Review of LOT Polish flight Warsaw Budapest in Economy

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO537
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 09 May 15, 14:55
Arrival at 09 May 15, 16:10
LO   #61 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 240 reviews
Published on 22nd June 2015
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Hi all,

This is the continuation of my Budapest via Warsaw. This part covers the Warsaw to Budapest segment.

photo image410_zpsbfuv9rf3

photo image412_zpsir5ifpqx

photo image413_zps9aqvaonn

The airside area

photo image414_zps2o9cfqre

photo image415_zps2d6l09cw

photo image416_zpslzyrmlzq

photo image417_zpseshbuzjk

Terminal map

photo image418_zpsjli2mrfq

photo image419_zpse0mk9ryj

photo image420_zpsnvjw2qzw

photo image421_zpstmjjbx9j

photo image422_zpsqr4zwjma

photo image423_zpsgy2xftbd

photo image424_zpsqecamcbw

photo image426_zpsrajeiiaq

photo image428_zpsfvbylfjd

photo image429_zpse8nmi4hp

photo image430_zps0wuyqhba

photo image431_zpsiufchnty

photo image435_zps56najmxs

photo image436_zpsibojbetc

photo image438_zpssqmhhlfl

photo image440_zpsog3fneko

photo image442_zps2wrzaixy

photo image445_zpsa77nl9rs

photo image447_zpsgx0adxcn

photo image448_zpsv1eg1flq

Passport control to the Int'l section

photo image450_zps7pmqevhp

photo image451_zpswecgm5br

photo image454_zpszqf7ipey

photo image456_zps9ohcw9pw

photo image458_zpsxtupy6fh

photo image460_zpsk4yjkqus

photo image461_zpsgymoq3cg

photo image462_zpsgvmmgxum

The gate area

photo image463_zpsamt2ulau

photo image465_zpswlgm4vjz

The plane

photo image466_zps5wqtxwp1

Pix of Polish Money (Zloty)

photo image468_zpsq3achqk9

photo image469_zpsvae8uali

photo image472_zpswbhjqeal

photo image473_zpsymx8glcw

Pic of the terminal from my App

photo image477_zpssns7okqb

photo image478_zps3bco22pv

Our crew

photo image480_zpsc1dsw4yj

photo image481_zpswtlwqk1v


photo image483_zpsicngszmo

photo image484_zps4wf7ubhv

photo image485_zpsl0u2wkvd

photo image488_zpsetqhxeke

photo image489_zpspjmmrpjd

photo image491_zpsctdfwwzh

photo image492_zpsxmtdxveh

photo image493_zps6weow1ga

photo image494_zpshd1xaipv

photo image495_zpst4hxafzk

photo image497_zpshcsqz4if

photo image498_zpshdxvtlnt

Some nice city pix in the in-flight magazine

photo image500_zps0lnqgbze

photo image501_zpspjhzx98p

photo image505_zpscox3q9fx

photo image515_zpsagnsfody

Super cute :D

photo image512_zpsqrdux6zv

Route map

photo image517_zpsgxjm0p3p

photo image519_zps9noojj95

photo image520_zps7hjvihk5

photo image521_zpspqoyh61w

photo image509_zpskm3xa5tm

photo image504_zpsuhfsu4by

Push back

photo image511_zpsoly8jhlh

photo image514_zps25wkmnqh

photo image524_zpsi0hkp95i

photo image526_zps8ulhsmig

photo image527_zpsxyxf5qgk

photo image528_zpsxgyqmlpr

photo image529_zpsfdxxdsxj

photo image530_zpso45i2czt

photo image531_zpsl64eo3bb

photo image533_zps9xg1wmfl

photo image534_zpsew0pb4n6

photo image535_zpsxingl4yz

photo image538_zpsonuvqpzi

photo image542_zps73ohlzl4

Take off

photo image544_zpskoc3q72n

photo image545_zpsk91yy5ia

photo image547_zpseel8vcdn

Views of Warsaw

photo image548_zpssqjcwcyv

photo image549_zps2iyfcnwo

photo image553_zpstq8qkpon

photo image555_zpsonbszelv

photo image560_zpshk541p7s

photo image562_zpsm8z2uldx

photo image563_zpsqfqxxo62

Beverage service and a chocolate bar

photo image564_zpstmjcjoli

photo image565_zpsbxsogw1l


photo image566_zpsdtaaz3z9

photo image568_zpsdluqmpes

photo image570_zpstm4mbm2u

photo image572_zpsrqpkprg4

photo image574_zpspeobdjwi

photo image576_zpsdr7btfjn

photo image579_zpsoegugouj

Tour of the Budapest airport before exiting the airport

photo image580_zpsistl7z59

photo image581_zpsm9bpoeem

photo image582_zpsgjw78vqa

photo image585_zps0oyuyqaw

photo image587_zps1yhzmjs4

photo image588_zps1lghqihg

photo image589_zpsowpetgjj

photo image590_zpskjayxdls

photo image591_zpsvs0q1r5w

photo image592_zpshprsb2vp

photo image593_zpswu5ujry5

photo image594_zpspich07qo

photo image595_zps94clvxyc

Passport control for the international section

photo image596_zpsz3fcv3ia

photo image597_zpsjb9idfiu

photo image599_zpsbzxbvv8x

photo image600_zpskl56kcx8

photo image602_zpsgutiwany

photo image603_zpssyzcc43a

photo image605_zpscqt4wghk

photo image607_zpsj6uk2c9t

photo image610_zpsrvyexqas

photo image611_zpsjesm3v1y

photo image619_zpswdneu89m

photo image620_zpskhgukfjx

Our plane from Warsaw

photo image621_zpso6rbuzvl

For the touristic bonus I'm including pix of the beautiful city of Vienna, which we visited after Budapest. I love statues and Vienna has the most perfect statues all around the city, which was amazing :)

photo image2697_zpsu1ficrqd

photo image2735_zpsegt35jtj

photo image2737_zps8pnhwvep

photo image2739_zps2fho43t7

photo image2740_zpsjvhivbnn

photo image2743_zpsl5smm7qb

photo image2777_zps9egbi2an

photo image2782_zpsztpeertm

photo image2786_zpsf0deiec6

photo image2789_zps6ri5kf6o

photo image2804_zps6g4f5z8k

photo image2805_zpsg1sd2ho6

photo image2809_zpsxz0jikcq

photo image2816_zpsfohwfzgq

photo image2820_zps3mucc2w3

photo image2821_zpswbcwgxwh

photo image2856_zpszrgl838x

photo image2857_zps0tufcm8t

photo image2859_zpsnhfeke0m

photo image2860_zpse5cb0u6y

photo image2892_zps92frq7r1

photo image2893_zpsqh8vbfwg

photo image2896_zpsofz94v0a

photo image2998_zpsrejlmdxo

photo image3031_zpsqoznhaxc

photo image3055_zps7sg0o7w5

photo image3060_zpsblfirdk1

photo image3062_zpsgjzov4uj

photo image3099_zps5x2s388q

photo image3208_zpsl0n5w9hc

photo image3214_zpsdmfksjz1

photo image3227_zpsgpfkpksq

photo image3228_zpsn33fjaqt

photo image3230_zpsvz7lapp8

photo image3231_zps01fh8wvs

photo image3240_zpsxu9xacax

photo image3264_zpsnye6jbhb

photo image3294_zpsss0pinf2

photo image3298_zpsz94vnjvl

photo image3319_zpsnrnkfv7c

photo image3322_zpswl1nldgl

photo image3340_zpssxovsn7i

photo image3343_zpsfhoh698d

photo image3359_zpsuqv09oxf

photo image3367_zpslz3gogb9

photo image3428_zpsodvbdfsw

photo image3429_zpspckoik4t

photo image3452_zpswkbcezq6

photo image3459_zpslwbvvkli

photo image3460_zps7qyzrujg

photo image3479_zpswcconlta

photo image3504_zpsrc8iyb2l

photo image3511_zpsknyr8fih

photo image3524_zpscgsj51tp

photo image3560_zpsjxgzj0ga

photo image3563_zpsatqn4oxz

photo image3573_zpsbuwr97ek

photo image3574_zpssmdqozpr

photo image3616_zps7quixgy8

photo image3656_zps2eyjfqma

photo image3666_zps1vlqyuns

photo image3667_zpspvnnibfu

photo image3675_zpse2ghj0ab

photo image3681_zpscsidct81

photo image3720_zpsgenmhcms

photo image3750_zpsiojvy8hg

photo image3756_zps48bzcmap

photo image3773_zpsemcnxbhm

photo image3777_zpshy6pjqpd

photo image3801_zpsl0rnutlo

photo image3802_zpsbi3azori

photo image3803_zps01wwc8nq

photo image3804_zps0cgedhuy

photo image3816_zpslm62h4g5

photo image3818_zpsgfnugknf

photo image3820_zpsioiqmsfd

photo image3840_zpsvhrv9i27

photo image3848_zpsycy5wch2

photo image3849_zpscktxzsy7

photo image3884_zps5twebz1o

photo image3906_zpsqtpc40iy

photo image3945_zps7ziiasbi

photo image3959_zpsma62q0fi

photo image3961_zpsewh7dau6

Austrian Parliament

photo image3975_zpsea0ogun9

photo image3976_zpsafwgfo6b

photo image3980_zpsrb7wydh0

photo image3984_zpsxzerbvoq

photo image3985_zpssjipq8bf

photo image3987_zpslgznqipj

photo image3992_zpsc8iczdkd

photo image4000_zpsjtjfpypu

photo image4010_zps3tmkdjug

photo image4013_zpswcscv4z3


photo image4021_zpsnmo9hupq

photo image4033_zpslv4trzzc

photo image4115_zpsead0mqpp

photo image4117_zpsrhb9gdgq

photo image4122_zpstgag8kzc

photo image4135_zps5h4t6hex

photo image4176_zps0ggdi5px

Austrian National Library

photo image4222_zpszccbv2xh

photo image4270_zpsp7vnrqnc

photo image4273_zpsmbql37ow

photo image4275_zpswfjglhtm

photo image4278_zpswljvy8v5

photo image4281_zpss6pc4ena

photo image4284_zpsdrrnddey

photo image4288_zpsvvkac6hq

photo image4305_zpsias2mypn

photo image4367_zpsoanyv9wx

photo image4415_zpsqxl8bjfj

photo image4417_zps34qvejvm

photo image4423_zpsgprkiunj

photo image4485_zpsiomkiqfd

photo image4538_zpsyydw2yye

photo image4556_zpsvox2s4a5

photo image5303_zpsntubnhg0

photo image5312_zpscvvxvhxr

photo image4564_zpsttnuevsj

photo image4571_zpsqtebswsl

photo image4604_zpsxg2hh8t3

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew9.0

Warsaw - WAW


Budapest - BUD



Overall a great flight experience with LOT. The seats of Embraer are very comfortable, the crew were nice and service was good. Warsaw airport is clean, nice and efficient.

Information on the route Warsaw (WAW) Budapest (BUD)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 4 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Warsaw (WAW) → Budapest (BUD).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LOT Polish avec 7.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 8 minutes.

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