Review of Singapore Airlines flight Malé Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ451
Class Economy
Seat 31A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:45
Take-off 19 Sep 12, 23:25
Arrival at 20 Sep 12, 07:10
SQ   #5 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 630 reviews
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Published on 11th June 2015
Welcome to my First Airline Trip Report!

It has been a long awaited dream to start writing a trip report. However, due to certain time based complications, I was unable to engage in this hobby. Nevertheless, it is with great delight that I am writing my first trip on Singapore Airlines - one of my top most favourite carriers in the industry. Having flown my first flight on the airline in 1996, at the age of four, to Singapore, I have developed a strong love and attachment to fly in the airline. Before, I go on with the report, I would like to thank my good friend Gavin Leow (Flight Travels/RvXkaz) for having inspired me with his wonderful & mesmerizing pictures, videos & trip reports. Therefore, I would like to dedicate my first report to him, as a token of appreciation. This one is for you Gavin. :)

As this trip was completed 3 years back, I apologize as I do not have a vivid memory of the entire experience. Nevertheless, I will try to explain as much as I can remember. Most of which, I will let the pictures do the talking. :)

photo singapore_airlines-wide

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is no stranger to Airline netters. It is one of the most acclaimed and most loved airlines in the world. ‘’An airline where nothing could go wrong’’. Flying with SIA, is just more than getting to your final destination. The flight itself is a huge excitement itself. So as it was for me. The end of 2012 was nearing. By that time, I had finished my A Levels (Diploma) in my home country - The Maldives, and was preparing to look for a substantial career option. Like every other Maldivian youth, I wanted to pursue my higher studies abroad. After several months of hunting for a scholarship & academic based loans, I was blessed with the opportunity to study in Singapore. As my course was starting on the 24th of September, I had to fly to Singapore as soon as possible. With excitement building up and adrenaline rushing, I was in charge of selecting the carrier I want to fly with. With no doubts of course, I chose Singapore Airlines. The one way fare was approximately at US$300+ which was surprising for SQ. Fares from Maldives are usually more than US$650+ (Return).

Map of Maldives

photo Maldives_map

Maldives is made up of 1000+ islands. Out of which, 300 islands are inhabited by located, 100 are given for resorts, and the remaining are totally uninhabited. Male’ Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is located on one of these islands called Hulhule’. It is between Male’ (the capital city) and Hulhumale’ (the reclaimed, residential city of the Maldives). As it is detached from the capital city, one has to take a ferry to reach to the airport. A 10 minute ride costing MVR 10 US$1 (price during that time), gets you to the airport in no time.

Singapore Airlines (SQ461) at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (

photo 2014-03-22-Maldives-022

SIA operates two flights to the Maldives - SQ 461/462 in the Afternoon & SQ451/452 in the evening. SQ 461 arrives at 1210hrs and departs Male’ at 1420hrs. SQ451 arrives at 2210 and departs Male’ at 2325. SQ 461 arrive Singapore in the evening, whereas SQ 451 arrives Singapore during daylight hours. The latter is a pure red-eye light. Both flights give access to the airline’s connecting destinations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Beijing and Tokyo (to name some popular connecting destinations from Maldives). SQ has been operating to Maldives since 1984 (if I am not wrong). Both flights were operated by A330 (at that point of time). However, during the start of 2015, both of these flights were operated by B777-200ERs. It has also become a premium carrier among fellow Maldivians, for trips to Singapore, Australia & the New Zealand. For most of us, flying on SIA Economy is like flying First Class on any other airline. It is that good. On the 19th of September, I arrived at the airport at 2100hrs, with sheer anticipation.

Unlike many other parts of the world, Male’ airport is very different. It has one single runway, and houses one main terminal for international flights. This is where all international flights depart. Be it a premium carrier like Emirates, Singapore Airlines or a budget airline like Fly Dubai, Tiger Air. Everyone gets to say Goodbye to Maldives from here. (There is also a separate terminal for domestic flights, a kilometer away on the same island).

The airport seemed to be fairly empty. There were very few people as far as I can remember. At that period, the tourist season had not begun, which explains the reason for this. Even for the SIA check-in counter, this applied as well. There was absolutely no one at the counters. Two counters were opened for Economy Class. Therefore, check-in was done very effectively. Luggages tagged & boarding passes printed out. We were then on our way to the boarding gate.

FDIS for the Late Evening - Not Busy:

photo P9190080

Airport Action:
photo P9190103photo P9190104

Check-In Desks for SIA:
photo P9190106photo P9190107photo P9190108

Boarding Pass:
photo P9190115

I was shocked to see how empty Male’ airport was. Few people, two or three aircrafts, a handful airport staff loitering around. It reminded me of a football stadium after the match is over. It was a far-cry from what I see today (2015). Anyways, the best part is that it allows a smooth and fast boarding process. I could not remember the exact timings (apologies). Boarding was called in no matter, and there was a small beeline formed towards the gate. As my father was travelling with me, we both decided to wait until the entire beeline went off to their respective hives (seats), to facilitate an easier boarding process. Soon, we were off.
One of the best things in Male’ is that you get to walk all the way to your aircraft, if weather conditions agree to do so. Tonight was such a night. We had a stroll to our magnificent A330-300 which would be taking us all the way to South-East Asia - Awesomeness. We then boarded through stairs.


Tarmac Actions:
photo P9190141photo P9190144photo P9190135

We are finally boarding!
photo P9190145photo P9190146

I was greeted by one female and a male cabin crew, who directed me and my father to seat. Both of them were friendly and had a smile on their face, which creates a sense of warm welcome on the plane. The hospitality was going to be warm tonight, unlike the cabin temperature which was inspired by the North Pole. Yes, it was very cold onboard, which I like.
I was assigned 31A for the evening. ‘’The New Economy Class. WOW!’’ I whispered to myself. A hygienically packed blanket and a pillow greeted me on my arrival at my seat. An IFE screen was just right in front of me. Everything was comfortable & good enough. What more can you expect in Y? ? Tonight’s flight was going to be a medium haul - 4 hours & 15 minutes.
As doors were soon closed, the quintessential SQ routine followed. Hot towels were handed out, followed by menus and a special surprise - A Glass of Water. As far as I can remember there was a slight delay, which explains the sudden appearance of this beverage.

My Seat - 31A.
photo P9190146photo P9190147photo P9190156

Economy Class Cabin - A330:
photo P9200198

Hot Towels:
photo P9190149

Water is Served!
photo P9190158

Drink Service after Take-Off - No Nuts (maybe cause its a midnight flight?):
photo P9200169

Headsets were also handed out:
photo P9200170

Tonight’s meal service involved a Supper Service. No matter how fattening suppers can be, who doesn’t love it? It’s a treat to one’s own-self. ? The Supper Service had two options - A Beef dish cooked in a Western Style & a Chicken dish prepared in an Asian style. The nature of choice explains as most of the passengers were of Asian & Australian origin. Well done SIA! (Y) I also noticed that all meals served on flights to Maldives are Halal. It is not stated on the menu like Emirates, Sri Lankan & Qatar, but the choices leave to one’s imagination. No surprise, as Maldives is a Muslim country.

We took off from the single runway, half an hour before midnight. As far as I can remember, it was a powerful takeoff, which was followed by several turbulences. However, 15 minutes after takeoff, everything was back to normal and service was started.
A Drink Service on a tray was conducted. However, only two options were available. You can have Beer or the healthy option Orange Juice. I picked up the latter. This seemed to be an inferior version of the standard SQ drinks service. Normally, a full cart comes on display with a packet of peanuts. This was absent from tonight’s flight - maybe because it is a red-eye flight, and everyone wanted to sleep. Two minutes after that, headsets were distributed.

Everything was happening very fast on the plane. After sometime, the meal carts made their appearance. I chose the Chicken where as my father picked the beef. I am always a fan of rice. Be it anything, appetizer, main course, or desert, as long as rice is in, I am totally for it. The meal tray had all of SQ stuff except for cheese & crackers. The Seafood appetizer was nice, so as the Asian chicken option which was cooked to perfection. The rice was soft, whilst the chicken melted in my mouth. It was not something too spicy nor too over bearing. Just light & nice. I also enjoyed the desert which was something very different from the norm. Change is good, sometimes. ? Everything was carried out very well. The cabin crews were professional and handled every request very carefully. They were very right for their job. After the meal service, lights were switched off to allow passengers to sleep.

Menu for the Flight:
photo P9190153

Whats on Offer for Tonight:
photo P9190155

Meal is Served. Sir, Would you like to have the ''Beef with potatoes'' or ''Chicken with rice''?

The Beef Option:
photo P9200185

The Chicken Option:
photo P9200188

photo P9200189

Main Course - Chicken:
photo P9200195

photo P9200190

photo P9200194

Cabin After the Meal Service:
photo P9200197

Obligatory Lavatory Visit:
photo P9200176photo P9200177

Having been awake for most of the day, I fell asleep for the next 3 hours. I did not engage in the IFE system much. I woke up a minute before the lights came up for landing. The cabin crew passed another round of hot towels and conducted a drink service on a tray (orange juice or plain water). This was good as it made the passengers feel fresh for the arrival. I couldn’t take a picture of the hot towel (Apologies again).

Lights Out!
photo P9200214

We landed around 7:10am, which was just nice as per the scheduled time. We taxied to the gate and dis-embarked within a short period of time. Singapore Changi Airport is very efficient and effective. One of the nicest airports I have been to. After passports were chopped and my ICA letter shown to the immigration officer, I was allowed to enter Singapore as a student. :)

Good Morning! :)
photo P9200233photo P9200234

Pre-Arrival Drink - Orange Juice:
photo P9200227

Cabin Shot before Landing:
photo P9200245photo P9200228photo P9200256

Landing in Singapore:
photo P9200280photo P9200281photo P9200282

Welcome to Singapore!
photo P9200283photo P9200284photo P9200285

Dis-Embarkation - Singapore Changi Airport:
photo P9200299photo P9200302

It has been 3 years since this trip happened. At the time of writing of this trip report, I have finally submitted all of my assignments and I am currently anticipating my results. Time surely does pass fast. Haha!

I would like to thank immensely for taking valuable time of yours to read this trip report. The lack of a proper camera and the first attempt to write a trip report, it led way for many shortcomings, which I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I do appreciate your feedback of any kind and all suggestions are welcomed.

I am also available on Facebook - Jaiilam Amiir ( . Please feel free to add me. :)

I also assure you that more trip reports are on its way.

Thank you very much & wishing you a great week ahead. :D

Kind regards,
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Malé - MLE


Singapore - SIN



Singapore Airlines is one of the world's finest airlines. They are rated as a five star, and offers a premium product in all classes. Male', Maldives is one of their several destinations, which has gained a huge reputation among holiday-makers and businesses alike. Their high standard and quality of service is envisage on this four (4) hour red-eye flight from Male' to Singapore. I had no complains, as per the flight. Everything from check-in to boarding to in-flight service to landing was done immaculately. I had a pleasant flight, like how they say at the end of the safety video. Moreover, the plane ambiance & service is designed to keep you refreshed and wide-awake for your upcoming journey/holiday. Such was the case for me too. I would rate SIA as an excellent carrier, and will always choose them to fly, if financial and situational circumstances allow me to me do so. :)

Information on the route Malé (MLE) Singapore (SIN)


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    nadavkr3 4 Comments

    Nice flight and pictures, I always wanted to fly with Singapore airlines.
    Welcome to flightreport!

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    Thanks for sharing !

    Nice flight like always with SQ standing :)

    See you

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    Welcome to Flight Reports! Nice and very complete review! I definitely have to try SG! Thanks for sharing!

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    Welcome and thank you for sharing your first FR.

    SQ is a solid choice and service is as expected.

    Best of luck on your results.

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    Welcome to the site and thank you for sharing this report with us!

    It was a very well narrated report (despite being 3 years ago!) and it was very complete with lots of details, great first report!

    The metal seats at the gate in MLE don't entice me at all. Hopefully those have been replaced.

    I'm surprised the cabin was so cold, I usually find Asian carriers to operate planes on the warmer end of the spectrum.

    Thank you for showing pictures of both meal options, I think the supper catering looked good, but I would have thought they would serve a small snack (pastry) with the breakfast drink service pre-arrival.

    The load on the plane did not look so good, but I guess SQ has nothing smaller in their fleet to send :) Overall, it looks like you had a very good SQ flight with a warm crew and good service.

    • Comment 318647 by
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      Thank you so much NGO85. I really appreciate it. You are really right. I found out that carriers like MH & CX have a well maintained temperature unlike SQ, which gets really cold. The snack idea is a good idea. Maybe a breakfast pastry like a danish, chocolate croissant or a muffin would do? What do you think? Cheers. :)

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    Thanks for sharing this first report with us! For being 3 years ago, you sure do have a good memory with lots of good detail. The Malé airport doesn't look as nice as I thought it would be considering the Maldives are kind of a luxury destination.SQ offers one of the best experiences you can have in Economy. Both meal options like really good. In future reports you may want to blur out part of your name or frequent flyer number/ticket number as this is a public forum and it's always a good idea to keep personal information private. Thanks again for sharing you first report here!

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