Review of Air North Charter - Canada flight Dawson City Whitehorse in Economy

Flight 4N 308L
Class Economy
Seat 06D
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 12 Dec 14, 14:55
Arrival at 12 Dec 14, 16:10
4N 8 reviews
By GOLD 2198
Published on 31st December 2014
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After a too short stay in Yukon it is already time to take the air again for the second part of my trip, sadly, less exotic as this part.

At the end of the report you'll find the first part of the touristic bonus about Dawson City.

YDA airport is quite remote, around 15 miles away from the town. As Dawson City is surrounded my mountains plus the Yukon and the Klondike river, there is no chance to have the field close to town.

The airport is very small, from outside or from inside:

photo DSC_0757photo DSC_0759photo DSC_0760

Free parking folks!!

photo DSC_0762


photo DSC_0747

The time field is adjusted according to the ATA/ATD and not STA/STD.

Air North flies in twice a day, with the exception of saturdays:

photo DSC_0749photo DSC_0751

In the summertime there is a regular flight between YDA and FAI, and some charters using 737-200.

Snow covered runway:

photo DSC_0750photo DSC_0763

The arrival zone of the terminal:

photo DSC_0754

The sole boarding gate:

photo DSC_0756

Hand lugage is more than limited, just as an exemple, a laptop and a reflex are already too heavy:

photo DSC_0755

An ad for one of the two hotels that are opened year round, a view of the toilet doors and the only airport office:

photo DSC_0752photo DSC_0753

Our HS 748 lands with a 20 minutes delay:

photo DSC_0765photo DSC_0766photo DSC_0767

U turn on the runway:

photo DSC_0768photo DSC_0769photo DSC_0770

It's the same A/C as for the way up to YDA. Once the engines shut down, the Air North employee opens the tarmac doors and shoots a Flight to Whitehorse is ready for boarding folks.

We are 5 people to board, nobody unboards. As we climb the stairs, the lugage cart is taken to the plane. The Hawker landed at 03:05, we are on board at 03:07, engine start up 03:10, take-off 03:15. That's Yukon efficiency!!

As most of the passengers are in transit to take the 05:00PM flight from Whitehorse to Vancouver (me included) delays are to be avoided at any cost.

The flight is almost full (one open seat). Lots of Yukoners go on holiday that Friday evening:

photo DSC_0773photo DSC_0774

4N onboard magazine, very well done:

photo DSC_0775photo DSC_0776photo DSC_0777

That's my friend and his B&B:

photo DSC_0778

Unfortunately no outside pictures, it's free seating and all window seats have been taken from passengers incoming from Old Crow or Inuvik.

As for the outbound, the cabin crew takes the orders using a tray. As for the outbound, I had a coffee with an apple juice. She will then offer snacks, but unfortunately all sandwiches have been eaten on the former legs. There is, however, still a good assortment of snacks, I'll have some peperoni sausage and cheese:

photo DSC_0779photo DSC_0780photo DSC_0781

A second round of snack will be performed as the cabin crew said: Everything must go ! :)

That's it for the the flight. Now the bonus about Dawson City and its surroundings. This part is about West Dawson.

This is the Yukon river almost entirely frozen:

photo DSC_0626photo DSC_0638photo DSC_0639

Dawson is on the two banks of the Yukon river, in the summer time, to cross the river, there is a ferry boat. In the winter, the frozen Yukon is the natural way to connect one side to the other.

But before being able to cross the frozen river, there is a time called freeze up (same happens in late spring, and it's call break up). When freeze up time begins, the ferry service is stopped. Then, ice blocks begin to appear on the river. At a certain point of the river, a natural dam of ice will form (usually where the river is the less large), this will enable this part of the river to totally freeze. When the ice is thick enough, the local police will put some water on it, to make the ice smoother and thicker. At that point a road will be created, first only for people by foot, then by snowmobile, and then for cars and even trucks. The road will then stay open until break up in spring.

Here a nice story about the freeze up:


Crossing the Yukon on a snowmobile was absolutely fun.

People leaving on the East bank of the Yukon have no problems during freeze/break up, as there is a road to Whitehorse and the airport. People leaving on the Western bank of the Yukon have absolutely nothing. There is a road to Alaska but the border and the road are closed from Autumn to late Spring. So people have to plan enough of supplies for the freeze/break up time. To make it even harsher, the West bank has no electricity nor running water. But people leaving there are used to it, and would never ever see this on their side. (Nor any idea of a bridge).

For emergencies only there is always an helicopter available. It is well known that German people that leave in Dawson City West, use it from time to time to bring in beer ^^

Just next to the Yukon River here is a boat cemetary:

photo DSC_0633photo DSC_0634photo DSC_0636

Some pictures of East Dawson City and the Yukon + Klondike rivers taken from the most northern Golf in the world, as Dawson has a golf (plus an ice skating ring, an indoor swimming pool, a casino!)

That's the maximum sunlight you get in decembre, it is 12:30PM (sunrise is at around 10AM, sunset at around 02:30PM)

Mushing dogs:

This is the cabin where my friends that take care of the dogs are leaving:

photo DSC_0684photo DSC_0685photo DSC_0686

The cabin is heated by wood fire, for the water they use snow that they let melt on the stove. All lights are LED's and they use a car battery to make them work. Toilets are outdoors, of course, so you got to think twice before you go:

photo DSC_0689

Inside the cabin:

photo DSC_0690
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Air North Charter - Canada

Cabin crew10.0

Dawson City - YDA


Whitehorse - YXY



Quite difficult to give marks to this flights, as it is a special plane, a special flight and for the love of flying, 10 every where, apart from the slight 10 minutes delay that we had on arrival.



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