Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Montreal in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL 671
Class Business
Seat 01J
Flight time 15:00
Take-off 10 Oct 14, 15:25
Arrival at 11 Oct 14, 00:25
KL   #25 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 963 reviews
By GOLD 4715
Published on 21st January 2015
  • Euroairport - Amsterdam, KL J / E90: HERE
  • Amsterdam - Montreal, KL J / M11: Here you are.
  • Montreal - Toronto WS Y / 736: Soon
  • Inbound:
  • Toronto - Montreal WS Y / 736: Soon
  • Montreal - Amsterdam KL J / M11: Soon
  • Amsterdam - Euroairport KL / F70: Soon

Landed in Amsterdam and I couldn't wait to be back aboard the MD11 for the one before last flight with this beautiful bird. Unfortunately I have a transit time of 07H00.

A few words about that long layover. That was a flight that I could book against a promo miles fare for 62'500 in J from BSL. There is another flight leaving BSL at 11:30 arriving at 01:00P in AMS that would have been much better. But no availability in O class, the requested booking class for J awards.

A week before the flight, I see that the O class is open again with 6 seats on the 11:30 flight. I know that my ticket is a promo ticket means, non-refundable, non-changeable. But I try my luck with the Platinum hot line. The answer is according to my expectation: no. I try to explain that I just want to shorten my long layover and that it would make my life easier. But the rules are the rules, and the answer stays at no. I know rules are made to be followed, but for God's sake a bit of flexibility, especially with good customers does not cost a lot.

Anyway, I sent a mail to Flying Blue about my feelings, and the answer was the standard bla bla … impossible, bla bla bla … rules are rules …, bla bla bla, sorry and thanks for your loyalty, bla bla bla …

As I had plenty of time, I decided to look for my ride that I knew she was parked somewhere. Here she is, Audrey Hepburn (PH-KCE), with a 95 years logo. I was hoping to get on her, as I already flew on Florence Nightingale (PH-KCD) in April.

Here is the lady:

Back to the lounge with a bit of spotting and a special dedicated picture to my friend Marathon, with this 744 - KLM Asia:

photo DSC_1003photo DSC_1002

757-300 Arkia:

photo DSC_1004

I snacked a bit to help the time go by. I loved the celery salad in individual portions. You said premium lounge?

photo DSC_0001photo DSC_0002

I don't know why I had the excellent idea to get a coffee with my passport on hands. Happened what should happened, I slipped on the floor and, to save my passport, I spilled my coffee on me. St Frequent Flyer saved my passport that day :)

photo DSC_0003

An hour before departure, I head to the gate, and a last glimpse on Audrey before I board the MD11:

photo DSC_0004photo DSC_0005

As I was almost the first in the cabin, I took lots of pictures of the J cabin, with the kind do as you please from the purser to whom I asked before doing so. He was a great fan of the MD11 and granted me to feel at home.

Sliding bed:

photo DSC_0012photo DSC_0013

The passenger behind be, sawing me taking so many pictures, asked me if I was an AvGeek. As he was as well, we will chat during boarding, his wife telling me that on all vacations they had, he was looking for spotting places :)

Boarding was completed with a Nicolas Feuillate welcome drink:

photo DSC_0016

Pitch, amenity kit, huge windows, PSU and a 764 bound to ATL:

More J cabin shoots and the opening mechanism of the forward doors:

photo DSC_0023photo DSC_0024photo DSC_0025

Push back and safety demo:

Takeoff, hot towels are handed out, together with the menu:

It was the same menu as for my flight to ORD two weeks before that. I was expecting it to be honest, as I loved the starter. For the entree I took the vegetarian option as the other dishes had already been reported on Flight Report (and occasionally because I don't like fish as an entree on planes)

In the meantime, aperitif is served and I go with the sweet wine, as usual.

photo DSC_0059

Afterwards it will take half an hour between the aperitif service and the starter. This is too long, given the short flying time. With only 06:50 airborne, I did not want to spend the whole flight in eating.

I use that time to pay a visit to the lavs:

They really show the age of the plane, and are not that clean. There is a pretty nice selection of products: face lotion, hand lotion, hair gel, soap.

Safety card:
photo DSC_0051photo DSC_0052photo DSC_0053

Very poor quality headset:

photo DSC_0054

Very small screen, but high quality of image:

photo DSC_0055photo DSC_0056

Comes the starter, and the smoked salmon tartar, with the tofu mousse. I love this starter, it is absolutely one of the best I ever had. And the presentation is really nice:

On my last flight I found the papaya and noodle salad disgusting. However, after a bit of reading some FR's about this starter, I wondered why everyone seemed to love it. I then read again the menu and saw that the Thai vinaigrette was supposed to go with the salmon and not the salad. As I poured it over the salad last time, no wonder why it was not good. This time, I don't do it, and the salad was very good. What I don't understand is why they put a Thai dressing to go with the salmon and a Thai papaya noodle salad already seasoned.

A bit after the pasta dish arrives, the presentation lacks a bit of business touch, but the taste was good.

photo DSC_0064photo DSC_0065photo DSC_0066

To end the meal, I took the raspberry mousse, and it was a good choice. Not as good as the chocolate cake I had two weeks ago, but good, and definitively a much lighter option.

photo DSC_0067photo DSC_0068

I almost had two bottles of sweet wine, no wonder I felt a bit dizzy after the meal. To conclude this everything I had a coffee (very, very bad, there are no espresso available on any KL a/c) together with a good Amarula and a chocolate.

photo DSC_0073

Now, an aircraft tour. The 2R door with its manual opening system:

photo DSC_0074photo DSC_0075

The purser's office comes with a view:

I then chat with him, and after a good 10 minutes discussion, he picks up the intercom and calls the cockpit telling the guys up front that he has a MD11 passionate with him, and if they could, as an exception, accept me in the cockpit. I was bluffed by that. The pilot accepted and I spent a good 15 minutes in the cockpit chatting with the pilots. Here a few pictures, courtesy of the flight deck:

The sky was pretty cloudy no nice outside view on offer today. The side cockpit window is the biggest window ever installed in a cockpit.

The captain would eventually retire together with the MD11, he had flown on the F100, the A310, the DC10 and last, the MD11. The co-pilot will go to fly on the A330 for his last two years of service.

He told me that the 330's are called the scarebus, but without being able to tell me where the nickname came from. As well, he did 6 on the 7 ferry flights to Victorville where some of the KLM's MD11 are parked. All will finish as soda cans. So sad.

After this interesting chat, I go back to my seat to have a nap. The sliding effect is very bad, usually I don't have that problems to sleep on that kind of seat, but today, it was really hard.

photo DSC_0085photo DSC_0092photo DSC_0093

After a while, I gave up to walk a bit:

Two hours before arrival, the snack is served, I took the club sandwich:

Two hours before landing is definitively too early. We are 12 passengers and the service is really fast. We'll still have 90 minutes to go after the snack.

Some external shoots:

photo DSC_0098photo DSC_0099

YUL approach following the St Laurent River:

A bit of spotting on the ground:

photo DSC_0105photo DSC_0107

As I was standing up, I noticed I haven't taken the seat controls in picture:

photo DSC_0108

Very fast immigration with a very friendly immigration agent. Twenty minutes after landing I was already in my room at the Marriott Airport hotel, as I did not have any luggage. That airport hotel is a paradise for AvGeek, request a room with tarmac view!

A340-300 LH from push until takeoff to FRA:

A333 LX to ZRH:

photo DSC_0120photo DSC_0121photo DSC_0122

Air Transat / 330-300 / 310-200 / 737-800:

Lufthansa ex-MUC and AC, both 333:

Audrey in distance + WestJet 737-700:

photo DSC_0110photo DSC_0172

Airbus AC / retro-livery and classic:

Embraer’s duo:

photo DSC_0173

Qatar / 773:

photo DSC_0141

Rouge /319:

photo DSC_0174

AC Express / CRJ 200:

photo DSC_0175photo DSC_0176

Lovely sunset over an Air Transat A310:

photo DSC_0151photo DSC_0152photo DSC_0154
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Cabin crew10.0

KLM Crown Lounge 5 - Non Schengen


Amsterdam - AMS


Montreal - YUL



It is clear that this cabin is not really comfortable, the seats are old, but I did not choose the flight for the comfort but for the aircraft.

The crew was top, the food very good, nothing to really complain, apart for the bad timing of the service, the lunch that took three hours and the snack that is served ways to early.

IFE was good, and newspapers were offered.

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  • Comment 127501 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5759 Comments

    Awesome Nostalgic report on the MD-11. It's great that you got to fly it right before it was retired. 62.5K miles is a really great price for a TATL J award! With DL miles, that would barely get you a low-level Y award. The MD-11 really was a beautiful bird. Too bad I didn't get a chance to fly it before it was gone. Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 127514 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for this sentimental report aboard an extinct bird.

    One of my earliest flying memories as a kid was flying EWR-IAH with my parents on a CO DC-10 (unfortunately not in that 80s CO livery) and being memorized by the three engines, so I can appreciate your fascination with the MD-11 (although I'll be fortunate enough to fly one now unless I ship myself FedEX somewhere). I love how 90s nostalgic the lavatory and flight deck are, some nice good ol' fashion square buttons and polished metal.

    Looked like you had some beautiful fall foliage on your trip and thanks for the plane-spotting; some real nice tarmac shots from your room.

  • Comment 127546 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this lovely and nostalgic trip report.

    The MD-11 is a beautiful bird and I will miss it. I'm glad that I had a chance to fly it on LX in F.

    Personally I think that KL's catering is great in Y but there is room for improvement in J like portions and presentation.

  • Comment 127547 by
    Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 15924 Comments

    Thanks guys for your comments. The MD11 will definitively be missed :(

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