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Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM2
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 12:00
Take-off 20 May 15, 14:40
Arrival at 20 May 15, 19:40
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Published on 16th July 2015
After a weekend it was time to return to Mexico / the report l from Mexico to Madrid here).

I arrived about 4 hours before Madrid Airport, Terminal 1 specifically. I went to check in counters AeroMexico (Air Europa gives service to AMX in Spain) where there was already a long queue to 0
AirEuropa employees were very friendly and jokers with all passengers (. Finally, pass the security filter quickly and without trouble to go through immigration after it was sealed my passport out. It notes that the T1 is already very empty and many businesses have closed, almost no passengers and the rooms look grim. The only highlight was a Starbucks, the huge Duty Free shop and Carolina Herrera boutique.

Along the flight to Mexico he was boarding a Ryanair flight to Marrakech and other Air Europa 787-8 leased to a LOT to Cancun.

The gate was in the new area of the T1 that is larger, modern and elegant than the old T1.

photo 11photo 12

The boarding was given about 45 minutes before departure. Air Europa employees were very efficient and cordial.

photo 13

The flight took off about 20 minutes delayed. Economy Class was about 90% occupied and Premier with 30% (should sell Upgrades in the check-in counter as do some airlines to make extra income). We took off and the plane was very heavy, as it was hard to climb. We depart for Portugal and then to cross the Atlantic.

Amenity kits and immigration forms were distributed as we took off.

photo 11244404_1083807101635930_7519151157810348236_n

The food was served half an hour after takeoff consisted of chicken with vegetables or lasagna accompanied by an orange muffin, salad and bread. I went for the lasagna which was good. No pre-service snacks and beverages are offered food as in the outbound flight.
photo 14

Several rounds of drinks were offered. The Atlantic crossing was quiet and without turbulence saw a couple of movies, I read and listen to music.

Halfway through the flight I got hungry and went to the back galley of the plane. They put a cart with peanuts, pastries, sandwiches (goat cheese with nuts and ham with cheese) and drinks.They came some of the attendants who attended my outbound flight which certainly recognized me.

The second meal was served about two hours before we arrived when we flew over Texas. It consisted of hot cheese and ham sandwich, a salad and a chocolate brownie. This hot sandwich is a great improvement in terms of food on board is concerned because it is better to serve two hot meals that only the first. Besides that in the past day flights from Madrid to Mexico was offered in the second meal just a cold sandwich. Flight attendants had a good attention at all times and the FA on my side was smiling.

photo 24

The approach to the airport (runway 23 Left) of Mexico was something moved and was dropping a heavy storm
 When the plane stopped, I stood up and as soon as I remove my belongings from the overhead comparments , and I ran out of the plane to migration where there were only 3 agents serving Mexican. I did not care and I slipped to the front saying that my flight took off in 50 minutes. Once I sealed my passport, I went to baggage claim where took about 20 minutes to get out my luggage. Take my luggage and ran through customs with green light and put my luggage in the baggage band connection. I walked up the staircase connecting passengers and pass the security filter for this time was less than half an hour to get out my flight to Tijuana, so I ran away toward the door 68 which is one of the farthest from International area. Luckily reach up to the last on the plane. It was a 737-700 that was half empty, I sat in a row of 3 seats alone. The plane took off on time.

photo 25

Film project is The Hobbit. Drink I ordered a tequila with Sprite and coconut water Acapulcoco. I did not know me until I landed in Tijuana.

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