Review of KLM flight Tehran Amsterdam in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL434
Class Economy
Seat 35J
Flight time 05:55
Take-off 01 Jan 13, 01:40
Arrival at 01 Jan 13, 05:05
KL   #54 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 712 reviews
Published on 8th November 2014
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Hi all,

This report is overdue from 2013 but I'm finding time to post it now. On my way back from Tehran I was flying with KLM. It's sad that they discontinued their service to Tehran in April 2013 but anyhow.

I did not take many pictures of Tehran airport as I have covered it in my previous trip report below and it has not changed much since even now:

Tehran to Dubai with Emirates:

This trip report is mostly from plane spotting at AMS.

As I love the color blue, so guess what? my most favorite airline is KLM as it is all blue. I have taken lots of pictures of KLM around AMS and I hope you enjoy them :)

Jan. 1, 2013
Departure time: 1:40 am - Arrival 5:00 am
Flight duration: 5 hours

photo image010-2

photo DSC07787

The legroom was so comfortable in economy, so was the seat.

photo DSC07789

Take off and Tehran in the distance

photo image014-2

photo DSC07817

photo image031-2

photo image032-2

They first gave out the pizza snack

photo image034-2

photo image037-2

photo image035-2

photo image036-2

The flight was very smooth and as it was in middle of the night everyone was almost sleeping including me so I did not get to take any more pix :)

Shot of our beautiful plane when we disembarked

photo image038-3

photo image040-2

photo image041-2

Some shots of Schiphol- The best airport in the world, so much fun and it has such a good energy and atmosphere

photo image039-2

photo image043-2

photo image044-1

I bough the KLM 747-400 models from this store for only 11 Euros.

photo image045-2

photo image050-2

photo image046-2

photo image047-2

photo image048-2

photo image049-2

Shot of our plane again

photo image051-2

photo image053-2

photo image054-2

Our MD again :)

photo image055-1

photo image056-2

photo image057-2

photo image058-2

photo image059-2

photo image060-2

photo image063-2

photo image064-2

photo image065-1

photo image066-2

photo image067-2

Yotel- the small hotel with tiny rooms that transit passengers can use

photo image068-2

photo image069-2

photo image070-2

photo image071-2

It was around 7 AM that I went out to go to the city

Schiphol plaza filled with shops at the arrival hall

photo image077-1

photo image079-2

photo image078-2

I got to Amsterdam around 7:30 and then I walked around till 10:30 and was back at Schiphol at 11:00

Amsterdam Central on my return

photo image288

photo image289-1

photo image290-1

photo image291-1

Then I headed to my most favorite place, the Panorama Terrace

photo image292-1

An ad about the Schiphol Behind the scenes tour and their route map

photo image293

photo image294

photo image295-1

photo image296-1

photo image297

photo image298

photo image299-1

photo image300

Entrance to the terrace- The rest of the pix are pretty self explanatory :)

The only downside was that all information boards and guides around the area and inside the sample KLM Fokker were all in Dutch and I could not understand anything.

photo image301

photo image302

photo image303

photo image304-1

photo image305-1

photo image306-1

photo image307-1

photo image308-1

photo image309

photo image310-1

photo image311-1

photo image312-1

photo image313-1

photo image314-1

photo image315-1

photo image316-1

photo image323

photo image320

photo image321

photo image324

photo image325

photo image326

photo image328

photo image329

photo image330

photo image331

photo image332

photo image333

photo image335

photo image336

photo image337

photo image338

photo image340

photo image341

photo image342

photo image343

photo image344

photo image345

photo image347

photo image348

photo image349

photo image350

photo image351

photo image352

photo image353

photo image354

photo image355

photo image356

photo image357

photo image358

photo image360

photo image361

photo image362

photo image363

photo image364

photo image365

photo image366

photo image367

photo image368

photo image369

photo image370

photo image371

Airlines serving Schiphol

photo image372

Iran Air :)

photo image373

photo image374

photo image375

photo image376

photo image377

photo image378

photo image379

photo image380

photo image381

photo image382

photo image383

photo image384

photo image385

This was our plane that took us to Toronto 2 hours later :)

photo image386

photo image387

photo image388

photo image389

photo image390

photo image391

photo image392

photo image393

photo image394

photo image395

photo image396

photo image397

photo image398

photo image399

photo image401

photo image402

photo image403

photo image404

photo image407

photo image410

photo image411

photo image413

photo image414

So I head back to the main departure hall after passport control for my flight to Toronto:

photo image415

photo image416

photo image419

photo image420

photo image421

photo image422

photo image423

photo image424

photo image425

photo image426

photo image427

photo image428

photo image429

photo image430

photo image431

photo image432

photo image433

photo image434

photo image435

Our plane to Toronto barely visible

photo image436

photo image437

photo image438

photo image439

photo image440

photo image441

photo image442

photo image443

photo image444

photo image446

photo image447

photo image448

photo image449

photo image450

photo image451

photo image452

photo image453

photo image454

photo image456

photo image457

photo image458

photo image460

photo image461

Jan. 1, 2013
KLM 747-400
Duration: 8:15 hours

I had booked my seat in Economy Comfort to compare the two. My seat indeed had extra leg room but economy was not that bad neither.

Boarding our plane

photo image462

photo image463

photo image464

photo image465

photo image466

photo image468

photo image469

photo image470

photo image471

photo image472

photo image473

photo image474

photo image475

photo image478

photo image479

photo image480

photo image481

photo image484

photo image485

photo image486

photo image487

photo image488

photo image489

photo image490

photo image491

photo image493

photo image498

photo image499

photo image500

photo image501

Check out the plane's shade :)

photo image502

photo image503

photo image504

photo image505

photo image506

photo image507

photo image508

photo image509

photo image511

photo image514

photo image515

photo image516

photo image517

photo image518

photo image519

photo image520

photo image521

photo image522

photo image523

photo image524

photo image525

Simply beautiful and amazing :)

photo image526

photo image529

photo image531

photo image532

photo image534

photo image535

photo image536

photo image544

photo image545

photo image546

Getting close to Toronto

photo image547

photo image548

photo image549

photo image550

Above Toronto- Downtown and CN Tower visisble

photo image552

photo image553

photo image554

photo image555

photo image556

photo image557

North York's City Centre

photo image558

photo image560

photo image561

photo image562

photo image563

photo image564

photo image565

photo image567

Ok, this is a very cool thing to know. This intersection is where all Toronto spotters come to take picture of planes landing in YYZ. The famous Petro-Canada station is just right underneath the plane and can't be seen but at the intersection in summer days you can see many people including me snapping pics of planes :)

photo image568

Wow the shade is huge

photo image569

photo image570

photo image571

photo image572

photo image573

photo image574

photo image575

photo image576

photo image577

And this is the last pic, but my most favorite. I love this angle of the picture and love 747-400 the most along with 747-800 of course ;)

photo image578

Hope you enjoyed :)
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