Review of Brussels Airlines flight Brussels Lyon in Economy

Airline Brussels Airlines
Flight SN3591
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 22 May 15, 17:10
Arrival at 22 May 15, 18:20
SN   #81 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 258 reviews
By 2295
Published on 26th May 2015
Hi everybody !

I used to write my flight report in french. But this time I wanna write in english to present the new building in Brussels Airport call the Connector. He connect, like his name, the departure/arrival hall to the Terminal A ( the european terminal). And also present Brussels Airlines to our non-european reporter.

This is a simple flight from Brussels to Lyon. I'm going to see a friend for this long weekend of May.
This simple flight is also my 100th flight and my 40th report :)

    Brussels (BRU) - Lyon (LYS) , Brussels Airline, Airbus A319, Economy Lyon (LYS) - Brussels, Brussels Airline, Airbus A319, Economy (Will follow)

My flight is at 4:45 pm and I don't have luggage so I arrive like 1 hour before around 3:40 pm.
photo P1090652

The departure hall with the old school FIDS, well know at Brussels :)
photo P1090653

My flight is on time so no problem ! I gonna take my ticket to the star alliance self-terminal,
photo P1090654photo P1090655

After that let's go discover the new Connector ! It's the first time for me too, he just open in March this year.
Let' go this way,
photo P1090656photo P1090657photo P1090658

Just before enter, a check for your BP,
photo P1090659

Welcome to the new Connector ! I find this new building beautiful, spacious and luminous. Just after the BP check, the priority lane, for us his after,
photo P1090660photo P1090661

There are a lot of control open so it's going fast,
photo P1090662

After the control, you have a good view on the tarmac, with on the right the international terminal call B. They still left just the EY and QR flight and a SN to Manchester this side,
photo P1090663

To the other side the european terminal call A. At this time of the day, it's really like a desert ^^
photo P1090665

Let's continue the visit, after the control we have to go to the left,
photo P1090664

The FIDS, my flight still on time but I don't have my gate for the moment. I have to wait until 4pm. So I arrived at 3:40pm at the airport and I'm airside at 3:53 :). That's really faster than the old way !
photo P1090666photo P1090667

A general view, that's look nice ! Let's go !
photo P1090668

But before we have to go down and cross the new duty free,

After that, it's a really good surprise. Much better than before ! Luminous, spacious !
photo P1090674photo P1090675

The new symbol of BRU, the Tintin rocket !
photo P1090676

A ERJ arrive from Bristol, operated by SN, but with a BMI aircraft,
photo P1090678

To the terminal A is this way, the T gates are for the African flight of SN and they are at the end of the terminal A,
photo P1090679

Last view of the Connector with a sushi bar on the left,
photo P1090680

Now, we arrive in the old part and it remains in work.
photo P1090681photo P1090682

This shop it's like a signature for me ^^. The favorite of my girlfriend but not from my credit card ^^
photo P1090683
I finally arrive in the Terminal A, it's now 4pm ! My gate is the A52,
photo P1090687

Toyota has the honor today,
photo P1090684

Welcome to the terminal A, I like it! Luminous and spacious :)
photo P1090685photo P1090688

After the Toyota, we gain a level with the Audi,
photo P1090689

Arrived at my gate,
photo P1090699

I can see my plane. Today I have OO-SSU, a special A319 because he has 2 emergency doors over the wing,
photo P1090690photo P1090691

Next to my gate, there is a Mercedes,
photo P1090692

I think this flight will be full,
photo P1090698

The 787 QR is leaving,
photo P1090694-2photo P1090695-2photo P1090697-2

The new seats have plug and usb,
photo P1090693

The boarding start at 4:40pm so I think we will be late ! Just next to us, a A320 SN just arrived,
photo P1090702photo P1090701

Last view on our plane,
photo P1090703

That's right we are flying from Brussels,
photo P1090704

Arrived at my place, check of the pitch,
photo P1090706

The view for the next hour,
photo P1090705

The boarding ends quietly,
photo P1090707

It's always important to read the safety card,
photo P1090708photo P1090709

Push back at 5pm so 15min delay,
photo P1090710

A cousin from EasyJet pass just before us,
photo P1090711

During the taxiway I can catch this B737 JetairFly,
photo P1090712

The C-130 Hercule of the Belgian Air Force,
photo P1090713

The EasyJet is going away,
photo P1090714

A Falcon 50 of the Belgian Air Force is landing,
photo P1090715

A Cesna Citation is taking off and it's our turn just after him,
photo P1090716

Today we will use the 25R as usual,
photo P1090717photo P1090718

Bye bye Brussels !

Just after the take off when the weather isn't too bad, you can see the National Stadium King Bauduin Stadium and the Atomium,
photo P1090724-2photo P1090726-2

During the climbing we can see some landscape of Belgium,
photo P1090727photo P1090728photo P1090732

Brussels Airline fleet with the two special livery, there are 2 A320 with the Red Devils livery and one with the Rackham livery,
photo P1090733

The destination of SN, their main market is Africa with 19 destinations,
photo P1090734photo P1090735

Aerial view during the cruise,
photo P1090736photo P1090738photo P1090742

The WingTip,
photo P1090737

During the descent we passed on the west of Lyon, perfect for me because I'm on the left so I can have some aerial view of the city,
photo P1090743photo P1090744

Last turn, I can see the airport,
photo P1090745photo P1090746

Final and landing with 10 minutes delay,

Before us landed a A319 LH and following us a ATR72 Hop!,
photo P1090755photo P1090756

On the gate at 6:20pm so 10 minutes delay, I have the streetcar RhoneExpress at 6:37 that will be short !
photo P1090758photo P1090759

Thanks for reading !
I hope my english writing wasn't so bad ^^
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Brussels Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Brussels - BRU


Lyon - LYS



SN must change about the Bob ! It's not normal from a Major to not offer something during the flight...
The price isn't so expensif but I disagree with this from a Major !

For the rest SN still a good compagny and the crew was friendly

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France Hop avec 7.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 18 minutes.

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  • Comment 137614 by
    02022001 SILVER 4347 Comments
    Nice to read you from our last meeting. Thank you for this FR with fine pictures of The connector. It is really spacious and clean !
    Moreover, Tintins's rocket will be a good mascot^^

    PS: Your English is better than others. So no problem ;)
    PS 2 : Clear for a Belgian FR meeting ? ^^
  • Comment 137617 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1873 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this report in English with us, I've read some of your reports in French before (New Zealand trip).

    Nice spotting of Blue Moon Rising EY livery^^ Very good spotting at BRU and the picture of Atomium brings back good memories.

    The Connector looks like a nice refresh addition for BRU, very bright and open. I have only been to BRU once, but from my memory it did not leave an impression (so it was neither good or bad). Will the terminals also be renovated soon to match?

    Cabin comfort looks fine, but it's a same SN is following IB into LCC territory, at least BA and LH seem to still offer reasonable catering.

    PS - I can understand your English with no problems, no need to be shy.
    • Comment 316994 by
      SMilano AUTHOR 1288 Comments
      Thanks for your comment and reading me :)

      I'm glad to bring you back some memories !

      Exactly, the Connector is a real refresh for BRU ! The old way was dark and not pleasant...
      I don't think there will be a refresh for the terminal A but I read some documents about a refresh for the terminal B and that will be a good think because he look and he is old.

      Yeah it's really a shame for SN because they have a good cabin comfort and good crew so with a little catering, you can do much better !

      Thanks for my english ^^
  • Comment 137637 by
    Mathieu 2076 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this report.
    Great presentation of BRU.
    I do like the SN Cabin.
    I ignored SN had such a big fleet.

    See you,
  • Comment 137729 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    Thanks for taking the time to write a report in English to show us the new Terminal in BRU! It looks really nice if a little too white and hospital-like. But it looks really fresh. I love the Tintin rocket!

    Great shots of the Atomium on takeoff! As far as the flight is concerned, SN is very average and you are right that it is not good that a flag carrier only has B.O.B

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 317117 by
      SMilano AUTHOR 1288 Comments
      Thanks Kevin for your comment !

      Yeak it looks hospital-like but not so much like on the photos because I had my old camera and the quality of the photos aren't so good ;)

      Yeah SN is very average with the B.O.B but without that, it will be a very good airline I think.
  • Comment 137732 by
    Chibcha SILVER 508 Comments
    The new building, and most of the terminal in BRU looks great. SN seems like a cheap version of LH.

    I loved the aerials of Brussels and Lyon.

    Thanks for joining the English FRs, I hope to read more reports from you!
    • Comment 317118 by
      SMilano AUTHOR 1288 Comments
      Thanks Chibcha for your comment !

      Yeah I agree with your comparison. SN is the cheap version of LH like IB is the cheap version of BA !

      Your welcome ! I can translate some interestin' flight of my world tour if you want ?

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