Review of Air Tahiti Nui flight Los Angeles Papeete in Business

Airline Air Tahiti Nui
Flight TN1
Class Business
Seat 5L
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 08:35
Take-off 25 May 14, 15:30
Arrival at 25 May 14, 21:05
TN 61 reviews
Published on 17th September 2014
Here I go for a short business trip in France.

Short because family (my wife and my 3 years old kid) did not want to come with me and stay in France for holidays. But a lonely trip brings a lot of benefits ;)

As this is a business trip, I don’t pay myself the ticket, and as the stay is short, I would like to travel in more comfortable conditions than coach class. I asked for a flexible ticket in Economy or Premium Economy, so a paid upgrade would not be too expensive for me.

    1ST PART : From Tahiti to France Papeete [PPT] - Los Angeles [LAX], Air France AF77, B772, Premium Eco, May 16, 2014 CLICK HERE Los Angeles [LAX] - Paris [CDG], Air France AF77, B772, Premium Eco, May 16, 2014 CLICK HERE 2ND PART : Back from France to Tahiti : Flying with style Paris [CDG] - Los Angeles [LAX], Air France AF66, A380, Premiere, May 25, 2014 CLICK HERE Los Angeles [LAX] - Papeete [PPT] Air Tahiti Nui TN1, A343, Business, May 25, 2014

Thanks to AF/TN code share, this flight is an opportunity to change my usual AF flights on this route and introduce the new ATN Business cabin.
For the new Economy cabin, you can see my previous report on AKL PPT : CLICK HERE
Ticket purchased from Air France, flight number AF676.

My CDG LAX flight in La Première just landed with a consequent delay that jeopardizes my correspondence. Fortunately I am accompanied by a ground staff of the airport, and express connection coupon.

photo FR107 CDG LAX (162)

After a very long wait for my bags, I follow my guide for this transit

photo FR108 LAX PPT (1)

Luggages quickly deposited on the connecting baggage drop-off

photo FR108 LAX PPT (2)photo FR108 LAX PPT (3)

Then a quick stroll outside and again in the TBIT, departure hall

photo FR108 LAX PPT (4)

Departures list, I can catch my next plane but no time to lose

photo FR108 LAX PPT (5)

Passing security filters is simply hallucinating : there’s a lot of people, my guide opens the way for me in the queue, spreads all waiting pax, until we get to the scanner, stops the pax depositing their hand luggage to allow me to proceed immediately, under dumbfounded look of other pax! I spend less than 5 minutes for security checks that would have taken me 30 minutes under normal conditions I think. Very effective!

Just after I follow my guide through a shortcut which is normally forbidden

photo FR108 LAX PPT (6)

And here I am at the gate, on time, while boarding is coming to the end

photo FR108 LAX PPT (7)

Mission accomplished. I take leave of my escort who I warmly thank.

Gate’s hostess gives me a new boarding pass for this last flight

photo FR108 LAX PPT (8)

I go fast in the jetbridge

photo FR108 LAX PPT (9)

To arrive at my blue bird (F-OSUN)

photo FR108 LAX PPT (10)

As on all ATN flights and in all classes of travel, a Tiare flower is offered to each passenger

photo FR108 LAX PPT (11)

I enjoy the new Business cabin on this flight (3 of 5 aircrafts retrofitted)

photo FR108 LAX PPT (12)

Here is the seat

photo FR108 LAX PPT (13)photo FR108 LAX PPT (14)photo FR108 LAX PPT (15)

A cushion and a pouch containing the cover are arranged on the seat

photo FR108 LAX PPT (16)

I take place in the seat

photo FR108 LAX PPT (17)

Cabin view

photo FR108 LAX PPT (18)photo FR108 LAX PPT (19)

Seat inspection from every angle :

Before me, besides the IFE are arranged in-flight magazines, safety card, and individual water bottle

photo FR108 LAX PPT (20)

Small lockers under the water bottles contain a little extra cushion

photo FR108 LAX PPT (21)

Above the IFE on the seat in front, a small tablet which I did not catch the utility because it is available only when you are standing

photo FR108 LAX PPT (22)

Pilot light

photo FR108 LAX PPT (23)

Under the central armrest is willing the headphone

photo FR108 LAX PPT (24)

It is much less efficient than the Bose in AF First class of the previous flight, but better than the current one in AF Business

photo FR108 LAX PPT (25)

In the center armrest, besides the headphone, a USB port and a power outlet

photo FR108 LAX PPT (26)

At the side armrest, seat control and remote controller of the IFE

photo FR108 LAX PPT (27)

The seat control is very simple

photo FR108 LAX PPT (28)

The remote controller offers not a lot of features, as the screen is a touch screen

photo FR108 LAX PPT (29)

Different magazines available in the pocket

photo FR108 LAX PPT (30)

Safety Card

photo FR108 LAX PPT (31)

Welcome drink : Champagne

photo FR108 LAX PPT (32)

The Tiare flower, symbol of the company can be found everywhere

photo FR108 LAX PPT (33)

An amusing anecdote after that : an instructor crew comes next to me and thanks me for the box of chocolates. Seeing my surprise, she understands that she is with the wrong person. A pax offering chocolates to the crew, this is not anybody ;)

The amenity kit is then distributed

photo FR108 LAX PPT (34)

I don’t like the presentation cardboard box, a kit is more elegant (and reusable for another use later)

photo FR108 LAX PPT (35)

But content with L'Occitane products are of good quality

photo FR108 LAX PPT (36)

Different home screens scroll on the IFE

photo FR108 LAX PPT (37)photo FR108 LAX PPT (38)photo FR108 LAX PPT (39)

Push back 10 minutes late

photo FR108 LAX PPT (40)

Taxiing takes about ten minutes more

photo FR108 LAX PPT (41)

The opportunity to meet some beautiful birds
Virgin Atlantic B744

photo FR108 LAX PPT (42)

Which masks the B777 All Black Air New Zealand

photo FR108 LAX PPT (43)photo FR108 LAX PPT (44)

Century City, Beverly Hills

photo FR108 LAX PPT (45)

We quickly reach the Pacific at Marina del Rey

Santa Monica

photo FR108 LAX PPT (50)photo FR108 LAX PPT (51)

And finally Malibu

photo FR108 LAX PPT (52)

Let’s fly over a big blue ocean

photo FR108 LAX PPT (53)

The menu is distributed

photo FR108 LAX PPT (54)

Aperitifs choice

imagephoto )

Meals menu

imagephoto )

Wine list

photo FR108 LAX PPT (57)

IFE also shows several different menus, difficult to navigate, no indication which one of them is for our flight

photo FR108 LAX PPT (58)

I go to the toilets where L'Occitane products are also available

photo FR108 LAX PPT (59)

Distribution of oshibori (I present it like a mop, sorry)

photo FR108 LAX PPT (60)

I am now interested in the IFE with a nice touch screen

photo FR108 LAX PPT (61)

The screen size is correct

photo FR108 LAX PPT (62)

Here is the full choice of films : 26 movies, it’s few (although it is better than 14 in economy)

I benefit from the low filling the cabin (maximum 50%) and the absence of neighbor to take my ease, with Geovision to my left and a movie in front of me

photo FR108 LAX PPT (70)

I selected a french movie Chinese puzzle for the beginning of this flight

imagephoto )

I take out the tablet from the center armrest

photo FR108 LAX PPT (72)photo FR108 LAX PPT (73)

Reminder of aperitif choice, which I find quite varied

imagephoto )

The hostess tells me that my choice of a Pina Collada is not available, so I take a Margarita

photo FR108 LAX PPT (75)

I do not know why I imagine that I would see a good Margarita prepared at request in the galley, here I am with an infamous ready-to-serve preparation that I did not get to finish. The assortment of various nuts and dried fruits is good.

photo FR108 LAX PPT (76)

The table is set, tablecloth with his embroidered Tiare

photo FR108 LAX PPT (77)

Reminder of the menu

imagephoto )

The plate is served, the bread is hot

photo FR108 LAX PPT (79)

Focus on a few elements of service:
Embroidered towel with her Tiare

photo FR108 LAX PPT (80)

Salt and pepper

photo FR108 LAX PPT (81)

Metal cutlery

photo FR108 LAX PPT (82)photo FR108 LAX PPT (83)

The glass is also marked with Tiare flower

photo FR108 LAX PPT (84)

Starter Parma prosciutto, pheasant-pork terrine, and sauteed scallops with mango salsa, lime pesto, sauteed mushrooms
The combination of meat and scallops is confusing, it's pretty average

photo FR108 LAX PPT (85)

The trolley appears for the service of the main course

photo FR108 LAX PPT (86)

I choose the seared shrimps and scallops in Cajun-style sauce offerd with saffron rice

photo FR108 LAX PPT (87)

It's very spicy, I love it

photo FR108 LAX PPT (88)

Cheese is disappointing

photo FR108 LAX PPT (89)

The dessert is good

photo FR108 LAX PPT (90)

Various sweets are nice: Mini strawberry cheesecake, mini pistachio nougat, raspberry chocolate verrine

photo FR108 LAX PPT (91)

Mango sherbet refreshing

photo FR108 LAX PPT (92)

Fresh fruits

photo FR108 LAX PPT (93)

I finish with a strong coffee (there’s no espresso)

This first meal is appreciated despite some shortcomings

I keep on my movie session with Ocean's Thirteen

imagephoto )

Then I work on the pictures of the previous report, Air France La Première (SEE HERE) while another oshibori is distributed

photo FR108 LAX PPT (95)

The cold light meal comes when it’s 7:00 pm in Tahiti and there is less than 2 hours of flight
Reminder of the menu

imagephoto )

Everything is brought on a single meal tray

photo FR108 LAX PPT (97)

I take some wine (St Emilion) which is served in a stemmed glass and is good

photo FR108 LAX PPT (98)

Tiare is everywhere

photo FR108 LAX PPT (99)

The grilled chicken with Vietnamese salad and dressing is not bad

photo FR108 LAX PPT (100)

Cheeses are as disappointing as for the main meal

photo FR108 LAX PPT (101)

Fresh fruits are good

photo FR108 LAX PPT (102)

I won’t touch the Chocolate espresso Creme Brulee

photo FR108 LAX PPT (103)

This is my 5th meal in less than 24 hours, I surrender

I struggled against sleep not to sleep the entire flight, to better fight against the jet lag, but at the end, I collapse. I test the seat into bed position, which I think is his biggest weakness : it is angled bed, 160 °, which is far from new full flat standards of many companies

photo FR108 LAX PPT (104)photo FR108 LAX PPT (105)photo FR108 LAX PPT (106)

It’s a good surprise for me to sleep well there and not feel any toboggan effect

The coverage

photo FR108 LAX PPT (107)

The cabin is quiet

photo FR108 LAX PPT (109)

We are approaching PPT

photo FR108 LAX PPT (110)

We land 20 minutes early, 5 minutes taxiing before stopping at our parking stand

photo FR108 LAX PPT (111)

I leave this new Business cabin with nice visual

photo FR108 LAX PPT (112)photo FR108 LAX PPT (113)

Disembarking and some views of the bird (F-OSUN, nicknamed Moorea)

photo FR108 LAX PPT (114)photo FR108 LAX PPT (115)photo FR108 LAX PPT (116)

Welcome to Tahiti-Faaa

photo FR108 LAX PPT (117)

Local welcome as for each international arrival

photo FR108 LAX PPT (118)

My luggages comes the first

photo FR108 LAX PPT (119)

But I stop here to declare to the customs my new laptop purchased in France during this trip.

photo FR108 LAX PPT (120)

It takes a long time, there are only 2 or 3 people before me, and it takes 40 minutes before I left the carousel hall. There’s nobody here except a few other pax also waiting at customs. It disgusts you to be honest !

End of this beautiful journey that made me discover both AF First and TN Business. A good memory

Bonus All Black

To finish, some bonus pictures with Air New Zealand in PPT

ANZ flies to PPT 2 times per week (soon 3 times) with a B763. For the longest vacations in Tahiti, to increase capacity, some flights are operated with a B77W. Air New Zealand announced in early July they will send us the All Black plane or the Hobbit plane, with a tour of the plane for the press during the stopover. Of course I asked ANZ to participate for the purpose of a photo essay on Flight Report. They refuse as you can imagine.

I go to the airport on sunday, July 6 for the arrival of ZK-OKQ, the All Black plane, the most beautiful aircraft in the world for me.

I can attend his arrival behind gates that spoil some fun and photos

photo FR108 LAX PPT (121)photo FR108 LAX PPT (122)photo FR108 LAX PPT (123)

Fortunately, an airport staff send me his own pictures, far more successful than mine, thank you Arsene;)


photo FR108 LAX PPT (124)photo FR108 LAX PPT (125)

Taxiing on the runway

photo FR108 LAX PPT (126)

Arrival hailed as required by firefighters

photo FR108 LAX PPT (127)photo FR108 LAX PPT (128)

Thanks to all who took the trip to the end.

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Air Tahiti Nui

Cabin crew9.5

Los Angeles - LAX


Papeete - PPT



Air Tahiti Nui
Discovery of this new Business cabin for which I went to with some negative priori, especially on the seat, but I was pleasantly surprised
Cabin and comfort : The visual is stunning. I am pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the seat, I was expecting a disappointing bed position with the angled bed at 160 °, but I'm asleep without difficulty (albeit very tired at this point). However a shame not to go further in the search for comfort at a time when most companies are past the stage above, including the main competitor AF
Crew : always smiling, very pleasant and attentive throughout the flight, as almost every flight. A highlight of ATN undeniably
Catering : no very noble products but it is well done overall. A good choice in wines although it would be better to replace 1 or 2 bottles with better standing
Entertainment: IFE is good with a beautiful image, a touchscreen responding well, the remote is not very convenient. As in economy, shame about the choice of films is so small compared to what other companies offer
On time performance : perfectly on time

In the end I find the retrofit rather successful in Business class despite a priori negative initially, but this product will appear quickly overtaken by a few years.

I unfortunately could not enjoy the new TBIT on transit, but I could greatly enjoy the ground service, I owe to my previous flight in first class.
I regret not having more time to enjoy the Skyteam lounge in the TBIT, held by Korean Air, to visit the First class part.

PPT airport
The airport remains operational for arrival but not pretty, would need a facelift. A negative point for custom clearance which wastes a lot of time.

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The airline with the best average rating is Air France with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 8 hours and 31 minutes.

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    Thanks for this FR. A very nice cabin and good prestation, a nice flight with a nice airline... What else ? ^^
    Thks also for the ANZ 777.

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    This type of seat is a perfect fit for a carrier like TN, for high-end leisure travel. Full aisle access is not needed for this market where mostly couples and families would fly in Business class. The colors are very pretty and represent well the beautiful colors of Tahiti without being tacky. Awesome Buonus of the NZ bird

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    Thanks for your post. I globally find the experience offered on this flight a very pleasant one. The feeling of being already on holiday with the choice of materials and colors is a sucess. As Kebin says it does so without being tacky. I agree with you regarding the amenity kit : the content is nice but a nicer pouch would be an improvement. Tahita FAA does not seem give a good first impression of the islands to passengers and that's too bad.

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