Review of Avianca Brazil flight Sao Paulo Porto Alegre in Economy

Airline Avianca Brazil
Flight O6 6122
Class Economy
Seat 16K
Aircraft Airbus A318
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 02 Jan 15, 12:35
Arrival at 02 Jan 15, 14:10
O6 16 reviews
Published on 16th January 2015
Hi guys. This is my first FR, and it will be a quite simple.
I was going to visit my family in Rio Grande do Sul and I've alreay flown the other Brazilian Airlines: Webjet(bought by GOL), GOL, TAM and Azul, so I decided to fly Avianca Brazil, cause I heard so many good opinions about her.I bought the ticket in and chose my seat there. In the day of the trip I took a bus called Pássaro Marrom from my city, Mogi das Cruzes to the airport, it took 40 minutes and I payed R$12,20. Here some photos of the bus:

photo dspassaromarron5415photo IMG_20150102_091109408[1]photo IMG_20150102_091105915[1]

After that I ate at Tostex (sorry no photos) , as usual very expensives prices in all the airport. After that I went to Avianca check-in to despatch my lugagge. First I did check-in in a totem (Porto Alegre photo):

photo SAM_1576_1

After that I desptch the lugagge and entered in the safe area to wait for our flight. Here is our bird:

The flight was very punctual, push back at 12:28, I think. Some GOL and TAM planes…

photo 2

And now the takeoff video:

Palmeiras (my team) stadium:

photo 3

Avianca fleet and routes:

photo SAM_1157

The pitch:

photo SAM_1160

Some photos:

The cabin (there were TVs on the top of the cabin):

photo SAM_1163

The snack was composed of drinks, like so many juices and sodas plus a cheese and salami sandwich. Free, no Buy on board like GOL.

photo SAM_1168photo SAM_1169

No 13 seats…

photo SAM_1172

Now the landing (sorry by the cuts, but the camera memory went over):


And to go to my uncle house that is in Canoas I took the Aeromóvel(monorail) and after that Trensurb.

photo portoalegre_aeroportosalgadofilho-1336photo 201101141012290.empresa_ historico_1

That's it. Thanks!
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Avianca Brazil

Cabin crew9.5

Sao Paulo - GRU


Porto Alegre - POA



Well, Avianca is an awesome company that just equates with Azul. Has a promissor future and I recommend it!

Information on the route Sao Paulo (GRU) Porto Alegre (POA)


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  • Comment 127010 by
    NGO85 1637 Comments

    Welcome and thank you for this great first report!

    It's rare to see an A318 (maybe not for the AF community), so thanks for sharing this domestic flight aboard one. That must be one of the shortest planes that operates a 3-3 seating configuration (only 100 passengers according to your inflight magazine).

    Any complimentary food on a short domestic flight in economy is a definitely a bonus, just ask any US Y-passenger. Seat pitch looks good (at least much better than the bus) and the cabin looks well maintained; makes for a comfortable short hop.

    Do you know what river that is?

    (PS - minor detail: one photo looks misplaced, there is a tray-table picture while you are heading down the jetbridge)

  • Comment 127012 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report and welcome to FR.

    Nice catering for this domestic flight. It certainly is quite generous compared to what U.S. travelers get on an equivalent flight.

  • Comment 127048 by
    Vitor_sousa2000 AUTHOR 5 Comments

    Thank you guys! NGO85, I don't know what river was that, and I ate another sandwich when I went to the bathroom, hehe. The pitch was very good. Now wait for the return flight, in a Fokker 100 and with an unexpected stop in Rio de janeiro...

  • Comment 127403 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5883 Comments

    Hi Vitor, thanks for sharing this first report! Avianca Brazil seems like a really good option for domestic travel in Brazil. Here in the US, it's unheard of to get a free sandwich on a domestic least since the 90's, LOL. I really like the Avianca colors and it's cool that you got to fly an A318 which are rare indeed. I've only flow an A318 twice on AF. Looking forward to more reports.

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

    Community Manager

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