Review of Iran Air flight Tehran London in Economy

Airline Iran Air
Flight IR711
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Boeing 747-100
Flight time 06:15
Take-off 20 Aug 07, 08:45
Arrival at 20 Aug 07, 12:30
IR 25 reviews
Published on 13th April 2015
Hi all,

This is one of my retro trip reports that I wanted to share here from my trip from Tehran to London with Iran Air back in August 2009.

To see Tehran’s airport recent pictures you can visit my Trip report from Tehran to Kuwait City back in January 2015 at the link below:

Tehran to Kuwait- Kuwait Airways:

The cover pic is by one of the Persian spotters in Iran - Mehrdad Watson- and I just love this pic with Iran Air's beautiful Homa Bird livery

photo EP-IAC-Iran-Air-Boeing-747SP_PlanespottersNet_572709_zpski9vq2qm

First I'm including some retro pictures of Tehran airport from back in 2009 and you can see BMI and KLM that used to serve Tehran too:

Iran Air Crew

photo X00948066515

photo 2008_9_2_img633559675684218750

photo L00948066312

by Vinay

photo vinay

photo 1_8712031609_L600

photo 2_8712031609_L600

photo 7_8712031609_L600

Some pictures from Tehran Airport's Website

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

by Vinay-Dullahbank

photo 4

photo dullahbank

photo d

photo d4

photo d2

photo 62027-1218784034-1-l

photo 62027-1217844331-15-l

Now back to my trip report. The quality of pictures are not that great but it’s not that bad neither :)

We arrived at the airport around 5:30 AM, the check in hall at IKA:

photo Picture772

photo Picture773

photo Picture775

photo Picture776

photo Picture777

photo Picture778

photo Picture779

photo Picture780

photo Picture781

photo Picture782

photo Picture783

photo Picture784

photo Picture785

Passport Control

photo Picture774

After the Passport Control looking towards passport control

photo Picture797

Iran Air Crew

photo Picture798

photo Picture800

An observation area

photo Picture786

photo Picture787

photo Picture788

photo Picture789

photo Picture790

photo Picture791

photo Picture792

This central food court has a restaurant and coffee shop

photo Picture795

photo Picture796

And some shops selling Persian handicrafts and souvenirs

photo Picture801

photo Picture817

photo Picture818

photo Picture819

photo Picture820

photo Picture821

photo Picture822

photo Picture823

photo Picture824

photo Picture825

photo Picture834

photo Picture838

photo Picture839

photo Picture845

photo Picture836

photo Picture837

photo Picture840

photo Picture843

photo Picture844

photo Picture846

Again some more pix of people passing the passport control

photo Picture852

More crew

photo Picture849

photo Picture827

photo Picture826

Going down to lounges area and another observation area

photo Picture803

photo Picture804

photo Picture813

photo Picture814

photo Picture808

photo Picture809

photo Picture807

photo Picture847

photo Picture848

Going Back up

photo Picture816

photo Picture828

photo Picture829

photo Picture830

photo Picture815

photo Picture817

photo Picture853

photo Picture841

photo Picture842

photo Picture855

photo Picture850

photo Picture851

photo Picture854

Walking towards gate, you have to pass another security check before going to the gates

photo Picture859

photo Picture860

photo Picture861

photo Picture862

photo Picture863

photo Picture864

photo Picture865

photo Picture866

photo Picture867

photo Picture868

photo Picture870

Although the gate bridge was empty, our aircraft had been parked away and we were bussed to the plane

photo Picture871

photo Picture872

photo Picture873

photo Picture874

Amazing views of apron with very nice aircrafts

photo Picture875

photo Picture876

photo Picture877

photo Picture878

photo Picture879

photo Picture880

photo Picture881

photo Picture882

photo Picture883

photo Picture884

photo Picture885

photo Picture886

photo Picture887

photo Picture888

This is our plane, such a beauty

photo Picture889

photo Picture890

photo Picture891

photo Picture892

photo Picture893

photo Picture894

photo Picture896


photo Picture897

photo Picture898

photo Picture900-1

photo Picture902

photo Picture905

photo Picture906

Ready for take off

photo Picture907

photo Picture908

photo Picture909

photo Picture910

photo Picture911

The whole terminal is visible here

photo Picture912-1

photo Picture913

photo Picture914

You can't see Tehran when you take off as the city is far

photo Picture915

photo Picture916

About an hour later, the breakfast service started

photo Picture928-1

photo Picture942

photo untitled-4

photo tyrty

Breakfast- The main Iranian breakfast is cheese with walnuts and bread, jams are very popular too but cheese and bread and walnut are more popular. Hot tea and coffee was also being served as well

photo Picture929

photo Picture934

I love this refreshing tissue and I still have it and it looks as new as the first day. Pretty much I love anything with Iran Air's logo on it. IMO, Iran Air has one of the nicest liveries and I love the Homa Bird on it.

photo Picture937

This is the Homa Bird that is painted on Iran Air's Tail, It's a legendary lucky bird and as you can see it's a statue in the most historic site of Iran, the Persepolis palace dating back to more than 2500 years ago near the city of Shiraz, This is where Persian empire was established and this palace was used by those kings.

photo Picture954

Around 2 hours prior to landing the lunch was served.

Such an amazing and tasty dish of rice with steak like beef kabob pieces, very generous portion and very appetizing, with a tuna salad and a piece of cake along with cold drinks and bread

photo Picture961

photo Picture971

In Iran Air ladies are not supposed to remove their veil (scarf) but these Iranian ladies and many others did anyways, as people of Iran try to protest the enforced dress code by the government as much as they can

photo Picture972

photo Picture973

Approaching London- like all others we had to circle around London couple of times before landing

photo Picture974

photo Picture975

photo Picture978

photo Picture979

Passing over Canary Wharf- very nice views

photo Picture980

photo Picture981

photo Picture982

photo Picture983

Heathrow- Parked next to MEA and TK- both in older version of their liveries

photo Picture1000

photo Picture1001

A very cool view of our plane- such a great and fun flight

photo Picture1005

London - Going to passport control

photo Picture1009

photo Picture1010

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)
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Iran Air

Cabin crew9.0

Tehran - IKA


London - LHR



Such a great and nice flight by Iran Air. Very nice, professional and friendly crew. Amazing service. They provided 2 main meals for this 6:30 hours flight from Tehran to London and each one was great. Seats were comfortable and the legroom was ok.

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The airline with the best average rating is Iran Air with 7.7/10.

The average flight time is 6 hours and 21 minutes.

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  • Comment 133974 by
    oriolgutierrez 20 Comments

    Great FR on a very beautiful and uncommon aircraft nowadays!
    It looks like you had an overall positive experience.

  • Comment 133991 by
    Alcam 2087 Comments

    Thanks indeed for is very complete and unusual report.
    Long before the birth of this site, you already had all the codes to perform a nice report! I agree with you, the livery is very nice with the homa bird. I did not know the symbol, thanks cor sharing

  • Comment 134008 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you so much for this interesting gem of a report with wonderful spotting throughout.

    I would love to fly IR one of these days because it reminds me of how airlines used to be and this timeless quality has remained untouched. It's amazing to see how well kept their Boeing fleet are despite the embargo that Iran has experienced for so long. If anything, this is only an example that attests to the resourcefulness of the people in the face of adversity. The homa bird is such an iconic symbol.

    I see that a lot of men in uniforms do not wear a tie. Is that a symbolic gesture against corrupt Westernization? Yet it seems that jeans are popular.

    Catering looks great and of course you can't go wrong with steak and delicious rice for lunch. It puts to shame what other more modern carriers serve in the back on transatlantic flights (with the exception of TK and KL of course). ;)

    • Comment 313974 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments

      Thanks so much Jetsetpanda. Yes, IR has been preserving their planes well and I hope the sanctions be lifted soon on them.
      In Iran, men in the government jobs or public sectors, Iran Air falls under that,are not allowed to wear ties and if they do they get fired. But men wear them in private firms or in parties or weddings. The government is struggling to enforce the dress code over people such as scarf and overcoat that is required for women in public places, but in some places you have no choice but to play along with the government.

  • Comment 134420 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5399 Comments

    Thanks so much for sharing this very unique retro report! Reports on Iran Air are kind of rare. The service seems great with two full meals. The cabin is old school, but older seats are usually more comfortable anyway. Great shots of London on arrival--that's one of the advantages of circling to land at LHR. Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 134887 by
    Wingslover 672 Comments

    I can't believe I missed this wonderful report!

    Everything males me dreaming. The country (Iran), the airline, the aircraft,... Everything! I just love less common countries and airlines!

    Well done man! Thanks! :D

  • Comment 423713 by
    thejetflyer SILVER 119 Comments

    Thanks for such a lovely detailed report. I can't wait to fly IranAir ! My initials are their 2 letter code IR !

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