Review of Air New Zealand flight Auckland Melbourne in Premium Eco

Airline Air New Zealand
Flight NZ 123
Class Premium Eco
Seat 23A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 01 Sep 14, 08:30
Arrival at 01 Sep 14, 10:30
NZ   #10 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 94 reviews
Published on 19th September 2015
Welcome to my latest in series of flights I took to New Zealand and Australia via Singapore in conjunction with SQ and NZ. If you’re joining us on this flight, please feel free to read the other reports of this journey at the links below:

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Flight 4 - NZ 123 AKL - MEL

We truly enjoyed our stay in Auckland, and the weather was perfect, almost Seattle-like with the cold and off/on rainy conditions. As mentioned, we purposely visited to get away from the Houston heat and humidity. This definitely fit the bill and we did not want to go back.

photo 9347E4EA-2728-469E-ACAE-65F96DAA859C_zpsetxtmnzj

photo 75820EF6-CE3A-4C04-ADA5-56C5EE8F1874_zpshse9aigq

photo 813BA6B7-071A-4CB3-9F1C-9717757ACFB1_zps7uimu4cp

photo 2F9D9D24-45C9-472E-BF01-7595A7AB6975_zpsl1il8lfo

photo B249BCD5-AF20-4274-9CAA-20475AB10FBB_zpskjtwtsb9

photo C1DB379A-FBA6-4556-BC39-EF9DEF59637B_zpsijl23g3v

After a couple of days in Auckland, it was time for our next stop on this trip Down Under. Since we had already visited Sydney, we decided to finally visit Melbourne! When planning for this trip, it priced out much cheaper to fly a one-way between AKL and MEL and starting with AKL first and returning via MEL. I looked at various flights, including taking EK in J on the A380. Yet, I really wanted to keep with Star Alliance (*A) airlines, especially NZed. I chose the flight as it was the only widebody flight between the two cities. I had been hoping for the 789, but that plane goes to PER. We also chose PE as the upcharge seemed decent.

The day before the flight, I had checked us in just less than 24hr before the flight. And the flight still showed the standard 772. We had the first row 23ABC in PE and we were all set. I was bummed to be leaving, but knew I would be back soon. We enjoyed the rest of our day despite the arrival of some rain, the only day it rained during our entire trip.

I did not really sleep. Around 04:30 got ready and by 05:00 we checked out from our apartment and took the airport delivery service from the hotel prearranged the day before. We drove around quiet Auckland and made our way to the airport. We got to the airport around 05:20. I was surprised by the number of people checking in for flights this morning.

photo 942FA1E7-4919-4C37-B9A7-6A41D718CCE5_zps1uhahayj
FIDS directing us to head to Check-in A to check in for our flight.

photo 90B8397A-4508-4559-9DC7-1583D2A9A4C8_zpsz5zjaswq

photo E76AB022-F6A1-48ED-A448-B9C8411C6EBC_zpscbegp3sc

photo 7AFF17B8-3F0D-4F63-8D03-F125F58700CD_zps4gon1bep

Among the chaos, passengers are invited to use the self-service kiosks to first check-in as well as print out baggage tags. Each group of kiosks has a lead kiosk managed by an NZ ticketing staff.

photo D83BF3D7-09E2-4910-98F2-0E4ADC2E8376_zps8cgiff9b

photo CA733D09-0DC6-4F90-BF6F-4CA7015F49AD_zpsvyt5ipjj
My kiosk-generated boarding pass

While I had no problems during check-in, my mother encountered some problems regarding not being able to read her passport. A female agent could hear my mom worry why it would not let her check in, while my father had no problems. She came over and told her not to worry that sometimes the machine readers tend to be finicky. She typed a few things and confirmed my mother. While watching the agent’s monitor, I noticed they had seated my father at 23D rather than 23C in the the PE cabin. I asked if someone had already taken 23C because we had reserved 23C during the booking process. She typed a few things and pulled up the seating chart. She showed us that today’s seating chart showed 2-4-2, and I looked at her and asked if that was possible on the 772. Come to find out, she told us that we would be flying the newly configured 772 on today’s flight. My sadness about leaving Auckland turned to a bit of excitement flying on the updated cabin with a bunch of new features. While I let that sink in, she helped affix the baggage tags to my parents check-in bags and then directed us to the drop off desks. She wished us a pleasant flight to MEL and we thanked her for her help.

photo E9FEC945-79C0-4745-B7E2-C2CB0C7A2975_zpsdqlxqgrs

photo 32D4F2C6-E045-482A-84D3-35D4493E0FAE_zpsikl7fnwp

Once we dropped off our bags, I walked around a bit to the smallish check-in hall before we ventured upstairs towards the International Departure area.

photo A3F9158B-19C2-4A4D-BA6C-9434E9C14C10_zps7qcz6v9p

photo C6704B41-1DBE-4BC0-8286-E3CD7337F444_zpsogakscaf
A future All Black?

photo 8D8E65EA-D9A5-4D92-8566-40A119480829_zpsazewlkdy
A Middle Earth warrior?

photo 9DA261B3-6CA3-467D-AC9C-08D057219DAE_zpscmplio8w
The small landside area before Passport control

photo AE259E50-B9FF-4FF9-9A2C-F1A9CF9915D1_zpszwqd8odz
Heading towards passport control. US Passport holders can turn right along with Aussies, Kiwis, and British passport holders.

When we arrived at AKL on the SQ flight, they offered SmartGate only for Aussie and Kiwi passport holders. When departing from AKL, US and British passport holders also get to use SmartGate to speed through passport control. It is a two-step process. First, you insert your passport and confirm the information and departure from New Zealand. It prints out a special card that you need to take and then head to a barrier that first requires you to insert that card and then takes your picture. Once confirmed, it lets you go through the barrier to security. For computer and technology savvy individuals, the process is easy and painless. My father is not technologically-inclined, so he had a problem getting through when it came time for the system to take his picture. He had to queue up at another lane handling those who had problems using SmartGate, predominantly older individuals. Once he got the OK, he joined us and we headed through a speedy security area and were now airside.

photo B54227CD-EA0E-492C-8484-AD98C363F0B3_zps7zavcv3z

photo 6A62514F-2777-489F-918E-BB9091ACD162_zpsbdbt2ia8

The Iconic Poa Manawa in its colorful display as well as images of iconic images to the Maori culture.

photo 6018535C-AD6C-47A6-A998-70E68761D12B_zpsxcxurquo

photo 736376A6-9A99-4292-A3FF-3BEEF97EC471_zps4cjltdrk

photo 981CBCE6-78A9-4D1E-955B-732E40AA6DD8_zpsw1c50y9j

photo 48B8D88C-4E32-4BAC-82B3-309196445FA9_zpskwn8rtc1

photo 407D86DB-8FE6-4927-B446-D7277602E6F1_zpsfos7ejua

photo D841451A-7841-4146-A49F-EAF7AF6B0D12_zpsedmexg8x

photo 59C77EB3-3DEB-4856-B0FE-C91E6DBB37DA_zpszjjtxcry

We had plenty of time to enjoy airside. Too bad at this time we only had *S status and would not be able to access the NZ lounge. I did not mind because I was enjoying the airport watching the people as well as the interesting design. But first up, a bit of a brekkie from Shaky Isles. Love their interesting artwork/advert.

photo C1364DD5-585A-4C88-B508-F2A932536C1A_zps0hn8fgrw

photo C1364DD5-585A-4C88-B508-F2A932536C1A_zps0hn8fgrw

photo E22EEBF2-D737-4B57-9643-2FA5CC2B142B_zpssmaf0qm4

I think the artwork drew us along with the crowd from check-in. We were able to find a table next to the window where I could watch the sunrise as well as do a bit of spotting. I got to enjoy a steak and potato pie and enjoy one last L&P soda.

photo F6082261-ECAF-4977-83A3-402CFC047D62_zpslal2nrcq

photo FD13DDF9-527F-4543-8DED-D2BD7AE34EE9_zpsbvsdafv0

photo 624907CD-7FC9-4405-B4C3-2F3A9C228C75_zpsva22bsj0
At 07:30, I noticed they would be publishing our gate soon. Still had plenty of time to walk around the terminal.

photo 55F70A79-957C-4D31-8F2D-D87ECD9138E4_zpsvez9iq6n

photo DAFFC000-3E14-47D2-B28C-93DDE4FD850C_zpsngcmkoye
An interesting advert for a drink that supposedly fights jetlag. The salesperson was nice and told her that I would need a drink in a couple of days on my way back home.

photo E8BD3341-01F4-4982-93F9-AD9F31BAD023_zpsvltiogfa
What is that livery o’er yonder?

photo EAC9058B-40D2-446B-999A-D532486F447B_zpspceaw2ix
I like this special Hobbit livery despite never having seen any Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies, except the really old Hobbit movies. Also KE and LA in the distance.

photo D75E4A6B-EC6A-4B31-8F61-68F73045EEE8_zpsoibhzvri
Guess it is time to head to Gate 09.

photo 2A18DA7C-E134-44FC-B596-E741F1CF85D4_zpsjyzkcfgi

photo A9DCA999-1D05-4467-A681-0ABD317171F9_zpsmcgyy0m7
A Classic and an Update

photo 3B960C5A-1E6C-4F31-97E2-27F897234681_zpsqffsicl0
I do make a stop for a photo op of the special Hobbit plane that I believe arrived from LAX and would be making a return to LAX or head to NRT.

photo 7B814995-6A41-49DE-BA99-6F96135B4150_zps6wakvupd
“The Hobbit” livery closer up

photo 8A8E7DDB-37D8-4CDC-A7B8-7A61A044D174_zpsm7bamtmp

This was the first time I actually got to see the uniforms for the NZ FA’s up close and it is rather unique. Overall I like it. Now the NZ groundstaff wear similar uniforms, but I had not seen a female wear the dress, especially the bring pink dress.

photo 65F94DB8-04BA-44D5-9366-728C345BD144_zpsyubffg2y
NZ FAs I believe heading to NRT.

We continue our walk towards the end of the International Terminal where they funnel us into this interesting maze to the gate.

photo ED568D72-A94C-4221-AA62-62E6EE6C97D1_zpszf1ejkwp
Heading towards the gate through a series of special channels.

photo 105AF7E0-F68B-4612-ACFA-D8607E055855_zpsw454txp8
Our flight, NZ 123.

photo ACBE21BD-CFC1-4323-8500-6E5DFB40CFBD_zpsikxe3lso
Yup, we’re headed to MEL.

NZ 123
01 September 2014
ETD: 08:30
ATD: 08:38
ETA: 10:30
ATA: 10:12
Boeing 777-200 ER (772)
Seat: 23A

photo 5447E4A9-0419-4C3B-91E3-922E2A4A5DD2_zpsuosobflb
Looks like a packed flight on our way to the gate.

photo 22798D46-C14F-4918-AE6A-6ED62E987097_zpssr4zafdp

photo 1CCDE728-94CC-489E-BC32-6501A4CED92A_zpspclt6lbs

Upon arriving at the gate, it would appear it would be a full flight to MEL this morning. Many seem to have come from the LAX flight and finally heading home. Our flight would have many families and the agents had called for those needing to check-in prams to go ahead and get tagged before depositing at the end of the jetway. I will mention that the gate area sorta reminded me of the gates at HNL with the wood trim and enhanced by the smiles of the gate agents and how they handled each patient.

About 10minutes after we had arrived at the gate, they had called for pre-boarding of J passengers and those elderly folks needing assistance down the jetway. They did announce that they will call for boarding with small children shortly, which occurred about 5minutes later. Finally they had started general boarding, starting from the rear of the aircraft. They did announce that those sitting in the PE cabin are requested to relax a bit and would be among the last to board. I found that a bit annoying. They did enforce boarding by rows as they would turn people back who tried to board early. Another slightly annoying bit of the boarding process was they had 3 boarding pass scanners set up that would then funnel into a tiny jetway. Just like any funneling, there would be a backup that would make the boarding process longer. Eventually, the friendly Kiwi-Japanese agent called us over and allowed me to scan my boarding pass. With the green beep, she wished me a pleasant flight.

photo 694C120C-BE78-4DD1-9591-41BF6B1D6CE9_zpsde4zft3s
Heading down the jetway

photo 9516BDC7-E5CC-4F4A-9E4D-D9703A9DBCE5_zps9htafy7v

photo 11834453-EC05-4B49-95F6-9F529072B056_zpssfmt9ix1

Upon entering the plane, Marco greeted us and could tell a bit from my excitement boarding this flight. He asked if this would be my first flight on NZ. I told him it was and definitely looking forward to it. He took a peek at my boarding pass and suggested I would have a nice flight in PE on our way over to MEL. I thanked him and made my way to my seat.

photo 25A380C9-FAD5-4A95-B5A7-5E2623D91B5D_zps6mslpziz
Walking through the J cabin that was 100% full.

photo B74E78D3-1A2A-4709-94E1-79ADA35FF2F3_zpsekcvs6g0
I can see our seats up ahead!

As we headed towards our seat, J definitely looked 100% full. A galley separates J from PE. I could see lots of people stuffing their belongings in the Y cabin while I made a stop right in front of my seat and try to scope out some luggage space as PE would also be 100% full and we would be among the last PE to have boarded. I know many have status, but just surprised we would be the last 3 to get seated following the boarding queues. Fortunately, we found two bins that we could use to put our stuff in and would be directly above us. I was excited flying my very first flight with NZ and to do it on the latest refurbished product!

photo 6A4E4610-F1B0-4580-969E-ED0CAF202842_zpsieddh71w
Sister plane ZK-OKB waiting at the gate.

photo 20454AA2-7A00-4B1C-AF00-0B858B2FEE5E_zpsywervwxn
Bulkhead with nothing in the pockets other than the flight safety card. I figured no new Kia Ora magazine because of a new month and had not had time to put in new magazines. I was able to find the latest issue in the magazine locker.

photo D7729105-9A66-49BF-8C4A-1373D94BE188_zpseu15rk1l
My seat, 23A, with the plug near my (L) knee. Except for my iPad, the only thing on our seats were the standard piss-poor headphones.

photo 22300D3C-AB69-4AC3-A8DC-2C1D42EE58AA_zpsnve4hl8k
Mid-galley mainly for drinks and used meal trays. Also our ISM Kara preparing for the flight.

photo 6471D5F9-1774-4B10-8ED7-37E05E50744F_zps4hyw8uxm
PTV welcome screen

As the boarding process continued, I did notice Kara and some of the ground staff approach an Aussie couple sitting in 23FG. I could only guess they got bumped from their J seats or their upgrade denied and got relegated to PE. I did also watch FAs go to various passengers and hand out free bottles of water as well as nicer headphones to whom I assume were Airports Gold/Elite members. Afterwards, FAs went to each passenger in PE, welcome themselves, and then showed us how to take out our TV monitors to view the flight safety video.

photo CACE2032-BE00-4514-A0B0-8CCBB48F1CED_zps2utjtoqw

photo 3EA219BC-5ED7-44C9-8414-D5AFBB9BBB87_zpsyivgux8g

At 08:20 local time, Kara welcomed everyone on board and informed us we would be on our way shortly. She did mention that we were flying the newest 772 to have been refurbished with new features such as the SkyCouch. Ten minutes later, Captain Neil Jones welcomed us on board this refurbished Air New Zealand 777-200ER. He announced that they had just closed the doors to the aircraft and that we would soon be on our way to sunny Melbourne. Today’s flight would be a quick 4hrs and would make some considerable time from the slight delay going across the Tasman Sea as we would pick up favorable winds. With the welcome greetings from the Captain Jones and ISM Kara, she fired up today’s flight safety video. I wonder which one they will show for this flight?

photo 23FB7F0A-CD8B-4725-856D-83600CC98CBB_zpsgvwpwkwv

photo D2442B60-04AA-4B91-BE70-08E22BF81532_zpslowtmqu7

photo 7FC260F9-04F6-4322-A5B2-69348964C780_zpszxsrvnud

I always like to mention what the FAs do during the safety video. On an old EK flight, I saw the FAs run around the cabin frantically like headless chickens. On SQ, the FAs take their seat and look glamorous. On this flight, the FAs position themselves at the front of each cabin and by the exits, similar to CO and now UA.

Once Bear had finished with the flight safety video, we started our pushback and made our way towards Runway 05R. All the FAs helped all J and PE passengers store their monitors for takeoff. Y passengers had the luxury to watch or listen to any programs from gate-to-gate.

We bid adieu to New Zealand at 08:48 as I watched the New Zealand landscape get smaller and smaller. At around 09:00 Kara she gave us another welcome. She mentioned we would be served breakfast on this flight. She did mention again that we are flying on a newly refurbished 772ER fitted out with new PE seats and their award-winning SkyCouch.

photo 17AFC2B9-1D96-4987-86CF-F2989F66CA54_zpsgk0tn4ph

photo B2991756-807A-49E9-9B53-F5CFF5E9B433_zpsrsssnaai

Some of the FAs working with Kara were Terri, Ray, Marco, Mark Jennifer. Terri, Mark, and Jennifer would mainly serve the PE cabin while Ray and Mark worked the J cabin. Once the captain turned off the fasten seat belt sign, I watched the FAs do their thing and admire their uniforms. The female uniforms work nicely for them. For the men, I did not like their vest, mainly the pictorial display on the back. If they had embellished the pockets and kept the vest inline with the overall uniform, it would look a whole lot better, especially on the beefier guys. I did notice we had a Chinese speaker on board this flight, I guess to cater Chinese passengers connecting from PEK or PVG on their way to MEL. Upon surveying my fellow passengers, my parents and I would be the only Asian passengers on board.

photo 228F16D9-3742-43EA-8171-4654E0FCD5EA_zpshmnpns8l
I decide to take out my monitor and peruse their IFE options.

photo 04499330-E03A-43C0-B2D7-D007E7DC6A09_zpsj7fwm5db

You could watch all recent NZ flight safety videos up to the Betty White one at a retirement community. I believe this one called “Bare Essentials” started their campaign for interesting flight safety videos such as the All Blacks, Betty White, Richard Simmons, The Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models, and most recently, their surfing one. Of course I watched them all!

As I enjoyed watching the different safety videos, Jennifer started the breakfast service working from the rear forward. Rather than start with a first round of drinks before breakfast, they did it all on the first go. For the flight, they offered either a hot English brekkie or a cold cereal. Never really having had a proper English brekkie in a long time, my parents and I decided to go for that. I enjoyed some hot tea plain with my brekkie. All the hot cups featured various wildlife indigenous to New Zealand.

photo FB580943-B02F-485D-9A0D-C65CDC9745E3_zpsnrgz0lvn

photo D6A671AC-FEA1-4AB7-906C-8419A164ABEB_zps9ycspm0d

photo A9811B0F-89CD-400F-919D-F2E53A3A2881_zpsejpjzpj2

photo 5CD7FA70-B117-4E45-8EAC-CD22B98CB8BA_zpsvpezmcc9

Overall the brekkie was decent. I did not like the beans because it lacked any seasoning. The sausage and potatoes did taste better and the fruit was super sweet. When Jennifer first started doing the meal service, she started from rear forward and then parked the food cart in the mid-galley where they had empty bins. When it was time to pick up trays, rather than wheeling the carts back down the aisle, they picked them up by hand and started to stack them in the galley where one of attendants filled in the empty carts. That was an approach I had not seen before.

With the meal over and trays picked up, I tried to walk around the cabin, especially down into Y. This would be my first time checking out a Y cabin with 3-4-3 on any 777 variant. I would definitely not enjoy it down there, and a couple of months later I definitely did not enjoy flying in such a layout. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures from the Y cabin as the aisles remained clogged throughout the flight. However I did get to visit the lav reserved for the PE cabin.

photo 79B78A16-2B98-4B7A-896D-7500BEB4BCE6_zpsj6p5bfyf
What’s this man doing, hanging on to the side of the plane?

photo 687F3EE1-709B-4D34-BCE4-CD4AADCB4CF0_zpsdwnnxrvg
Cheeky bugger!

I returned to my seat and continued to play around with the monitor. I had read that during flight, you can request and even purchase additional drinks and snacks right from the comforts of your seat without having to get up and walk or even use the FA call button. I checked out to see what was on offer and test out the system.

photo F50AE48D-78BA-40F7-88AC-0D506CD7E2CA_zps1z6gisqo

photo 30BE8AA4-0FAD-49CD-9B68-E0FC18ADD6E2_zps6ngbskjh

photo 7C493316-65A7-4C8C-B409-652CF14D18B2_zpstl7ushfs

photo 97F490B7-C970-4C4C-91FD-95E056B6C0A1_zpsmzvdikf7

photo B5A34217-0C53-4250-A619-FDC99E38AC30_zpss7px44vw

photo 0649C218-A785-489C-B405-E5EFF988CF20_zpsfrmpizjp

photo 0649C218-A785-489C-B405-E5EFF988CF20_zpsfrmpizjp
Hmmm … I can order a water with lemon AND ice?

photo 90ACEFB2-F11D-45A8-AF3C-94D8CDC2A606_zpsy3xyc1oc
Confirmation of my order … water with lemon

On hindsight, I should have ordered an additional snack such as the meat pie with a coke, but instead I needed some water. After about 3min, one of the FAs serving the Y cabin brought my glass of water to me and thanked her for it.

photo 60A53965-FA19-43BF-BADC-F1135B731B0E_zpsxvynaiyl

After receiving my water, I decided to rest up anticipating a long day enjoying Melbourne, especially catching up with a cousin I had not seen in years.We would not be staying with her, but rather live it up in the CBD just off Burke Street. They did do a water service just after I had ordered my water, but they did not serve it with ice nor lemon.

photo D2F8A5DB-935E-42C8-876B-60B481DA187C_zpsbb5iv9ab

photo 64875BAB-F845-4CFC-BA31-B8BD7EFF7C3C_zpsadszseab

photo D154267C-A6A9-49A0-AD2D-D9B271A9F0CB_zpsth4zgmh7

photo 99274CA6-69B8-44DE-9F6A-C8D88E0093FC_zpshzprzhep

photo 3EF1CCFF-5CD4-40A8-8788-F1010799352F_zpsdlcehni6

photo ABAD70E7-CD04-42A6-B904-0938A0215D46_zpswcsbhnkt

photo 57E83171-6C8B-483F-9C2E-54A4FD71DD3C_zpso4wrlf9j
The inner storage of the monitors

photo C663C6EC-32D3-402B-8B36-401DFF886ED5_zpskza9rxbh
A clear day near MEL

photo BA39302C-7F62-4F94-A5B5-0115B09C8542_zpsrsi17hzu
A safety message regarding storage of the monitors and tray tables.

Soon, we would be landing at MEL. FAs started their preparation for arrival. Kara and Rob tidied up the mid-cabin galley while Jennifer and Marco were collecting rubbish in the cabin. I just sat back and admired the scenery below.

photo 30A2EDF8-6170-42CB-A515-C75D42D5DB0C_zps1jusbx6r

photo 30A2EDF8-6170-42CB-A515-C75D42D5DB0C_zps1jusbx6r

photo F241180A-306D-46B8-BF4E-66E48C947CE9_zpsvvntlwhd

photo 04A7716E-595E-4143-BD2A-ABADD8757D1C_zps59thqasn

Terri and another FA walked to the front of the PE cabin and started to hand out a type of boiled sweet. I accidentally got two of them because they stuck together.

photo AFA58EC1-BD34-40B2-B273-14E9D941324A_zpsdq1coza1
The organized galley ready for arrival.

Marco did one final message and asked for passengers to return to their originally assigned seats. Also, he asked if anyone noticed a bag containing kids gifts in the gate area as a passenger seems to have misplaced it. I hope the passenger got them!

photo BA3AB3A1-D892-4E82-AB59-6F7AFE904890_zpsellu8cgn
Now over Victorian land.

photo 0225D599-FC90-49C8-AE9E-51860A6DB5A5_zps8k5mlq9r
Nearing MEL.

We landed on Runway 34 at MEL ahead of schedule to a beautiful winter day. OK, it was a bit warm for my taste, but still a beautiful, sunny day! We had a short taxi to Gate 20, part of a new extension of gates that can handle the A380. It was the farthest gate at the terminal. Kara welcomed us to Melbourne and thanked us for joining them and hoped we enjoy our stay in Melbourne or wherever else. Now, it was time to get a good walk down to Immigration, Baggage Claim, and Customs.

photo 5CE3436F-69B0-43A4-AE7F-E31B8B89A213_zpshlw6hwqy
First time seeing 3U

photo C8C4755A-173E-4AC0-9176-6D1C0E339EBC_zps3cxch6ll
EK A380 getting ready to board back to DXB

Once we headed downstairs towards Australian Immigration, there were signs stating passengers with passports from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA, and maybe Canada, had the chance to use SmartGate to enter Australia. I did not remember this at SYD last year, but then I had Fast Track to easily bypass the need for SmartGate. This would now be the second time to use this after using it to exit New Zealand. The process was simple and even my dad knew what to do. They had plenty of kiosks early on in the prior to the main area. It seemed advisable to use these rather than to get stuck behind the queue. Also I noticed many fellow Americans not paying attention and queueing up at the regular channels rather than utilize SmartGate. As much as I love to get a stamp in my passport to welcome me to a foreign country, I remember the agent last year in SYD say they no longer stamp passports.

Once through, it was a quick venture to retrieve our bags. Apparently they seemed to have one belt operational for two flights while they had other luggage belts available. Our bag appeared towards the end since many bags seemed to have priority tags interdispersed with bags coming from KUL on MH. Once through, it was time to deal with Australian customs. If you read my SYD report, you remember I had an unfortunate experience the very first time I visited the country just after they hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics. One of the things they questioned me on was why was I did not declare the acetaminophen and that I had to declare all medications. They had a lane for those declaring drugs and I told my parents we should join that queue because it was for their medication. It took about 4min to wait in that queue with only us waiting. An agent came by and questioned whether we were in the wrong line. I asked her if we had to declare any personal medications for prevention we were bringing and she reassured us that we would be ok. Also we would be bringing in cookies and chocolates from New Zealand and she said who doesn’t love cookies and chocolates. Overall, this experience was a whole lot better than my very first experience.

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Air New Zealand

Cabin crew8.5

Auckland - AKL


Melbourne - MEL



I truly enjoyed my very first flight with NZ. The crew were much cheerier than any recent UA flight that the short flight seemed like a waste. But then again, the Kiwis are such friendly folks. Now I hope to one day enjoy them on a much longer flight once they start IAH-AKL!

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    Chatokay 277 Comments
    A quite difficult and slightly annoying FR to read, as the text wasn't above each picture but under it, thus forcing the reader to scroll up after each bit of text to see what it was actually referring too, but thanks for sharing anyway.
    Please put the text above the pictures next time, thank you.
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    iAtticus 2 Comments
    I'm glad the IFE was working for you. I flew NZ1 in March on a 777-300 and was expecting the old system but got this shite and I was like wtf have they done. They got rid of the good system. Mine was glitchy, buggy an shut off several times during the flight for no reason. The kitchen was always closed so no order at seat like usual, no flight info, no moving map. All the crew could say was that it was recently installed and not tested properly and lots of people are complaining... Why they installed a new system without thinking about testing is beyond me but at least it looks like it's fixed now. Good report anyway, so you prefer the old NZ livery or the new one?
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    Benoit75008 7191 Comments
    Thanks for this report,

    AKL seem nice, but a bit messy.

    I didn't know NZ was just offering BoB on short flights.

    Good flight apparently :)

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