Review of Delta Air Lines flight Las Vegas Atlanta in Domestic First

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 1822
Seat 02B
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 20 Dec 14, 15:20
Arrival at 20 Dec 14, 22:00
DL   #41 out of 115 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 667 reviews
By GOLD 3533
Published on 1st January 2015
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My Canada/USA December trip comes to an end, and it's time to give the car back. I wish I could have it as a Christmas gift:

photo 1452302_10205318458062720_2452013868345886625_nphoto 10009296_10205318456942692_5098652374665721064_nphoto 10432532_10205318458622734_9183455948057367408_n

As usual, the transfer between the rental car center and the airport is swift and easy, apart that I have too much luggage and it's not that easy to move around with that ^^.

Very long check in time, as only one Sky Priority desk was open. Only one person before me but the agent in charge of the special assistance desk was new and had troubles to check in UM guests. As the SP desk is next to it, our agent had to help him.

It was a long waiting time but the check in agent was very nice and friendly. She was smilling and jocking and apologized for the long wait.

There was absolutely nobody at TSA and I was airside in no time after the check in.

That's the tram to Terminal D:

photo DSC_1011photo DSC_1012photo DSC_1013

My flight is on time:

photo DSC_1014

Doubless, you know were you are:

photo DSC_1015photo DSC_1016

Very clean toilets, and the seat cover is something that you don't find in France, which is absolutely not good.

photo DSC_1017photo DSC_1018

LAS is very spotter friendly. One of my favorite in the USA. Here UA with 739ER et a 752:

photo DSC_1019photo DSC_1020

Volaris 320:

photo DSC_0001

US Airways 321 and 320:

photo DSC_0002photo DSC_0003photo DSC_0004

Alaska 738:

photo DSC_0005

MD90 Delta bound to MSP:

DL new screen design:

photo DSC_0006photo DSC_0007

738 Delta ST delivery, pour SLC :

photo DSC_0011

321 American :

photo DSC_0012photo DSC_0013

739ER Delta bound to Atlanta:

photo DSC_0017photo DSC_0018

CRJ900 Delta from LAX:

photo DSC_0019photo DSC_0020

My plane arriving:

photo DSC_0021photo DSC_0022photo DSC_0023

Boarding is scheduled to be on time, special assistance, families, first class, sky priority and zones 1-2-3 as usual.

This is the sky interior aboard the 737-900ER:

The cabin is really nice, the windows design cool. The seat itself is quite hard, and moves forward together with the recline. I don't like it as the lombar support is not that good.

The IFE is big and has an excellent resolution:

Safety card:

Very good pitch, together with USB or 110V ports:

On time take off and shortly after the order for the menu is taken. No paper menu, compared to AC this is not good, but does not come as a surprise.

The choice are quite akward and very cheap: pork calzone or cold salmon salad. The calzone does not ring a bell to me, and the salad neither. For the sake of the report, I choose the salad. Before the meal, aperitive drinks are served, together with the full sky snack basket.

I took a baileys with pretzels and an excellent, unknown to me, snack mix. I really loved it and was the best part of the catering:

Then comes the tray, here in detail:

photo DSC_0048photo DSC_0049photo DSC_0050

The salad had absolutely no taste. The dressing was bad, the beans hard, the salmon piece ways to small. It was the only part of the plate I ate.

The cheese was far from artisanal and the dessert was a sugary brown thing. Only the grapes were good.

After that I watched The Giver a movie that I really liked. It help passing the time!

We landed on time, parked at Terminal B and I headed to the Terminal F for my next flight.

A small bonus of Las Vegas with the fountains of the Bellagio:

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.0

Las Vegas - LAS


Atlanta - ATL



The cabin was more or less comfortable, but I don't like those seats. The crew was good without being exceptional.
The point I gave for the meal was only for the snack mix, the bailey's and the 4 grapes.
Nothing to say about the IFE, LAS and ATL.

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  • Comment 125626 by
    Caribel 113 Comments

    The good quality pictures made the report engaging. I hope you had time to enjoy the multitude of shows, restaurants, nightclubs and spas in Vegas.

    The Caesar's Palace buffet is a destination by itself. Mandalay Bay's wave pool and the Cosmo pool parties get wild. The Bellagio's spa is stunning. I make a point to soak in the multiple hot tubs warmed at different temperatures to relax before a flight.

    Not to excuse the sad looking salad served in-flight, Delta has tried to find a menu that pleases the masses. The problem is that most domestic passengers cannot agree on something for the airline to plan accordingly. If you ever have a chance during one of your trips ask the passengers around you for their impressions on the food service. The packaged pretzels taste even better dipped in mustard. The snack mix can be bought at any Wal-Mart.

    It shows in your narrative that you strive to be objective evaluating each flight. Fortunately, this segment was free of male flight attendants seating on your armrest ignoring serving you while cruising the pilot deadheading to the airline hub ;).

  • Comment 125723 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5332 Comments

    Ah, back in more familiar territory on board a Delta flight :-)
    The new seats are nice, I've had them on several aircraft with updated cabins, but you're right that they're hard. I hear the new new seats that are darker with the widget logo on the headrest are softer. Awesome night pics of Vegas. I used to go several times a year, but haven't been in a few years. I'm overdue for a trip! Thanks for sharing!

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