Review of Qantas flight Cairns Sydney in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF925
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 20 Aug 15, 13:15
Arrival at 20 Aug 15, 16:10
QF 153 reviews
By 2769
Published on 4th September 2015
CDG - KUL Boeing 777-200ER AF246
KUL - PER Airbus A330-300 MH127
PER - DRW Boeing 737-800 QF792
DRW - ASP Boeing 717-200 QF1939(Link)
ASP - AYQ Boeing 717-200 QF1941(Link)
AYQ - CNS Boeing 717-200 QF1854(Link) No FR, same aircraft/crew
CNS - SYD Boeing 737-800 QF925 YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE ! Last flying Kangaroo
SYD - KUL Airbus A330-300 MH122 Good Luck MAB !
KUL - CDG Boeing 777-200ER AF241

((Reminder, bonuses are available here :
A special FR one (same pictures as here, plus spotting from Cairns Esplanade) :[email protected]/albums/72157657806681812
A 'normal' tourist one :[email protected]/albums/72157657809601382
I hope you'll enjoy them))

We meet here for the last QF FR of the season, which is saddening me at a point you can't imagine !



As usual, we got to the T2 (Domestic) by cab. A clever thing to know about CNS, cabs are not that expensive.
From Novotel Oasis to the airport : 21.98$AUD. In shared transfer for two : 22AUD… Think twice !
We are at CNS at 11:42 AM


QF holds a small part of the landside counters, at the very beggining of the terminal. The terminal itselves has a good aircon, temperature is nice inside.

We waited two minutes before reaching my new friend, self check-in kiosk, working perfectly !

I tried to change our seats to be closer to the engines but unfortunately, the flight was full and it showed me the same seatmap as the day before when I did the online check-in (I couldn't choose other seats at booking due to the "Red deal" fare). So here we go, same seats as on the PER-DRW flight QF792.

photo IMG_3019photo IMG_3020

Then, drop off with a nice lady.

photo IMG_3021

We headed to security where another nice old lady welcomed us? She was definitely satisfied to see that our stuff was perfectly in order.
Here, you can keep your watch, shoes, belt, sunglasses, no ID control, no BP scan, just an explosive powder, on me, this time.


We were airside by 11:55 AM, the FIDS shows a boarding in 45 minutes, so 12:40 PM, which is false because our BP states 12:55 PM.
photo IMG_3229photo IMG_3022

There are lots of shops inside the terminal.
photo IMG_3023photo IMG_3024
Our boarding gate was the #18. All this terminal's part is blind, toilets are on the right hand side.
photo IMG_3027
On the gate monitor, it shows : your flight is yet to commence boarding, please enjoy the terminal facilities
The translation : Go buy you a coffee, then buy some made in china shirts and if you don't buy that, you'll notice that no wifi is available for you !
photo IMG_3025photo IMG_3026
LOL ! What a joke. I start to find Australia quite annoying for the internet… I mean, the lack of ! No food, no internet, no water…
In France, you can buy 18L of water, in AUS 1.5 or 2L, for the same price !
This plus the fried food smell.
At 12:35 PM, another flight exits gate 19.
As scheduled, our boarding is announced at 12:55 PM.

A QF employee came to us asking if we were on that flight, I answered back we were on the 925 so yes.
She then told us the J line was on our right hand side and showed it with her hand.

She came back a bit later and started again to show us the J line… Maybe the way we were dressed intrigued her and she tought we were in J. So funny, now that I recall, I should have asked her if she was offering an upgrade ! Maybe I would have get one^^

Priority : 3 pax were on the J queue, a couple and their daughter. The couple is on J but I saw upon boarding that their daughter was seated on row 23… She did board by door 1L whether she had to board via ground and not jetbridge, at door 2L…

photo IMG_3028

VH-VYH is our beast, and she is a bit old (2005). She has that not very pretty yellow stripe on her tail which means old colours/scheme.

photo IMG_3029

I wanted to take a nice picture of the tail and I had the time to do so cause the crew was not ready. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera on hand and my iPhone was set on low brightness… Which gave that, completely blind.

photo IMG_3033

At the back, a friendly aged male FA checked our BPs


Now you see, the scrapped window and a VA EMB190

photo IMG_5938

QF Q400, VA738 in the background

photo IMG_5939

Temporary tip, taking picture on the very edge of the window, less scrapped

photo IMG_5940

Center is awful

photo IMG_5941

Skytrans Q…300 ?

photo IMG_5942

We are about to say goodbye to CNS

photo IMG_5944

For once, I am not responsible for the pictures quality. We are taking off RWY 15, after a Beechcraft landed

photo IMG_5945

Taxi + take off !

That view^^


The meal was served at 2:09 PM on a paper box ?! There was a choice between salmon and sausages, I took sausages

photo IMG_3043


photo IMG_3044

The main meal, a bit weird in that box : Sausages, peas, mashed potatoes, tasty but could have been hotter

photo IMG_3045

Café mug

photo IMG_3046


photo IMG_3047

Box details

photo IMG_3048

I ended at 2:25 PM. The food and beverages services are not done at the same time. Cold and hot beverages are not served at the same time either.

My second meal (YES, I asked for a second one).

When the FAs took back the previous boxes, I asked a friendly female FA:

"May I ask you If there are some hot meals left ?"

She answered back "I don't… know, but I'll ask and I come back to tell you !"

She asked her trolley colleague and she did not know either so when she ended the trolley work, she got to the galley and heatened me up another meal (the same) and served me very hot !

Amazing service with smiles along the way !

photo IMG_3049

I was hungry !

photo IMG_3050

Of course I ate all of it and thanked her twice for that


At 3:25 PM we were handed small ice cream fro Weis as you can see. Basic but nice touch !

photo IMG_3051photo IMG_3052

We got a water refill at 3:30 PM

photo IMG_3054



I am so used not having an IFE on France domestic flights that I did not even notice there wasn't any when I seated. But because I had to take a picture of the screen for you, I got it at that moment !

Nice pitch

photo IMG_3034

My signature on all QF flights ! Comfy seats as you can see, very soft

photo IMG_3035

Ouch, the seat belt shows her 10 years of age !

photo IMG_3036

No personnal IFE screen

photo IMG_3042

Safety card, in a very good shape as always

Removable IFE screens

photo IMG_3053photo IMG_3041

They showed us a stupid movie on them and I forced myself not to look at that but I ended up throwing glances at it so well, I admit it made time pass a little, plus one for that

General views (at boarding)

photo IMG_3030photo IMG_3031

Old cabin scheme

photo IMG_3032


Here is the Great Barrier Reef from this aircraft, hopefully I took a scenic flight to take better pics !

Back to the inland


We started our descent at 3:43 PM

Vaucluse I think, end of harbour

photo IMG_5986

Seems like a falling building !

photo IMG_5987


Touch down at 4:05 PM

A388 QF

photo IMG_5989

744 GE QF

photo IMG_5990

Sydney skyline with the same QF 744 GE

photo IMG_5991

QF servicing

photo IMG_5992

It seems like a 332 is seating in there

photo IMG_5993

Another special livery missed due to the window :/ This is moustache !

photo IMG_5994

Jetbridge connected at 4:15 PM


My bank welcomes me again

photo IMG_3055

Baggage Claim on the right

photo IMG_3056

The first QUeensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service aircraft

photo IMG_3061photo IMG_3058photo IMG_3059

SYD wonderful T3 with sun fading

photo IMG_3060


Carousel number 5, indicated since booking completion in April if I remember well !

Organization : second to none.

photo IMG_3062photo IMG_3063


We waited on position 6 to have a cab but all of them passed in front of us… Until a staff obligated one to stop there at 4:35 PM. Heading to Sofitel !

Cab, too expensive… Think Uber ! 15 AUD gap between the two (cab versus UberX), huge!

photo IMG_3064


First ever spotting relatively near to an airport (CNS)

All of this is available on Flickr but for those who are lazy ;) I had to choose Barrier Reef or Spotting, I took the latter but you have access to both !

They are very compressed here !

Hi VH-NXO ! Do you remember me ? I do !

See more



Cabin crew10.0

Cairns - CNS


Sydney - SYD



Once again, a very good flight with QF which earns my very own award of the best domestic/medium haul airline.
Their oldest 738 need to be updated and their windows to be changed but apart from that, everything is perfect.

About the fare, at 216 AUD/pax for a 3hr flight, it is even cheaper than the low cost Air France fare on domestic flights.

Information on the route Cairns (CNS) Sydney (SYD)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 5 reviews of 2 airlines on the route Cairns (CNS) → Sydney (SYD).


The airline with the best average rating is Qantas with 7.8/10.

The average flight time is 2 hours and 44 minutes.

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  • Comment 145686 by
    eminere™ 272 Comments

    You should know that QF offers free seat selection to all passengers travelling on all fare types on domestic flights. However, preferential seating zones are allocated to the various FF elite tiers so the seat availability you saw might've been more limited initially (as you are only a Bronze member). At ~T-80 all seats open up for selection.

    • Comment 324341 by
      st7515 AUTHOR 221 Comments

      I'm not complaining. I tried to be comprehensive for pax on Y sale + Bronze/no FF. 20A&B were our seats since booking where there was a restricted choice due to fare+lack of status (Bronze can choose from row 20/end, Silver/Gold up to row 17 then at T-80 or so, the highest status can choose the front rows, but not Bronze when it is a 738). I kept checking QF website and at self service kiosk still no seat was available on the front rows which means the seat selection is blocked all the time when combinig low fare and no status on their 738, but it is not the case on their 712 (those w/o J at least). It does not fundamentally change the flight, that was just a point I wanted to specify.

    • Comment 324369 by
      eminere™ 272 Comments

      Back when I was a Bronze (about two years ago) I could definitely see seats in row 4 on the B738 open up at T-80 for me to select.

    • Comment 325098 by
      st7515 AUTHOR 221 Comments

      You're welcome parisian neighbour :)

  • Comment 146506 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1780 Comments

    I'm a little late, but thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    CNS does not appeal to me, no windows out onto the tarmac for spotting is a big let down.

    Love the tail shot on the tarmac. I'm a little confused, so J passengers boarded through 1L using the jetbridge and Y passengers boarded through 2L from the tarmac?

    Despite the age of the plane on the outside, the cabin looks very refreshed.

    The meal doesn't look visually impressive slopped into a box (although I'm not sure bangers and mash can ever be a visual masterpiece), but it's the taste that counts. Two meals is always better than one! Good and friendly crew on this sector as well. QF has a very respectable domestic product.

    Nice spotting at the end. Great shots of the B788 and I didn't know Jetstar had undercarriage painting.

    • Comment 325189 by
      st7515 AUTHOR 221 Comments

      I agree, big disappointment for CNS in domestic, maybe the Intl terminal is better ?

      J boarded trough 1L and Y last rows boarded through 2L, then Y front rows boarded through 1L I imagine, this way it gives a little time for FAs to serve welcome drink and let J pax set comfortable in their seats, which is fine. Two doors always accelerate the process anyway !
      Refreshed ? Well, it is not in a bad shape, but the fasten seat belts, the old IFE... it works yes, but the look is not that gorgeous. I'd rather fly the newest 738s ! The bad point is definitely the window of course.
      Yes, you indeed have to overpass the visual^^
      788 and A333 were the easiest ones thanks to their size. I just had a 250mm lens, not enough for 738s and even worse for Cessnas. I think the JQ livery is a bit too flashy, I know it is a low-cost carrier, but it just kind of breaks the aerodynamical beauty of the beast!
      Thanks for your comment!

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