Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK70
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 10:35
Take-off 04 Sep 15, 01:15
Arrival at 04 Sep 15, 16:50
TK   #16 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 684 reviews
Published on 12th September 2015
I transferred from Manchester and waited in Istanbul for about 3 hours after the delay previously.
It's quite nice and clean in istanbul with lots of wooden-y pubs and shops.
The Transfer is simple, just walk out of the gate and you're in departures, the staff were very neutral.
I found a place to sit next to gate and lay down for an hour or two and then went to the gate down below 300 gates which is good as you climb stairs to plane.

Getting off the bus there was no staff to guide you and no barrier around the aircraft which was nice for me, i decided to climb the back. They were refueling so i later realised why there was a fire engine with flashing lights parked by the wing, was a bit weird before i reviewed my video lol thinking something had happened before hand.

I was last of the first bus to get on so i asked the cabin crew guy who seemed friendly if he could take a pic of me infront of the tail, i nearly turned it into a photo shoot, a bit lower please, but yeah i think a few pics is enough :)
photo S4480025photo Image32photo Image30

I didnt realise but we left late according to FR24 but landed roughly on schedule.

After the 2nd meal after first flight, i have a feeling the beef is just salty rather than anything, i guess beef doesn't taste of anytyhing on it's own anyway. I know they use the best stuff, the olive oil tasted really nice. The deserts were really nice too and the rice.
I tried a bit of the breakfast but i was quite full and the breakfast seemed a bit early for me.

The staff were neither cold nor warm except 2 of them who smiled a lot more.

FULL 9 HOUR FLIGHT VIDEO (Coming Soon, Please Subsribe)

The pilot braked a lot on landing, i noticed on my plane spotting day that they always try to brake hard to get off the first exit (compared to the same 777's from europe which take the next one) to do the taxi link straight to the south side, my battery pack and everything on my seat placed at the back flew off and onto the floor, the tripod got pushed to the right and it was hard to even hold the 2nd camera. It's not even that far to the next one but would make it a lot better comfort wise and as i never saw any other aircraft doing that unless it was an A320 then i think they should take the next exit too. I've landed on a lot shorter runways like Narita where they brake a lot or at Heathrow where they have to get off quickly but nothing compared to that braking.
photo S4490004

Anyway good flight but the seat really hurt my anus bone after a while so it wasnt a comfy sleep compared to like singapore 777 and jal 787 of the same flight time.
The IFE was a bit fiddly and had errors sometimes.

Hong Kong Airport is quick as always like a 5 min wait and a 10 min wait for bag.
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew5.0

Istanbul - ISL


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The food and amenity kit are the best things about the flight, i can even walk around tokyo in my slippers lol (mainly because i'm going for a hand massage at a hug cafe and my shoes stink after all that hong kong walking up mountains and sweating 2 liters just to get to the plane spotting location that i have found with amazing views) I don't want to smell the girls out :)

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