Review of WestJet flight Montreal Toronto in Premium Eco

Airline WestJet
Flight WS 589
Class Premium Eco
Seat 03A
Aircraft Boeing 737-600
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 11 Oct 14, 14:00
Arrival at 11 Oct 14, 15:20
WS   #8 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 33 reviews
By GOLD 2891
Published on 31st January 2015
  • Euroairport - Amsterdam, KL J / E90: HERE
  • Amsterdam - Montreal, KL J / M11: HERE
  • Montreal - Toronto WS Y / 736: Now.
  • Inbound:
  • Toronto - Montreal WS Y / 736: Soon
  • Montreal - Amsterdam KL J / M11: Soon
  • Amsterdam - Euroairport KL / F70: Soon

After an excellent night at the Marriott Airport Hotel and a lot of spotting (see preceding report) it was already time to continue to Toronto.

I left the hotel at around noon, not without taking some pictures of the main terminal that looks a lot like Paris Orly Sud:

photo DSC_0180photo DSC_0181photo DSC_0182

I checked in at the self-service kiosks and as I wanted to do a good report (meaning standing up as I want, taking cabin pictures) I treated myself for a plus seat at a cost of CAD 30. - It was advertised as a seat with more legroom, front seat, priority boarding and open bar in the BOB.

Here are the self-service kiosks:

The airport is very quiet, almost nobody at security:

At the security I choose the good lane: the one that was used to train newcomers. I had two passengers before me and it took 15 minutes. I have absolutely no problems with trainees, and I have plenty of time, so I just waited. Again, for training purposes, I was chosen for additional checks and explosives detection. The agents were really friendly and apologized a lot for the inconvenience and the lost time.

After that a bit of spotting, with some Embraer’s, Airbuses and Dashes.

Then a mandatory stop at Starbucks and this children playground:

photo DSC_0196photo DSC_0197photo DSC_0198

Here's my ride. My first flight on the baby Boeing: I have never flown on the -600 and with WestJet. I found the 736 to look a bit fatty :) but really liked it:

Do you know why the CFM56 from the 737-300 to 900ER have this particular shape? Because if they would be fully round, they would not be enough margin between the engines and the ground.

photo DSC_0209

Boarding started 25 minutes before the departure with special care first, then the over wing exit (in order to give additional time to the FA's to brief the people seating there) and then plus passengers followed by the other passengers. Here is the cabin that is pretty nice and comfortable:

There is a small IFE with a very bad definition, but it is there:

photo DSC_0215photo DSC_0216

Very good seat pitch, but its premium seating:

photo DSC_0217

Superb recline:

photo DSC_0218


photo DSC_0219

Safety - Card:

Seat pocket content:

Network and fleet:

photo DSC_0236photo DSC_0237

Luggage bins, IFE controls and the WS logo on the bulkhead:

photo DSC_0226photo DSC_0238photo DSC_0239

Doors were closed on time, safety demo by hand in both French and English, push back and a bit of spotting:

The IFE is really old school:

photo DSC_0244

737-800 Air Transat leaving before us:

photo DSC_0253photo DSC_0254

CRJ 900 / Delta Connection and another Dash:

Air Inuit /737-200:

photo DSC_0259photo DSC_0260

Take off and nice views over YUL:

I was surprised to see that the IFE offered live TV. I watched Discovery TV that broadcasted the EMB 120, flight CO 2574 crash.

The full episode can be seen here:

lien vers video dailymotion

As I was alone on my row, I used the TV next to it for the moving map:

photo DSC_0277

Then it was time for the onboard service. It was coffee, tea, water, red/white wine or beer. Nothing else for drinks. But all BOB snacks were available. I was not that hungry so I went just for a Smarties box:

photo DSC_0278photo DSC_0284

Some aerial shoots, no wingtip nor sharklets neither split winglets here: (the 736 is the only 737 variant that was not offered with winglets option)

Lavatory visit:

photo DSC_0279photo DSC_0280

Galley and doors:

photo DSC_0281photo DSC_0283

Doors that allow me to tell you a short story about how Boeing can be illogical.

On all aircrafts, if the aircraft floor is above 1M80 ground level (5'9'') the entry and service doors have to be equipped with slides.

Those doors need to be armed with a lever, usually painted yellow. (Sometimes red) On my last MD11 report you can easily see this lever, Swiss calls them yellow door selector). If you push the lever down, the slide bar (or girt bar) will be hooked against the floor, thus allowing it to inflate when the door is opened in armed mode. Some selector (on the 757 for instance) are big buttons or handles (BAE or ARJ for instance).

On the 737 (as well on the DC9 / MD 80 / MD 90 and B717 planes considered as modern there is no lever nor selector nor button. The crew member has to bend down, to take the girt bar from the slide container (they usually call it the dirt bar) and hook it or latch it against the aircraft floor.

While understandable on 737-Classics, 727, DC8, B707 and early MD80 planes, it is not logical that this ancestral method is still used to arm slides on modern aircrafts.

Furthermore, it is not safe: on every aircraft that is equipped with an automatic arming system (lever, button, handle), if the ground personal tries to open the door, the selector will go back to disarmed, thus preventing from any slide deployment. And opening a door from upstairs in an armed mode can cause lots of troubles for the staff outside.

To avoid this, Boeing had the idea to use a piece of red ribbon that must be placed over the window door when the slide is armed and removed afterwards. Ground staff have to check the ribbon first before opening a door from outside.

Technology? It's a shame. Here is the red ribbon, the girt bar that the crew lock on the floor to arm/disarm slide.

photo DSC_0282 - Copiephoto DSC_0282

End of my explanation about the doors. Yes I like doors, and whenever I can I take them in picture. But what interests me the most is how they operate.

Back to my seat for the beginning of the descent toward Toronto. I took a ton of pictures and let you judge

Toronto - Pearson:

A church and a house I would see myself in!!

photo DSC_0320photo DSC_0321

Stats are out:

photo DSC_0325

Nano Field:

photo DSC_0326

And the first plane I saw was this FedEx MD11:

photo DSC_0327photo DSC_0328

767-300 / Air Canada :

On time landing!!
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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu3.0

Montreal - YUL


Toronto - YYZ



It was a good flight, the drinks round is not satisfactory but YYZ is not well linked with the ciy, no subway nor rain, that is a pitty.

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  • Comment 128315 by
    whitelight44 346 Comments

    Great FR with amazing aerial pictures. Thank you :)

  • Comment 128326 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Beautiful report with great shots. The technical explanation about the doors of the 737's was very enlightening and much appreciated.

    AC needs more competition and I am glad that Westjet has step up to the plate and given AC some heat. I hope it keeps expanding and they are supposed to receive delivery of 763's early this year. I hope they become member of Oneworld in the future. They already have an strong partnership with AA.

  • Comment 128437 by
    Aeroman380 6 Comments

    Great report and info on the slide/door. The pictures were great and the clouds were really beautiful which made the pictures of toronto even more nice. Next time you can fly Porter and be right downtown. Pearson is a crapshoot especially T3.

  • Comment 128508 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5273 Comments

    Great report with beautiful aerial photos. Love the airport pics of YUL on takeoff and the beautiful pics of downtown Toronto on arrival. I wasn't aware that WestJet has a premium economy product. Seems along the lines of what the US carriers do except with the open bar as an extra. Honestly $30 for all you can drink and extra legroom is a good deal, cuz I can drink a lot on an hour flight :-P

  • Comment 137018 by
    Jett Tyler SILVER 191 Comments

    Nice report on WestJet. The one major Canadian airline I don't see in the UK. Nice work :)

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