Review of Air France flight Paris Los Angeles in First

Airline Air France
Flight AF66
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 11:35
Take-off 25 May 14, 10:30
Arrival at 25 May 14, 13:05
AF   #19 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5171 reviews
Published on 15th September 2014
Here I go for a short business trip in France.

Short because family (my wife and my 3 years old kid) did not want to come with me and stay in France for holidays. But a lonely trip brings a lot of benefits ;)

As this is a business trip, I don’t pay myself the ticket, and as the stay is short, I would like to travel in more comfortable conditions than coach class. I asked for a flexible ticket in Economy or Premium Economy, so a paid upgrade would not be too expensive for me.

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Now is the best time of this trip, and of my avgeek career.

For this return I chose the weekly Air France/ Air Tahiti Nui code share, on Sundays when purchased from Air France. Several advantages for this flight :
- This brings a little change from my usual reports on flight AF76 CDG PPT, and allows me to present a flight operated by Air Tahiti Nui on LAX PPT flight
- The départure time that suit me perfectly, with a morning departure from France and arrival to Tahiti in the evening, perfect for back to work the next morning
- A better availability of different fare classes in Business class, in comparison to flight AF76 (if purchasing ticket in advance), which allows me to make this return trip in Business, for what I consider a reasonable amount

But the icing on the cake is the possibility to perform CDG LAX in « La Première ». A flight in First class, that’s although a small pleasure that I never thought I will have the opportunity to offer me! I have a unique opportunity on this flight: I travel alone, I have a paid ticket in business in an eligible fare class (D), and upgrade to First is available on my flight. It will cost me 75 000 miles for one trip, but you only live once!

photo FR107 CDG LAX (1)

My trip begins in Toulouse and my flight TLS CDG is booked on a separate file, I decided to leave the day before and sleep in an hotel in CDG. That allows me to spend more time in La Première lounge before my CDG LAX flight scheduled at 10:30 am.

When checking in online my first flight TLS CDG, I realize that AF was attended my flights, so I checked in online for the entire trip, except the last one operated by Air Tahiti Nui which is excluded , because of the code share I guess.
In Toulouse, the hostess at check-in managed registering on all flights, but with a change of seat I had booked several months ago on the last flight (which I did not I realize immediately) making me go from a window to an aisle.

photo FR107 CDG LAX (2)

The morning of the flight when I woke up, I checked my emails and found that my flight is delayed.

imagephoto )

This will leave me more time to enjoy the Lounge, but my connection time at LAX (2:30) melts like snow in the sun.

So I go early before 7:00 am to CDG and see on the departures board that my flight is the only one delayed this morning.

photo FR107 CDG LAX (4)

Direction Check-in « La Première » located in the lobby of Terminal 2E near the entrance 14.

photo FR107 CDG LAX (5)

I am greeted by an hostess who took my passport and my boarding pass issued in TLS, I notice her the untimely change of seat on the last flight and requests to retrieve my original seat 3L

I wait in a small room, where I expected to see me offer something to drink, an oshibori or anything else, but in fact, nothing at all.

photo FR107 CDG LAX (6)

Check in will take 5 to 10 minutes, the hostess returned to tell me that the 3L is no longer available but that does not matter ! I'm not very happy, the hostess disappears, returns with his colleagues, and finally find myself placed on a window seat two rows behind on 5L. All this ultimately doesn't really matter I agree, but management lacked a bit of class and empathy.

So here is my boarding pass, and I regret that AF does not make an effort on the its design, which will not remain as a relic in memory of this flight

photo FR107 CDG LAX (7)

I am quickly driven by another hostess through security checks of the 2E, then we join the Lounge by the elevators that are just after on the right

photo FR107 CDG LAX (8)

I enter a small vestibule with red tones to put me in the mood

photo FR107 CDG LAX (9)

An hostess makes me a brief presentation of the place. I discover this Lounge that I am excited to see. I had read that it was quite small, but I personally find it well sized, and the decor is simple and enjoyable.

Some overviews of the main part

photo FR107 CDG LAX (10)photo FR107 CDG LAX (11)photo FR107 CDG LAX (12)

Bottom right is the Alcove, quiet room, the decoration of optical fibers is the symbolic picture of this Lounge

photo FR107 CDG LAX (13)photo FR107 CDG LAX (14)

Several comfortable sofas in the Alcove

photo FR107 CDG LAX (15)

Just before on the right in a little nook, the bar with red lounge atmosphere

photo FR107 CDG LAX (16)photo FR107 CDG LAX (17)

Ice bucket with various Champagne will be available

photo FR107 CDG LAX (18)

Newspapers and magazines available in a rack on the back of the bulkhead separating the vestibule from the rest of the Lounge

photo FR107 CDG LAX (19)

On the left as you enter, a work area

photo FR107 CDG LAX (20)

Workstations are very private and isolated

photo FR107 CDG LAX (21)

On the left of the Lounge, also the buffet with classy design

photo FR107 CDG LAX (22)photo FR107 CDG LAX (23)

The sausages bar as some called ;)

photo FR107 CDG LAX (24)

All products are of excellent quality and highlighted by a beautiful presentation

photo FR107 CDG LAX (25)

A wine cellar contains some beautiful bottles

photo FR107 CDG LAX (26)

I came here early for breakfast, it’s time to move to table

photo FR107 CDG LAX (27)

Have a look to the menu

photo FR107 CDG LAX (28)

The morning menu is fairly standard and altogether commonplace, with a good choice anyway

photo FR107 CDG LAX (29)

The lunch menu is only available from noon, and offers much more tempting dishes

photo FR107 CDG LAX (30)

As I know this menu with Flight Report, I could test the responsiveness and flexibility of the service by calling in advance La Première phoneline (+33 1 56 93 10 05) to order at breakfast the most famous dish this Lounge : Elbow pasta with ham and black truffle

photo FR107 CDG LAX (31)

This is really delicious, this dish is at the height of his reputation, I loved it!

photo FR107 CDG LAX (32)

After that, I take a small fruit salad from the buffet

photo FR107 CDG LAX (33)

And I finish with an espresso

photo FR107 CDG LAX (34)

After that I inquire with an hostess of the Lounge about the opportunity to enjoy a massage at the Biological Research Spa. She tells me that she has taken the liberty to book me shortly before boarding. Nice and much appreciated initiative.

I enjoy having a little time ahead of me to see my favorite site with wifi

photo FR107 CDG LAX (35)

Discover now the second part of the Lounge, the relaxation area

photo FR107 CDG LAX (36)

First is the toilets. The place is clean, simple, with rounded forms

photo FR107 CDG LAX (37)

Large sink

photo FR107 CDG LAX (38)

Spacious toilet cabin

photo FR107 CDG LAX (39)

Just after is a relaxation and rest area with comfortable sofas

photo FR107 CDG LAX (40)photo FR107 CDG LAX (41)

Finally we arrive at the small Biologique Recherche Spa

photo FR107 CDG LAX (42)photo FR107 CDG LAX (43)

The list of benefits (only in french, I’m sorry)

photo FR107 CDG LAX (44)photo FR107 CDG LAX (45)

I choose a free relaxing body treatment (20 minutes), which takes place in this room and that is a true delight before such a long flight

photo FR107 CDG LAX (46)

After this it is suggested that I take a shower, I refuse proposal, finding oil massage nice and soft, unobtrusive on the skin.

Let still see the showers

photo FR107 CDG LAX (47)

Towels and bathrobe branded BR

photo FR107 CDG LAX (48)

BR samples available

photo FR107 CDG LAX (49)

Time is now 11:15 when it’s proposed to go down to boarding by the small elevator

photo FR107 CDG LAX (50)

Down the lift, security check, then BMW car is waiting. We will be 2 pax in the car

photo FR107 CDG LAX (51)

Let's go for a short ride on the tarmac
Exterior view of the Première Lounge

photo FR107 CDG LAX (52)

After a brief boost, we are already under the S3 (gates L of terminal 2E). We meet a B744

photo FR107 CDG LAX (53)

Then we go out the car and I see my bird.

photo FR107 CDG LAX (54)

Small disappointment to see F-HPJB, equipped with old Première cabin (beige color). The last 3 A380 are equipped with an evolution of this Première cabin (taupe color), never published on Flight Report at the time of this publication. The new Suite is not available at this time

We climb the stairs to get to the bridge and then go in the plane. I’m welcomed by 2 charming hostesses and the chief purser who apologized for the agitating in the galley due to technical intervention

photo FR107 CDG LAX (55)

Here is my headquarter in 2A

photo FR107 CDG LAX (56)

I did not want to choose 1A, fearing that the proximity of the galley will harm peace

Some overall views of the cabin. Occupation rate is 6/9

photo FR107 CDG LAX (57)

Infinite legroom and Ottoman

photo FR107 CDG LAX (58)

I take this opportunity to present my FR award gleaned in 2013 at the meeting of Manchester where I was absent, and recovered during this passage in Paris ;)

photo FR107 CDG LAX (59)

A Biologique Recherche box is a distributed, containing samples and an invitation for a one-hour care at the Champs Elysees or the Première Lounge at CDG

photo FR107 CDG LAX (60)

Distribution also an amenity kit and pajamas

photo FR107 CDG LAX (61)

The content of the amenity kit is similar to the one distributed in Business, which makes cheap for once, but improved with new Biologique Recherche samples

photo FR107 CDG LAX (62)

Pajamas only decorated with the shrimp, no brand name. Simple inscription Made in Bangladesh on the label

photo FR107 CDG LAX (63)

Drawer under the Ottoman

photo FR107 CDG LAX (64)

That contains slippers

photo FR107 CDG LAX (65)

And coverage that I find less pleasant to touch the new fleece blanket of Business

photo FR107 CDG LAX (66)

Champagne as welcome drink

photo FR107 CDG LAX (67)

Meanwhile, boarding continues in economy class behind me

photo FR107 CDG LAX (68)

The crew propose newspapers or magazines, the captain greets each of 6 passengers and apologizes for the delay. Some passengers coming from behind, cross the cabin and go up the stairs. Surely modest non-rev pax who did not wish to disturb Eco pax to go to their Business seat ;)

We push back at 12:10, another 20 minutes late again.

Next to us was another A380 that I would rather fly with, equipped with evolution of the Première cabin (taupe color),

photo FR107 CDG LAX (69)

Then another A380, F-HPJE recently decorated with a symbol of Chinese French friendship

photo FR107 CDG LAX (70)

I meet the A320 special livery 80 years

photo FR107 CDG LAX (71)

And the Concorde

photo FR107 CDG LAX (72)

Take off occurs only 20 minutes after pushback, we are now over 2 hours late. I have only an hour for my connection in LAX

photo FR107 CDG LAX (73)

Last view of the french metropolitan ground before a long time

photo FR107 CDG LAX (74)

I now explore the storage space on the window side. Power outlet and USB are there

photo FR107 CDG LAX (75)

A button to retrieve a screen of ridiculous size for a First

photo FR107 CDG LAX (76)

The Bose noise reduction headphones is good, very nice. The remote controler is useless with a small screen at hand

photo FR107 CDG LAX (77)

My choice of movie to start this flight is not really First class with a humoristic french film

photo FR107 CDG LAX (78)

Distribution of the menu (white) and wine list (red)

photo FR107 CDG LAX (79)

I had seen him last year in Business … (we will discuss about)

imagephoto )

Here is the menu (I will come back to it with each dish)

imagephoto )

IFE allows me to compare with the Business menu, which offers less choice, but look at least as appealing

photo FR107 CDG LAX (82)photo FR107 CDG LAX (83)

The wine list remains Olivier Poussier’s work, regardless the cabin

photo FR107 CDG LAX (84)

1 Champagne, 1 sweet white wine, 1 white wine, 1 rosé wine, 2 red wines. I’ll find something to satisfy my taste buds

photo FR107 CDG LAX (85)photo FR107 CDG LAX (86)

Beverage list

photo FR107 CDG LAX (87)

In addition to the toilets, there is a second booth at the disposal of pax in La Première : the locker room

photo FR107 CDG LAX (88)

I decide to go there before the meal. The place is not very big but enough to change myself comfortably.

photo FR107 CDG LAX (89)

Miscellaneous Biologique Recherche Products again available : moisturizing creams, or boxes of samples identical to those distributed shortly after boarding

photo FR107 CDG LAX (90)

So here I am in f(l)ight gear to face the long flight

photo FR107 CDG LAX (91)

Going to the toilet to see that it is technically possible to have a baby in First class

photo FR107 CDG LAX (92)

Another Biologique Recherche samples for the best effect while other items (razor, brush) are really cheap

photo FR107 CDG LAX (93)

I go back to my seat, we are above England.

photo FR107 CDG LAX (94)

I choose to take my first meal at that time, and the service begins one hour after takeoff.
Here is the program of the beginning of this meal

imagephoto )

The table is set and mise en bouche comes first:
Sesame duck foie gras, zucchini roulade, fresh salmon paté canapé with cuncumber
All this is nice
The same Traou Mad Apericrepes as in Business are also served

photo FR107 CDG LAX (96)

I accompanied the beginning of the meal with a glass of Sauternes. Very good choice with Chateau Guiraud, one of my favorites in the appellation. I really enjoy

photo FR107 CDG LAX (97)

After that I go to the first course and choose the duck foie gras

photo FR107 CDG LAX (98)

Here I am ready to eat

photo FR107 CDG LAX (99)

But first of all, focus on certain elements of service:
The metal cutlery, AF branded, but non-specific of La Première

photo FR107 CDG LAX (100)

Red leather lace used to tie the towel around cutlery. I like

photo FR107 CDG LAX (101)

The salt and pepper shakers are unworthy of First Class

photo FR107 CDG LAX (102)

Isigny butter, presented in its aluminum cup. As it does not bother me at all in Business, as I find that an effort of presentation could be done in La Première

photo FR107 CDG LAX (103)

The duck foie gras with lime zest is pretty average taste, the portion is generous

photo FR107 CDG LAX (104)

The simmered date with lemon and the tomato-carrot chutney accompanies well

photo FR107 CDG LAX (105)

I take country bread which is a big disappointment, it must date from yesterday

photo FR107 CDG LAX (106)

Then I go to the main course. The choice is varied with 3 Michel Roth’s dishes. I'm very surprised to find a dish that was served in Business last year, and generally disliked by people on Flight Report : Pan-seared scallops with tartuffon sauce . To see my report (only in french) describing this culinary experience in Business CLICK HERE
Recycle a Business catering in First, we must dare!

imagephoto )

I choose the simmered veal with verbena, vegetables fricassee and morel mushrooms

photo FR107 CDG LAX (108)

Exploded presentation, Air France's signature, is even found in La Première. Gustatorily speaking, this is good, but more at what a Business catering is expected that a First catering

photo FR107 CDG LAX (109)

I accompany this dish with red wine. I find the Châteauneuf du Pape good but too young to drink for such a good vintage

photo FR107 CDG LAX (110)

After that I ignore the salad to compose oneself

imagephoto )

To complete this meal, I’m unfortunately not hungry enough to try cheeses and desserts

imagephoto )

I only take sherbets which are as usual very good

photo FR107 CDG LAX (113)

In total, this first meal gives me an impression of Business catering

Now it’is time to play with the seat controler to better manage the jet lag, I must sleep on this flight up

photo FR107 CDG LAX (114)

My seat into bed position

photo FR107 CDG LAX (115)

Time to take a walk to the toilets and this is my bed with mattress set, duvet and pillow by my lovely stewardess

photo FR107 CDG LAX (116)photo FR107 CDG LAX (117)

Here I am in sleeping position

photo FR107 CDG LAX (118)

We are well installed in First class

photo FR107 CDG LAX (119)

I have more than 8 hours before me

photo FR107 CDG LAX (120)

I sleep 4 hours and found a small bottle of Evian filed by my side during my sleep by my charming stewardess

photo FR107 CDG LAX (121)

The cabin is still pitch black but most passengers watch a movie

photo FR107 CDG LAX (122)

I did not see « l’instant fraicheur » that had to intervene during my sleep, so I'll see the buffet

imagephoto )

Here it is, erected next to the stairs, no trace of mini sandwiches but I'm not hungry

photo FR107 CDG LAX (124)

But I'm thirsty, Champagne !

photo FR107 CDG LAX (125)

We are above northern Canada, at the Labrador’s Bay

photo FR107 CDG LAX (126)

I look through the window of the locker room for some refreshing pictures

photo FR107 CDG LAX (127)photo FR107 CDG LAX (128)

Thereafter, finding no sleep, I watch another movie, Winter's Tale

photo FR107 CDG LAX (129)

The cabin gradually awakens

photo FR107 CDG LAX (130)

Steward call to retrieve my cloakroom and change me, very fast response.

At this moment, I think that the Emirates shower brings a real added value to the First class product on such a long journey. Pity that Air France did not follow this example

The time of the second meal, served 1:30 before arrival, approaches. I pull out the big tablet

photo FR107 CDG LAX (131)

The trolley is out, bad image in First class

photo FR107 CDG LAX (132)

Reminder of the menu

imagephoto )

A meal tray is served

photo FR107 CDG LAX (134)

I accompany it with white wine, Pouilly Fuissé that I find good

photo FR107 CDG LAX (135)

First course chicken brochette with spicy diable sauce, with tabbouleh, asparagus tips, baby spinach is good

photo FR107 CDG LAX (136)photo FR107 CDG LAX (137)

Main course pan-seared fillet of organic salmon, fried cherry tomato, lentils and fava beans with beurre blanc sauce is also good

photo FR107 CDG LAX (138)photo FR107 CDG LAX (139)

As for cheese, Gorgonzola cheese flan is surprising, not bad at first but quickly sickening

photo FR107 CDG LAX (140)

The strawberry compote and strawberry pieces is excellent

photo FR107 CDG LAX (141)

I finish with an espresso which is accompanied by his box of chocolates

photo FR107 CDG LAX (142)

This second meal is good but always seems to me the level of a good Business class

Distribution of the first (and only) oshibori of the flight

photo FR107 CDG LAX (143)

I hold the end of the flight with aerial views:
Lake Mead on my left

photo FR107 CDG LAX (144)

With the Hoover Dam

photo FR107 CDG LAX (145)

I go quickly to the locker room located on the right side to see Las Vegas

photo FR107 CDG LAX (146)

Mac Carran Airport

photo FR107 CDG LAX (147)

The Strip

photo FR107 CDG LAX (148)

Overview of the desert (I am too at the front of the plane to the winglet photo :-0 )

photo FR107 CDG LAX (149)

Big Bear Lake, California, seems to be a popular place for water activities

photo FR107 CDG LAX (150)

Descent to Los Angeles

photo FR107 CDG LAX (151)

This flight ends, it seems too short to me !

photo FR107 CDG LAX (152)

Welcome to LAX, we touch down at 14:10

photo FR107 CDG LAX (153)

Several birds intersect, with Smaug at the terminal 2 (B77W Air New Zealand)

photo FR107 CDG LAX (154)

My next blue plane is here at the TBIT

photo FR107 CDG LAX (155)

B77W Virgin Australia

photo FR107 CDG LAX (156)

Many A380 coming from all over the world

photo FR107 CDG LAX (157)

And Fiji airways A332 with beautiful livery

photo FR107 CDG LAX (158)

We are at tour parking stand after taxiing about 10 minutes, the crew greets passengers and the youngest of them (my lovely stewardess) lingers a little chat with me for a few minutes.

It is now time to leave

photo FR107 CDG LAX (159)

Each La Première pax is supported by a ground agent. The one who cares for me is not AF staff but airport staff and accompanies me throughout this transit that promises to be short

photo FR107 CDG LAX (160)

We go down quickly to the passport control

photo FR107 CDG LAX (161)

Express Connection coupon will be very useful.

photo FR107 CDG LAX (162)

I pass immigration in 2 minutes, then towards the carousel to retrieve luggages (required because of the code share, since the bags change planes)

photo FR107 CDG LAX (163)

This report ends on a little sour note. While other La Première pax see their luggages arriving first, we wait for mine more than 20 minutes, despite the priority tag and red label identifying La Première.

photo FR107 CDG LAX (164)

When my bags finally appear, it only remains a little more than half an hour to get to my next plane, performing all transit procedures (customs, baggage connecting, exit on U.S. territory, security check, boarding …)

To be continued …
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Air France

Cabin crew10.0

Air France La Premiere Lounge


Paris - CDG


Los Angeles - LAX



Global Appreciation : I don’t regret this experience. I am aware of the weaknesses of the product which can be prohibitive for First class frequent flyers, the most glaring concerning the IFE and catering. But the magic of the discovery of a first flight in First Class worked. If it again, I would take the opportunity to upgrade to La Première (but I would like to test the new Suite to compare).

Air France
Cabin comfort : the seat is nice, even if there is defects for a First class seat. The lack of privacy of course, but I must say that I did not suffer, in fact any other passenger has sent me a glance of the flight.
Crew : good pick on this flight, 2 stewardess in charge of our cabin were charming and very caring, special mention to the youngest of them, coming to see me before disembarking to greet me and talk a few minutes. The chief purser was also very nice
Meal and catering: an average rating for a mixed assessment. I enjoyed the taste of what I ate, so I can not put less than average. Besides that, the dishes give an impression of Business catering, not First. I can not put more than average either
Entertainment : IFE is a major weakness of La Première, far too small and not high quality screen. The choice of films, as in all travel classes, was good and varied.
On-time performance : 1:30 late with 2 :30 transit at LAX, it could have gone wrong. The ROC service had reprotected me on the following flights, which would have made me arrive with 12 hours delay in PPT. Slow delivery of baggage does not help.

La Première lounge
Quality and comfort : well sized and designed lounge, nice and quiet. Perfect
Entertainment : free wifi, newspapers and magazines. The big plus is the Biologique Recherche care of 20 minutes offered
Services and staff : perfect in every way. Special mention to the hostess who took the initiative to book me for the Biologique Recherche care just before boarding
Catering : The breakfast menu is not especially extra ordinary, but my order in advance (Elbow pasta with ham and black truffle) allowed me to appreciate what Ducasse’s squad offers best

In the end, a feeling of near perfection, this lounge is at the height of his reputation

CDG Terminal 2E
Enjoying the ground service of La Première, my experience is skewed, but I take this opportunity to congratulate CDG for progresses made, especially for transit pax

With a very shortened transit, I did not take advantage of the new TBIT, but I have greatly appreciated the support provided by the ground staff for a First class passenger. False note for baggage delivery, 20 minutes after the luggage of other First class pax. Blame AF or LAX?

Information on the route Paris (CDG) Los Angeles (LAX)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 76 reviews of 4 airlines on the route Paris (CDG) → Los Angeles (LAX).


The airline with the best average rating is Air Tahiti Nui with 7.6/10.

The average flight time is 11 hours and 43 minutes.

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  • Comment 118060 by
    eminere™ 274 Comments

    Thanks for this report, I really enjoyed reading it!

  • Comment 118114 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5885 Comments

    Awesome report! It's great that you were able to enjoy it and still have the excitement of that first trip in International First Class despite the shortcomings of the product. Also, the amazing lounge experience makes up for a lot of it. Looking forward to seeing the new Suite in real life.

  • Comment 118115 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this fantastic report. A long flight in F on an A380 is worth it.

    Your experience in the Premiere lounge is top notch as other reports have confirmed.

    Too bad that there were some disappointing aspects of your inflight experience.

    Those salt/pepper shakers were the same that were used on my tray when I flew AF J many years ago.

    The container with the butter is not very premium as you said. I agree that AF should make an effort to present this better. It cheapens the presentation.

    A cart should never be rolled out in F, especially in a cabin with only 9 seats.

    The second meal service seems lacking. I think that there should be more choices. One of the advantages of flying in F is the ability and luxury to choose. Perhaps a buffet style display with smoked salmon, shrimps, pasta, mini stuffed vegetables, salads, meats in skewers and small pastries would be nicer.

    • Comment 301944 by
      anthonytahiti AUTHOR 1570 Comments

      AF is well known for great lounge experience, probably one of the best in the world, and poor in flight service (for First class I mean). My own experience confirms that. I hope that the new Suite will be à new start for the whole in flight experience with AF

  • Comment 118729 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9110 Comments

    The lounge experience is just awesome ! and probably one of the best in the world.
    As far as now the in flight experience is not on par with competitors but let's see what the first comments on the soon to come the Premiere cabins will be. I have seen it on the ground but can't wait to read a report about it !
    Thanks for sharing with us this good flight.

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