Review of Air Asia flight Singapore Langkawi in Economy

Airline Air Asia
Flight AK 733
Class Economy
Seat 25F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 04 Oct 14, 10:55
Arrival at 04 Oct 14, 12:40
AK   #5 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 122 reviews
By 5519
Published on 17th October 2014
This would be a mainly pictorial report on our recent long weekend trip to the nearby resort island of Langkawi, which I had never visited before. Flight up would be on AirAsia while return on Tigerair for the best timings and fares.

Boarding passes were self-printed prior and we approached one of the many AirAsia check-in counters at Terminal One for document verification an hour before departure.

photo 15349564108_01ac2e37a2_b

Some plane-spotting, but mainly only Jetstars and AirAsias.

photo 14914980894_c33a4beff1_b

photo 15349096289_22e21c741e_b

Rather long queue for security as flight was totally full with long weekend holiday makers.

photo 14914980804_78f3c9ea60_b

04 October 2014
Air Asia
AK 733
Singapore (SIN) - Langkawi (LGK)
Budget Class

A rather new A320 with sharklets (my first ride on a sharklets-fitted Airbus) would be operating the flight.

photo 14914979984_c6ee470a3b_b

Reached our seats near the rear at 25E/F. View out the window.

photo 15349094709_6a5541d383_b

Aircraft cabin and seats were brand new but legroom tight as always.

photo 15512025056_6fbfbc2246_b

Seat pocket contents.

photo 14914977024_154454fee5_b

Boarding was rather efficient for the totally full flight, with crew proactively assisting passengers with their bags. Rather good service by the AK crew!

photo 14914979414_f6bd3db5fb_b

Pushed back slightly late and started taxi to runway for our 1h15m flight. The weather gradually got worse while taxiing to Rwy02C. Combined with heavy traffic, it was quite a lengthy trek to the runway.

photo 15349560308_e2bbf4262a_b

photo 15533026701_5d1c3d3836_b

photo 15349709457_fa97df458c_b

Visibility was really low with the heavy downpour.

photo 14914977184_4d59dee744_b

And then we go, hurtling down Rwy02C in heavy downpour.

Weather smoothened out shortly after takeoff.

photo 14915546243_84f5c9f07b_b

photo 14915546073_d4bd638f5e_b

First up, pre-ordered meals and drinks were delivered from the front of the cabin by the crew.

photo 15349708527_d69379532d_b

Where we received the following items to be shared among both of us. Well, I had some Air Asia credits to use up, thus splurged all on the meals, which were actually of rather decent prices compared to our Singapore-based LCCs.

photo 14914976274_cfb6b5520d_b

Mee Goreng Mamak was very tasty as usual, my current favourite AK onboard meal!

photo 15349091449_4a05e56995_b

Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice. Also not a bad choice, especially the chilli sauce which tasted totally authentic.

photo 15349091159_739c60a49f_b

Nasi Tomato with Ayam Percik. A new dish onboard AK flights. Was alright but slightly bland.

photo 15535729705_88153259be_b

Dessert of a delicious pineapple tart and a KitKat chocolate bar. We also had 4 cups of water along with the meals.

photo 15349090399_d2b0f5ab8d_b

Crew conducting sales of BOB, with rather good business from the passengers. Well, smells of our delicious meals definitely prompted fellow passengers to order similar ones as well but unfortunately these were only available for pre-orders due to the short flight time and limited stock.

photo 14915544483_e709cf9a96_b

Rest of the flight was spent just entertaining myself with the views outside.

photo 15536554702_ab6628880d_b

photo 15349706757_065e2d7626_b

Descending into Langkawi, the weather did not seemed too good.

photo 15350083780_f4527e39c1_b

photo 14914974784_7b32b83874_b

Aargh, the rain followed us to Langkawi! Landed in a very wet and gloomy Langkawi Airport Rwy03.

Parked at the stand, with Firefly beside us, Malindo and MH in the distance.

photo 15349089519_1c4f4fca61_b

Firefly passengers being handed umbrellas during disembarking.

photo 15535727885_fe94a88e65_b

Waiting to disembark.

photo 15535727415_117fea68c0_b

However an announcement was made that due to safety reasons (not sure why), only the rear door would be used to disembarkation. Being seated near the rear, we ended up as the first ones off the plane!

View of the brand new leather seats during disembarkation.

photo 15349705587_943402e0fd_b

Umbrellas were also handed our to us at the foot of the stairs.

photo 15535727175_e35eb80977_b

photo 15349705637_0953e7846a_b

photo 14915541693_9d8e81d4c6_b

Short walk to the terminal in the rain.

photo 15349704357_a08f570ef8_b

photo 15533020531_4bfa84d940_b

photo 15512018426_f86ce891f3_b

Different coloured umbrellas for the different airlines' passengers. Interesting sight!

photo 15512018596_1a9ed00029_b

We stayed at the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort, which was only a 10min overpriced (for Malaysia standards) taxi ride away. Well, prices in the holiday island of Langkawi are definitely not cheap (other then cigerattes, alcohol, chocolates and cars, which are all duty-exempted). Rooms were huge and nicely furnished, and resort grounds were beautiful and well-kept.

photo 15349553738_ef8b461fd9_b

photo 15533019361_1d8ce0ba0d_b

photo 15349085919_e531af9395_b

photo 15512017726_86340c00c3_b

photo 14915539233_5b8a06b957_b

photo 15349701777_915c084d4f_b

Beach area in resort grounds, with airplanes landing into Langkawi airport in the distance.

photo 14915538223_99f385e89f_b

photo 14915538243_4c7aa7a271_b

Along Pantai Cenang beach during sunset.

photo 15350077400_fe6f94cd94_b

photo 15536548332_afa146fcf9_b

Main street along Pantai Cenang. Reminds me a bit of Bali.

photo 15512015156_dbac62b607_b

We booked a half-day mangrove tour on the second day. However, it remained cloudy and drizzly almost the entire day.

Boarding area for our tour boat.

photo 14915031094_9552f88d47_b

Down the mangrove river!

photo 15536611272_5c1c570601_b

Many yachts were parked along the river, due to the low parking fees.

photo 15533080681_a827ca63dc_b

Visited a fish farm, with the guide hand-feeding a stingray!

photo 15350140450_3238a066d6_b

photo 15349145759_fdb9913555_b

Through the narrow gulleys, the Grand Canyons of Malaysia, joked the guide.

photo 15533079591_c96e9ef7a9_b


photo 14915599943_6986c78b4f_b

Some nice scenery.

photo 14915029124_ceb0f59cbc_b

At another fish farm, where we had lunch.

photo 15350139330_b10b2309a3_b

photo 15349611788_d8262e837c_b

Lots of monkeys rushed to the edge of the river as we passed by, anticipating to be fed.

photo 15535782055_e60f454446_b

Almost seemed like touring the Amazon jungle!

photo 15533077341_355c269447_b
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Air Asia

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu9.0

Singapore - SIN


Langkawi - LGK



It was certainly a short and decently comfortable flight on Air Asia, with good service and delicious pre-ordered meals.



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    marathon GOLD 10172 Comments
    A tight seat pitch, but a decent BOB. I like the pictures of lines of passengers under color-coded umbrellas. I wish we had a similar umbrella service on the tarmac in France (they do that in Taiwan too). Thanks for this report and its bonus !

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