Review of Air New Zealand flight Auckland Melbourne in Economy

Airline Air New Zealand
Flight NZ729
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 21 Sep 18, 18:45
Arrival at 21 Sep 18, 20:35
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By SILVER 1574
Published on 1st October 2018
Air New Zealand ZK-OJO NZ729 Auckland - Melbourne

Flight details:
Airlines: Air New Zealand
Flight No: NZ729 AKL - MEL
Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Departure Auckland International Gate 2: 18:46 NZST
Arrival Melbourne Terminal 2 Gate 5: 20:37 AEST
Flight time: 3 hours 51 minutes
Distance: 2,508 km

Full trip video: Air New Zealand ZK-OJO NZ729 Auckland - Melbourne

Do watch and experience the flight.


This flight is from 2018 returning from New Zealand. Booking was to arrive in Christchurch and depart from Auckland. Read Christchurch arrival: Air New Zealand ZK-OJO NZ898 Melbourne - Christchurch

Had booked this flight months before. Return flight was NZ125 on Boeing 787-9 departing at AKL Departure :15:15 MEL Arrival: 17:20. A month and half before the flight, it was cancelled. Had to change the car parking, car hire. Had chose NZ125 for the Boeing 787-9 and to avoid the evening rush at Melbourne. Wasn't to happen, got the same aircraft which had flew to Christchurch.

Checked the flight details

photo nzaklmel flight details

Arriving at the Auckland Airport

Arrived early. Had check-in the flight before coming to airport. After dropping the rental car, walked to the checkin area.

photo img_1

Flight Schedule

photo img_12

LATAM Check-in area

photo img_29


Check-in was through self-check kiosk for this flight. Had weighted the bag earlier , knew it was underweight. Went to self-check kiosk, scanned the passport, answered the usual questions, boarding pass and baggage tags were printed. Took the bag to drop-bag where bag was weighed and scanned.

photo img_56


Departure area is upstairs at Auckland. All passengers have to fill the departure Immigration forms . Went to the food court for some meal before boarding as had booked seat + bag.
Auckland Airport is undergoing construction, the viewing gallery was closed. With nothing else to do, decided to head for immigration.

photo img_57

Immigration and Security

Immigration had self-check or through officer. Was directed to join the queue for the immigration officer, when my passport is smart gate compliant. Took sometime for the processing to complete, while in queue was asked about destination and nationality. While the smart gate was quicker.

Security queue was short but lacked trays, had to wait to get tray. Took about 10-15 mins.

photo 20180921_134958

Duty Free area

photo img_44photo img_53_1

Long walk to gate

Gate number is not displayed until an hour before boarding commences. Not sure if its done to avoid crowding near gate or to keep people shopping.

photo img_60

Food Court

Smaller food court with limited food options. Spent the last few NZ$, had coffee and sandwich. Coffee was terrible. Chucked it after couple of sips.

photo img_54_1

More Shopping

Walking to towards gate area. Not knowing the gate number.

photo img_1_1photo img_58

Gate information

Flight would depart from gate 2

photo img_2photo img_59

To Gate

Walked towards the gate, which is accessible taking the escalator down.

photo img_3

Airside view

photo img_5

Air New Zealand ZK-OJO operating NZ 729 to Melbourne

photo img_4


Announcement was made that the flight was delayed by 15 minutes. Waited for boarding to be called.

photo img_62

On board

Boarding commenced shortly, long queue had formed. It was a full flight. Passport and boarding pass was checked.
Being one of the first few to board, didn't have to wait long to be on board the aircraft. On board, boarding pass was checked and directed to seat. Being a all economy flight Airbus A320. seating is 3-3.

photo img_6


Flight being full the overhead bins were full with passengers having to put bags under seat.

photo img_9

Window view

photo img_8

Latam on the way to Santiago

photo img_61

Seat view

photo img_10

Kia Ora [Hello]

Touchscreen IFE.

photo img_7

Air New Zealand ZK-OJB

photo img_63

Flight information

photo img_11

Flight map

photo img_13

Destination information

photo img_14

Flight details

photo img_16

Ready for pushback and taxi

Pushback commenced after passengers had boarded.

photo img_15

Flight details

photo img_17

Taxi and takeoff

After a long taxi to runway 23L, departed Auckland. Watch video for taxi and departure.

Seat pocket material

photo img_18photo img_19

Air New Zealand A320R Safety Card

photo img_20photo img_21

Australian immigration form

Australian immigration forms were distributed. Completed soon as was prepared with pen and passport details.

photo img_22photo img_55_1

Flight details

Flying over the Tasman sea, seat belt sign came on. hit a few minor bumps along the way. Cockpit crew announced they had avoided the weather flying higher.

photo img_23

Cabin view

photo img_24

Tea /Coffee and Water

Cabin commenced shortly after the sign was turned off. Tea/coffee was available. Meals were provided to passengers who had opted for "The Works" or Buy on Board [BOB] .

Had my fill earlier before boarding, skipped the meal.

photo img_25

Inflight Entertainment [IFE]

photo img_28

Air New Zealand fleet information

Checked the Air New Zealand fleet information. Below are the details.

Boeing 777-300ER

photo img_50

Boeing 777-200ER

photo img_51

Boeing 787-9

photo img_52

Airbus A320-200

photo img_53

ATR 72-500/600

photo img_54

Bombardier Q300

photo img_55

Flight information

photo img_27

Flight path

Reaching the Australian shores

photo img_35photo img_36

Flight details

photo img_37

Cabin view

Lights were dimmed after the cabin service.

photo img_38

IFE remote

photo img_43


Checked movies available on payment.

photo img_41photo img_40

Flight map

Reached South East of Victoria

photo img_42

Flight Details

photo img_45

Approaching Melbourne

photo img_46


photo img_48

Arrived at Gate 5

photo img_49

Flight Information

photo nzaklmel flight

Landing details

photo untitled-1

Full flight details

photo nz729


photo img_50_1


Having arrived into evening peak, long queue was formed at self-check kiosk to fill smart gate details. Skipped the smart gate and went to immigration officer. No questions asked passport was scanned and handed back.

Baggage Collection

Baggage took 10-15 mins to arrive.

Quarantine and Exit

Long queue was formed at Quarantine check, as had nothing to declare. Was allowed to pass through the exit. Took about an hour after landing to exit the airport.

Car Park

As was exiting the terminal, saw the long term car park bus at the kerb, rushed to get on board. Once on board settled till the arriving at the bus stop.
Found my car. Felt good to be back in the comfort of own vehicle after driving small car during the trip. Headed to exit and on to Tullamarine Freeway.

Hope you enjoyed the trip, Thanks for reading.

End of trip

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Air New Zealand

Cabin crew8.0

Auckland - AKL


Melbourne - MEL



Air New Zealand flight was satisfactory, as had booked seat and bag. Crew were friendly, cabin was clean. Entertainment and food was buy on board. Wasn't expecting much as it was pay as you go service.

Auckland Airport was a long walk through duty free to gate, immigration could have been faster if had used to the smartgate. security check was slowed due to lack of trays. Food options were few as airport undergoing construction.

At Melbourne Airport, had long queues at self-check kiosk. immigration was quick, bags came slow. Quarantine queues were long. Overall experience could have been better.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Emirates avec 8.4/10.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6719 Comments
    Thanks for sharing! Always nice to see reports from down under. I'm surprised to see NZ charges for the IFE on Trans-Tasman flights--pretty disappointing. Even US carriers don't charge for IFE domestically anymore. The cabin looks good though.
    • Comment 468660 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 109 Comments
      Air New Zealand A320s are all-economy for Trans-Tasman flights. Ticket was reasonably priced for the distance. Air NZ maybe earning more revenue through charges for add on services.

      Thanks for your comment.

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