Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Toronto in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS71
Class Economy
Seat 32A
Flight time 09:50
Take-off 17 Jan 15, 10:35
Arrival at 17 Jan 15, 14:25
OS   #81 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 353 reviews
Published on 11th March 2015
Hi all,

This is about my trip back home to Iran and to the Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf area, you can see all parts here:

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This part is about our connection in Vienna's airport and our flight to Toronto

Map of the G gates

photo image182_zpschifmums

photo image183_zpsmilf0wxu

The shops area at the very beginning of the Pier G

photo image231_zps9vxljhar

photo image208_zpskljpavxv

photo image209_zpslhpmyq2a

photo image212_zpsvpgq2ssq

Souvenirs from Vienna

photo image213_zpssgtm2g5m

photo image215_zpsvcougxbp

photo image216_zps5wpr83kf

photo image217_zpsbsaqsiqu

photo image218_zpsylvogb5r

photo image219_zpsr2tbq8fl

photo image221_zpsuohl23cs

photo image222_zpslna2ehvn

photo image224_zpskorsute2

photo image225_zpsarelg2fq

I love the Mozart chocolates :)

photo image226_zpsddnduxle

photo image227_zpseor5c4f4

Exploring Pier G- There are no shops in there, only at the beginning of it

photo image167_zpsmoodkhtk

As I said in my previous report it's hard to take pictures in this terminal due to glass reflections

photo image166_zpsbocrun4j

photo image168_zpsp3coum7w

photo image173_zps11nndq8g

photo image176_zpslfziprnn

photo image179_zpsyqn2t0oz

photo image181_zpslw7azrza

photo image190_zpsm00jqkfg

photo image192_zpsxwtgq9de

photo image194_zpsp7bftesv

photo image188_zpsndoesufj

photo image195_zps5luiyzyp

The end of Pier G

photo image196_zpsqbzjx7qj

Looking back

photo image197_zpsxsxim4ez

photo image201_zpsq1lcmgyb

photo image203_zpslklqy5du

photo image204_zpslegr3n0y

photo image206_zpskmqeivwx

photo image207_zpsripo0xu8

Passing through the shops and going towards D gates where our flight departs from

photo image229_zpsfvrhay9v

Corridor connecting G gates to D gates and the arrival hall down below

photo image233_zpsp9ztd0uv

photo image235_zpsyo4givro

photo image236_zpsio0hiudn

photo image237_zpschobupx7

photo image239_zpsumflx1wb

photo image241_zpslqnwglin

photo image248_zpsxtjvglbi

At D Gates

photo image255_zpspndrpexo

photo image256_zps9jw8e2of

photo image258_zpsenje37ca

photo image260_zps8kuqo1pv

These bars make it very hard to take pictures

photo image262_zpsdc3xlv7k

photo image263_zpssmb3gkvr

photo image264_zpsvwg5xkdq

photo image267_zpsgnpwui4m

photo image268_zps7vbnzrcg

photo image273_zpsnqudar9b

photo image275_zpsrfcd60no

The rotonda with gates all around it

photo image278_zpsfqzzemy7

Huge line up for our flight

photo image279_zpskmntyylw

photo image280_zpslu30huok

photo image283_zpsnolemewz

Gate seating area- very small and over crowded

photo image290_zps8aua3enx


photo image291_zps20ykui4k

photo image293_zps6blhaezg

photo image294_zps6eopxoqs

photo image296_zps6lqnt67b

photo image298_zpsep6k0mfv

photo image300_zpsctjwwv42

photo image302_zpsmfzv4yuq

photo image303_zpsmucxabwe

photo image304_zpsivoagq0e

photo image305_zpshhjdpyl3

Push back

photo image306_zpssao8k7ra

photo image309_zps3qjpzqzk

photo image310_zps2hpkypze

photo image312_zpsu7a6kcyy

photo image313_zpsnozwmtia

photo image314_zpsssbexyi4

Nice control tower

photo image315_zpsbh9ugtfg

photo image316_zpsmyxdsguj

photo image317_zps7ctynd5m

photo image320_zpswn7lpvx4

Take off

photo image321_zpsqhbimzv2

photo image322_zpsdhurcifz

photo image323_zpsbyhrhdfj

photo image324_zpsxlfnh2v3

photo image326_zpshi7aauns

photo image327_zpserwr9jb6

photo image328_zpstzluog0z

It was hazy over Vienna so I could not take nice pix

photo image330_zpszg8tkv1v

photo image332_zpsqegfg1l9

photo image333_zpswa7suw8r

photo image336_zps50mdv3lh

photo image337_zpsq8byorem

Meal service

photo image338_zpsvwffvl82

Amazingly tasty beef with spinach on the side

photo image339_zpsfqtzi186

Watching Harry Potter, which I love :)

photo image342_zpsby4mmdl0

photo image345_zpsu9mwdsgd

photo image346_zpsgtftldyp

photo image343_zpsagtkcr5w

Pre arrival snack- Turkey and cheese sandwich

photo image348_zps3fexlegs

photo image350_zpstxxlvpnc

Descending into Toronto

photo image353_zpsq31oyfh2

photo image355_zpstfdx4927

photo image359_zpswfa42jic

photo image362_zpsdeugfihf

photo image365_zpsvuyk40t0

photo image366_zpsrumbnovd

photo image368_zpsg2h4ldid

photo image370_zpsnwevevhu

photo image378_zpspc8ciqd9

Downtown Toronto

photo image379_zpsg3lhidhl

photo image381_zpsjouboqjn

photo image386_zpsvqeinou8

photo image387_zpsopivvbtq

photo image390_zps4sbm3bsh

photo image392_zpsudb4sati

photo image394_zps4uhfa91h

photo image395_zpsctzoihmd

photo image397_zpsqpxcfrx3

photo image398_zpsxurqel1c

photo image401_zpsaamskhog


photo image402_zpsyooi2btp

photo image403_zpshezcv4qv

photo image405_zpsfm83sufl

photo image407_zps11aktgnb

Looking down at the departures area

photo image408_zpscq10ppii

photo image410_zpso3dfsfew

photo image411_zpsojgqmpas

photo image412_zpst9mhskks

Long walkway to passport control

photo image414_zpszovpxqeq

photo image421_zpsy8g5bboj

Baggage hall

photo image422_zpsr021r4mi

photo image423_zpsshbvbaje

photo image425_zpseazswoe9

photo image426_zps49pldj8f

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Vienna - VIE


Toronto - YYZ



Overall a great flight by Austrian. Very clean and fresh cabin. Comfortable seats for economy with good legroom and seat width. Nice crew and the meal tasted good too. The IFE was great too. Unfortunately Vienna's airport was not what I expected. There is not much to do and the new pier G is too dark and plain with not much to do.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air Canada avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 9 heures et 27 minutes.

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  • Comment 131488 by
    Matt30 97 Comments
    Thank you for this great flight report !
  • Comment 131587 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this report!

    Vienna could definitely do with a remodeling, the place where you slept in G is looking quite retro with those weirdly shaped sofas.

    Catering looks good, but I would have expected OS to offer something a little bit more substantial for the pre-arrival meal. I know the second meal services on TATLs are continually deteriorating over the years, but offering a small salad cup and chips with the sandwich inside of a box would be better.

    As with your flight from DXB, cabin comfort looks good on the 763. There's a J-blanket in the exit row seat again ;)

    Thanks for this series, and welcome back to the frozen tundra of Canada.
    • Comment 312324 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks so much NGO85. Yes, I totally agree with you, the second service on most TATLs are going down. For sure a salad or chips added would make it much more appealing rather than a simple dry sandwich.

      lol, oh yes, that was so cool with the J blankets, very interesting to me. Thanks so much for the welcome too :)
  • Comment 131646 by
    Mathieu 2067 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report.

    My comments are :
    - Woow
    - I'm impressed by VIE, especially Pier G and its boarding rooms (they look very comfortable).
    - Moreover, VIE seems to have such a big traffic !
    - I like the filters you used on many pictures.
    - It's a pleasure to fly on this 767 configured in 2/3/2, more space.
    - Catering is ok, a bit light maybe.

    Is there any self snacking / bar area in galleys during the flight ?

    See you,
    • Comment 312373 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks so much Mathieu. Yes, Vienna pier G has very nice sleeping couches too, which is great for passengers.
      767 for sure has a very comfortable configuration and the seats were comfortable too.
      Actually I did not go to the galley. I should have gone though, I did not think of it, I wish I had gone to check it out :)

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