Review of Tiger Airways flight Puerto Princesa Manila in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight DG7067
Class Economy
Seat 15F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 02 May 15, 07:30
Arrival at 02 May 15, 08:30
TR 39 reviews
By 1672
Published on 24th May 2015

It has been a while since my last report, this is a continuation of this three (supposed to be four) part series. Dont worry though, as I have something in store for you….

And as I have promised from my last report, I have a tourist bonus (Yay!)

When we arrived from PPS, we immediately boarded our van to El Nido.
photo RIMG00361
And after a 6 Hour ride, we were here, and first order of business: Dinner…

We had our first dinner in El Nido at El Nido Boutique and Artcafe, the food were good,but not excellent.
photo RIMG0036

We took our hotel's island hopping tours, it is worth noting that there are four different tours, namely Tour A,B,C and D. Tours A&C has the highest demand, but if you want peace and quiet, you could take Tour B or D. I just picked random shots.
photo RIMG0080photo RIMG0076photo RIMG0072
After 3 days of that, we then took their inland tours..

Nacpan Twin Beach- The view was stunning
photo RIMG0475
And Las Cabanas- The sunset was lovely while having dinner
photo RIMG0585photo RIMG0586photo RIMG0606
We then spent our last day there by eating lobsters
photo RIMG0648photo RIMG0638
El Nido has beautiful beaches but you should not expect big malls and sprawling resorts, just the beach and humble establishments

Before going back to the City Center of Puerto Princesa, we went to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River
photo RIMG0698photo RIMG0702
After spending a day at Puerto Princesa, we went to Dos Palmas, a famous resort here in Palawan. You need to take a ride to Honda Bay, and a two hour boat ride to the resort

Here is our villa
photo RIMG1513photo RIMG1525
The water is so pristine
photo RIMG1036
I went scuba diving there, it was my first time ;)
photo RIMG1355photo RIMG1352photo RIMG1351

After that, its time to go back to Puerto Princesa one again…

We had dinner at Ka Lui the night before our departure. Make sure to book reservations as the restaurant is jam packed during dinner.
photo RIMG1649
I loved the ambiance
photo RIMG1629photo RIMG1630
This centerpiece is beautiful!
photo RIMG1628
I think there's a live band here but unfortunately they didn't perform that night.
photo RIMG1632
I haven't tried this ceviche though
photo RIMG1601
I don't usually like tuna but this was juicy and flavorful.
photo RIMG1599
The fish in coconut sauce was excellent, I think this was the star for the night!
photo RIMG1617
And oh, I forgot the lobster, there are so many lobsters in Palawan.
photo RIMG1579
Fruits, anyone?
photo RIMG1623
Who wouldn't love these lovely decorations?
photo RIMG1647

Trip Proper
Unfortunately, this was one of the last flights of Tigerair Philippines, as I have discovered a week later, its branding was changed to Cebgo. DG is still a part of Cebu Pacific though
And after a good night's sleep, its time to go back home….

Here at the airport
photo RIMG1652
Nothing much here at check in except for a long queue of people(Believe it'll take you two hours at most)….
photo RIMG1654
And some shops…
photo RIMG1655
I've got to say the airport is clean, but it doesn't look really architecturally exciting, I mean it's just white, compared to other international airports…
photo RIMG1658
The kid's area is a nice touch though
photo RIMG1659
And a TV to keep us company…
photo RIMG1660
Since this is a one storey airport, its pretty hard to do plane spotting inside the terminal, so I have to do it outside, but only our plane was visible, I guess other flights have departed already…
photo RIMG1663
I liked the fact that there was noone to scold me about not taking pictures of the plane ;)
photo RIMG1664
And yup, that's the boring cover photo…
photo RIMG1665
And after a while, we took off..
photo RIMG1674
BOB commences, I usually buy BOB every time I fly with a LCC, so for this time, I ordered Blu (Flavored Water), a Cheese Roll, and a Pizza bun. All were good, but it could be better if they serve hot meals, or at least, hot sandwiches.
photo RIMG1676photo RIMG1675
It isn't champagne, but well, I still have to take a picture of this…
photo RIMG1677
Here's their magazine, it's pretty thick
photo RIMG1685
The legroom is tight, but I don't feel any cramps, but I guess if this kind of seat was used for a long haul flight, then I guess it would hurt a little…
photo RIMG1666
The view….
photo RIMG1687

Well, after this my camera died (That was why I don't have any pictures of the fourth installment)… So I'm just gonna narrate the landing part

Landing was pretty bumpy, and the Airport looked like a chaos…… Nothing much to share…

If I have to compare between Cebu Pacific and PAL, it will be Cebu Pacific by a teeny bit. They don't have much differences, but Cebu Pacific's fares are usually cheaper than PAL's, and besides, why would I pay more for a cup of water and a pack of biscuits?? Besides, you can have a wider choice from buying from the menu but it will cost more. But as I have said, the fare is cheaper than PAL. Yeah, Full Service carriers have an advantage for international flights but LCCs have the upper hand in short routes

Anyways, that's the last installment, if you have any clarifications or questions, just put them on the comments section

Thanks for reading!!!
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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Puerto Princesa - PPS


Manila - MNL



A pretty good flight with Tigerair Philippines
Seat=Your regular LCC seat, comfortable though ;)
Crew=Somewhat robotic, but smiling (Does that even make sense???)
Catering= Good, but better if they will serve hot meals
IFE= Nothing visible, but a 180 Page magazine is good for a LCC
OTP= Departed on time, Landed on time
If I were to compare Cebu Pacific/Tigerair with PAL for domestic, I think I'll recommend Cebu Pacific because there isn't much of a difference in service and comfort...

PPS- Mediocre, but the airport seemed plain, but at least it is clean
MNL T4- It's your regular NAIA airport that everyone patronizes... Very chaotic, and the highway has very heavy traffic...



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