Review of Gulf Air flight Manila Manama in Economy

Airline Gulf Air
Flight GF155
Class Economy
Seat 33K
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 09:20
Take-off 08 Oct 13, 12:10
Arrival at 08 Oct 13, 16:30
GF   #14 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 34 reviews
Published on 27th May 2015
Hey it's me again! :)

Welcome to another TR featuring another Middle Eastern carrier, Gulf Air.


I'm flying MNL-BAH-RUH.

Once again, I would be flying with Gulf Air. The last time I flew with Gulf Air was in 2008.
Contents of the Trip Report includes:

1. NAIA Terminal 1
2. Boarding and Flight
3. BAH Arrival
4. Bahrain Transit and GF169

Gulf Air GF155 MNL-BAH
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200 (A9C-KC)
Seat no.: 33K
Estimated departure time: 12:10pm (GMT +8)
Actual departure time: 12:35pm (GMT +8)
Estimated arrival time: 04:30pm (GMT +3)
Actual arrival time: 04:15pm (GMT +3)

1. NAIA Terminal 1

I came from an earlier flight and arrived around 7:15am at NAIA Terminal 2. Getting to NAIA Terminal 1 from Terminal 2 was VERY difficult. I waited for the Shuttle transfer but they're all going to Terminal 3. They told me to WAIT for the one bound to Terminal 1. There were no clear signs as to which terminal the bus is going.

It took me an hour to wait for a TERMINAL 1 BOUND shuttle, none arrived. Furious, I decided to take a taxi and cost ten times more than the shuttle bus. Yes, shuttle transfer in MNL is not for free.

This is one service Manila airport has failed to fix and improved. And the taxis as well! They have a very bad reputation to both locals and tourists.

Checking-in. I was one of the passengers to check-in early. It wasn't a rush hour yet, so the check-in area was LESS crowded.
photo IMG_6510

On the way to the east wing of Terminal 1.
photo 1

Morning departures.
photo 4

CX906 bound for Hong Kong
photo 3

Our aircraft. A330-200 (A9C-KC)
Arriving as flight GF154 from Bahrain
photo 2

2. Boarding and flight

Boarding call was made 11:50am.
photo 5

Pushback at 12:20pm
photo 6photo 7

Take-off video

We took-off at 12:35pm

The Golden Falcon.
photo 8

An hour after take-off lunch was served.

There was only one option: Chicken

Meal includes A potato salad, pineapple cake, a pack of biscuits, a bun, and some condiments
photo 9

Presentation may be dull but the meal was really good and tasty.
photo 10

IFE IS AVAILABLE This is the older version of Gulf Air's IFE.

As far as I know, Gulf Air is introducing a new and modern cabin product on their A330's.
photo 13

The selection of movies and TV shows were very limited. I just played some music and stared at this…
photo 11

3. BAH Arrival

I took a nap, and when I woke up we are already approaching Middle Eastern airspace.
photo 12

Second meal service: Chicken Asado sandwich and a bar of chocolate.
photo 14

A very good sandwhich with a generous portion of chicken asado filling.

Gulf Air's second meal service on this route is much better compared to that of Etihad's (see my EY428 TR).
photo 15

Final approach to BAH
photo 16photo 17photo 18

Touched down at 4:15pm (GMT +8)
photo 19photo 20photo 21

4. Bahrain Transit and GF169

Bahrain International Airport, the hub of Gulf Air is just a small airport serving a very small country. Finding your way from arrival gate to transfer/arrival is very easy.

To be honest, Transfer in Bahrain Airport is the easiest and fastest one I have experienced.

Walking from my arrival gate to the transfer area took much longer time compared to transfer security. It fast and very efficient.
photo 24

A tiny airport with a lot of stuffs to offer. A lot of duty free shops and restaurants.
photo 23

Who would not recognize this logo?
photo 26

Early evening departures from Bahrain Airport. I arrived at Gate 17, and will be leaving again through Gate 17!

YES, the same aircraft was used on my next flight.
photo 22

Gulf Air GF169 BAH-RUH
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200 (A9C-KC)
Seat no.: 26A
Estimated departure time: 08:15pm (GMT +3)
Actual departure time: 08:40pm (GMT +3)
Estimated arrival time: 09:30pm (GMT +3)
Actual arrival time: 09:30pm (GMT +3)

Same aircraft will be used on this flight.
Took the photo after arriving from MNL
photo cover

Boarding call was made at 7:50pm
photo 25

An empty flight today. In the mid-economy section we were just around 15 passengers.
photo 27

photo 28

A sandwich is served on this very short flight.
Chicken sandwich. It was good, and another generous portion of filling.
photo 29

Not long after the meal service, the captain announced Cabin crew, Please prepare for arrival.
I can only imagine if the flight was full. It would be a mad rush for the cabin crew.

The flight took only 40 minutes!
photo 30

City lights!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Riyadh!
photo 31


I hoped you guys enjoy! I'm sorry for the very few pictures.


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Gulf Air

Cabin crew6.0

Manila - MNL


Manama - BAH



Services in Manila Airport was VERY POOR especially terminal-to-terminal transfer. They need to fix and improve it.

Gulf Air is OK. WIth their new in-flight product, I would love to get the chance to fly with them again. Despite the dull looking food tray, the meal was great.

Bahrain Airport transfer is very good and very efficient. SEAMLESS!



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