Review of Olympic Air flight Athens Santorini Island in Economy

Airline Olympic Air
Flight OA554
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 23 Dec 11, 13:55
Arrival at 23 Dec 11, 14:45
OA 15 reviews
Published on 9th December 2014
Hi all,

Below are my pictures from my trip from Athens to the heavenly island of Santorini around 3 years ago.

Athens Airport

photo image059_zpsa1b30e8d

photo image062_zps637b6a02

Our aircraft

It is a DHC-8-400 but 400 was not on the list of drop down to choose from

photo image064_zps35b8047a

photo image066_zps9de42c9a

photo image068_zps5cf99769

photo image069_zps859e3e29

photo image070_zpsef3cb8b3

photo image071_zps48f8b92b

photo image072_zps1c8e7e19

photo image073_zps3d13c663

photo image076_zps5b4eeed5

photo image081_zpsd74c77d8

Take off

photo image085_zps03e94101

Nice view of the whole main terminal

photo image086_zps4b8e5fb7

photo image087_zps5f5644b0

photo image088_zps15acb39f

photo image089_zps8b2e0bf5

Flight crew serving the light salty snack

photo image090_zpsd03e43ea

photo image091_zpsb3a46b4b

The uniform of Olympic Air crew to the left is interesting as this is the only airline along with Aegean that use sleeveless dresses, which is interesting

photo image092_zps08ffe49b

photo image099_zps98277261

Beautiful views along the way

photo image105_zps25e3cc66

photo image106_zps0ce179e6

photo image107_zps0a461b12

Preparation for landing

photo image108_zps57c1d896

photo image112_zps7bbff383

photo image113_zpsa6dcd1b4

photo image114_zps66a2d913

Shortly after,the amazing Island came to view

photo image115_zpsfe61d899

photo image119_zps9cff76e4

photo image120_zpsec7d05cf

Flying above the deserted Kamari beach as it was the winter time

photo image121_zps10403d60

photo image123_zps4177b261

photo image125_zps1d3a1b24

photo image126_zpsb0d32fb8

photo image128_zps66606d43

photo image130_zps6d5bbe8c

photo image131_zps4b2fb058


photo image132_zps84828d23

photo image133_zpsd46e6e0e

The terminal building

photo image134_zps9381ede0

After couple of great days in this heavenly Island we flew back to Athens. Below are pictures from my return flight with the same aircraft type

photo image407_zps41fcdeec

photo image410_zps4ac9cac1

photo image412_zps8ef659d1

Take off and the view of terminal

photo image414_zps074ba241

photo image415_zpsa994e66a

Views of the Island

photo image416_zps33e05c73

photo image418_zpscc1220d2

photo image421_zps1ca27eb3

photo image422_zps6049b8b1

photo image423_zps68d2cabd

photo image424_zpsd9a1e679

photo image425_zpsddb3a7d4

photo image426_zpsa485eaf2

photo image427_zps84629b3c

photo image428_zps31e6c16e

photo image429_zps408cc3e4

photo image430_zps9dff7f2f

photo image431_zps6ea74462

photo image432_zps8c0f1ff7

A light snack and tasty cookies in the wrap

photo image433_zpsb6db9910

photo image438_zps72c360ab

Athens in the distance

photo image444_zps523ca148

photo image452_zps53db64e2

Old Athens airport

photo image454_zps1a581550

photo image457_zpsb12add5a

photo image458_zps742be63e

photo image464_zpsd27721a0

photo image465_zpsdce50272

photo image470_zpscc58ff4f

photo image471_zpsc12bd4ee

photo image476_zps8d6c02f5

photo image477_zpseb15f9ce

photo image478_zps9f596e25

photo image479_zps52403917

An Ikea just next to the airport terminal

photo image480_zps27df3b2a

The satellite terminal with former Olympic airlines A340s that were parked there and not being used

photo image481_zpsf34cd9aa

photo image482_zps57074114

photo image483_zps452f3838

photo image484_zps8d937a5e

photo image485_zpsc7ec3ae2

photo image487_zpse7b2abe9

photo image490_zps0c2196b2

And some pictures of this great Island. Late fall or winter the island is deserted and empty of tourists, which make it very great for taking pictures as there are not many people around and you feel that you have the whole island to yourself. It's the most beautiful place on earth in my opinion. There are so many cute local cats who live there and there are many stray dogs as well but mostly in the Oia, which is to the north of the island.

photo image188_zps2c7ebf5b

photo image215_zps657bf382

photo image229_zps5be8e107

photo image106_zpsc5163863

photo image110_zps92c382c1

photo image103_zpsb211f257

photo image108_zpsb0eedeca

photo image094_zps40824c6a

photo image014_zps0d6c5140

photo image061_zps02bb6f99

photo image117_zps59a78493

photo image028_zpsb7b185cb

photo image085_zps87491ede

photo image231_zpsc15a82b1

photo image233_zpsee607137

photo image259_zps0a29efb3

photo image283_zps7a73df24

photo image284_zpsbd4856d3

photo image287_zpscfb12241

photo image285_zps0e071caf

photo image274_zpsbdcca59e

photo image306_zps27179bd6

photo image295_zpsb154c968

photo image312_zpsc857d77c

photo image316_zpsa591bd2c

photo image322_zps5eac185c

photo image330_zpsf5a74a82

photo image405_zps3a084ef4

photo image406_zpsf86baaee

photo image447_zps870281ca

photo image450_zpsa640feef

photo image374_zpsd242876b

photo image378_zps2585e77e

photo image059_zpse5ccbd74

photo image125_zps12d76168

photo image130_zps731ede83

photo image135_zps77572b23

photo image160_zps5d57bc50

photo image163_zpsde28ba53

photo image181_zpsffbe3c2e

photo image182_zps9ed016c7

photo image185_zps32e0646e

photo image194_zps191b35b9

photo image350_zps29eb1f6e

photo image355_zps5fc9d526

photo image170_zpse9a7179f

photo image222_zpse325094d

photo image240_zps07c65527

photo image237_zpsd46d43b2

photo image2382_zpsf83c215e

photo image230_zps3b41683f

photo image2562_zps1ac0b39c

photo image223_zps8a09756a

photo image261_zpsf6aee824

photo image338_zps0a84d9b5

photo image345_zpsdc72d8c5

photo image315_zps87b0fc0a

photo image384_zps9ef2471c

photo image424_zps89673f17

photo image423_zpsfcc929f9

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Overall a great flight with Olympic air and great cabin and seat comfort. The crew were nice and attentive. Athens Airport was nice and big. Santorini airport was super small and tiny but it was ok as it was the winter season and not many tourists were around but I think in summer holidays it gets super crowded and tight for that many visitors.

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