Review of China Eastern flight Kunming Taipei in Economy

Airline China Eastern
Flight MU2027
Class Economy
Seat 39C
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 09 Dec 14, 07:15
Arrival at 09 Dec 14, 10:20
MU 172 reviews
By 2691
Published on 9th December 2014
This trip consists of 2 reports, the first is on outbound flight with Sichuan airlines.
Here is the second one on inbound flight with China Eastern airlines.

(Airport name clarification) Kunming Changshui International Airport opened on June 28, 2012, replacing the old Kunming Wujiaba International Airport, which is demolished.

My flight to Taipei was scheduled at 7:15am. The travel agency had arranged a different airlines for return. This early morning flight was not convenient, I needed to wake up 4:30 in the morning, and I knew it was gonna be a long day. I had a airport ride pick up at the hotel around 5 am. It took about 25 minutes to get there.

photo IMG_4997photo IMG_4998photo IMG_4999

Lower level is the arrival area.

It was still dark at arrival at the airport, the airport was not busy at all. The check-in counters were open already with a crowd in front of them. There were 3 check-in counters open, one for business class, one for economy, and last one for group passengers. Obviously, nothing followed the order, all three counters were occupied by group passengers, I though I had enough time so I waited in line. My line rarely moved forward. Time passed, when it was my turn I had already waited there for near 45minutes. It was 6:15am. The ground agent was a pretty girl with a tired and not-happy face. I guess that she just dealt with several tough group passengers before me, and worse to come, her computer system went down in the middle of process, she was not able to print my boarding pass, she was so frustrated and asked the next counter agent to do it. This was probably the worse check-in I have ever encountered.

photo IMG_5005photo bp2

I proceeded to security check and immigration, since we were the first international flight out the Kunming airport, no waiting line and everything was done quickly. It is interesting there are customs before immigration station.

The airport was spacious and clean, no shops were open yet, I just went straight to the gate.

photo IMG_5011photo IMG_5012

Other airlines lounge entrance

photo IMG_5013

Very quite at this early hour

photo IMG_5014photo IMG_5015photo IMG_5019

The boarding gate area

The boarding process was done as usual fashion, I boarded with business class passenger as my elite status.

photo IMG_5022photo IMG_5024

The aircraft was Boeing 737-700, it looked clean and well maintained. I had an exit seat.

photo IMG_5025photo IMG_5026photo IMG_5028

The seat color pattern is vivid and pleasant.

Spacious leg room on exit row.
photo IMG_5033photo IMG_5034photo IMG_5043

Breakfast service started shortly after take off. It is probably the most interesting one I have had so far. The breakfast included a meal box, a hot porridge (??), and a hot stuffed bum (??). Inside the box has peanuts, sauced mushroom and a corned egg (??) as add-on to porridge, and fresh fruit. The portion was small, and there was no other choice. This breakfast was so local and no other selections available, I really wonder if it is a suitable catering practice on international flight.

photo IMG_5036

Hot bum on top of the main meal.

photo IMG_5038photo IMG_5039photo IMG_5040

Porridge with add-ons

photo IMG_5041

I was informed about meal service before boarding, so I did prepared my own breakfast, because of portion issue rather than Chinese meal issue.

photo IMG_5035

I like the mood lighting.

photo IMG_5044

Window view during landing

photo IMG_5046

We arrived little late than expected. I was able to finished everything, walked out the customs area in 25 minutes. I only had one luggage and so I took Evergreen shuttle bus at 11am for back to home in Taipei.

Tourist information desk is located the front of customs exit.

photo IMG_5061photo IMG_5062

I am so lucky that the airport bus (Evergreen Bus) has a stop only 50 meters to my place.

photo IMG_5064photo IMG_5065photo IMG_5068

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Cabin crew9.0

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The ground service at Kunming airport was way off the standard, the flight itself was fun & enjoyable, especially I had an exit seat with extra leg room. The meal service was not a question of good or bad, it seemed to me it is an issue of food cultural consideration for passengers overall.



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    marathon GOLD 10093 Comments
    I like this wave design in the first picture.
    Wow, 45 min for check-in, that is indeed a long wait, and totally unacceptable for an Elite PAX :(
    Customs are also before immigration when leaving China from PEK.
    Empty airports because of the time of the day have an eerie look :)
    The seat pitch of the standard rows seems no better than that of 3U on the way in.
    This was a regional flight, in politically correct Mainland Chinese parlance (I rate it as international ;), so no wonder they served a Chinese breakfast only. I suspect most Westerners new to this part of the world would have it, though.
    Thanks for sharing !

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