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Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 1355
Seat 02A
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 14 Jul 14, 12:10
Arrival at 14 Jul 14, 14:10
DL   #27 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 691 reviews
By GOLD 3549
Published on 4th March 2015

After a few relaxing days in Key West, it is already time to leave the island. A bonus can be found at the end of this report.

I arrived 90 minutes before departure (which was more than enough) and I used this time to take some pictures of this lovely little airport. From outside:

photo DSC_1085photo DSC_1086

EYW Carpets:

photo DSC_1088

The check in zone, with the 4 airlines that flew to EYW on July 2014: US Airways Express, American Airlines, Delta and Silver:


photo DSC_1089

There is a restaurant landside:

photo DSC_1090photo DSC_1091

The check in and TSA building are separated from the boarding / arrival building by a road, there is a bridge that makes the junction between them:

Artwork to buy (pretty strange, and anyway, it was not fitting into my hand luggage):

photo DSC_1097photo DSC_1098

Boarding zone with 6 gates:

photo DSC_1104photo DSC_1107photo DSC_1108

I am still looking for the beach ^^:

photo DSC_1105photo DSC_1106

Local traffic, AA E-145 to MIA:

photo DSC_1099photo DSC_1100photo DSC_1101

The 135/145 in Europe have a different front door, with integrated stairs that are not jet-bridge friendly. As most of the airports in the US use bridges regardless of the size of the aircraft, having a non-integrated stairs door makes sense.

Silver SF340:

My 737-700 arrives:

photo DSC_1113

Travel docs:

photo DSC_1115

Boarding was called by a friendly and funny gate agent that made announcements were everybody had to laugh. That was a real change from the usual announcements. As it is the norm in EYW, we walked to the gate with a bit of spotting:

I tried to take a picture of the plane from upstairs but I missed a step and so I missed the picture as well :(

Here some cabin shoots:

photo DSC_1122photo DSC_1125

The engine is in the place, together with the welcome drink:

photo DSC_1123photo DSC_1128

Still very good pitch:

photo DSC_1129

Push back and a last spotting:

Very powerful take off (the runway is really short), and nice Key West views, with my hotel, on the left side of the bridge:

Time to have a drink, bacardi coke as almost usual. What would be Flight Report without cocktails? We have some specialists here (wont' name anyone, but there is an Franco-American guy that loves vodka-cran here ^^)

photo DSC_1150

Snack time:

photo DSC_1152

IFE controls and winglet:

photo DSC_1153photo DSC_1154

Almost arrived:

That's it for the flight, now the bonus. I have to admit that I did not fell in love with Key West. I have not found the place to be exceptional. However, Duval Street, the old light house and Hemingway's house were absolutely lovely, but you easily see that kind of landscape anywhere in the US. I found Key West to be very touristic and commercial, without a special touch. There are nice old houses though, but you only see them around Duval Street.

The rest of the island has almost no interest. If you go to Key West for the beaches, it is not the island you have to go. There are almost no beaches, Key West is protected by a coral reef that means no waves, and no waves means almost no sand. So long for beaches. There are some, but they are man-made and not to write a home about.

Duval street and around, with the nice old houses:

Hemingway's house:

photo DSC_0983

Old light house:

photo DSC_0979

Should you want to visit them, it was USD 13. - And 10. - Respectively.

Then the Southernmost point, which isn't it really. To be fair, it is advertised as the continental southernmost point, as Key West an island is, that does not really match. The real and good one is at Big Island, Hawaii.

photo DSC_0992

And there is the Southernmost-Southernmost House:

photo DSC_0997photo DSC_0996

I told you the beaches are nothing special, here the most famous of the island, it is small, full of greens, and does not really calls for swimming:

photo DSC_1000photo DSC_1001

I found that really funny: no moonshine on the beach

photo DSC_1007

But there is something you have to give Key West credits for, its sunsets, that are amazing:

And the thunderstorms:

photo DSC_1055

To sum it up, should I go back to Key West, it would only be for the Marriott, the sunsets and the thunderstorms ^^
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew10.0

Key West - EYW


Atlanta - ATL



About the rankings, the comfort was excellent, the crew was top and reactive, nothing to say about the IFE and on-time performance. EYW is a wonderful lovely airport, what amazed me was the speed of the internet : 20Mega, compared to the 0.38 at ATL, it is almost a joke ^^

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The airline with the best average rating is Delta Air Lines with 7.3/10.

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  • Comment 131010 by
    whitelight44 346 Comments

    Awesome FR. Loved the pictures of Key west and thanks for all the tips for Key West travel. I thought it was more special than that but good to know.

  • Comment 131014 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8626 Comments

    Thanks for this summer report to a very nice place where I have been long ago now ! ( but driving)

  • Comment 131052 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5588 Comments

    EYW is an interesting little airport. Great views of Key West on departure. Nice bonus pics.

  • Comment 131053 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5588 Comments

    Oh and I don't know who the Franco-American guy who loves vodka-cran could be :-P

  • Comment 131059 by
    Caribel 113 Comments

    No pictures of the street performers for the sunset festival, myriad nude pool parties, local artists creating paintings and sculptures, musicians jamming for their nighttime performances, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling to watch every color of fish imaginable. Yep! Not much to see or do in the keys.

    I have great memories of meeting people from all over the world while sipping a cocktail under a tree that grows inside the building and live jazz on the background. You barely missed lobster mini-season, where street vendors showcase the crustaceans in around-the-world preparations. Browsing the antique stores and listening to the story of each piece by the owner. Walking the historic buildings and taking in each unique garden. Watching a play by a traveling actors troupe.

    Contact me next time you are in Florida, bro!

    • Comment 311914 by
      Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 14266 Comments

      Actually I did not say there is nothing to do in Key West, but it was not special ^^. Many things you can do elsewhere : deep sea fishing I did at Marco Island, snorkeling at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii, and for jazz, music, lobster, street vendors, antique stores and historic buildings, New Orleans has much more to offer :)

      Maybe my expectations were too high I think. I really love Florida (been 3 times now to continental Florida) but for me, Key West is not the most spectacular place. By the way, I'll be in St Pete the first 10 days of May. :)

  • Comment 131077 by
    Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 14266 Comments

    Thank you all for your nice comments!

  • Comment 131107 by
    Mathieu 2084 Comments

    Hello Stephan,

    Thank you very much for this report.

    Some of EYW's corridors look like hospital's corridors.

    This airport seems to be quite old.

    Very nice spotting on ground.

    Classic flight on this B737, catering is very light.

    Nice bonus.

    See you,


  • Comment 131815 by
    Chibcha 448 Comments

    Thanks for the FR!

    The service looked pretty standard, but the views are awesome.

    The Key West bonus pics brought nice memories to me!

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