Review of Air France flight Paris Montreal in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF342
Class Business
Seat 4A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 07:50
Take-off 01 Sep 14, 10:25
Arrival at 01 Sep 14, 12:15
AF   #28 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5750 reviews
By SILVER 7288
Published on 21st December 2014
Hello and welcome to the next and last installment in this series of flights between Washington, DC and Paris, with a stopover in Montreal. I had a really great flight on the outbound portion on an A340 and was really looking forward to being in the nose of the Queen of the Skies for the return!

Here is the full routing:

Washington Dulles IAD - Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL, Delta Air Lines, A320, First [NO REPORT]
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL - Montréal Trudeau YUL, Delta Air Lines, B717, First
Montréal Trudeau YUL - Paris Roissy CDG, Air France, A343, Business
Paris Roissy CDG - Montréal Trudeau YUL, Air France, B744, Business [YOU ARE HERE]
Montréal Trudeau YUL - Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL, Delta Air Lines, CRJ900, First [NO REPORT]
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL - Washington Dulles IAD, Delta Air Lines, B738, First [NO REPORT]

Our flight was leaving early-ish (10:45AM) so we got to CDG around 7AM to drop off the rental car and leave enough time to go to the lounge. The Air France lounge in Terminal 2E-Hall K has just undergone renovations for the past 3 months and was reopening that day. I was looking forward to seeing the new lounge, expecting it would look something like AF's flagship lounge in Terminal 2E-Hall M (Also known as S4 for CDG connaisseurs).

photo IMG_0108

For what is a busy travel day with the end of the French summer vacation period, the Sky Priority counters were surprisingly not busy.

We dropped off our 5 ginormous bags full of our yearly provisions of good French stuff to bring back home to the States :-)

photo IMG_0109

Security and immigration was pretty fast with Sky Priority/Accès Numéro 1.

Upon arriving at the lounge I looked around and thought to myself….ummmm, what, it looks exactly the same as before!?!

photo IMG_2529

And my favorite spot upstairs was closed… :-/

photo IMG_2532

I had to tweet my disappointment, lol…#fail

photo Tweet AF Salon 2E-K

I had read that the lounge had mainly been closed to equip it with new kitchens capable of handling a wider selection of hot food offering.

….and yet, there was absolutely no hot food to be found, It was the same cold stuff as before. I always wondered why some lounges in outstations had better food offerings than some lounges at CDG, AF's main hub. I'm thinking mainly of my home lounge at Washington-Dulles.

From what I'm told, hot food is now on offer at CDG 2E Hall K. Maybe just a first day hiccup.

photo IMG_2530

But hey, I'm not complaining–I was just mostly surprised. As long as there's bubbly I'm happy!

photo IMG_2528

We left the lounge a few minutes before boarding.

I like the architecture of 2E, but it's not very spotter-friendly for AvGeeks like me…except at both ends of the concourse, that is.

photo IMG_0112photo IMG_0114photo IMG_0115

The best view I could get of our B744.

photo IMG_0110photo IMG_0111

Boarding started on time. The flight was very full judging from the large crowd at the gate. As is often the case in CDG you kind of have to fight your way through the crowd to get to the Sky Priority lanes. But living in the US, I'm very used to that.

photo IMG_0117photo IMG_0116

An A330 next door.

photo IMG_0118

Hello beautiful!

photo IMG_0119photo IMG_0120

Living in the US, I frequent DL's 744s more often. It had been years since I'd been on board an AF 744. I think the last time was when I was a kid in the 90s when we had AF 747s at IAD. This would also be my first time in the nose of an AF 744. The best place to be! You must be thinking…but upstairs is the best place…on AF, upstairs is all Economy. So yes, if you're in Y, the hump is where you want to be.

Most pax have boarded by the time we get on board. I discover the forward Business cabin which looks generally pleasant.

photo IMG_0121photo IMG_0123

My seat in 4A

photo IMG_0122

View from my seat.

photo IMG_0124photo IMG_0132

The seat pitch

photo IMG_0125

This aircraft is equipped with the NEV4 model, AF's latest business class product prior to the introduction of the Cirrus flat beds back in June 2014. AF has some versions of the NEV4 with big IFE screens and some with small…as you can see, we have the small screens today.

photo IMG_0126photo IMG_0127

The seat controls. They are simplified when compared to the previous generation of seats, NEV3. NEV3s had a massage function, but NEV4s do not. Probably to save weight.

photo IMG_0129

Pre-departure drinks arrive several minutes after we settle in to our seats.

photo IMG_0130

Boarding finished early despite a very full flight. Before we know it, the doors are closed and we're ready for departure.

photo IMG_0128

Puchback is right on time.

photo IMG_0133photo IMG_0134photo IMG_0135

The taxi time is quite long as we have to get all the way to the North runways. It's a good opporunity for more planespotting :-)
And there were A380s galore.

With all these Delta jets, you'd think we were in ATL. Yes, I do realize CDG is technically a DL hub :-)

photo IMG_0144

Let's get in the conga line!

Oh look, our beautiful reflection. What a nice bird.

photo IMG_0149

AF Skyteam 77W

photo IMG_0150photo IMG_0151

Terminal 2F, oddly empty.

Terminal 1 - the flying saucer

photo IMG_0157

A340-300 F-GLZP on which we flew on the way over from YUL a few weeks earlier.

photo IMG_0159photo IMG_0160

More Delta

photo IMG_0161photo IMG_0163

LOT Polish E190

photo IMG_0162

US Airways A330

photo IMG_0165photo IMG_0166

UA and some A380s at T1

photo IMG_0167

And finally we take off after a good half hour of taxiing.

I had chosen seats on the left side of the aircraft to get views of Paris if the weather was clear. We were spoiled with nice views, although there was a bit of haze.

Although the PTVs are small, the IFE has a good amount of content.

photo IMG_0186

Menus were distributed shortly after takeoff.

Pre-meal drinks and the amuse-bouche were served as we were leaving the French coast behind.

photo IMG_0189photo IMG_0190photo IMG_0191

When I booked the tickets, I had chosen seats in row 4 for a greater amount of privacy as the seats are kind of tucked away in a corner. However, I found during the meal service that these seats would have been a poor choice on a night flight as there was a lot of noise from the galley.

photo IMG_0192

For a day flight like this one, however, it's fine.

photo IMG_0193photo IMG_0195

The appetizer and salad are served as we are over Cornwall.

photo IMG_0196

I found the piece of Foie Gras to be on the small side, however the portion of salmon was rather generous. The appetizer was good, even if it's not at all what was written in the menu…like, where are the scallops?

photo IMG_0197photo IMG_0198photo IMG_0199

For the main dish, I chose the beef despite my good instincts, and yeah…it was a bad idea…
The meat was tough and overcooked, but that's never really surprising with beef on a plane. The worst part was the chewy potato cake…seriously, McDonald's hashbrowns are way better…not good for a premium cabin. And then there's the presentation, you would think someone could have made an effort to put that poor greenbean back into the plate. Did noone notice that it was hanging out? I don't think I'm being overly nit-picky here…it just seems like when you pay for Business class…food shouldn't be hanging out of your plate. Then there's the lovely aluminum cup for the sauce, super classy, right?

photo IMG_0200

This is what I should have gotten. My husband made a much better choice than me.

photo IMG_0202

sorbet and dessert trio…no complaints there.

photo IMG_0203

And a cognac digestif to finish things up. The FA didn't offer after dinner drinks as they normally do. I had to ask for it, which made me feel like an alcoholic :-P

photo IMG_0207photo IMG_0208

Air-to-air with an AA 77W, probably coming from LHR.

photo IMG_0214photo IMG_0210

The cabin after the meal service. Many people are napping.

photo IMG_2538

I got up for a bit to strecth my legs.

photo IMG_2541

The NEV4 seat in the full-sleep position…whatever that means :-P
Full-sleep is a term invented by AF marketing when the NEV4 came out. They technically couldn't claim it was full-flat, so I guess full-sleep means ALMOST flat…just not quite. All kidding aside, it's actually quite comfortable.

photo IMG_2542

I started to watch a movie but ended up falling asleep. I slept for much of the flight.

photo IMG_0221

When I woke up we were already over the province of Québec.

photo IMG_0222

The pre-arrival meal was served about an hour before landing.

Hmmm…it's a bit sad looking…
Compared to what Delta serves on Transatlantic flights, the portions are downright tiny.

photo IMG_0223

We have nice views of the St. Lawrence the whole way to Montréal.

Almost there.

photo IMG_0234

After some great views of Paris on departure, we were treated to some nice views of Montréal on landing, although with less ideal weather. I was glad I chose the left side of the aircraft!

We flew really close to the St. Joseph observatory. I was impressed by how close it was.

photo IMG_0245photo IMG_0247

We landed early and got to the gate about 10 minutes ahead of scheduled arrival time.

photo IMG_0248photo IMG_0249photo IMG_0250

Au Revoir

photo IMG_0251photo IMG_0253

My hometown airport of Dulles isn't the only place with mobile lounges :-)

photo IMG_0252

One last view of our 747

photo IMG_0254

Immigration was pretty fast, and I once again found the agents to be very nice. We then head to the Transborder Terminal to catch our connecting flight to the US. Because Canada is a pre-cleared destination, you go through US Customs and Immigration upon departure at the airport. It's very convenient.

There are no SkyTeam lounges in the Transborder Terminal, so I occupied my time with some planespotting :-)

And this is the end of this series of flight reports. Thanks for reading and see you soon for new flights!
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Air France

Cabin crew7.0

Air France Lounge - 2E, Hall M


Paris - CDG


Montreal - YUL



Overall, it was a good flight. The NEV4 seats are pretty comfortable and well suited for couples travelling together (If you're by yourself, not so much). AF has taken steps to improve its product this past year and it shows (new larger feather pillow, bigger quilt, slippers, and a better amenity kit). Catering was disappointing, however. From the appetizer that is different from the menu, to the main with burnt potatoes and beans falling out, to the tiny portions of the pre-arrival meal, the dining experience fell short of expectations for the French Flag-Carrier...Ah France, that land known for its amazing food. I've flown AF in J many times over the years and knew not to expect too much, but this was even below my low expectations. The crew was generally professional, but the FA on our side was not overly warm or attentive, without being unpleasant.

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  • Comment 125031 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thank you for sharing another spectacular report full of superb images. It looks like you had a good flight despite the couple of disappointments starting with the improved lounge and progressing to your inflight experience.

    It's downright shameful for a French company to present food in such a careless way. AF might have a decent product in Y, but J leaves a lot to be desired. The missing scallop on the appetizer in addition to the poor presentation of the main meal and the frost on the ice cream add to the negative impression. The portions on the second meal resemble a child's meal. Suddenly I realize that BA's afternoon tea is not that bad after all (at least in theory I can have as many scones as I want).

    • Comment 307327 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6424 Comments
      Thanks so much for the compliment! Yes, I didn't let the little disappointments hurt the experience too much. It was still cool to be in the nose of a 747. AF has made a lot of improvements over the past year, hopefully they'll take on the catering next, because as yuo say, it is quite shameful.
  • Comment 159184 by
    pitcain747 91 Comments
    I think for a flight of over 6 hours the catering is not that bad ! The presentation I agree need to be worked on but the quantity is quite decent !
    • Comment 336041 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6424 Comments
      Thanks for your comment. The Quantity of the main meal was fine, the presentation was even ok, except for the green beans hanging out of the plate. The appetizer was good, but the main was very overcooked and didn't taste good. But, the catering wasn't the focus of the flight for me, I was happy to get to fly in the nose of the AF 747 once more before it was retired.

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