Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Calgary in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL 677
Class Business
Seat 01A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 09:15
Take-off 08 Dec 14, 12:40
Arrival at 08 Dec 14, 13:55
KL   #70 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 734 reviews
By GOLD 7382
Published on 1st October 2014
  • BSL - AMS KL J / E190: HERE
  • AMS - YYC KL J / A330-200: Now
  • YYC - ??? ?? Y / ??: Later
  • ??? - ??? ?? Y / ??: Later
  • ??? - ??? ?? Y / ??: Later
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I typed this report from YYC airport where the wifi is free of charge, unlimited and very speedy.

As I arrived in AMS I used the automated passport control which works pretty well and goes really fast.

Good welcome at the lounge, I head upstairs, as there are usually less people there and you can spot thru the windows.

I'll only have a cappuccino and a glass of water that morning:

photo DSC_0414photo DSC_0415

The wireless worked pretty well and I was able to upload two FR's (from my LIS week end, english tranlation should follow shortly) and boarding was launched when I entered the boarding area.

I learnt from fellow member Pat62 that some of the 332 cabins were updated to the almost flat seats (the last before new version), but not my bird today.

I kinda like thoses seats anyway as I can manage to sleep on them. I won't have any seat mate for that flight, but the guy seating on 01D will not make my flight as expected.

Nicolas Feuillate is served as welcome drink: (+ the new amenity kit)

At this moment I realize that Mr 1D is a KLM 777 pilot flying as non-rev. The whole crew, purser included will come to say hi and to introduce themselves. That will be the only time where I would see the purser.

The steward that was in charge of my aisle begins to offer him the welcome drinks and sits on the armrest to speak with Mr 01D. After a good 10 minutes of chat, I'll interrupt him and ask him for my welcome drink and suggest he continues his chat afterwards. He will barely say some excuses and I thought at this moment that this will remind him of his duties and that there are paying passengers in this cabin.

My left neighbour, much more discreet:

photo DSC_0428photo DSC_0429

I saw this bird three days earlier:

photo DSC_0430


photo DSC_0432

Winter is off-peak season for Transavia, and you notice it:

photo DSC_0433

An old friend:

photo DSC_0434photo DSC_0435

767-300 Delta:

photo DSC_0437photo DSC_0438photo DSC_0439

Another friend of mine:

photo DSC_0440


photo DSC_0441photo DSC_0442

As the steward begins the aperitive service, I ask him if there are no menues on today's flight. He tells me that he forgot because he was so busy. Busy in chatting, but not in working, yes. He comes back with the card, and bet what, he begins to chat again with Mr 01D. I have to stop him again to receive my menu and my drink.

Aperitive and menu:

Then the hot towel service is performed. According to the KL service guidelines, this comes before the aperitive and not after. Another forgotten thing, not to be the last one.

photo DSC_0449

For the starter, I'll choose the shrimps, but not after another good two minutes chat and armrest seating. Two minutes is really not a big deal, but for someone who is waiting and paying his ticket, it is two much. The steward should have realized how bad the image is for the passengers that looked at the show.

This said, the shrimps were delicious, the rice and betroot salad excellent, the bread croutons and the raspberry vinaigrette an excellent touch.

Then, 30 minutes after the dish had been cleared, the main meal is served. This is ways to much of waiting time. My choice was the veal which was lovely. The gnocchis were soggy though.

photo DSC_0455photo DSC_0456

Another half an hour later, the dessert is offered, I'll take the chocolate tart, which looks ways better then it tasted. To much sugar on it.

photo DSC_0457

No coffee nor digestive for me as I need to sleep, following the week end I had. Here are we as I recline to sleep. Three hours to serve 24 pax in J is ways to much.

photo DSC_0464photo DSC_0465photo DSC_0466

That's the seat in details. I managed to get 04:00 of solid sleep, so I can't complain:

photo DSC_0458photo DSC_0459photo DSC_0460

Ice cream is served mid flight:

photo DSC_0469

At that moment of time, when flying to the west, you manage to get a sunset and a sunrise on the same flight:

Then comes the second meal service that will be performed everything but synchronised. The other crew member started 10 minutes before my steward as he was chatting with Mr 01D in the galley. To make it simple, when he begun his aisle, the stewardess on the other side finished hers.

When the steward finally decided to begin the service, I choose the rice which was delicious, tasty and spicy:

The dessert is the traditional dutch apple pie, served warm with optional whipped cream on it. Whipped cream that has not been offered by my crew member. The stewardess, noticing it, will come to our aisle with it, but too late, I already ate my pie.

photo DSC_0477

A bunch of nice aerial shoots while approaching YYC:

Landing and some views of downtown and a plane cemetary:


photo DSC_0496photo DSC_0497photo DSC_0498

Once at the gate, I have to ask for my jacket as the steward is still and again chatting with 01D. As I deplane, the purser is standing at the door and says to all passengers :See you soon, thank you at what I answer Oh ! You were onboard?. I didn't want to discuss with her as she was invisible for the whole flight, but a claim letter has reached KLM after my flight and 8'000 bonus miles have reached my FB account afterward ^^
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Cabin crew0.5

KLM Crown Lounge 5 - Non Schengen


Amsterdam - AMS


Calgary - YYC



The cabin really show its age but for me it was more than ok.

Crew was a disaster. Even after a few gentle reminders, his attitude did not change. I could have called the purser, but it would have only have worsten the situation IMO. The stewardess working across the aisle was really enjoying her work but she wasn't working one mine.

Catering was excellent, as always or about always on KLM.

Good newspaper and magazine choice, IFE was working well but the selection is a bit poor.

The lounge was so-so, but the wifi was working which is not always the case.

AMS and YYC nothing to say.

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