Review of Aerolineas Argentinas flight Montevideo Buenos Aires in Economy

Flight AR1399
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 29 May 14, 22:00
Arrival at 29 May 14, 22:45
AR   #114 out of 125 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 24 reviews
By 2680
Published on 5th December 2014
Hi all,

Below are pictures from my flight from Montevideo to Buenos Aires Aeroparque. On my last day in Uruguay, I went on a day trip, to Punta Del Este, which is 2 hours away from Montevideo and one of the most famous beach cities in South America and many famous Latin American celebrities have properties here.

After the day tour, the tour operator was kind enough to drop me off at the airport, as the airport is around 20 KM away from Montevideo's centre.

Pix of the terminal

photo image1286_zps31de8685

photo image1287_zps3c61f5f5

Observation area on the upper level

photo image1288_zps4f51dc19

photo image1289_zpsc08cde1b

photo image1290_zpsb1388ec4

photo image1291_zpsaea41bae

A look outside the terminal

photo image1294_zps405e62c6

photo image1297_zpsad883e18

Going airside

photo image1298_zps189cca84

Airside shops

photo image1299_zpsd73d5923

photo image1300_zps318c2f03

photo image1301_zps717ac801

photo image1302_zpse5037e86

photo image1303_zps70fbfa41

photo image1306_zps63135ab4

photo image1307_zps492d8f73

photo image1308_zps82e17779

AA to Miami

photo image1309_zps6e407b64

photo image1310_zpsd76a5641

photo image1311_zps5fc9420b

photo image1312_zpsdd0f4abc

photo image1313_zps04992416

photo image1314_zps5890beb5

photo image1315_zps76cb89ea

photo image1316_zpse69ecf78

photo image1319_zpsf29a3f1c

photo image1321_zpscbb54b30

photo image1323_zps96b4956d

Comfortable lounge like chairs in the airside

photo image1325_zps40be3172

photo image1324_zps69ef271e

Our beautiful plane- I love AR's livery

photo image1326_zps6b8af121

photo image1328_zps5c244fa6

photo image1329_zpsfc40b00e


photo image1332_zps1f4d72be

photo image1333_zpsf718dbff

photo image1334_zpsac3473ca

photo image1335_zpsdc47c367

photo image1336_zps73c2ba3a

photo image1337_zps0db14775

photo image1339_zps21df1743

photo image1340_zps6a9f31b3

photo image1341_zps01e21104

photo image1342_zpsafa716e6

Unfortunately the legroom was very tight and I'm not a very tall person

photo image1343_zps713417e8

photo image1344_zps69477c58

photo image1346_zpse0f60825

photo image1347_zps33f674f6

photo image1350_zps9b215e1f

Take off

photo image1352_zps0d34867c

Flying right above Montevideo

photo image1353_zps8cf80591

photo image1354_zpsf7a4ceb2

photo image1355_zpsfcdf5177

The city centre

photo image1356_zps427877f6

photo image1357_zps76feae85

A nice and quick snack

photo image1358_zpsdb1c0d8c

The city of La Plata- near Buenos Aires

photo image1359_zps37eeaff5

photo image1360_zps58d12a8e

Descending over BA

photo image1361_zpsc382f1ca

photo image1364_zpsef9b8661

photo image1365_zpsc2e1eb61

photo image1366_zpsc049ab97

photo image1367_zpsbadcbd52

photo image1368_zpsb1ffbd9d

photo image1370_zpsb551cb79

photo image1372_zps07278b3c

My blue ride :)

photo image1373_zps68d25f5b

Some touristic bonus pictures of Punta Del Este

photo image978_zpsb836861d

photo image979_zps6470ed03

photo image986_zpsc6dee3e8

photo image987_zpsd2f93c57

photo image999_zps7c7a683a

photo image1030_zpsce901fcb

photo image1036_zps883da728

photo image1041_zps90e5053b

photo image1058_zps46ad4e56

photo image1065_zps794308c8

photo image1121_zps45a36d1f

photo image1156_zps9995df82

photo image1158_zpsed4ff801

photo image1164_zps2352589f

photo image1170_zpse87db5bd

photo image1185_zpsbdf8dc7d

photo image1191_zps2e3b661a

photo image1208_zps08a447e1

photo image1209_zpsfd22c101

Lots of seashells

photo image1210_zps74740fc4

photo image1215_zps685050e1

photo image1218_zps24d575c3

photo image1245_zpsf57a7369

I love how the beach sand looks like a sand dune in a desert in this picture :)

photo image1259_zpsc4c5a193

photo image1260_zps95e9e1a9

photo image1273_zps9932378f

photo image1281_zpsed2f6f4b

photo image1283_zpsfcd8d518
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Aerolineas Argentinas

Cabin crew8.0

Montevideo - MVD


Buenos Aires - AEP



Montevideo is very nice and cool looking but very small and with not much to do. AR was nice but the leg room was very cramped and uncomfortable. The immigration line ups in AEP were so long in a small, cramped hall with no proper air circulation.

Information on the route Montevideo (MVD) Buenos Aires (AEP)


  • Comment 123753 by
    jetsetpanda 2279 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this great report with fantastic images of MVD airport, considered to be one of the most beautiful ones in Latin America.

    Punta del Este reminds me of a cross between Tel Aviv and Miami in a smaller scale.

    • Comment 306267 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 347 Comments

      Thanks very much Jetsetpanda, you are right Punta Del Este can look like Mia and TLV. Although it's so small, it was nice but since it was the fall season, it was not crowded, I think the only busy months are the 3 summer months in this city.

      • Comment 306302 by
        whitelight44 AUTHOR 347 Comments

        Aw interesting, Thanks for letting me know. But the weather is very pleasant in fall compared to North American standards and if it was in North America with such a weather it'll be packed all year round lol :D

      • Comment 123758 by
        KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4584 Comments

        Your reports are always a feast for the eyes! Just beautiful. You'll have to tell me how you get such good aerial night pics like that. I've played around with the ISO and aperture on my Canon Rebel, but can't quite get it right. I'm still in awe of how nice the Montevideo airport is!

        • Comment 306270 by
          whitelight44 AUTHOR 347 Comments

          Thanks so much Kevin, I'm glad you liked the pictures. I have a Sony point and shoot camera WX100- but after I take pictures, I edit every single one of them in the photo edit software that is available free for download online and its called Irfan View, by playing with the image settings in that software I can make the night shots look better.

        • Comment 123760 by
          Yonatan Paz 63 Comments

          Hi, the plane is 737-700

          • Comment 123763 by
            SMilano 1266 Comments

            Thanks for sharing this beautiful report !

            Good job on this flight.
            But the legroom is extremely short !...

          • Comment 123782 by
            SKYTEAMCHC TEAM GOLD 6723 Comments

            Thanks for this Flight Report.
            Montevideo looks like a very nice airport and I like the architecture.
            I was not impressed by Aerolineas Argentinas on my short trip from AEP to IGR but your experience seems to be better. I really like the livery of Aerolinas Argentinas , it's stunning.
            For the duration of the flight the snack box is ok and I guess your crew was good.
            Great pictures and bonus from Punta del Este !

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