Review of South African flight Cape Town Johannesburg in Economy

Airline South African
Flight SA334
Class Economy
Seat 47K
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 28 Feb 15, 13:15
Arrival at 28 Feb 15, 15:15
SA 54 reviews
By 3298
Published on 10th March 2015
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Amazed by the breathtaking views, we spent two impeccable days in Cape Town.

Wish I could live on the dreamy scenery!

Yet all good things must come to an end..It's time to get back for work.
This time I used SAA's online check-in system to get better seats. The system is intuitive and easy to use.
Both legs were checked!
photo IMG_0193

We arrived at CPT merely 100 minutes before the departure time, not plenty as we would get our VAT refunded right on here.
photo IMG_20150228_173257

Definitely a CAVOK day.
photo IMG_20150228_173613

You got Samsung ads everywhere and no exception for CPT.
photo IMG_20150228_173650

FIDs are identical to the ones in JNB.
photo IMG_20150228_173641

It took another 20 minutes to queue on the refunds. With the check-in queue like this we started to worry about missing the flight.
photo IMG_20150228_173802

QR counters were already closed.
photo IMG_20150228_180527

Fortunately we passed the security in a breeze, however it was already 12:40 when we got airside, 5 minutes prior the boarding time.

We could see our ride right after the security.
ZS-SNI, the last A346 acquired by SAA.
photo IMG_20150228_184126

QR B787 leaving.
photo IMG_20150228_183947

Within a minute we got to gate A7, the only two-bridged gate on CPT.
photo IMG_20150228_184159

For some reason the boarding wasn't commenced. This gave me some time to do more spotting.
The widebody lineup, much less impressive than JNB..
photo IMG_7816

A SAA A343 had just touched the runway.
photo IMG_7813

The famous flying 101 special scheme, spotted!
photo IMG_7819

It was so disappointing that the jet bridge obstructed the beauty's port.
photo IMG_7822

The terminal is bright, clean, airy and modern. However I didn't explore the facilities nor did I take any picture.

Other major South African domestic carriers:
photo IMG_7823photo IMG_7825

Eventually the boarding started after a 30 minutes delay.
photo IMG_7826

Pitch was more than ample even for longer haul missions. Nevertheless I found one more bug on this seats: all aisle armrests are not movable.
photo IMG_7829

Cabin view. One additional feature: tail camera was equipped on A346s.
photo C360_2015-02-28-19-30-29-894

Due to the delay on our flight the A343 had to park on remote stand.
photo IMG_7827

Emirates was in the front:
photo C360_2015-02-28-19-27-58-209

The flying 101 was just behind us. She was heading for JNB just like us.
photo IMG_7838

One last view on the terminal:
photo IMG_7836

..and the tower:
photo IMG_7842

and the magnificent Table mountain..
photo IMG_7845

We had a sharp turn towards northeast just over the False bay. See you Cape Town!
photo IMG_7847

The interactive entertainment system wasn't engaged on the short hop. Instead they only play fixed videos. Confused…

I was rather hungry as I hadn't had lunch yet. And I wouldn't get my lunch anyway as this was the only food offered….
photo IMG_0195

Angry and frustrated, I asked the crew as this flight should offer hot lunch during lunchtime.. They said that due to late arrival they didn't get enough time to load the catering and apologized for that…Well that wasn't helpful to my stomach:(

Almost there:
photo IMG_0196

The weather wasn't really pleasant down there..
photo IMG_7849

2 minutes prior landing we were redirected to use the northern approach due to the wind changes, causing a further delay..

photo IMG_7851photo IMG_7852photo IMG_7854

Meet the heavies:
photo C360_2015-02-28-21-37-30-159photo C360_2015-02-28-21-38-06-578

We parked at the international pier..Even more delay..

Business class seats. Not too bad.
photo C360_2015-02-28-21-45-52-353

It was 4:05pm when we left the domestic section, only 75 minutes from departure time of our flight to HKG.

Thanks for reading!
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South African

Cabin crew7.5

Cape Town - CPT


Johannesburg - JNB



Apart from the catering and punctuality the flight itself is delightful.
CPT is good and convenient but SAA ground agents were way toooooooooooooo slow.
In JNB domestic section you could get landside within a minute.

Information on the route Cape Town (CPT) Johannesburg (JNB)


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  • Comment 131453 by
    whitelight44 346 Comments

    Excellent TR with great pictures. Thank you :)

  • Comment 131454 by
    padawan SILVER 1913 Comments

    Too bad they miss the catering loading.
    Only a 2-days vacation in South Africa from HKG ? That _is_ really short !

  • Comment 131480 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Thank you for the report!

    This definitely looks like a better cabin than on your inbound flight, it's always nice to get a long-haul plane on a short flight. Although, I'm not sure how comfortable this cabin would be on a JNB-JFK haul :)

    Was the aircraft a late arrival from JNB? It's very disappointing that the catering was not loaded since a hot meal is expected during meal time on SA. You didn't mention this, but did they do drink service along with the snack?

    Beautiful bonus of Cape Town!

    • Comment 312235 by
      pwecar AUTHOR 53 Comments

      They serve drinks for sure..Since they offered same beverages I didn't take more pic on that.
      I believe that it got delayed due to late arrival(s) of previous flight(s)..
      Actually I took this exact aircraft on the way back to HKG by coincidence so you can get that info from my next report:)

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