Review of Kuwait Airways flight Tehran Kuwait City in Economy

Airline Kuwait Airways
Flight KU514
Class Economy
Seat 25K
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 04 Jan 15, 12:00
Arrival at 04 Jan 15, 13:30
KU 18 reviews
Published on 14th February 2015
Hi all,

This is about my trip back home to Iran and to the Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf area, you can see all parts here:

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I was travelling to Dubai from Tehran. There are many option with direct flights such as Iran Air, Mahan Air or Emirates but since I always wanted to try Kuwait Airways, I chose this airline with a 2 hour connection in Kuwait.

Approaching Tehran;s International airport which is located around 30 KM south of Tehran

photo image001_zpsffc9199c

The terminal building

photo image002_zpsc5d40617

photo image003_zps9f565e09

The curbside

photo image004_zpsc51468a1

photo image005_zps9b3e7e81

A walkway tunnel connecting the terminal to the parking and the hotel

photo image006_zps86ea62e6

The ibis/Novotel hotel

photo image007_zps9c17c22a

Inside- very spacious and nice clean terminal

photo image008_zps00da21f5

photo image009_zps85b81ec1

photo image018_zpsa90bf952

European carriers and Europe bound flights are mostly in middle of the night from 1 to 5 am and in the morning there are mostly flights to Dubai, Iraq and other neighboring countries along with Iran Air flights to europe

photo image015_zps5bf9c4bd

photo image016_zps9a8caf9e

photo image014_zpsee726797

Exploring the landside

photo image021_zps16c21031

There are a row of luggage belts to the right side and the left side, this is looking down to the left side ones

photo image023_zpsfbd98357

photo image024_zps54653a49

photo image025_zpsa4d4827b

Downstairs- left side arrival part, there are restos on the arrival side than the departures area

photo image025_zpsa4d4827b

photo image026_zps2f83675c

photo image027_zps3b62fa0f

photo image028_zps149a7692

photo image030_zps330c576e

photo image031_zpsed13dcce

photo image032_zps42d2c9ee

photo image033_zps93dd642a

photo image034_zps0e74a833

photo image035_zps3fbe7b27

This is the main and the right side arrival hall and baggage claim

photo image037_zpsfe077eb8

photo image038_zps0b9ffa66

Back up at the departures level

photo image039_zpsa82ae4e5

photo image041_zps47d32758

Past the security check- The check in counters are past the secuirty check and only passengers are allowed to come here

photo image041_zps47d32758

There are many rows of check in desks I think around 10 rows

photo image042_zps34a4dbf8

photo image047_zpse2547e52

photo image049_zpsec7ac2e2

photo image050_zps5da9ac13

photo image051_zps85b089d9

Advertisement of Turkish that says 5 daily flights to Istanbul

photo image052_zpsc6f132ba

photo image053_zpsc6183bf4

photo image056_zpsac039836

photo image057_zps65b6e4e9

photo image058_zps0bfaca9a

photo image061_zps4d7efa92

The check in counters for Kuwait Airways

photo image065_zps0e64692c

photo image074_zps433c44a9

After check in is the passport control and then you go airside- These are the passport control line ups

photo image055_zpsd0d699b1

Airisde- There are shops around in the center with a coffe shop to the left and a resto at the right, you can't go to the boarding gates area till about 1 hour before departure. Once your gate is called then you can go to the final security check at the gates section

photo image079_zpsc25c7d7e

photo image078_zps470db2cb

photo image077_zps02664ee1

photo image080_zpsa7c73f67

photo image075_zps6593adab

photo image081_zps9fbc0170

photo image084_zpsdcdb6282

photo image086_zps4939440e

The passport contorl is visible here and people passing through

photo image089_zpsa22fde69

photo image091_zpsb6449827

photo image092_zpse79d13e3

photo image093_zpsf740154d

Downstairs are the washroom,s Lounges and some banks

photo image083_zps7ada5b6d

photo image097_zps982ba6fb

photo image098_zpsb3078f77

Qatar just arrived from Doha

photo image099_zpsa57726cb

photo image100_zpsa461cef8

Tehran is up there at the foot of those mountains

photo image101_zps9cadcf17

photo image104_zpsd7fede16

photo image102_zps019e2870

photo image105_zps2604c683

Emirates arrving from Dubai

photo image106_zpseefdd731

photo image107_zpsc8b831d1

photo image111_zps11e21585

photo image112_zpsc5d323c6

photo image113_zps9caf4888

photo image114_zpsf1778ddb

photo image115_zpsc8e1ec33

photo image116_zpsd96ced3c

photo image118_zps10061a14

photo image123_zps677a6e66

photo image124_zpsbc983cd8

photo image125_zps0546532d

photo image127_zpsf9c04398

Back upstairs

photo image141_zps6740a9e5

photo image143_zps2533614c

photo image095_zps212e5d30

photo image096_zps0b2315b4

photo image144_zps7d268c55

The entrance to the gates areas

photo image133_zps149d3f54

photo image135_zps08604377

photo image136_zpsf4b93c8f

photo image138_zps553eccda

photo image145_zps9458f90d

Qatar departing to Doha

photo image150_zps5a3f7c1b

photo image151_zps79057f4f

photo image152_zps0aded21d

Emirates also pushing back to Dubai- I went to the airport early that's why I saw them all come in and leave lol

photo image157_zps38f3c1d2

photo image158_zpse91c2bd7

photo image160_zpsc312061b

photo image163_zpsab575dae

photo image166_zpse718a273

photo image169_zps8fee2ce9

photo image170_zps37fbade5

photo image171_zps62fdff54

Yay, My plane arriving from Kuwait

photo image174_zps532da5e0

I love the Kuwait livery so beautiful :)

photo image178_zpsc9337ff1

photo image179_zps33443828

photo image180_zps57c277b4

photo image181_zps6c66066b

photo image185_zpsa63b87f0

Emirates taking off

photo image188_zps99a540e1

photo image196_zpsaab163a0

photo image200_zps55ea36c9

Azerbaijan landing from Baku

photo image191_zpse1b0ffa2

photo image192_zpsb650ff5e

photo image193_zps9fe0db2e

photo image194_zpsdeac2c31

Mahan to Yerevan

photo image201_zpsc104b4db

photo image204_zps7d0711dc

Then I passed through secutiry check for the gates and walked towards my gate

Gates area

photo image205_zps3e164a72

photo image209_zps2e7c02c8

photo image208_zpsa50be640

Kuwait :)

photo image210_zpse6a8d713

photo image211_zpsee777988

photo image212_zpsea5a318f

photo image213_zps09e02505

Our gate

photo image214_zps41dcdc69

photo image215_zpsae9a8f17

photo image217_zps50974844

photo image220_zps967eddfb

photo image222_zps06a230ea

photo image224_zps869adc8f

photo image227_zps1233d94e

photo image236_zps2734a03e


photo image238_zps62a727a7

photo image239_zpsacae3c4c

photo image240_zps6e9bdc17

photo image241_zps44e05fee

photo image242_zps4f1a5969

photo image244_zps196f88c1

photo image245_zps4c63537c

When you enter the crew asks where your seat number is and walk with you and show you the seat. That was very nice of them and I had not seen it anywhere else

photo image246_zps2a42c064

photo image247_zps418a213b

photo image248_zps7cdf2362

photo image249_zps08e7fcc6

photo image250_zps693218c8

The seats were comfortable with a good legroom

photo image252_zps57de16dd

Window view

photo image255_zps391d296e

photo image256_zpsa3a74906

photo image259_zps18b4d639

photo image260_zps4db091b8

photo image262_zps10105abe

photo image258_zpsb3c1444a

photo image263_zps63672988

photo image267_zpsf8cb34d4

photo image268_zpsefce4cea

photo image269_zpsc3572933

photo image270_zps7f5c2801

photo image271_zpse2cc5fa4

photo image272_zpsa12aab7d

The duty free magazine

photo image275_zpse3ffefcb

The inflight magazine

photo image278_zps83a47e78

photo image279_zpsebe5b532

A fun map of Kuwait city

photo image287_zps2da997a9

photo image288_zpsd14ca95e

Route map

photo image289_zps3f282f4e

photo image291_zpsd23e39c2

photo image292_zps36193247

photo image293_zpsa0e1ea8a

photo image294_zpsf71aa37d

photo image295_zps9233d5c6

photo image296_zps3f5c18a9

photo image297_zps22cf3580

photo image298_zps4d5801ac

photo image301_zpsd72b46c9

Push back

photo image302_zps8ad375ac

photo image303_zps4c6343a9

photo image304_zps885d7aa3

photo image305_zpsb00a6fb2

photo image307_zps31efe0fe

photo image309_zps004263d9

photo image310_zpscab66c23

Passing next to many cool Iranian carriers

photo image312_zps6cca64e0

photo image315_zps373a582e

photo image318_zps08721ba0

photo image320_zps955b982a

photo image323_zps42095cca

Take off

photo image328_zpsa8a04fb3

photo image330_zps5de00a3a

photo image331_zps0c04a130

photo image334_zps53f1da33

Tehran is not visible as it's very far, only some small towns here

photo image338_zps61a2ad37

photo image339_zps3f6b88b9

photo image340_zpsea49ee35

photo image342_zpsc791b939

photo image344_zpscd5fe3b0

photo image345_zpsc47c9011

photo image346_zps9730d57b

photo image350_zpsa2b6e6c7

Lunch service

photo image356_zpsd428a26e

photo image357_zpsa4f0ab27

photo image358_zps8a3414b7

photo image359_zps842172ca

photo image361_zps33ecd3cd

photo image363_zpsf27bac14

photo image364_zps17101b77

photo image365_zps265ff2f4

photo image366_zps313a381e

photo image367_zps523f9691

The meal tasted nice

photo image371_zps364dd383

photo image373_zps2f71a48a

photo image374_zpsc9d5f4c7

photo image377_zpsdf512c4c

Descend into Kuwait

photo image387_zpsec7940d3

photo image391_zpse2a01c9c

photo image394_zps41a4b5ed

photo image396_zps5a9a6fa0

photo image397_zps2b540051

photo image399_zpsb8e7378d

photo image400_zpsf020c9d3

Kuwait city

photo image404_zps15eb0a46

photo image405_zpsea1edf83

photo image407_zps54df7746

The amazing and huge Avenues Mall. It's length is twice the length of Dubai mall and it has between 800 to 900 stores. It spans for 2 big city blocks. An amazing place and architecture and a must see when in Kuwait.

photo image411_zpsba8730f0

photo image414_zps959e657b

photo image416_zps2b8ce0de

photo image417_zps37b488e4

The VIP terminal

photo image420_zpsba9a4ee7

photo image422_zps5e136f89

photo image424_zpsb101fb48

photo image425_zps72f5af40

photo image426_zps8c35629f

photo image427_zps01af29e9

photo image428_zps6fee6cc0

Airport terminal

photo image429_zps2c769083

photo image430_zps6787e6f0

photo image431_zps7913d152

These 2 gates are reserved for Jazeera Airways only

photo image435_zps50c431ff

photo image438_zps26594f18

photo image439_zpsc104face

photo image441_zps38465485

photo image444_zps24ce0c7c

When you disembark, you enter the departures level/air side and don't need to pass through security again to go to transit

photo image446_zps8a54d314

photo image447_zps73734c8e

photo image449_zps4ff6ac98

photo image450_zps220a9a4a

photo image451_zps3be0dd73

photo image453_zps610ed6c0

photo image455_zpse69da96c

photo image456_zps902e7a79

photo image457_zps5401dc65

photo image458_zpsdd72ebec

photo image459_zpse3bcd242

photo image468_zpsfb487ad6

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Cabin crew8.5

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Overall a comfortable flight with Kuwait. The cabin seems old and needs to be refurbished. Seats were comfortable though with e agood leg room.



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  • Comment 129414 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10275 Comments
    Thanks for your Report. The cabin looks very outdated and run down but globally the flight seems ok.
    Kuwait airways really needs a product upgrade
    The spotting at IKA and on arrivals is great !
  • Comment 129440 by
    IR_HP 2 Comments
    Very excellent report
  • Comment 129456 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for sharing another beautiful report.

    IKA looks like an excellent airport for spotting and it is quite modern inside. Nobody told you anything about taking pictures of the counters and the entrance to the gates?

    KU provides an acceptable product and at least they make the effort to provide a warm snack.
    • Comment 310670 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks so much Jetsetpanda. Yes, Tehran's airport is very nice and although not very big, it has a very nice and good vibe. No, in Iran it's not hard to take pictures, no one told me anything. You just can't take pictures of government buildings other than that they don't really care :)
  • Comment 129483 by
    marathon GOLD 10159 Comments
    The decoration at IKA is outdated, but the airport seems efficient. The plane spotter friendliness is a distinct plus; thanks for letting us share it !
    I dislike airports where the security check is at gate level, locking you in a boarding room where there is little to do and space to move around.
    KU's offering is decent for a regional flight of that duration.
    The reddish lighting at KWI looks strange : is that due to image postprocessing ?
    Thanks for this comprehensive FR !

    • Comment 310724 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks Marathon, Yes, I also don't like when security is at gates and you can't hang out and walk around the whole airport. There was a heavy smog and haze in Kuwait so I had to process the images a bit to show the buildings a bit more but it was pretty much the same color.
  • Comment 129507 by
    02022001 GOLD 4440 Comments
    Thanks to sharing this flight report. Good idea to try this airlines and maybe also safer than mahan air ??
    I don't know this last one go to Yerevan...
  • Comment 129635 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6853 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful and exotic report! Tehran airport looks bigger than I thought it would be. Nice plane spotting at IKA! The cabin of your A320 does look old, but the older style seats with a lot of padding are often more comfortable than newer style slim seats.
  • Comment 566772 by
    alexsajen 11 Comments
    Hey Whitelight44, thanks a lot for this amazingly detailed FR with heaps of superb pictures. I liked the fact that you were impressed with KU, but as a resident of Kuwait, I felt that this was outdated, now that KU have new and modern fleet in their hands.
    Great to know that they still have fine service, though it is not the kind that Emirates or Qatar Airways serves. Thanks a lot once again.
  • Comment 607507 by
    thejetflyer BRONZE 149 Comments
    I am known for my detailed reviews but I have to say I am deeply impressed with the passion, effort and excellence shown in this report ! I loved the Planespotting - what a treat for the eyes before the actual flight which was well covered ! Well done and I am so happy to be in the company of such an amazing Flight Reporter !

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