Review of SWISS flight Zurich Vienna in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX 1582
Class Business
Seat 1F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 10 Aug 14, 17:15
Arrival at 10 Aug 14, 18:35
LX   #31 out of 134 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 694 reviews
Published on 19th January 2015
Grüezi! Thank you again for checking out my latest trip report. This is the sixth flight in this itinerary all taken on August 2014. A bit of a warning, this post may contain a lot of photos.

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This report would finally get me to VIE. Just to go back, I had left IST on a late night A3 flight to ATH where I would actually have a quasi-experience spending the night at an airport, despite it being a 4hr layover. Later on the morning of the 10th, I head to ZRH with enough time to go around the city on a Sunday.

Here are some pics of my short layover in Zürich.

photo 6FBEA5B8-3551-48A9-AFC0-E0AE9E7B1318_zpswuunj9ey

photo 86E6820D-99AC-424B-BE2D-3FFF83748832_zpseuzcmo45
At the end of one of the Tram 4.

photo 547BF8BD-EA36-4517-B2E4-3A63548ACDC3_zpstjueibrp
Arrival of a newer tram vehicle.

photo D811CBE6-C622-4B58-BCFB-A6ECEC50DAE4_zpsiesgssdn
Yum! Sterner’s!

photo 1D1183E9-C269-4D72-A586-B58183A05691_zpsu8earocl
Sprüngli Hot Chocolate. I should have tried the Wiener Eiskaffe.

While the Sprüngli store was closed, I got to visit the café and enjoy what ended up being a beautiful day in Zürich. I wanted to have stayed longer, but I wanted to check out the LX lounge, especially the long bar. I make my way back to Zürich Hbf and wish I was hoping on a train somewhere in Switzerland, just like the last time I visited the country.

photo 320EB0EA-D18B-4ED3-BA6D-FF4A4F67F4A6_zpsuzjewfpt
Display board at Zürich Hbf

If I remember I hopped onto the train heading to St. Gallen with a stop at Flughafen Zürich. When I got off, I took the travelator up where it would drop me off at Check-in 3.

photo 4CDB19B0-4030-47F2-8128-3B58ACE96BBD_zpsnyj0iown
Heading towards the Check-in 3.

photo 8707D003-F61F-43BF-85E2-8DBCCEF984F1_zpsmb0312n6
LX and partner airline check-in available at station level.

photo 382C0A24-8232-42EF-A97C-4B09D187D68C_zpsbabce14f
Self-service kiosks available in Check-in 3.

Instead of check-in for my flight at Check-in 3, I wanted to have checked in at Check-in 1 at the special J counters and check out the tiny F/HON check-in area.

photo 1BAE8B0B-45AC-410C-A9D8-E405CE9B9157_zpsyhuambqx
Electronic FIDS at Check-in 1.

photo 34C824E4-823C-4B3B-A626-81DD65E979B5_zpsgukrrkga
J-Check in as well as Baggage Drop Off

photo ACA1A9F9-1898-4E7E-B24E-97FF8D897F44_zpsoe4luhlb
Sorry for darkness. The F check-in area, which looked a bit underwhelming.

I checked out this area on my way to IST. I wanted to get something from the Swiss Shop, actually a couple of things, but I knew I had to limit myself. Those Rimowa suitcases are very tempting to go with the couple of Rimowa amenity kits I’ve got.

photo F26C515D-BD60-41FC-A488-CC746759ADD2_zpsz1tagss3
A family photobombs my Swiss Shop pic.

After getting a few things from the Swiss Shop, I decided to head airside so I could do some necessary duty free shopping and then relax at the LX Business Lounge before my flight. I guess it is nice that the TSA or whomever in the US puts someone on payroll to do boarding pass checks before queuing up for the boarding pass and document check. Like FRA, VIE, and a couple of other European passports, they utilize an automated boarding pass check just like a self-boarding gate.

photo F5B86656-DE58-4E6E-863D-D0B08AC4479F_zpspircuptt
Boarding pass control where you scan your boarding pass that will lead you to security.

I used the priority lane which led me to the priority security lane, which also fed Y passengers because at that time there was a lull in traffic. It took about 5min to get through security as the lanes were rarely busy. I make my way through and end up on the chocolate side of the airport.

photo 72B2B3AC-5495-475B-8162-5B4FBF46F9F7_zpsgh6p7hwx
Where should I go?

photo 7FEA3B16-49F4-42DC-93A2-7764391A06F7_zpsthce9u8f
Still debating where to go.

photo 4CAD1DB1-EED5-4654-954C-273EE41A74CA_zpsebxrtqle
My flight to VIE is listed, LX 1582

photo 19A01C62-00CE-42D0-8AA3-63CB245FE1DA_zpsqpeugsob
AB, PC, BA, and LX plane at Concourse B/D.

photo 9C066CD3-511D-4090-A285-3333296C4042_zpsnsdwa7nt
A rather empty Concourse A.

photo EDF0003F-84A9-4ABA-90F6-63B07E7456B4_zpswo9qrrcd
“Iconic” Flughafen Zürich sign

photo 77116CFC-F44A-4428-8678-0F38A0B4915F_zpspicgmqpa

Trying to control myself from not buying too much chocolates and Luxembourgli, I decided it was time to head to the LX Business Lounge located near Concourse A. I walk in and am welcomed by one of the Lounge Attendants. She scans my Passbook boarding pass and welcome me inside. She also lets me know that they do not make any announcements in the lounge and to check the monitors. I thank her and start my journey around the lounge.

photo 30027DCA-A483-45EA-9A00-B6A3AEE50020_zpswwn946vx
Lower level of LX lounge, next to the Ricola candies.

photo EDB52AD0-34D8-425C-9A29-EAB9ECC4923F_zpsetjglhda
Quiet lounge area near the main drink and food station.

photo 0B59390C-FB5F-432B-B1C5-9A4660E611D9_zpsci8xts5i
Breads and sweets on offer.

photo 0AF4B84C-7F50-4892-894A-C0C73171A6B2_zpsjojlrdvp
“Cool” drinks with some ice available.

I checked out what was on offered in terms of food because I had done a lot of walking after enjoying the Sterner’s Grill wurst. There was a small selection that I could nibble on while I enjoyed some Rivella. But first, I had to find the long bar, which had now become a smoker’s bar. I do not know why I was on a mission to check this bar out, like I was on the mission to find check out the little hot dog stand at the NZ lounge in SYD.

photo A172D7B1-779E-4488-8CC5-CB6E09AD89DA_zpsctch2whm

photo BD49AF12-B2C4-49AD-A37B-5AE4B71044E1_zps2heklkx3
The entrance to the infamous LX bar, now a smoker’s bar.

photo D9DEE6B3-B9B8-4D20-B3D4-2F45CED4A911_zpszrg3krgf
Inside the quiet smoker’s bar.

Because of the empty nature of the lounge at this hour, the bar was equally as empty. A bartender saw me walk in and asked if I would like anything to drink. I declined this time as I was just checking out the bar.

photo 460BA371-7E90-4234-9478-6F2CB8C3A2CE_zpsxyanrhzw
FIDS inside the bar.

photo C1193961-C983-462A-8471-A1B20E3A8C09_zpsm4ipddko
Seating area coming from the Long Bar

I found an empty area for me to plop myself down and charge up my electronic devices as well as get a bit of nibble and a non-alcoholic libation or three.

photo EC2B3A3B-0154-41A4-A167-CE4F9ECEE171_zpsuuqmu5qp
Two additions I picked up from the Swiss Shop along with a Zigg water bottle with an LX A330 on it.

photo 62F49888-7DE0-4E39-B1FA-3336075B75F9_zpsbwsyo8vf
The calm before the storm.

After taking a bit of nibble and sips, I decided it was time to walk around this lounge and checkout the layout.

photo FD12710B-5BC0-4A82-B97A-63251BEF6DE8_zpsw2vuqd9c
My flight is now listed.

photo 9F5D7147-C48A-4188-A244-4EFD405F2F1B_zpsgq8ev2fb

photo D825F74E-D2B8-448A-85A3-DB7267CB16E9_zpso5pecyet

photo 5CC89474-0145-46F6-9003-361900E5709E_zpsmaxbrqut
Interesting LX A330 model airplane display.

I thought I had taken a couple of pics of the lower level of the lounge, but they may have been accidentally erased as I was cleaning up my memory.

After walking around a bit in the lounge, I decided to rest up a bit after a long day so far. When I had initially gotten to the lounge, it was empty and quiet. After an hour of relaxing and sort of snoring by accident, the lounge filled up with either families starting off their European holidays or business travelers getting to their business destinations that evening so they could be rested with meeting clients the next day.

By 14:45, I decided to head towards the gate area because I was antsy to get to VIE already. I packed up everything and made my way out, thanking the lounge agents with a “Merci, Danke schön”. One replied back “Bon voyage!” It was a rather short walk to Concourse A, however, I did not know it would actually be a maze to get to my gate.

photo C4345922-7F6C-4694-8E46-53B09288A659_zpsicpv7ty4
Taking a “short-cut” to A84.

10 August 2014
LX 1582
ETD: 17:15
ATD: 17:15
ETA: 18:35
ATA: 18:27

I will say that I did not expect ZRH to have an odd pathway to gates at the end of the concourse. I would be departing from A84, and then I see a travelator go down one level down. In the center of this lower level are travelators to quicken the movement of passengers from one end of the concourse to the other. On the sides are arriving Schengen passengers; what I do not remember is if you are transferring at ZRH and there was a shortcut to go airside.

photo A9F18FCC-DD9E-403B-9705-A9B93E53A6FA_zpshnumrycx
Hop on y’all!

photo 55264A12-DBED-4C67-BBDD-DBB288B84398_zpsm7jcj3ts

photo D85A2B68-6A6D-48B0-AF6F-3AA4E5479567_zpsr7kf7opc
The Azzurri, Italian track-and-field delegation arriving at ZRH for the upcoming European Athletics Championships

photo C41499EE-82C4-4E63-A6C8-7A0E0551D52E_zpsnwi3kln5
“There was a time when flying was a privilege. The good things never change in Switzerland.”

photo 3EF0CE7F-34F6-4821-96C4-DD164744AB0A_zpsfhi2oidx
Still on the travelator.

photo E6E085B1-A0A2-49CA-AE51-CB32A4144571_zpsrnss6xtx
4U getting ready for flight back to Germany.

photo 71E78C64-EDC9-4A2C-A96B-CFABC80F214D_zps8azxddhh
LX Jumbolino and a HG A320 through the window

photo E181E0F4-8197-4CEA-B522-36BCBBE32B29_zpsgygxwzlp
Hopping onto one more travelator to my gate at the end.

photo 3EC60C6F-0AC1-4337-9881-ECCC7C0D0D35_zpstnyroqay
The travelator sloping upwards

photo BAE0BDC3-2769-47F3-9DE1-8EE3EE05C0C9_zpsu34im1kh
Get ready … and … JUMP!

Once I get off the travelator, my gate was nearby. My fellow passengers mulled around clogging the walkway. I have a thing of boarding early so I can watch the people board. What I should have done was actually walked the actual length of the concourse rather than venture down via the travelators so I could have seen the actual layout of the gates in the concourse. Also, rather than wait to be among the first to board, I should have walked around the ender of the concourse to get a full idea of the area.

photo 8DF832DE-46B4-4DB5-8B2A-3C01B07FDF62_zpsc4ogggkb
WK and a couple of LX Jumbolinos, including one in *A livery.

photo 6E38DC00-B415-47F8-BC6C-69FDA072643D_zps2vhdm82m
Flight says “Zum Gate” and is showing a 5min delay.

As I stand by the gate, I notice the late boarding notice to boarding. I believe the delay in boarding is due to the rather light load for today’s flight. The area had good window views for me to take pictures of HB-ION, aka “Lugano”.

photo 89F45D73-C327-4A42-B169-CF2876CCAA10_zpsqcaqhfvn

photo 21E54034-CC65-4AD9-88E7-155870DB4A99_zpsayo3gvoi
HB-ION, aka “Lugano” will be taking me to VIE today.

After checking out the views, our young gate agents appeared from the closed doors of the jetway. He mentioned the brief delay in German, English, and French, again, due to airspace traffic but with an ontime arrival into VIE.

photo 6641E24B-C14E-4051-96CC-B11306D8262B_zpsidweopfu
Gate A84 showing “Verspätet”.

A few minutes after the agent’s message, the gate status changed from Verspätet to Einsteigezeit, yet with the self-boarding gate still showing closed. His colleague approached a nearby family traveling with children in prams, and invited them to board while they affixed tags for their prams to be checked to VIE. She opened the doors to the jetway for them and then kept them open to start the boarding process.

photo 9BBE8634-6DDF-42E0-9E32-A7785ED1C65B_zpsywii5tjz
Gate A84 showing “Einsteigezeit”.

Minutes after the status change, the agent invited those for premium passengers wishing to pre-board, and opening up the self-boarding lanes. I scanned my Passbook boarding pass and I was let through down the jetway.

photo FAD3A518-3BEB-4F03-9C57-DB084589B0D1_zps4qfpjzj3

photo 3ED94495-215A-4F6F-8F37-9906D4155EE0_zps8pjxa2ti

photo E613CF7C-17BB-40F0-BB27-EA2046C40AF9_zpsxkjdprma

photo BCA94F85-492A-4B0F-8A92-9B0A145A34FE_zpsol8fcd5w
Buongiorno Lugano!

Once on board, I was welcomed by Franz, our ISM, along with Sylvie who helped Franz out in the galley during the boarding process. When I boarded, it seemed we would be full in the J cabin with 5 rows reserved for J. However, today’s flight would only utilize 4 with most of the AC seats taken while many of the DF seats remained opened.

photo 7C9454E9-EDBD-44E5-99D4-5EFFF7ACF47C_zpsbww5dcus

photo C8A1056A-31DB-475D-B47B-A53191F357C9_zps5xdwldkq

Franz’s colleague handed out the moist towelettes as well as signature SWISS chocolates as the boarding process got underway. She asked if I would like anything to drink, and all I wanted was just a cold glass of water. I gulped it down in one and on her way back to the galley she picked up my glass and thanked her.

With the relatively light load, we had a quick boarding and then doors closed to get us out on time. Franz fired up the safety video while the flight crew did a bit of a warm up. After the video, we made our way for a quick take off and flight to VIE.

<iframe width=560 height=315 src=// frameborder=0 allowfullscreen></iframe>
Departure video

Franz and the female Captain gave their welcome in German and English and let us know of an on-time arrival into VIE. They both told us to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. With that the FAs sprung into action for a fast service.

For this flight, Franz would work the J cabin and the first few rows of Y. He asked if I would like to partake in a small plate of kibble as well as anything to drink. As the consummate trip reporter, and accepted the offer for the cold plate and just a glass of water.

photo 34A1ECDD-DB16-4960-92C4-D37A476232B6_zps0x2cbrko
The speck looked good, but I did not want to chance it if it had actually touched the walnuts. The mousse and cheese were delicious.

After not touching the cold plate asked if everything was OK. I said it was, I told him that I was not sure how much the walnuts touched the rest of the food because of my nut allergy, but I ensured him all was good. He asked if he could bring me anything else and I told him that I was fine and could use a top off of water. He went and got me 2 bottles of Henniez just in case I got thirsty while in VIE.

photo 3215CBB2-0133-4EA0-9C1F-61F77FD759FF_zpslpiibdqy
Enjoying the alpine view from above.
I enjoyed a few minutes just staring out at the window and enjoying the view from above. All of a sudden, the chimes signaled we would soon be arriving into VIE.

photo 76D21A60-3A34-46B2-9927-49DD7CEC1595_zpsznk3cjb5
Schönbrunn Palace from above, we were now in Wiener airspace.

Just minutes after flying over Schönbrunn, the flight deck made a smooth landing onto, I believe, Runway 11. We enjoyed a bit of a taxiing to gate F09, first time on the “back side” of the terminal. Within minutes, I thanked Franz for a great flight and he wished me a fun stay in Vienna.

photo 66A53AC1-B008-4458-909F-518BCCADDB4E_zpsefmjv1bs
Russian lady in an “interesting” dress.

photo E6F32066-3E9F-499E-9AF5-0D6A0E4B6BA9_zpsduhrrc1m
Following the Russians in the glass part of the building.

photo 28BCB9EA-C25F-48FB-B067-716E14F7E261_zpsj8vagfsd
Baggage Carousel 08

About a year ago when I was last in VIE, my checked-in bags did not make it because they did not get transferred properly from my SYD-BKK TG flight to my BKK-FRA LH flight because of the heavy rains. When I got to the baggage carousel, I wondered if my bags would actually make it to VIE this time. As the last passengers from the flight made it to baggage claim, bags started to show up on the conveyor belt. My small check-in came out among the first bags with priority tags. However, I began to sweat that my larger suitcase did not make it on my flight. Cursing in my head, once I immediately saw the “last bag” decoy, I marched my way to the OS baggage counter as they also did ground handling for LX. This time, they had closed off that little side area for priority passengers. When I got there, I fished out my baggage claim tag and handed it to the agent. I told her that I had come from ZRH where I had a long layover there. She typed a few things and then made a phone call. I deducted that she called to a special room where they hold extra baggage. She thanked the person on the phone and then let me know to go down the corridor to the luggage hold room and I could pick up my suitcase there. Still a bit weary, I headed over there where I showed my claim to one of the agents, and to my left I actually could see it. With a sense of relief, I pointed to that, and he said I could pick it up, without actually verifying it was mine. The relief especially since I had planned a longer stay in Vienna. At least I packed enough clothes in the smaller one to get me through my stay in Vienna.

photo 033D3446-CAD2-45DE-B1FC-D0A7F6F96E96_zpsngvdraov
Arrival FIDS along the wall, my flight no longer listed.

photo th_7D0E588D-2739-419E-A6EA-FBEA2FA96E73_zps6y93hoxq
Heading to the CAT to make my way into the city.

photo C712EF16-929F-4481-BA6A-F18B1F77D391_zpsrxtndfla
My trip so far: IAH-ORD-ZRH-IST-ATH-ZRH-VIE. Map from
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Cabin crew8.0

SWISS Lounge - Business


Zurich - ZRH


Vienna - VIE



Franz and his crew made this memorable than Madeline’s lack of service to me. Since this flight was not busy, Franz made the service a bit more personable and left a great impression for my last LX flight on this itinerary. I was also relieved that my all my bags had safely made it to VIE. Since I took a much later flight to VIE, LX had sent my bag to VIE much earlier and had it waiting for me once I got to the airport.

Danke schön for reading so far! Stay tuned for the continuation of my trips!



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