0832a

The self checking machines for printing BPs and checked luggage tags

photo IMG_0835a

And the bar code operated automatic gates for reaching the security check area

photo IMG_0836a

The waiting time was very reasonable, especially this being the beginning of a summer week-end

photo IMG_0837a

The security check area, from airside. The airside area is aesthetically not very pleasant, compared to any modern airport (the West Terminal opened in 1971), but there are enough seats for all.

photo IMG_0839a

You can recharge your cell phone, but not your laptop: I did not see a single AC power plug..

photo IMG_0843a

It took me some time to have access to the internet. No, the AF lounge's network would not do.

photo IMG_0846a

But I had to be patient for free wifi access (which is a novelty, from July 1st in both Paris airports). Can you identify the city from this portion of my screen backdrop image? I provide the solution later in this report; it is easier if you know me :)

photo IMG_0847a

This dummy address was apparently identified as such…

photo IMG_0849a

.. because only when I provided a real one did I eventually reach the FR home page, reaching me with a sluggish throughput.

photo IMG_0853a

It may seem contradictory to show the direction of wheelchair accessible toilets through stairs, but the sign is actually posted on the frame of an elevator.

photo IMG_0840a

Yes, there is ONE baby change area accessible to all, male and female, which means accessible to all families on Saturday morning in July, and this young couple eventually gave up after waiting.

photo IMG_0842a

For adults, these facilities are adequately sized. For younger children old enough to travel UM, the sinks are too high.

photo IMG_0841a

Some additional plane spotting: there is of course no dearth of AF A32x

photo IMG_0838a

Alitalia A320

photo IMG_0844a

… and Transavia

photo IMG_0845a

For once, there is no rush of passengers at the gate minutes before boarding starts (on time).

photo IMG_0854a

An Airlinair plane in its original livery (this AF subsidiary was rebranded Hop! In 2013, together with Britair and Régional)

photo IMG_0855a

This ATR72 reminded me of another one, shot here landing in TSA, that we shall never see again.

photo P1110849a

There were only two young French medical students on board B-22810 operating flight GE222 which crashed in Penghu due to foul weather, and they did not carry much mediatic weight compared to the 54 French casualties on board Flight AH5017 which crashed also due to foul weather a few day later.

That night of July 23rd must have been nevertheless a long one for the families in Kaoshiung, from where the Taiwanese ATR72 had taken off or in Taipei.

photo DSC03799-3

Taipei, from the Elephant Mountain trail: this was the solution of my riddle for those who had not identified the tip of the Shinkong Tower in the corner of my laptop screen. I owe this picture to a Taiwanese friend, thanks Suchuan !

After this short sentimental digression, let's go back to the boarding of the plane, after going past a newspaper stand. Neswpaper without an s, because there is a single copy of a single newspaper (La Croix, an overtly Roman Catholic daily).

photo IMG_0857a

This single copy of an otherwise honorable newspaper is apparently what AF calls its selection of French and international newspapers. I wonder what they found to the other titles which did not make the cut.

photo Selection of newspapers

The razor fin seats of AF's domestic A32x are well known to all; I find them OK for a flight lasting an hour or two (including delays).

photo IMG_0858a

The seat pitch is compatible with a marathon runner's legs.

photo IMG_0860a

Some additional plane spotting, despite adverse lighting, with a Hop! CRJ-700

photo IMG_0862a

A line of Vueling A32x stabilizers, with some intruders with lower ceilings and rectangular windows.

photo IMG_0866a

The stabilizer of an Air Carïbes plane, and of F-HMLL, a Hop! CRK

photo IMG_0868a

A departing Hop! ATR42

photo IMG_0869a

And a Hop! CRK

photo IMG_0871a

I always have the impression that Candair made savings on the CRJ's front landing gear, so that they are not level when they are on the ground.

photo IMG_0874a

I have time for this additional plane spotting, because the pushback is delayed twenty minutes because of three no-show, including two who have checked luggage which have to be found and unloaded from a full A319.

The captain explains that, adding a sanctimoniously stern speech on the negligence of passengers which forget about the boarding time and create a nuisance to all the other passengers, ending more or less by remember that next time you fly. Like if all passengers regularly misbehave like this: I have the very unpleasant feeling of being scolded for an imaginary fault even though I never did that. Sure, I sometimes boarded at the last minute, but without any checked luggage. The crew evaluation starts with a demerit.

Take off, with a view of a neighborhood of Villeneuve le Roi, whose inhabitants are either uncurable plane spotters, or could not afford to live anywhere else. Or maybe they have a severe hearing problem.

photo IMG_0881a

This circular structure is a park with various recreation facilities.

photo IMG_0882a

Villeneuve St Georges's marshalling yard, the largest south of Paris

photo IMG_0884a

Distribution of pastries

photo IMG_0888a

An 8 cm long chocolate bread, and a cup of instant but strong coffee, in a cup adorned with AF's 80th anniversary logo.

photo IMG_0890a

Just in case you do not know what a domestic AF A319 cabin looks like

photo IMG_0892a

Mont Ventoux , an isolated 1,911 m high mountain, famous among cyclist for its challenging climb

photo IMG_0897a

The Durance river

photo IMG_0900a

The valley of the Asse, a tributary of the Durance

photo IMG_0901a

A big blue bunny (Lake Ste Croix)

photo IMG_0905a

Canjuers base, the largest military ground in Western Europe

photo IMG_0906aphoto IMG_0907aphoto IMG_0909a

Again the Canjuers facilities, next to the D955 public road which crosses through the camp

photo IMG_0913a

I am not quite sure, but this heart shaped facility looks to me like a solar power plant. Or maybe greenhouses?

photo IMG_0915a

Another similar facility

photo IMG_0918a

The French Riviera is in view; a left turn to fly alongside the coast.

photo IMG_0923a

The end of St Raphaël, on the left

photo IMG_0928a

The bay of Agay

photo IMG_0930a

General view of St Raphaël and the bay of Agay

photo IMG_0933a

Cannes Mandelieu Airport

photo IMG_0935a

St Honorat and Ste Marguerite islands, off Cannes

photo IMG_0938a

Lérins abbey, on St Honorat island

photo IMG_0941a

Antibes and the Cape of Antibes

photo IMG_0948a

Antibes harbor

photo IMG_0950a

A close up on Fort Vauban

photo IMG_0951a

Antibes' Marineland

photo IMG_0953a

Marina Baie des Anges, a much decried luxury residential project built from 1968

photo IMG_0954a

Touchdown at 10:31, before making way for a private jet and a Tunisair 737

photo IMG_0960a

There are always an incredible number of private jets in NCE, small ones and large ones, but far right, the yellow stabilizer belongs to Britain's Monarch Airlines, owned by a travel agency.

photo IMG_0961a

A line of private jets, against the sun

photo IMG_0964a

And a quick arrival at Terminal 2

photo IMG_0969a

Two Easyjet A320 on each side

photo IMG_0967aphoto IMG_0972a

And an AF A319

photo IMG_0973a

This welcome sign, together with a comment on the French version of this FR, made me aware of the rise of Chinese visitors in Nice, the only ones together with the Singaporean who use simplified ideograms (??? : welcome to you !)

photo IMG_0974a

A quick walk to the car rental counters, under the parking lots…

photo IMG_0975a

… and there do I discover the disaster. In front of the Avis / Budget, there is an incredibly long line of resigned passengers, which is all the slower that it is made up on men only, whose spouses and children patiently wait seated: this means that there will be one transaction per person in the line before me.

photo IMG_0976a

Not only is it the last Saturday in July, at the height of the peak season, but their computer system failed, and they have to fill in the forms by hand. It takes me exactly one hour to reach the counter. The only good news was that I am upgraded two notches up, from a sluggish Fiat 500 to a powerful Clio 4 dCi. That is good news, because the engine is going to handle a commendable cumulated altitude gain. The engine of the driver too, but that will be part of the tourist bonus of the return flight (teasing…).

For this flight, my tourist bonus is on Paris, since this is the origin of this flight. Two weeks before, the Royal Street, a few steps from the Champs Elysées, was unusually empty, which gave a perfect view of the obelisk of the Concorde, the Parliament, and the dome of the Invalids further to the right.

photo IMG_0776a

That day, I had been invited by an indirect acquaintance, and he had spared no expense, paid actually by me, as a taxpayer…

photo IMG_0531a

… and I was not the only one invited by the French President, which meant that he was not expecting that much honor from me.

photo IMG_0554a

Many French people have never heard of the expression Bastille Day, but all know that July 14th is the national day, a banking holiday, and features a military parade on the Champs Elysées, that the Parisians claim to be the most beautiful avenue in the world (I have reservations about that). This is an opportunity to see our elite troops equipped with the latest French weapon technology …

photo IMG_0547a

… well no, they were taking this opportunity to remind all that WWI had started one hundred years ago (for those who had not read or watched a French media in the past six months). In order to celebrate the fact that we have a last decided to put an end to wars in Europe, the French military had launched invitations to armed forces from dozens of countries around the world, for three representatives each. There were guests from Mainland China, but not from Taiwan: would you wonder why?

A uniform is meant to give a uniform appearance to a group of persons. But when each one wears a different uniform, the result is more a patchwork of colors.

photo IMG_0573a

OK now, this is Flight Report, and we should talk about aviation. To begin with, and since they do fly, these are Sperwer drones, powered by a two stroke engine, launched with a catapult and recovered with a parachute and airbags. It looks like a cheap makeshift third world toy, compared to jet powered stealth drones, but it fits the needs in third world deserts where there is no runway in sight and where the bad guys do not anything like a surface to air missile. It is also French technology, made by Sagem according to the logo at the base of the stabilizers.

photo P1660828a

They did not take the risk to fly them low above the crowd, but there were more conventional (and expensive) machines in the air. The reason I had chosen not to sit in the front rows was that I wanted an overhead view unobstructed by the trees. In the order of appearance, these are the Patrouille de France (the French military aerobatic team, flying Alpha jets):

photo IMG_0596aphoto IMG_0597a

A Mirage F1 B and four Mirage F1 CR, from Air Base 118 in Mont de Marsan

photo IMG_0598a

Three Rafale from the same air base

photo IMG_0602a

A KC-135 tanker, together with four Rafale fighters

photo IMG_0606a

Another KC-135 and two Rafale

photo IMG_0611a

An E-3F Awacs, followed by a Rafale and two Mirage 2000

photo IMG_0617a

Two Rafale Marine and two Super Etendard

photo IMG_0620a

An Atlantique 2 and a Falcon 50, used for sea patrolling

photo IMG_0623a

An A400M Atlas, the long awaited military transport plane built by Airbus.

photo IMG_0627a

And last a Casa CN235, whose numbers were increased to fill the gap caused by the delays of the A400M program.

photo IMG_0628a

The students of the major military and police schools open the parade, starting traditionally with Ecole Polytechnique. This two century old college is now France's most prestigious engineering university, and extremely few of their graduates serve in the military – you find them in all the major corporations' top managerial and executive.

photo IMG_0631a

I had no worry for them, and had rather a thought for the policeman below in the foreground. He had a chance to be at the Bastille Day military parade, and all he got to see was the public, for every other policeman faces the axis of the avenue (see the previous picture of the crowd)… and he did not get to be one of them. That is what I call tough luck !

photo IMG_0629a
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Air France

Cabin crew6.5

Paris - ORY


Nice - NCE



The comfort of the seat was OK for a domestic flight. The FAs distributed the food and drinks with the expected efficiency and smiles, but the speech of the captain blaming implicitly the passengers for the delays of the flights in general was needlessly unpleasant. I would not like having him in my team. The chocolate bread and coffee were industrial grade, but met the minimal requirements for a morning flight, and that is more food than the cookies served the rest of the day. No IFE, and a single newspaper copy for all the passengers boarding behind me (roughly one third of the aircraft) is what I call no entertainment on board. I rate it 5 because you can do without it during a one hour flight. I hesitated about punctuality. The delay of the aircraft made waiting at the car rental agency even more tiring, but AF was not to blame for either.
I give ORY an excellent accessibility rating because the bus trip was very fast. ADP had not responsibility for that: I was simply lucky with buses running every quarter of an hour, and the streets of Paris were empty. Wifi access is now free at last, but the throughput is sluggish.
The NCE operating company had no responsibility of the computer problems of the car rental agency, but I did leave the airport one hour later than I expected after leaving the aircraft (I felt lucky not to take the wrong lanes leaving the airport: the signage does not address adequately the case of passengers having neither a standard destination nor a GPS navigator).

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  • Comment 116672 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    I enjoyed reading this splendid report full of great pics. I used to watch the 14th of July parade on TV5 but of course nothing compares to being there in person, at least once in a lifetime. If anything, it is refreshingly different to see the monuments and buildings landmarks with unobtrusive views.

    If I am not mistaken, the Roissy bus that goes to the Opera also provides a frequency every 15 min. in the morning rush hours. I will be visiting Paris at the end of Nov. and fortunately my hotel is just a couple of steps from the stop. Personally I find the Left Bank more appealing, but since I will be traveling with family members that will stay in this area, I had to be more accommodating. I look forward to be inspired again and view Paris with a new perspective.

    Nice and creative plane spotting. The tray with viennoiseries look appetizing and it's comforting to have a choice.

    As aviation enthusiasts, the news of airplane accidents hit us particularly closer to home. We are sometimes reminded that this hobby carries a certain risk and like everything in life, it's best to cherish and enjoy every second of it.

    I think AF should have used the cover of Le Canard enchaîné for its selection of newspapers advertising.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Comment 300428 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9806 Comments

      You can see the 14th of July parade arguably better on TV than from where I was, but this was a different angle and ambiance. It was worth taking this opportunity that may not come again.
      I agree with you on liking the Left Bank better; but no matter where you are, welcome in Paris !
      Thanks for your comment, and my apologies for the leftover typos (and possibly and worse, the poor English).

    • Comment 300485 by
      jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

      Thank you for the welcome. On the contrary, it is I who need to apologize for my deplorable French whenever I leave comments on your reports.

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