Review of SWISS flight Athens Zurich in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX 2633
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:00
Take-off 10 Aug 14, 04:30
Arrival at 10 Aug 14, 06:30
LX   #16 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 848 reviews
Published on 23rd December 2014
???? ???! Grüezi! Thank you again for checking out my latest trip report. This is the fifth flight in this itinerary all taken on August 2014. A bit of a warning, this post may contain a lot of photos. ????!

For those who are joining us today and have not checked out my other reports of this trip, feel free to check among the following:

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This stop is a continuation of my trip to VIE. First, I would do a small overnight in ATH after getting off a rather enjoyable A3 flight from IST as well as experiencing TK’s elaborate ?stanbul Lounge. On this trip report, I do not necessarily get to spend my time waiting inside an airline lounge, but I do somewhat get to experience spending the night in the airport while waiting for my connecting flight.

For passengers flying to the various Greek islands, especially on a bit of a budget, it seems like a common occurrence to find passengers sleeping throughout the landside portion of the terminal. By the time I had gotten my checked in suitcase and proceeded through Greek Customs, it was 00:45.

After exiting Customs, I had read about a possible lounge where one could charge any electronic devices as well as print out boarding passes from the internet. Just a couple of meters away, I found the e-Lounge. I lucked out finding one person using one of the computers while an open set of seats for me to set up shop while I wait for over an hour till the LX check-in counters opened for my 04:00 flight back to ZRH. That gave me enough time to charge up my iPhone and iPad.

photo 11F61117-7C2E-4B8B-914C-242B2D1A97C5_zpsb2d1lyl5
The e-Lounge entrance, free to the public.

photo BC2BEB92-9E3C-46AA-87C7-7124E47B4862_zpsf6ycfmbx
Airport Information Desk as well as Entrance 3.

photo CF5697C3-27A9-4D5A-BBF8-16CEC8A4D053_zpsroocrbye
A couple of computers, a counter, and a couple of desks and desktops connected to a printer.

Rather than take a nap, I just organized my photo album and created space on my iPhone and iPad. ATH provides free WiFi for 2hrs, so I utilized the free WiFi on my iPhone before going a bit airside while waiting for my flight to board. While I was there I got to listen in to a couple of people (2 Aussies, 1 British-Greek, and 1 British) arriving from various flights and all finding out they were waiting for the early morning flight to Mykonos (JMK). Apparently the British-Greek guy has family from the area and goes back-and-forth a lot, especially in the summer time for the sun and the rich, drunk celebrities. He was giving the others a “must-see” list as well as how to dress guide. Rather interesting. Maybe one day I will visit Mykonos.

With both my iPad and iPhone fully charged, it was time to walk around and then find the LX check-in counters. First off, I walk around the Arrivals Level.

photo 17FE76D5-759C-4E04-B247-781F09BE8B8E_zpsyvmk4x30
Walking around Arrivals Level.

photo 8F783DF5-6F8D-4C18-ADF1-F9BFF10680D6_zpstor9aebh
????? ??????!

photo FDFACE5A-9442-4E75-9917-39274F59C812_zpsndgp0tdm
A young boy brushing his teeth while watching the people sleep.

I now head up to the Departure Level.

photo 4023FB50-69B1-494D-AE73-4F4826144F74_zps7t1uyetc
Departure FIDS

photo 89A3B0B7-0336-41AF-9E8E-54FD197C15ED_zpsxj8hhria
My flight listed among the earliest of flights.

photo 366D50BC-9744-4D5E-A350-69C54416EB8F_zpsiuyygzum
Passengers waiting near the airport museum.

photo F1B9804C-CE03-4C94-AB68-32BCF4D3C693_zpserjdpinh
TK’s counters all set up.

photo CF6C4E91-3BAE-497A-806C-61E35DA7DD8B_zpsnvdwgdhc
A3 & OA Ticket Office

photo 65331344-B54A-4099-A8F7-412F3FDD4160_zpsvcy56zj8
Multi-airline self-service check-in kiosk.

photo A56C9C09-7B5A-4290-AD40-8F48E96A1791_zpsfvihp13t
A3 check-in area.

photo B5882AAC-41C6-4C31-84B3-B0B363365311_zpsfrdfwkys
LH counters at the very far end of the Departure Hall. Surprised LX does not utilize the same counters as its parent.

photo 70EC8C40-06F2-4553-B71C-89FC63744948_zpsu9nz5fsb
SkyTeam ticket counter

photo 3EA8EC8F-1098-430F-89EC-2520A7F0B58E_zpsq1gqhnmk
BA/IB counters busy this morning for the IB flight to MAD.

I discover the LX counters and see they have commenced checking people in for the flight. I queue up on the J lane and immediately called up by Sophia. She wishes me a good morning and asks where I am heading today. I hand over my passport and confirm I am headed to VIE via ZRH. She types away at her computer and asks if I would be checking in anything today. I place my large suitcase on the belt, and then she proceeds to tag my bag all the way to VIE along with a Priority tag on it. She notices that I have a long layover in VIE so she said I could check out the Arrivals Lounge after Swiss Customs and then hop on the train to the city to stroll around. I told her that I had planned on doing that and was the reason for the lengthy layover. She looked over my boarding passes, affixed the baggage claim ticket on the back of my VIE boarding pass. As she described what she was giving back, she ended by saying “think of me while you enjoy those delicious Swiss chocolates!” I told her I would and thanked her by “E???????? ????!” and she also graciously smiled and replied “????????!”

photo 0FFBF533-18EC-4AA8-9AED-9CDFA250C30F_zpsee1srwib
Checking in at Counter 38 for my LX flights to ZRH and VIE.

After I finished checking in for my flights, it was time to continue walking around the Departure Hall as all I could do now is waste time until boarding commenced.

photo 6E41BCFC-4EF2-4904-B7B7-8781F8BC64E4_zpspout7esx

photo C91FB36D-6A5B-4B29-B1A2-E4CF8ADA1709_zps9qqvcnuf
LO and their *A members, including CO, JJ, and US!

photo 43C24B99-7EAF-4F90-94BA-7BD36068266E_zpsvkd1xl3r
VY desks open for BCN flight.

photo 58C019FF-B08C-40B6-AA25-90EC02A93CE1_zpswnyb8vyy
Closed EI and FR counters

photo E362BE43-FC61-4610-BD6C-8A883D219B1A_zpsxahyfi6e
Tired travelers loitering around the ticket counters.

photo A35925F7-A8B6-4804-8989-803FF42FE672_zpsz2yk2juv
I remember checking in at Counter 03 when CO used to operate EWR-ATH.

photo 82E8D7A8-5BE7-4A74-942F-DD9CA1993A11_zps0xrguebh
The check-in area has a lot of people wandering about at this early in the morning.

By the time I walked all over the Departure Hall, it was time to make my way towards the Schengen side of the airport, the B gates.

photo 9AC2D0C1-CABF-487B-921F-28E68DE0D8BA_zpsj2rgxnzw
Passport Control for the non-Schengen flights.

photo A0EA3526-6B27-4AF4-BF82-D0C60A85898D_zpssxeqzhsh
The ATH Shopping Centre, with many shops still closed and all sitting areas or electrical outlets surrounded by sleeping passengers.

photo F073995F-5781-4A10-AAA1-6971C3DB8EDE_zpsddcwyehv
My flight does not have a gate, yet.

photo 80BB34A8-95E9-471E-9EBF-5DE78D0B92BF_zpsccjuaaai
Gregorios. Unfortunately I was not hungry at that time in the morning, but now I wish I had stopped by to have eaten something.

photo 5626EF7E-6F40-4291-9251-C88423AC273F_zpssk7uo6tl
Passengers loitering around the coffee shop. I wished I had ordered a Frappe to keep me awake!

photo 3923527B-A53E-4D7C-8C48-6E78444CAFB2_zps96fdkxaf
More sleeping bodies trying not to block the walkways.

photo 1528D0CF-A179-4DFD-AD7F-6D11B1A129C1_zps4tngvxxx
Passengers taking up the seats sponsored by OTE.

photo BB5759F0-084A-4C22-98A4-4C0E214A02F2_zpscad6jwql
An hour later, my flight lists as “Gate Open”.

photo B6AF06A9-4C6D-40A8-A081-46FAE20E8C23_zpsabu4afhs
Everest slowly opening up.

photo 1A847B32-FA72-475A-BC15-52D9A739E575_zpsjkermevi
Hellenic Duty Free, nothing much of interest there this morning.

photo 22F2F615-A27E-425C-BDBE-2EF6E48BBE08_zpstloldguq
Korres, the one store I wish was opened at this early in the morning. I would have loved to have gotten something there. They used to sell some very delicious gum along with good lotions.

Since the rest of the terminal was closed and 04:00 fastly approaching, I made my way to a small security section. I utilized my LX passbook boarding pass. I also had an A3 passbook boarding pass for this flight as well. When I got to the security area, I saw they had a priority line and I was the only one in the queue, while the general security line was long. A lady did not want me to go ahead of her, which was fine, but the female security agent called me forward with a smile and let me go ahead because of my status. With a quick “E????????!”, the agent smiled and I got through security in about 5min.

photo 2505E323-C6A5-401D-9B61-9E6D1F2F2CDC_zpsghxm6hph
Which way should I head?

photo E3A99A57-5B6B-463C-8D62-69F6A794C2B4_zpsnxnejdz7
Rather delectable advertisement from telecom company Cosmote.

photo 158746D5-7DA4-4C9A-8C3A-1E302F8146BF_zpskrvieyvx
Post-security and heading towards B05.

10 August 2014
LX 2633
ETD: 04:30
ATD: 05:01
ETA: 06:30
ATA: 06:43

photo B7A9361A-793F-4C92-AC7B-53CA3CF2B341_zpsnchxruil
Swissport agents waiting to commence boarding of this morning’s flight to ZRH.

At 04:00, the indicated boarding time Sophia went on the PA system to let everyone know that boarding will be delayed this morning due to heavy air traffic of Northern Europe. The new boarding time would be 04:25.

photo 60CC6CCA-BA9E-457D-BCF4-79BA8142924C_zpsdgo1uuoe
LX 2633 to ZRH

photo 69F00383-C485-4BCF-940E-E4AF0E34DE87_zps6upm9rdk
Busy gate area for this morning’s flight.

While waiting, I found an available electrical outlet to recharge my iPhone which was in neighboring Gate 06. I will say the gate areas of ATH are odd. There is not enough space for a general walkway and an area for the general boarding queue for each gate. They should have extended the gates out a couple of feet/meters to provide for both.

By 04:25, Sophia called for pre-boarding. They pre-boarded two families, basically 2 ladies with 2 kids each. From quick notice of their passports, I figured they would be returning back to the US and were in Greece to visit family. Actually, a high percentage of the passengers on todays flight would seem to transit in ZRH before continuing on to the US. After the families, they called for priority passengers, which included J, HON Members, and fellow *G members. I was among the first, scanning my iPhone on the scanner and then heading down the jetway. I was a bit bummed that I did not get to venture around Athens, so now I need to go back.

photo D86DAEA1-5D5F-4EE7-8828-5B9B1157C27F_zpswkicpyn7
Walking down the jetway.

photo 370A15ED-8AF0-40F8-8A44-BFB9B01B0335_zpsh09e37hg

As I stepped inside, I was greeted with a “Grüezi!” by Madeline, our Maître d'Cabine. I took my seat in 1A and watched the people stroll in on board. As I heard Madeline welcome people on board, I guess she and the rest of our crew are GVA-based based on communicating in French. The one thing that amazes me about those in Switzerland and even the Netherlands, the ability to speak multiple languages. I know a few, but I wish I could comfortably have conversations in French, German, Italian, Greek, and Swedish.

photo F2B57E1F-55B1-4EE9-B819-02201E5E8091_zpsenxdnvib
LX A321 probably heading back to ZRH or GVA later in the morning.

The J cabin would be rather busy this morning at 100% capacity. The majority composed of fellow American passengers that were heading home, while I was heading to Zurich and Vienna.

photo 18BD65B0-D453-4D4E-BE6D-5D3814429BC5_zpssaqgw7cr
Bulkhead legroom

One of the female FAs along with a FA Stefan helped Madeline in the galley during the boarding process. The female handed out LX-packaged wet naps, while Stefan handed out water bottles and then Madeline handed out the tasty LX chocolates. No menus would be provided on this flight.

photo 4E7981CC-C95B-45D2-B62A-312F612AB6D3_zpsjgyvpf06
Wet nap, LX chocolates and a bottle of water.

photo B21016AD-4A5E-40C4-A40A-5A757D6ABA5D_zpsovmvykl1
View into the jetway, waiting for the last few remaining passengers.

At 05:01, the ATH Swissport had closed 1L and Madeline requested the flight attendants to arm doors for departure in French. I then noticed we started our push back from the gate We waited a couple of minutes after that before the LX in-flight safety video was shown. While that was showing, Madeline did her galley checks.

<iframe width=560 height=315 src=// frameborder=0 allowfullscreen></iframe>

photo 31580515-B839-4FC4-91D5-68ED5C31759A_zpscry9e0j1
Pushback from the gate.

photo 803D3DF1-7EB6-4A42-A22A-4C969ABEF46D_zpsfrlwtzp1
IB flight delayed, while A3 planes waiting for flights for later in the morning.

<iframe width=560 height=315 src=// frameborder=0 allowfullscreen></iframe>
We taxied out to 03R for our departure. We were now on our way to ZRH.

A few minutes after take off, Madeline gave her welcome in German, English, and French. Following her, Captain Bill Dierker gave his welcome in German and English. He did apologize for the delay in departure due to heavy air traffic, but should make up some of that time on our way to ZRH. He wished us a pleasant flight.

Immediately once the Captain turned off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, the FAs jumped into action and did a speedy breakfast service.

photo D531BA24-210C-48A3-817D-0494C250B275_zpse2vwsojr

I will say once we were up in the air, Madeline seemed to have ignored me on the flight and I was wide awake. She bypassed me when asked if I would like breakfast. I had to push the call button to ask her that I was ready after watching her go back and forth to hand out meals on row 3. She did not say sorry for ignoring me. She asked what I wanted. Good thing I heard the options because she gave me that look of “if you ask me what is available, then you can just forget it” look. On refills of drinks, she would forget me again. And then she did not bother to pick up my tray back up when I had finished, and it would be Stefan that would notice I still had my tray. This time I had moved it to the center armrest and he asked if I was finished and would like anything else. I told him that Madeline kept on missing me and dared not bother her before she would blow up. I do not know if she heard what I told him as she walked by. He apologized for her and I said that I did not mind or did not complain, but did say it was odd she would serve my neighbor but not serve me.

Stefan and then other female FA returned if I would like anything else other than a refill of water. I agreed to more water and that I was good for the rest of the flight. Before I knew it, we would be beginning our descent into ZRH.

photo 586C90C1-0536-4CAB-A1FC-768B45958701_zpsuy7iew0k
Flying over Zurich

<iframe width=560 height=315 src=// frameborder=0 allowfullscreen></iframe>

We landed on Runway 16 about 8minutes lates from our scheduled time of arrival and ended up docking at the B gates around 06:43. My large suitcase would be checked thru to VIE, so it was quick stop at the LX Arrivals Lounge for a quick meal and shower before heading out to the city.

photo 4669FF68-980C-4EF5-9DA2-1517483DFCCF_zps0r7mbtzp
Entrance into Arrivals Lounge

photo 1B19AE29-F10B-44D3-B829-75098565CF75_zpsl9ntfqfl
Breakfast in LX Arrivals Lounge

photo B4E8E576-F030-42C7-A006-8CCB143CB5EB_zpsxrymvhuj
Heading towards Shanghai for my shower.

Breakfast tasted nice and fresh, and certainly filled me up while I wandered around Zürich on a Sunday. What I did not realize until just a few days before I left was I would be visiting this city on a Sunday, when mostly everything would be closed. While I did not stress about the shopping being closed, I was a bit bummed that some of the Coop and Manor stores, beside the ones at the Hauptbahnhofs. I figured that I would spend the remaining Swiss Francs I had from my last visit 12yrs ago would go to duty free Lindt chocolates!

photo 5A49C81C-928E-48AB-ACC1-C19D94089A3D_zpsho8atb6q
Heading towards the Flughafen ZRH stations.

photo B1B4389E-1323-4DE7-B996-13AA5C308037_zpseortlo8v
Airport Center

photo 8F0E7176-C92B-4D0C-83D9-9C09A84C7A70_zpsbgwkoezf
Sprügli across from the Migros inside the Airport Center.

photo 58B613F4-0A54-40A6-884E-3A80D2EB2FD4_zpshogwfbza
Waiting for the next available train to Zürich Hbf.

photo 165EF09A-3883-47E8-B924-EFFA684A96FC_zps8fg6nvji
Electronic flip board departure display

After getting off the train at Zürich Hbf, I found a locker to put my bags in so I can be bag free for a bit while I walk around the city. At first, the weather seemed like it might rain all day, but in the end, it turned out to be a beautiful day while I watched workers prepare the city for the Zürich 2014 European Athletics Championships. To emphasize how athletic these Swiss are, adults and kids were running up and down Lake Zürich and the Limmat River.

photo 3756E722-6AE2-433B-A04D-F3BE3E3247F0_zpsj8cmepn7

My trip so far; map courtesy of
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Cabin crew7.5

Athens - ATH


Zurich - ZRH



If I had to be picky, I would complain about Madeline’s lack of professionalism towards me. I greeted her and thank her when she first handed out water bottles to me at the very beginning. After that, I just do not know why she would ignore me when she would serve my neighbor and you could not miss me. Otherwise, Stefan and his colleagues were much nicer and wished they worked the forward cabin while she worked in Y.

Stay tuned for my upcoming flight to VIE!

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  • Comment 125079 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9114 Comments

    Thanks for your report.
    I would have been less generous on the FA grade as this Fa Madeline has provided very bad service for a business class passenger. I understand that the rest of the crew was very professional and did it's best to compensate but she was in charge of your seat and her lack of professionalism and apologies is simply not acceptable.
    The meal looks good for this kind of flight and the seat too.
    Looking forward to the next reports

  • Comment 125125 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5893 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this next installment in the series. How weird that the female FA kept ignoring you and was unprofessional. Was she nice to other pax or did she just not care in general. I guess Stefan was great as your grading seems generous for such a poor customer service experience. He must've made up for it. The breakfast seems ok, but definitely not as good as what I would expect from such a premium carrier like LX. I imagine Turkish has much better catering on a flight of similar length.

  • Comment 125126 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5893 Comments

    Oh and btw, Happy Holidays!

  • Comment 125138 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this eye opening experience.

    No passenger should be treated with lack of respect and disdain, much less ignored in a premium cabin. You should write a letter to LX detailing your experience so that this FA is made aware of her deplorable behavior. To tell you the truth I am surprised that this happened on LX. I would have never expected this from them.

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