Review of Air Canada flight Toronto Boston in Economy

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC7384
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 23 Dec 13, 14:20
Arrival at 23 Dec 13, 15:30
AC   #50 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 266 reviews
Published on 2nd December 2014
Hi all,

Below are pictures from my flight from Toronto to Boston in December 2013. Toronto was hammered by one of the worst freezing rain storms ever 3 days before. Freezing rain started on Friday and went all the way to Sunday for 3 days non-stop. Previously Toronto would have freezing rain only for couple of hours very few times in winters. But this freezing rain storm halted the whole city. All the streets and sidewalks were like skating rinks. It was so dangerous to walk outside. All trees were covered in ice crystals and a lot of them became heavy and broke off and many people were without power for couple of days and it was all happening the week of Christmas. Anyways my flight was on Monday and the rain had stopped by then. I was glad to be able to leave on time and flew to Boston with Air Canada and after a short stay in Boston I went to Zurich for couple of days.

Below are pictures from the trans border part of Toronto's terminal 1. In major Canadian airports, they designate a portion of the airport to USA flights. You clear the US customs and immigration in Canada and once you step airside it's like you are already in USA, since when you get to US, you can just go direct to baggage claim without going through immigration.

The Trans border part of Toronto airport- For US flights only

photo image016_zpsfa339797

Long corridor with gates on both sides- The end of the corridor in Terminal 1's International section that is accessed from 1 level up

photo image020_zps873de071

photo image022_zpsce62fddc

photo image023_zps8bddab6a

photo image024_zpsafad3183

photo image029_zps6dedc6be

photo image030_zps1012cf9a

photo image031_zps1c1c6cdb

photo image032_zps216294f3

photo image033_zps28369be4

photo image034_zpsbbddec7c

photo image037_zpse9bc9396

photo image038_zps23506c6a

photo image042_zpsb5e6e954

The end of the trans-border section- The International part of the terminal is separated by a glass barrier, which is visible here

photo image044_zps54af4705

A peak at the International section shops through the glass barrier

photo image045_zps9a7fa36b

photo image046_zps248e55a2

Looking back all the way through the transborder section

photo image049_zpsa75e5775

photo image048_zps4eef302d

photo image049_zpsa75e5775

photo image051_zps51085305

Our flight

photo image052_zpse59acd4f


photo image056_zps1a4dcd4a

photo image058_zps7fcc71d8

photo image059_zps7442385f

photo image061_zpsf308c40e

At first I got an aisle seat but since the flight was not full I changed to a window seat when boarding was completed

photo image063_zps35087e31

Great leg room and seat comfort in Embraers

photo image064_zpsd55d5a1f

photo image065_zps77e2730c

photo image066_zps67ede677

photo image067_zpsa6c866c6

photo image068_zpsa57e0e3a

photo image069_zps331f7417

photo image072_zps4a0dc9b6

photo image074_zpsa6439bbb

photo image083_zps4321467c

This is the de-icing ramp at pearson, the process of de-icing takes around 10-15 minutes for small sized air crafts

photo image084_zps935a60a7

photo image085_zps72eed395

photo image086_zps3a92ff51

The de-icing machine

photo image093_zpsb3bf190c

photo image090_zpsfd170102

photo image091_zps35ca6a99

photo image094_zpsdf594386

photo image097_zpsb48c3dae

photo image095_zpsc32b263a

photo image096_zpse1d0e5b3

The liquid is green, which is interesting

photo image088_zps131ef38d

photo image098_zpsf02f1536

Take off over Frozen Toronto

photo image099_zpse708514f

photo image100_zpsffbad1cf

photo image104_zps45d7f3d2

photo image106_zpse6228b44

photo image107_zps413893b6

photo image110_zps26edc0d7

photo image111_zps7d1ee06b

photo image118_zps7721caf3

photo image116_zpsbe697c47

photo image115_zps61e4e7ec

photo image119_zpsf15f1e99

Toronto's terminal 1 map

photo image121_zps67aa9014

photo image123_zpscff3a0bd

photo image125_zps86fcffcc

Montreal Airport map

photo image126_zps20e0dbe7

photo image127_zps8188415e

photo image128_zpsc0514d76

And Vancouver

photo image129_zps27965d0b

God I hate these dry sticks

photo image131_zps4411b99c

photo image132_zpsc8e7afaa

photo image144_zpsffd69e15

photo image149_zps261e0148

photo image150_zps650919db

I LOVEEE the Just for Laugh Gags, they are my most favorite- In any airline I immediately watch this if they have it

photo image151_zpse4e8bcad

photo image152_zps42bab372

Descend into Boston, which was rainy

photo image155_zpsa23043d0

photo image156_zps5154bb9c

photo image157_zps6dd76704

photo image159_zps22b294d2

photo image166_zpsabd2ded2

Taking the Metro to the city

photo image168_zps04ca94b3

As bonus I am including pictures from both 2013 and 2014 Toronto Pearson Airport Street Festival

For the past 3 years, the Pearson airport has been organizing this awesome and nice event that is open to all. You just need to register online. They dedicate a part of the airport and they bring various machinery, such as fire trucks, de-icing machines, various vendors and booths for Canadian airlines and KLM for the past years. They also bring planes of various size on display and since the area is just next to main runways, you can watch the planes take off and land. They also offer a tour bus of the airisde ramps, in which they take people around the airside area, pass various planes so they can take a close look. This event is held annually around the second week of September and is such a great event. Many thanks for the Pearson airport and all its volunteers and organizers for these amazing memorable events.

2013 Pearson Airport Street Festival:

photo image005_zpsd5c3b062

photo image014_zps4a4227de

photo image015_zps7aa5ae64

photo image016_zpsbcfabbe2

photo image017_zps95cee224

photo image020_zpsac496f52

photo image022_zps0fae4b65

A concert stage

photo image024_zps770400f6

photo image038_zpscd4c6fab

photo image039_zps07043366

photo image087_zpsc31faf42

photo image088_zps8733ebd3

Taking off

photo image098_zpse6a3cacb

photo image099_zps888dc963

Inside the bus to take us around the airport

photo image107_zps76559273

photo image109_zps280af9e8

photo image116_zps6146a758

photo image131_zps85a46eb4

photo image140_zps4985e5c3

photo image141_zps3d99e208

photo image144_zpsca23a5af

photo image145_zpse6d4c91d

Passing through terminal 3 gates

Air Transat

photo image148_zps3d7e127f

photo image149_zps9844ed58


photo image139_zpsa5bb58f0

photo image140_zps779e008e

photo image141_zps052f69b1

photo image142_zps76af132e


photo image150_zps4542bb60

photo image151_zps242a0c98

photo image152_zps8040ed64

photo image153_zps27c79ffd

photo image154_zps8981a871

photo image163_zpsbbb16678

photo image175_zpsb2d668e6

Around Terminal 1 gates

photo image176_zpsaae8d061

photo image177_zps6f6faaae

photo image178_zps7c88ef52

photo image179_zps55a50b26

photo image180_zps077f13b4

photo image183_zps2b8c4627

Very cool angle

photo image186_zps2b41140e

photo image187_zps44524d34

photo image188_zps9843e3f9

photo image189_zps3ce78339

photo image190_zps5ed06d84

photo image191_zpsa9733685

photo image192_zps6b4cf75e

photo image193_zps926d68fe

photo image197_zpsc2f37f3c

photo image199_zps64c38755

photo image201_zps0135a01d

photo image202_zps60d4da4e

photo image203_zps5f12601f

photo image204_zpsaeb3680a

photo image205_zps5f8a1dd6

photo image206_zps84fb4c66

photo image208_zpsc2a25bb9

photo image211_zpsa002ba8c

photo image212_zps6708c85f

They wer towing KLM to bring over to the festival area for people to see

photo image225_zpsc11fcc52

photo image244_zpsacbf5967

photo image255_zpsfc48a457

photo image271_zpsa7c6699c

photo image272_zps52f433e6

Flight crew joining the festival to take pictures with people

photo image283_zps7040331c

photo image287_zps8083f89c

photo image289_zps449ac134

photo image301_zps3102fc75

photo image306_zpsa2971135

photo image307_zpsa5740744

photo image353_zpsad319d72

photo image354_zpsce54a505

photo image356_zps388f7d67

photo image357_zps10b280d2

photo image358_zps65d77dec

photo image359_zpsd6a52522

photo image360_zpsb82d4aab

photo image361_zpse1ce6925

photo image390_zpsc5ab61c2

The concert stage

photo image443_zps3950277f

photo image446_zps6c4c5634

The pictures below are from the 2014 street festival:

photo 015_zps80f867df

photo 021_zpsd47e424f

photo 028_zpsf5accf58

Map of the Toronto Pearson Airport

photo 032_zps66050ed5

photo 034_zps739e0737

AC magazines and bags

photo 036_zpse8f31942

photo 041_zps5d22a1ca

photo 044_zps04bd4d50

photo 045_zps0e0e3779

photo 046_zps931bf92d

photo 048_zps5395dc52

photo 049_zps57577226

photo 053_zps7f50b565

photo 059_zpsa5f4b22b

Air Canada 767

photo 067_zps840bd53f

photo 080_zps48d3dd6b

photo 083_zpsbcf2054e

photo 085_zps8e44a29c

photo 100_zps35c995ef

photo 107_zpsaf176232

photo 070_zpse0151bcf

photo 122_zpsc79f9c47

photo 125_zps1cd69894

photo 127_zps6bfb9351

Since it was a Saturday this year as well like in 2013, the schedules of most regular flights were the same and again the Korean Air was taking off

photo 133_zps733f67f2

photo 146_zpsc4e87dba

I love the Egypt Air Livery- So nice

photo 150_zpsa1ba81fe

photo 156_zps68187aad

photo 159_zps9abf90b4

photo 162_zpsf7c2c281

photo 164_zpsf61c8db2

photo 165_zpsb852c15b

Mississauga skyline in the background

photo 171_zpsf7ac77bb

Taking off

photo 174_zpsd57c1b88

I really like the Saudi livery too :)

photo 188_zps0cf1a36f

photo 215_zps4a731e20

AC Taking off

photo 223_zpsba7f942a

photo 224_zpsadc391cd

They also brought KLM over again for people to take pictures with.

photo 237_zps70df9681

photo 239_zpsf10e85fb

photo 240_zps5cf2c235

photo 241_zpsea46cf10

photo 243_zps692fdc77

photo 245_zps54ca2a12

photo 250_zps4991a450

Air Canada 787

photo 225_zpsce3d7fbd

Taking off

photo 256_zps28fa32d2

photo 258_zpsebefd5ee

KLM's lovely and friendly crew

photo 264_zps36a4708f

photo 269_zpse1b72f38

photo 285_zpsd7dc7b49

photo 293_zps3495652d

photo 297_zps252d660a

photo 305_zpsf2293be1

The airside tour bus

photo 315_zpsbfd8bfa0

Air India does not fly to Toronto at the time being, but this aircraft was travelling from Chicago To Delhi the night before and it encountered engine problems and had to land at Toronto for repairs

photo 331_zps467868e7

photo 340_zps4a85c75a

photo 345_zpsa1b0b8ce

photo 347_zps73a92493

photo 348_zps17a9285a

photo 349_zps82d8a88d

photo 350_zpsfcc253e1

photo 351_zpsd434c323

photo 352_zps4fe82dd6

photo 353_zps9c614987

photo 384_zpsde587ad5

photo 393_zps5bcddd20

photo 399_zpscf657e03

photo 400_zps524001f2

photo 410_zpsa8430072

I hope you enjoyed this FR and pictures of Toronto's Airport :)

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The Air Canada's Embraer's are very comfortable and it was a nice flight experience. As for the meal I don't like the dry pretzel sticks, if they replace these sticks with cookies or chocolates that'd be much more pleasant for most people. Toronto's Airport is very clean and nice. Boston airport was a bit dated and looked old in some areas but was ok overall.



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