Review of Singapore Airlines flight Zurich Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ345
Class Business
Seat 96K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 12:25
Take-off 11 Mar 15, 10:35
Arrival at 12 Mar 15, 06:00
SQ   #3 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
Published on 3rd April 2015

Second leg of my Asian routing

  1. Tunis TUN - Zurich ZRH ( Tunis Air Eco, Boeing 737-600 )
  3. Zurich ZRH - Singapore SIN ( Singapore Airlines Affaires, Airbus A380-800 )
  4. [HERE]
  5. Singapore SIN - Kuala Lumpur KUL ( Malaysia Airlines Eco , Boeing 737-800 )
  6. [SOON]
  7. Kuala Lumpur KUL - Hong Kong HKG ( Malaysia Airlines Eco , Boeing 737-800 )
  8. [SOON]
  9. Hong Kong HKG - Singapore SIN ( Cathay Pacific Business , ??? déjà deux swappings )
  10. [SOON]
  11. Singapore SIN - Kuala Lumpur KUL (Malaysia Airlines Eco , Boeing 737-800 )
  12. [SOON]
  13. Kuala Lumpur KUL - Bangkok BKK (Malaysia Airlines Eco , Boeing 737-800 )
  14. [SOON]
  15. Bangkok BKK - Singapore SIN ( Cathay Pacific Eco, Airbus A330-300 )
  16. [SOON]
  17. Singapore SIN - Frankfurt FRA ( Singapore Airlines Affaires, Airbus A380-800 )
  18. [SOON]
  19. Frankfurt FRA - Tunis TUN ( Tunis Air Eco, Airbus A320 )
  20. [SOON]

I last left you upon arrival at Zurich airport

I stayed there and was looking for AirCanada881, my travelmate, for the next few segments.

He was coming from IST ( )

Here he is
photo SIN201503_0127

After a good night, hosted by a charming and lovely Guatemalan lady, we were back at the airport

The checkin was a breeze
photo SIN201503_0128

We were heading to the security check, passing through lengthy corridors
photo SIN201503_0129photo SIN201503_0131photo SIN201503_0132

Once airside let's go to the Senator LX Lounge
photo SIN201503_0133photo SIN201503_0146

The dragon, not really in a good mood, was trying to send us to the Panorama Lounge but we told her that we wanted to spend some time here first
The lounge is, as usual, overcrowded so we sent upstairs

The food offer is, as usual, very basic

Amarula on the right (Cheers EastAfrican !)
photo SIN201503_0142photo SIN201503_0143photo SIN201503_0144

I chose an Apfelschörle (tribute to Momolemomo)
photo SIN201503_0145

No Ze in this lounge

A Flight Reporter trying to shoot the ultimate picture ;)
photo SIN201503_0148

AirCanada881 thought that it was possible to do some spotting from Terminal E because the Panorama Lounge had terraces.
So we left this dull lounge
Panorama lounge is hosting a lot of companies but unfortunately in winter the terraces are closed :(
photo SIN201503_0161

The food offer was very similar to that of the Senator's

The restrooms were shared with the airport passengers and they were especially dirty
photo SIN201503_0160

We temporarily left the lounge trying to spot

I liked this 787 EY, gorgeous with its new livery

I had a look at our boarding gate
photo SIN201503_0164photo SIN201503_0165photo SIN201503_0166

Our grouper was already there
photo SIN201503_0167photo SIN201503_0168photo SIN201503_0181

On the other terminal side there was some action with this Helvetics taking off
photo SIN201503_0170

Or this UA ready to go
photo SIN201503_0171

Or this A346 TG who will arrive way before me in the capital of Siam
photo SIN201503_0172

The flight was scheduled on time, fortunately because I wasn't able to wait any longer to enter this den of pleasure
photo SIN201503_0173

Incredible! They dare sell off such a prestigious perfume !!!
photo SIN201503_0174

UA was flying back to the USA
photo SIN201503_0177

And this LX was taking off
photo SIN201503_0178

Back to the lounge
photo SIN201503_0186

My choice (not really good) with a glass of Apfelschörle
photo SIN201503_0187

Still no Ze here :(
photo SIN201503_0188

Finally The boarding was beginning and we were among the first pax to board after the Suites' pax
9V-SKP, our A380-800 Airbus, first flight was on 22/07/2011
photo SIN201503_0189photo SIN201503_0190

The jetbridge allowed us to take more photos
photo SIN201503_0191photo SIN201503_0193

Smiling FAs were greeting the passengers
photo SIN201503_0197

Impressive this All Business upper deck
photo SIN201503_0198

An Asian Flight Reporter
photo SIN201503_0199photo SIN201503_0200photo SIN201503_0201

My FA was already being hogged by my travelmate lol
photo SIN201503_0202

There was only one row of seats after the last exit row
photo SIN201503_0205

My seat (couch) for (only)the next few hours
photo SIN201503_0208

View from my seat
photo SIN201503_0209

More of a couch anyway
photo SIN201503_0210

The two storage bins on the side
photo SIN201503_0211photo SIN201503_0212

Even if this seat is a bit narrow than the others due to the curvature of the plane, there is still a wide foot rest, much better than the cubby holes in most of the seats
photo SIN201503_0213

The menu

I couldn't say no at the offer of this perfect Taittinger Prélude champagne
photo SIN201503_0219

The wine list

A hot towel was handed (there were a lot of them during the flight)
photo SIN201503_0225

Seat pocket stuff
photo SIN201503_0226

Safety card
photo SIN201503_0227

Seat remote
photo SIN201503_0228

Well well ! What is happening on the other side of the cabin ?
photo SIN201503_0229

Hmm it seems that there was a naughty boy there and to keep him quiet, only two solutions:
- Giving him a spanking (but that will be later in BKK)
- Telling him a terrible history and making scary gestures lol
photo SIN201503_0230

Well he ended up behaving thus deserving to be photographed ;)
photo SIN201503_0232

Pushing back : 3 nice red tails
photo SIN201503_0234

Security video
photo SIN201503_0236

Taking off
photo SIN201503_0237photo SIN201503_0241photo SIN201503_0244

Very cloudy
photo SIN201503_0248

But the sun was coming
photo SIN201503_0249

The flight time was displayed on the remote control
photo SIN201503_0250

The wing…
photo SIN201503_0252photo SIN201503_0253

If you looked closely at this picture you'd see a trail of smoke
photo SIN201503_0254

it was them
photo SIN201503_0256

They flew in parallel with our grouper for quite a while
photo SIN201503_0258

Nice view to have a drink
photo SIN201503_0264

But it was farewell time
photo SIN201503_0265

Tribute to Leadership
photo SIN201503_0267

Much better with a wing inside
photo SIN201503_0268

Ha pretty small bubbles
photo SIN201503_0269

And then were the satays… yummy
photo SIN201503_0270

Satay with cucumber, onion and spicy peanut sauce
photo SIN201503_0271

More satays Sir ? Who could say no ! :)
photo SIN201503_0273

Then the table was prepared and the appetizer was offered
photo SIN201503_0274

Garlic bread : the best of all airlines
photo SIN201503_0278

It's not so hard to have a decent looking butter spread is it ? ;)
photo SIN201503_0279

Parma Ham with roasted vegetables-orzo pasta salad
photo SIN201503_0277

Of course it's good and fresh ;)

Nice cutlery
photo SIN201503_0280photo SIN201503_0281

the towel with a buttonhole
photo SIN201503_0283

Beautiful salt and pepper shakers
photo SIN201503_0284

Then a FA was coming to offer us a glass of Dom Pérignon
photo SIN201503_0285

Still with a wing inside it's more delightful
photo SIN201503_0294

My entree
Coq au vin style free range chicken with young vegetables and endive gratin
photo SIN201503_0286

The Georges Blanc's dish is wonderful: tender chicken meat, an endive gratin and onions to die for, all in a tasty sauce
photo SIN201503_0287

That was so good that I had to taste another one
Grilled beef with onion herb sauce, asparagus, capellini pasta with vegetables
photo SIN201503_0299

Not as good as the first dish but great anyway with meat that melted in your mouth
photo SIN201503_0298photo SIN201503_0301

And a small dessert to end this lunch, one of the best meal I had in an airplane, whatever the class
White chocolate and passion fruits cremeux
photo SIN201503_0305

Usually SQ desserts are average but on this flight it has been said that everything had to be perfect and it was especially so because it wasn't too sweet contrary to my thoughts at first glance
photo SIN201503_0303

A bottle of water was handed out and the cabin became dark except the last row, where two stubborn geeks were continuing to enjoy the scenery
photo SIN201503_0306photo SIN201503_0308

And the scenery was especially beautiful at that time
photo SIN201503_0310photo SIN201503_0311photo SIN201503_0320

Seeing this picture, AirCanada881's mother said that we had found Noah's ark lol

My travelmate is also enjoying the scenery

During the entire flight the FAs were offering food and beverage
photo SIN201503_0334

Here we were and the sun was going down

I was admiring the sunset listening to captivating music too
photo SIN201503_0384

All in all I became hungry and it was time to enjoy the light (yes light) bites
What better way to start than with a Thai specialty
Tom yam noodles with prawn and vegetables
photo SIN201503_0398

I'm still drooling only looking at the picture
photo SIN201503_0396

My other interest was a Swiss specialty
Pastorello cheese baguette with Swiss air-dried beef and pear
photo SIN201503_0402

The sweet/salty is a bit surprising but it was quite good ;)
Time was flowing too quickly and we were already here
photo SIN201503_0407

An orange juice to rehydrate
photo SIN201503_0406

And breakfast time was coming
I was happy to share it with a new companion
photo SIN201503_0409

Sliced fresh fruit
photo SIN201503_0410

The croissant was pretty good by airline standards
photo SIN201503_0412

The cutlery
photo SIN201503_0413photo SIN201503_0415

The towel with a buttonhole
photo SIN201503_0414

Yo, move on Nicki to accompany us to the approach in the dark before landing
I recommend the song Only if you want to have crazy emotions in this environment
photo SIN201503_0416

photo SIN201503_0418photo SIN201503_0419

The highlight of the breakfast, my Book the Cook choice, wow I'm still dreaming of it!
Fresh and crispy Swiss Roesti served with smoked Balik salmon and chives crème fraiche
photo SIN201503_0421

Preparation of the aircraft for landing :(
photo SIN201503_0425photo SIN201503_0426

The lights of the boats
photo SIN201503_0427

A last look at my seat (yes Esteban everything is in order !)
photo SIN201503_0428

A 77W arrived shortly before us
photo SIN201503_0430

Thanks a lot 9V-SKP
photo SIN201503_0429photo SIN201503_0431photo SIN201503_0436
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

SWISS Senator Lounge A - A


Zurich - ZRH


Singapore - SIN



This was one of the best SQ flight I had: probably because the back of the cabin was almost empty

So we enjoyed attentive service (more than attentive for my companion lol) and could also sleep in the aisle seats keeping the window seat as chair (couch)

Adding a quality of catering that I rarely had, a new high in my flight experiences especially with SQ..

As usual SQ girls and boys were perfect, they did not hesitate to start a conversation, always smiling, and of course ubiquitous

IFE is one of the best

The seat / chair: for me the best business seat, hands down and not ready to be matched even by some First class seats

Punctuality: on time ... I should have put 0!

ZRH : Average, very average and so were the lounges far from what we could expect from such an important city

SIN : I like the airport especially on arrival

See you soon ... for something not so good :(

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 12 heures et 17 minutes.

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