Review of American Eagle flight Los Angeles San Francisco in Domestic First

Airline American Eagle
Flight AA 5919
Seat 2A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:18
Take-off 08 Sep 15, 14:55
Arrival at 08 Sep 15, 16:13
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By 2276
Published on 22nd September 2015
Hi and welcome to the last portion of this series. This trip will be on an American Eagle flight which by itself would not be very exciting, but I managed to perk it up with a visit to the new Admirals Club located in T4S, which is a remote satellite accessible through bus for those passengers connecting with AA Eagle flights.

SFO-MIA in F –
MIA-GIG in J –
GIG-JFK in J –
JFK-LAX in J –
LAX-SFO in F – you are here.

The first thing that I did after deplaning in LAX is to head straight to the Admirals Club and take another shower. I turned in my boarding pass and the receptionist gave me a key to shower 8. I personally think that LAX has the best showers in the system - bright, inviting and just the right amount of space. Besides, I love that the hallway is decorated with pictures of iconic movie stars honoring the cinematic legacy of its home city. The display of famous stars can also be found at the new Admirals Club in T4S. In a way, the AA Clubs serve as galleries that take us to the past reminding us of the grace and elegance of a bygone era.

I then grabbed something to munch while I used the computer.

photo Admirals LAX (6) (1024x617)photo Admirals LAX (7) (1024x660)

Soup selections for today.

photo Admirals LAX (8) (1024x649)photo Admirals LAX (9) (1024x596)

My snacks.

photo Admirals LAX (10) (1024x683)photo Admirals LAX (11) (1024x683)

Time to visit the new lounge at T4S. I took a bus that gave me access to some nice spotting on the tarmac.

photo DSC07806 (1024x683)photo DSC07809 (1024x683)photo DSC07814 (1024x684)

An LY 772 taking off. If I remember correctly, I think LY used to fly LAX-YYZ-TLV. Now it is nonstop LAX-TLV and the flight is 14:30 long, making it one of the longest ones out of LAX.

photo DSC07815 (1024x684)

We arrive at the Eagle satellite.

photo DSC07816 (1024x682)photo DSC07841 (1024x683)

The new Admirals Club.

What this lounge lacks in size it makes it up in friendliness and style. The pictures of movie stars add a special touch and there are 4 individual WC's (2 for men and 2 for women). The buffet display is the same as the other lounge, with the exception of only 1 choice for soup instead of 2.

A nice agent greeted me with a smile as I entered the lounge.

photo Admirals LAX T4S (1) (1024x604)photo Admirals LAX T4S (2) (1024x683)



photo Admirals LAX T4S (9) (1024x683)


Another round of soup and snacks.

photo Admirals LAX T4S (15) (1024x715)photo Admirals LAX T4S (19) (1024x683)

Gate area.

photo DSC07842 (1024x710)

Boarding. Pre-dept. drinks were offered by an attentive FA.

photo DSC07843 (1024x683)photo DSC07844 (1024x683)

We taxied to the runway after the door was closed. More spotting.

Take off.

Drinks along with a snack basket were offered.

photo DSC07876 (1024x683)

The flight was uneventful and soon we started to descend into SFO.

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American Eagle

Cabin crew9.0

American Airlines Admirals Club - 4


Los Angeles - LAX


San Francisco - SFO



My seat 2A was a solo seat on the left side so it was a comfortable ride.

The snack basket was adequate for this short flight.

FA was proactive and efficient.

We left 11 min. late at 1510 and arrived 14 min. earlier at 1600.

No wifi was offered on this flight.

Even though I visited both Admiral clubs, my rating is for the new one at T4S.

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) San Francisco (SFO)


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  • Comment 146897 by
    Benoit75008 7192 Comments
    Thanks for this report,

    The use of celebrity pictures in the lounge reminds the time of the PAN AM
    Cabin crew seems effective, AA try to upgrade their services
    • Comment 325508 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      Thank you for your comments Benoit.

      The display of movie stars' pictures from the past is what makes the lounges at LAX special while addict a classy touch.

      The snack basket is a big improvement from what they had before.
  • Comment 146902 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9932 Comments
    Thanks for this ... lounge report this time ! ;-) . I love those black and white photos of celebrities, memories of a time when flying was for the privileged.
    Catering in the lounges seems to be improving .
    Nice spotting at LAX
    • Comment 325512 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      Thank you Christophe.

      It's a good thing that the lounges from the big 3 U.S. carriers are improving their offerings. I'm sure that the introduction of AMEX Centurion lounges has been one of the many reasons.
  • Comment 146907 by
    Chatokay 277 Comments
    Thanks for this nice FR.
  • Comment 146916 by
    K2World 2144 Comments
    Thank you for this last FR and the whole serie.
    I took the very same pictures of the Admirals Club when I was there. I had shower n°07 ^^ (FR to come)
    Too bad there is no pictures of the aircraft, the cabin or the legroom.

    • Comment 325516 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      Hi Kevin.

      Sorry about the lack of pics inside the cabin. It was kind of crowded when I boarded so I hesitated to get out the camera quickly. Hopefully I will get more cabin shots when I do this flight again next month.

      I took the very same pictures of the Admirals Club when I was there. I had shower n°07 ^^ (FR to come)
      - Great minds think alike, no? Looking forward to your FR. ;)

      Thank you for your support.
  • Comment 146965 by
    lagentsecret 12190 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    The shower looks bright and decent

    Olives and soup are always a good choice ;)

    No cabin pictures but a lot of great aerial views

    Thanks for sharing these reports and see you soon for another routing

    • Comment 325517 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      The shower looks bright and decent
      - A very nice shower room indeed.

      Olives and soup are always a good choice ;)
      - Some foie gras and proper champagne would have made it perfect. ;)

      No cabin pictures but a lot of great aerial views
      - I'm grateful for your kind words.

      As always, it's a privilege to count on your insightful remarks and discerning opinion. ;)
  • Comment 147300 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6573 Comments
    You finished posting your series just in time for the next trip down!
    Once you are ExPlat you'll be able to get in to the Flagship lounge and have real food, LOL, though it's nice that there are 2 different kinds of soups in the regular Admirals Club. I like the vintage photos Hollywood stars.
    I didn't know there was a new Admirals Club at LAX--I added it to the Database for you and updated the report. Apparently it's officially known as the Admirals Club T4 Regional. Speaking of regional, I noted that your flight was on an E175, which is surprising because I thought all LAX-SFO flights were on 738s (At least the ones I've done). So I changed the airline from AA to American Eagle.
    Thanks for another great series of reports!
    • Comment 325787 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      Hi Kevin.

      Just in time to begin a new series. ;) There are two coming up - one to GIG next Friday with a side trip out of SDU to GRU with Azul (hopefully with phenomenal aerials) and in Nov. a RTW one SFO-CPH with SK, CPH-IST-HKG on TK and HKG-SFO on CX. As of today, the first leg SFO-CPH might change to SFO-SAL-BOG-LHR on AV and LHR-HEL-CPH on AY. I need to figure out if I can leave earlier and whether the inventory will still be available. I'm running into some trouble with AV trying to change the SFO-CPH leg which is a reward booked in Y through Lifemiles. If I can manage to change it to LHR, then it will be in J. I'm getting excited about that but we'll see.

      Yes, the Admirals club at T4S is fairly new. I guess AA will be focusing more on LAX and strengtening their ties with Compass (American Eagle). I too was surprised that AA Eagle has picked up some of of those mainliner flights.

      Thanks for updating the info and the corrections. As always, your support and comments are invaluable.
  • Comment 147343 by
    indianocean SILVER 7527 Comments
    Pictures of massive movie stars is a nice touch but sad to say that it's not enough to upscale the poor catering.

    Grace Kelly was a really gorgeous actress.

    Thank you Adan
    • Comment 325811 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      Hi Bernard.

      It is what it is. Unfortunately no amount of decoration will bring the catering of U.S. lounges to the level of those abroad. I give them some credit for attempting to improve that by adding a few new things.

      Talk about lounge access, I can't believe how cheap it is to access some of the foreign ones. For example, I was looking at the AV site and it is only USD 25 to get in at their BOG one. That one is supposed to have showers and snack options.

      Thank you for your visit and comments.
  • Comment 148071 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1926 Comments
    Thanks for the FR, Adan.

    reminding us of the grace and elegance of a bygone era.
    - You mean you still don't get all dolled up in your Sunday's best when you travel?

    I have been to the satellite once, maybe 8 years ago for a LAX-SBA flight. It looks completely renovated because my memories of it weren't very good.

    The lounge does look cozy, but has a very doctor's office waiting room feel in the seating area. I like the fancy faucet in the WC though, looks like a little airplane. It looks like you got your money's worth in vegetables and soup :)

    Nice VS and SU spotting.

    The flight was uneventful and soon we started to descend into SFO.
    - Or you fell asleep...

    Nice to see some newer E-Jets, I prefer the new style winglet to the old style winglet.

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