Review of Hong Kong Airlines flight Shanghai Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Hong Kong Airlines
Flight HX239
Class Economy
Seat 41A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 03 Jul 14, 18:50
Arrival at 03 Jul 14, 22:30
HX 24 reviews
Alex Chan
By 3144
Published on 2nd May 2015
Time for another flight report here. This time is HX239 from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

Strict rules for photo during immigration so i don't have photos for their slow immigration.

After the security check, the aircraft that comes up to my eye is that cute hello kitty jet. However, SHA is really not a spotters-friendly airport with those narrow windows
photo 2014-07-03 16.55.27

Quality of my iPhone isn't very good. Asiana Airlines 767 taxing into the gate from Gimpo. The connection between 4 major asia regional airports are rocketing for the past few years TSA-SHA-GMP-HND

photo 2014-07-03 17.03.34

The ground crew announces for the inbound flight delay due to flow control of Shanghai Area. After a 1.5 hrs delay, the aircraft finally arrived
photo 2014-07-03 17.43.18

Boarding procedure started very quickly as crew may want to reduce the delay time
A China Eastern A321 parking next to our aircraft
photo 2014-07-03 18.56.02

The AVOD turned on from the beginning, so i can check which movies suit me. Shame that a Hong Kong-based airline is providing Simplified Chinese UI instead of Traditional Chinese.
photo 2014-07-03 19.10.54

The cabin crew do not allow me to take photos during take off, so it is not available this time.

The meal service started 15 mins after take-off, the portion is a little small for this flight as it is dinner time
photo 2014-07-03 20.20.42

Only one choice: Duck breast rice with peas
photo 2014-07-03 20.21.04

I fall asleep very soon after the meal, time flies when you fly. The giant A330 cannot use gate this time, but i actually preferred outer bay. Look at the engine
photo 2014-07-03 22.18.02

Baggage claim is always fast in HKG
photo 2014-07-03 22.31.06

Some bonus photos when i go visit the COMAC for their new C919 and ARJ21 models only

photo IMG_63722photo IMG_63754
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Hong Kong Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Shanghai - SHA


Hong Kong - HKG



The delay in China is really a nightmare



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6739 Comments
    Hi and Thanks for sharing this second report! I've enjoyed my experiences on HX in the past so it's always good to see reports on them. Perhaps they used simplified Chinese because the planes are ordered by parent company Hainan? A few tips for future reports--as you can probably see, horizontal pics work best for the flight. Also, you may want to blur your family name, ticket number, or any other kind of personal information from the Boarding pass pic as this is a public forum and you never know someone could possibly access your personal information. Better safe than sorry :-)
    • Comment 315440 by
      Alex Chan AUTHOR 12 Comments
      Its ok for the boarding pass since only my name is showed. I dont join any ffp of hx so no member number in that. I try to rotate the photo to horizontal by photoshop but when i upload the photo it turn back again. There are a few reports to come in June since i will travel with UO and BR.
    • Comment 315769 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6739 Comments
      Your Boarding Pass also has your flight information including date, and more importantly, your ticket number. The Record Locator in on there too, but it's blurry so you can't see it, which is good. Just know that sometimes, name and ticket number is enough to access a reservation which contains personal information like phone number, address etc.

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