Review of Aeroflot flight Moscow St. Petersburg in Economy

Airline Aeroflot
Flight SU841
Class Economy
Seat 19A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 15 Jun 11, 11:40
Arrival at 15 Jun 11, 13:00
SU 106 reviews
Published on 16th April 2015
Hi all,

This is one of my retro FRs about my flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal D

photo image001_zps3ijrymij

Terminal E visible from outside

photo image002_zpsaaao8v3j

photo image003_zpsbbrcq1lc

photo image044_zps6shoxs46

Interesting picture on the wall, when you walk by them the people in the image clap for you :)

photo image042_zpsxlg5v1cj

photo image043_zps3rzody3r

photo image041_zpswk6ciqct

Aeroflot crews hanging out

photo image040_zpsl21zogxy


photo image004_zpsmviimuzy

Plane spotting in the terminal

photo image005_zpsj4hl6iiw

photo image006_zpsbz2wjt5f

photo image007_zpstuh6mnzr

photo image008_zpsbsqrxalg

photo image009_zps1crnhrrz

photo image010_zpscl4bxcni

photo image011_zps1lcgzbn1

photo image012_zpsf6o9qhxf

photo image013_zps4kwk6qnn

photo image014_zps9d9p7yua

photo image015_zps7zvnvmbk

photo image016_zpsr1h9hwdi

photo image017_zps8fcdp5oo

photo image018_zpsq5ybtfvl

photo image019_zpslkq1md0d

Boarding our plane

photo image020_zpsfhxszovd


photo image039_zpsvz5u5m3s

photo image021_zpskdxyhxef

photo image022_zpsimeumvjr


photo image023_zpsvz7sbntm

photo image024_zpsf7rw0iau

photo image025_zpscziscw8u

Take off

photo image026_zpsbjmv4nen

photo image027_zpsxz2vsvke

photo image028_zps6edw7bcg

photo image029_zpszmfwmnwk

Ostankino Tower in the distance

photo image030_zpsjbiyxfpt

Moscow's high rise area in the distance

photo image031_zpsm4rioose

photo image032_zps2nv4gwdi

photo image033_zpsxxasdasf

There was a snack sandwhich served but I did not take any pix of it- around 1 hour later we started our descend into St. Petersburg

photo image034_zpsiqdxuevm

photo image035_zpskfoyizii

photo image036_zpsvsvsgbix

photo image037_zpsw9ezn5no

photo image038_zpsixoafwpm

Some pictures from Moscow

Very cute Russian Matryoshka dolls in Izmailovsky Market

photo image046_zps0zmqvmpn

photo image052_zpssoxqgyna

photo image047_zpsnoodmava

photo image048_zpsl3c8esib

photo image049_zps1mf6xvgp

photo image050_zpsrxqt8bf6

photo image051_zps9qs1ar3t

photo image054_zpsufdsmndl

photo image058_zpsxva9hlyk

photo image057_zpsuoyxwbo3

photo image059_zpsrdavprun

Russian Exhibitions Grounds

photo image055_zps08rrgsaz

photo image056_zps8saorpiv

photo image060_zpsbbortqpw

Gum shopping center

photo image062_zpsw2sagjpu

photo image045_zpse7iiu8f9

St. Basil Cathedral

photo image061_zpso2kx4dkr

Inside the cathedral

photo image063_zpsjsjz5mdh

photo image064_zps5csslff6

Views from it

photo image065_zpse0gb9sq4

photo image066_zpshjdljo7z

photo image067_zpsmoxcnct1

photo image068_zpsmn8flg2g

photo image083_zpsnyafajvu

photo image082_zpso3wg9rby

photo image069_zpszolfnnuk

Wide streets- 10 lanes

photo image076_zpskq9k04im

Ostankino Tower

photo image080_zpsiybngulm

photo image081_zpszswdehb1

photo image077_zpsiym44aml

Huge Matriyoshkas in a shopping centre

photo image078_zpsgpm4topn

photo image079_zpslet2htvp

photo image071_zpskobmsgn8

photo image072_zpsvgar9krr

Arbat Pedestrian Street

photo image074_zpsmyclxllf

photo image075_zpstx4p6nv3

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Cabin crew8.0

Moscow - SVO


St. Petersburg - LED



Overall a great flight by Aerolfot, seats were very comfortable and the cabin looked great. Crew were nice and overall it was a nice experience.

Information on the route Moscow (SVO) St. Petersburg (LED)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 4 reviews of 2 airlines on the route Moscow (SVO) → St. Petersburg (LED).


The airline with the best average rating is Aeroflot with 6.9/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 13 minutes.

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  • Comment 134150 by
    Mathieu 2081 Comments

    Hey !
    Thanks a lot for sharing this retro flight report.
    I really like the SU's Livery.
    It was a good flight.
    Thanks for the bonus !
    See you,

  • Comment 134196 by
    flywunala 158 Comments

    Good FR. Well done. The more exotic the more interesting. Great bonus pictures too !

  • Comment 134199 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this interesting report.

    SU's livery reminds me so much of the old AM livery.

    Was that a special livery SU with the snowflakes instead of the Russian flag on the tail? (you had zoomed in on a bunch of SU tails in the picture I'm referring to)

    The westernization of the SU fleet looks complete based on your spotting. Their cabins, however, do not look so appealing with those blue seats.

    Speaking of the cabin. Were you on an A320? Why were there lavatories mid-cabin? Looks more like an A321.

    I love the difference between SVO and LED, one is new and modern and the other is straight out of the communist era.

    Russia is a place I have an interest in visiting, but political volatility in that region make me think it's better to wait.

    • Comment 314147 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments

      Thank you NG086, actually I don't remember if it was A320 or 21 as it was awhile back and I did not use to take that much detailed pictures back then. Yes, you are so right about the difference between SVO and LED, and for sure it's nice that SU has been able to modernize their fleet.

      As for the plane with the snow flake livery I think it was called Nordavia airlines, the livery looks very similar to SU though.

  • Comment 134203 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing another beautiful report.

    The SU crew uniform is quite colorful. I guess that is good because you can't miss them in case of an emergency. Gosh, I feel that I need to wear sunglasses when looking at them.

    Nice bonus of Moscow. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems that on one of the pics two guys are holding hands. I know that in Russia it is customary for men to kiss on the mouth but is holding hand also a common practice?

    • Comment 314148 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments

      Thanks jetsetpanda, yes the crew uniform colour is indeed very unique and I really liked it. ,

      As for those menI don't think they are holding hands in that pic as I did not see any men holding hands, about kissing that's very interesting to know, I had no idea about that one :)

    • Comment 314155 by
      jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

      Then you are a more talented photographer than I expected. ;)

      For all the reputation that the French get in matters that relate to the heart and that condition called love, it seems that the Russians are more passionate when it comes to kissing.

      Perhaps you might find this article enlightening about this Russian custom.

    • Comment 314157 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments

      Very cool, thanks for sharing actually in Iran and the whole middle east region men friends or family members kiss each other on cheeks too when they see each other. That's very cool IMO.

  • Comment 134425 by
    lagentsecret 12388 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Interesting and colourful bonus

    See you soon

  • Comment 134661 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5847 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this new retro report! Although, not that retro...just a few years old. I don't know why, but despite your nice report, I still have absolutely no desire to fly Aeroflot. It just doesn't seem appealing to me. The Seats do look comfortable, however. Although I'm not a fan of that shade of blue. Great aerial pics and bonus pics as usual!

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