Review of Air Dolomiti flight Munich Bologna in Economy

Airline Air Dolomiti
Flight EN/LH 18
Class Economy
Seat 16A
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 23 Aug 14, 15:15
Arrival at 23 Aug 14, 16:10
EN   #59 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 29 reviews
Published on 6th September 2014
Welcome, to my long anticipated review of Air Dolomiti.This airline has always been different. But different in a good way.

It all starts off at check in. Lufthansa has decided to make all baggage drops automatic; therefore very inconvenient when traveling as a group. So we went to group baggage drop who sorted everything out. I still had 3 hours to go until my flight so I decided to check out the spotting area. I was very impressed since it was landside, even though the views of the runway weren't great

photo P8231195

LH A346 and A332 viewed from the observation deck

After a quick lunch at McDonalds, I proceeded through security which was a pleasant experience. Other airports could learn by actually keeping lanes open!! There was literally no queue. Once airside I was greeted by a BMW i8

photo P8231199
BMW i8

Knowing how long the walk to a gate at MUC can be, I set out early. And it was a very long walk. But I did arrive at the gate on time

photo P8231201
Flight to BLQ on gate screen

After a rather long wait, we were bussed to the aircraft. Most people moan and groan when having to be bussed to the aircraft, but I really enjoy being on the airside roads. It was a very long ride though. Once at the aircraft the ground staff kept us in the bus as a Mercedes S class arrived to load the business class passengers. After what seemed a long wait, we were then also allowed to board.

photo P8231207

Boarding the Embraer

Once on board I was greeted with a friendly Ciao and was handed some magnetic game. Nice touch. The crew was great but some of the terminology could have been better. For example instead of Sir, do you speak English they just shouted English?. I just have to agree with Lucky(from Boarding Area)that the flight attendants remind one of this:'v=1EuP5zdpNCM

photo P8231208

Legroom on the E-195

photo P8231209

Wing view

After a very short taxi and a very bouncy landing by a Turkish 737-900 we began a very long takeoff roll.
It will be uploaded to YouTube at some point.

After takeoff we encountered some light chop. Due to the unexpectedness of the Alps, the seat-belt signs were left on for the entire flight. The snack service was completed very swiftly. And now to the trolleys. They had fridge magnets plastered all over it showing the airlines home. The actual snack itself consisted of 30g of salty crispy stuff and 30g of sweet biscuit stuff. Perfect for such a short flight. This was accompanied by a cup of orange juice.

photo P8231214
Inflight Snacks

photo P8231215
Inflight orange juice served in a nice cup

photo P8231216
Branded serviettes as well!

photo P8231217
What happens if you start getting bored on intra-european :)

photo P8231237
No nice views today

photo P8231238
Starting descent into BLQ

After a quick flight time we started our descent into BLQ. It looked like it was going to be bumpy but it stayed surprisingly smooth. The only thing was that you could hardly see the winglets.

photo P8231242
The view

photo P8231245
Just before the gear came down. I then filmed the landing which hasnt been uploaded yet.

The landing was nice and firm and was then only a quick taxi to the gate.

photo P8231247
The cabin of the E-195

After leaving the aircraft we were bussed to the domestic arrivals and were out within half an hour.
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Air Dolomiti

Cabin crew9.0

Munich - MUC


Bologna - BLQ



I was surprised by the efficiency of the on board service and the cabin crew was amazing so what more do you need for such a short flight?

Next report will be on its way soon.



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