Review of Air France flight Beirut Paris in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF561
Class Business
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 05:05
Take-off 20 Jul 14, 10:20
Arrival at 20 Jul 14, 14:25
AF   #23 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5137 reviews
By 4901
Published on 30th August 2014
Hello everyone! I've decided to translate my previous FRs to English due to my cousin's interest in reading them!

French Versions:

20 Juillet 2014 - Beyrouth -> Paris - AF 561 - Business - 3A - A330 -

20 Juillet 2014 - Paris -> Munich - AF 1822 - Premium Eco - 4D - A319 - Non Reporté (Maux de tête ont eu raison de moi)

9 Août 2014 - Munich -> Paris - AF 1423 - Premium Eco - 5C - A319 -
9 Août 2014 - Paris -> Beyrouth - AF 562 - Business - 4A - A330 -

English Versions:

20th Of July 2014 - Beirut -> Paris - AF 561 - Business - 3A - A330 - YOU ARE HERE
20th Of July 2014 - Paris -> Munich - AF 1822 - Premium Eco - 4D - A319 - Not Reported (Headaches kept me at bay)

9th Of August 2014 - Munich -> Paris - AF 1423 - Premium Eco - 5C - A319 - Soon
9th Of August 2014 - Paris -> Beirut - AF 562 - Business - 4A - A330 -

My journey begins at the Sky Priority check-in counters. The agent behind the desk seems happy to be there. While placing the Priority tag on my bags he tells me there's an offer to upgrade from Premium Economy to Business class using cash only. Having previously received Air France's offer by email two days earlier I politely decline (They wanted 407$).

photo Untitled-1

The agent is surprised by this amount and after checking his papers, tells me that this amount is for an upgrade from Economy to Business. Things start to get interesting. Finally he informs me that the upgrade will be 200$, I accept instantaneously. I choose a window seat and I'm placed in seat 3A. I receive my new boarding pass as well as the invitation to the Cedar Lounge.

photo 2014-07-20 08.08.40

Sorry for the weird colors but the photo was originally completely black before I was able to light it up using Lightroom.

photo CSC_2863

Quick passage of passport control:

Nothing particulary interesting in the duty free which makes me go the Lounge even faster. The Cedar Lounge is luminous and offers a nice view of the tarmac and the different planes available.

Some Photos:

photo CSC_2880photo DSC_2873

A visually appealing lounge to be honest:

With a catering that doesn't do it justice:

photo DSC_2856photo DSC_2857

MEA A320 Push-Back:

photo DSC_2870

BA A321 Push-Back:

photo DSC_2882

Boarding time:

MEA A330 with the old livery:

photo DSC_2888

Companies with access to the Cedar lounge:

photo DSC_2891

Our bird for the day: An Airbus A330-200: F-GZCE received by Air France almost 12 years ago.

photo 2014-07-20 09.15.56photo DSC_2893photo DSC_2898

Boarding Gate:

photo 2014-07-20 09.17.37photo DSC_2909

MEA's version of boarding priorities replaced by AF shortly before boarding began:

photo DSC_2916

After a 20 min delays boarding is launched. Quite a big amount of people in the Sky Priority lane, priorities respected and passport control.

photo DSC_2918

And here's the seat of AF's A330 which everyone knows:

photo 2014-07-20 10.08.17

Small IFE:

photo DSC_2921photo DSC_2922

Seat Controls:

photo DSC_2925


photo DSC_3025

I will be lucky that day, no neighbor in 3B (Yes!)
I was glad to see the newest additions to the Business class cabin (New pillow and blanket)

photo DSC_2923photo DSC_3024photo DSC_3036

Slippers with ear muffs :

photo 2014-07-20 10.08.28photo 2014-07-20 10.48.33

I get offered Champagne and juice, I take the juice.

photo DSC_2938

New comfort kit which I love:

photo DSC_2930photo DSC_2931

Security Card:

photo DSC_2928photo DSC_2929

Push-Back with some minor plane spotting:

photo 2014-07-20 10.56.29

Air Arabia:

photo DSC_2947

A few relics:

photo DSC_2954

Quick take-off and start of service:

Exquisite amuse-bouche as a start and here's where it was seated:

photo DSC_2989photo DSC_2987

photo DSC_2976photo DSC_2981

Starter: Shredded marinated salmon and Bündnerfleisch:

photo DSC_2999photo DSC_3001photo DSC_3007

My chosen main dish (between 4 choices including one local speciality): giant Orecchiette pasta stuffed with spinach and mushrooms in cream sauce and tomato sauce.

At first I thought I would regret my choice but that turned out to be delicious:

photo DSC_3017photo DSC_3018

- White Chocolate Dome .
- Orange Mousse .
- Tart with seasonal fruit

photo DSC_3022

A great meal in conclusion:

My favorite drink:

photo DSC_3020photo DSC_3021

Money Shot:

photo 2014-07-20 12.23.26

Once the service is completed I lay back and watch Fiston, nice movie to kill time:

photo DSC_3026photo DSC_3027

Cabin light is dimmed:

photo DSC_3028photo DSC_3029photo DSC_3033

I wake up a few moments before landing (which was very smooth) and deplane by bus:

photo 2014-07-20 14.40.08photo 2014-07-20 14.40.11

The Airbus A380 which I adore:

photo 2014-07-20 14.42.27-1

My best friend's house overlooks the airport which means that he was able to take a few shots of my plane during take-off, ENJOY!


photo DSC_4023


photo DSC_4028


photo DSC_4043photo IMG-20140720-WA0060

Positive Rate, Gear Up!

photo IMG-20140720-WA0059photo DSC_4064

Thanks For Reading!
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Air France

Cabin crew10.0

Cedar Lounge


Beirut - BEY


Paris - CDG



Confort: Excellent for a day flight. -1 for the cabin's age.

PNC: Excellent. Nothing to report.

Catering: Exquiste. -0.5 for the starter salad.

IFE: Small screen but great content. I won't be too harsh because of the flight's duration.

Punctuality: Took off 30 minutes late and arrived 10 minutes late.

Cedar Lounge: Great expect the catering: 8/10

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The airline with the best average rating is Middle East Airlines with 8.6/10.

The average flight time is 4 hours and 34 minutes.

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  • Comment 116740 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    You are lucky to get these upgrade deals. At these prices, I wouldn't think too much about it neither It's always nice to fly on a widebody, especially in a premium cabin.

    The Cedar lounge looks very open with little privacy. Lebanon has a great culinary heritage but this lounge does not reflect that.

    I am surprised that AF provides slippers for a flight of this length.

    Thank you for sharing your awesome experience

    • Comment 301880 by
      PortAxe AUTHOR 88 Comments

      Agreed, a long-haul product on such a relatively short flight is a huge bonus, you get the full amenities ;)

      You're absolutely correct regarding the culinary heritage, there's so much possibilities to present a nice Lebanese breakfast instead of generic food only.

      Thank You for your comment! You're welcome!

  • Comment 116978 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5757 Comments

    Wow, another great upgrade deal! I fly in Premium Economy on AF a lot and have only gotten the offer once, and it didn't work because they had an IT glitch. grrr. So for my past trip I just bought Business at a good price, which ended up being cheaper than if I had bought Premium and then gotten upgrade deals. Beautiful pictures and well written report once again! Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 301881 by
      PortAxe AUTHOR 88 Comments

      Well of course buying Business from the start is a more tempting option, but for such a short flight I didn't want to pay almost Double for it. I relied on paying for my upgrades because that would allow me to fly in Business where I need it while still maintaining a great ticket price. I didn't need Business class on the intra-europe flights when the service, seats and cabin are the same in Premium.

      You're Welcome!

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