Review of Emirates flight Singapore Dubai in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK353
Class Economy
Seat 44K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 07:05
Take-off 24 Sep 15, 11:00
Arrival at 24 Sep 15, 14:05
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Published on 29th September 2015
Welcome everyone to part 3 of this series.

Part 3 includes some pictures of Singapore, the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix and finally the first leg of my return flight between Singapore and Dubai.


First of all I will start with my hotel during my stay in Singapore.
The Holiday Inn Express Clark Quay was quite good. It is located very near to Chinatown (about 10-15min walk) and Clark Quay. Clark Quay is the place to be, if you want to have some drinks and delicious local or western food in the evening.

MRT stations Chinatown and Clark Quay are within a 5-10min walk, which was quite good, because you can reach all major hotspots in Singapore with the MRT within a few minutes. The MRT system is very easy to handle and of course very efficient - especially during the peak hours. I would recommend to buy a EZ-Link card, which can be recharged easily and helps to avoid the queues when buying a single journey ticket during the peak hours.

Enough said, let's start with some pictures.

General pictures of the hotel and room.

photo IMG_20150915_163215079_HDRphoto IMG_20150915_163230842_HDRphoto IMG_20150915_180427532

Infinity pool on top of the roof.

photo IMG_20150915_180911484

Location of the hotel.

photo IMG_20150915_175833889

Entry to Chinatown. Lots of great food and shopping opportunities - a visit is definitely enjoyable.

photo IMG_20150915_185042303_HDRphoto IMG_20150918_103836380_HDR

Gardens by the Bay.

photo IMG_20150916_145720648_HDRphoto IMG_20150916_150102814

Sentosa Island.

photo IMG_20150921_134748705

Singapore Zoo - which was quite amazing. You could spend several days in there to see everything.

photo IMG_20150922_104935739_HDRphoto IMG_20150922_112321667

Singapore Merlion with Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

photo IMG_20150919_162607240

Some local food - The famous Singapore Chilli Crab was very good.

photo IMG_20150917_132715317photo IMG_20150917_215246696photo IMG_20150922_200636519

Yeah and last but not least, some pictures of the Formula 1 Grand Prix Weekend.

My Grandstand for the race weekend.

photo IMG_20150916_155837467

View of Start-Finish-Line from the top of the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. Singapore National Stadium in the background, the Singapore Flyer in the foreground.

photo IMG_20150917_203557766

Track preparations on Wednesday.

photo IMG_20150916_161021590

Pictures of some F1 Track Activities

photo IMG_20150918_182420992photo IMG_20150919_185857875photo IMG_20150920_203856567

Let's move on with the flight.

Trip overview
1. MUC-DXB (A380-800) : can be found here
2. DXB-SIN (A380-800) : can be found here
3. SIN-DXB (B777-300ER): you are here
4. DXB-MUC (A380-800) : can be found here

SIN-DXB | B777-300ER | EK353

After I got up, I checked the DXB outbound flight EK352 to see which aircraft we will finally get. When I booked the flights in December EK353 was scheduled as a B777-300. About a week before leaving Singapore I checked my booking again to see if anything has changed and was surprised, that Emirates changed the equipment to a B777-300ER.
I was hoping, that we will get a new bird with the new Economy Class Seats.

So when I checked the flight status on flightradar24 and saw the registration of the aircraft, I was very happy and excited, because we got a almost brand new Boeing 777-300ER. She was just barely over a year old and I knew that this aircraft is equipped with the new Economy Class.

We arrived about 3hours before the scheduled departure and had lots of time. There were no queues at the Emirates check in counters although 2 Emirates Flight departure Singapore to Dubai within 50min. The other one EK433, is making a short stopover before continuing his flight to Dubai from Brisbane, Australia.

Finally a few words about Changi Airport. I can understand why Changi Airport wins so many prices. The Terminal is very clean and looks nice. There are a lot of seating options as well as duty free shops or restaurants.

photo IMG_20150924_073000242photo IMG_20150924_073704862_HDRphoto IMG_20150924_082749270

Flight Information

Registration: A6-ENT
Delivered : 15th August 2014

Here is a picture of her prior to boarding.

photo IMG_20150924_093924008

Great to see this Singapore Airlines A380 with the Singapore Flag paint scheme.

photo IMG_20150924_093933016

Scheduled Departure: 10:35am
Push Back : 11:00am
Actual Departure : 11:24am

Scheduled Arrival : 01:40pm
Actual Arrival : 01:59pm
Parking Position : 02:05pm

(All times are local)

As you can see in the pictures above, the weather was not that good. After a hazy start to my Singapore trip the weather got better and better but one day before leaving it got worse again. Lots of haze was coming over from Indonesia and had a big impact at the airport. Lots of flights were delayed.

Boarding started on time and with a load of only 70-75% the boarding process was done very quickly. Here is a blurred picture of the Business Class which I took during boarding.

photo IMG_20150924_095440575

My seat and the new Economy Class Seats with the big ICE display as well as the display on the remote.

photo IMG_20150924_095525819_HDRphoto IMG_20150924_095617306_HDRphoto IMG_20150924_101820002_HDR

Once boarding was finished there were a lot of free seats around. For a long time I was the only one in my row 44H, 44J and 44K, but just a few minutes after the doors were closed and boarding was finished another passenger from the back asked if it would be okay for me if he takes the aisle seat - I had no problem with that. So it was a very pleasant flight with some extra room.

About 10min after scheduled departure, the captain made an announcement, that we will have an expected delay of about 25-30min because of the weather situation at Changi Airport. There were 23 departures in front of us so we had to wait a little bit longer at the gate. A few passengers were a little bit nervous, because their connection time at DXB was not that long, just about 1.5hours between their flights.
During the delay the crew offered some drinks.

Finally after 25 extra minutes at the gate push back and taxiing to the runway started, but there were still a lot of flights in front of us, so another 25min delay was added. Overall we were 50min late but with an expected flight time of just 7hours 5minutes were reached Dubai only 25min late.

Some pictures to kill the time.

Don't be said Singapore Teddy, we will come back. And yes I know, you would prefer to fly with them over there.

photo IMG_20150924_101005966

Still at the Gate.

photo IMG_20150924_101208525

Jetstar B787.

photo IMG_20150924_110658998

Cargo Terminal.

photo IMG_20150924_111248735

Boarding pass for today's flight to Dubai.

photo Ticket_EK353

Video: Bye bye Singapore - see you next time.

It was very hazy outside, no wonder that many flights had some delay.

But after about 6.000 feet we made it through the haze and the sun was shining.

photo IMG_20150924_114615807

Here is the menu for flight EK353.

photo Menu_EK353

Meal service started about 1hour after departure.
Here is was we got.
I have to mention the stewardess in our section. She was very friendly and smiling all the time.

photo IMG_20150924_122732709_HDR

I chose the chicken, which was a lot and very good.

photo IMG_20150924_123234395

I have not tried the Instant Cup Noodles, because I was not hungry after that meal.
Some passengers ate them, they looked okay, nothing special.

After I finished my meal I decided to continue wich Season 4 of 2 Broke Girls.
It was a very bumpy ride until we reached India.
You could feel that the captain was searching for the best way because we made a lot of turns in 39.000 feet to get through the high clouds.

photo IMG_20150924_121934338

There was a short moment when we exited the Strait of Malacca and entered the Gulf of Bengali. I was able to take a photo of an Island which should be part of the Nicobar Island.

photo IMG_20150924_130303618

When we reached India the flight went on very smoothly. Just a few bumps over the Arabian Sea, but not that heavy as in the first 4hours of the flight.

Some pictures taken during the flight.

photo IMG_20150924_114609582_HDR

The new Economy Class cabin with the giant displays.

photo IMG_20150924_101844599photo IMG_20150924_115004545

The flight went on and we reached the coast of Oman.

photo IMG_20150924_174020419

Final turn before landing in Dubai.

photo IMG_20150924_175601507photo IMG_20150924_175718026

We landed on the north runway. As far as I know, usually the flights depart from the north runway and arrive on the south runway, but on this day the south runway was closed, I guess.
A few hours later on my flight to Munich, there was still just one runway open, we had to wait until a few flights landed.

Video: Arrival at Dubai.

Welcome to Dubai.

photo IMG_20150924_180336254

Gate Position next to an A330-200.
photo IMG_20150924_180528232

Last but not least, a few more pictures of the cabin during disembarkment.

Once again, thanks for reading part 3 of my trip to Singapore.
Part 4:
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Cabin crew9.0

Singapore - SIN


Dubai - DXB



Once again a comfortable flight with Emirates. Catering was very good and enough, no complaints here.
As always, the 3-4-3 configuration is the only bad thing onboard Emirates Triple Seven.
I'm very happy, that I had the opportunity to experience the new Economy Class Seats onboard a B777 (had them already on an A380 flight last year).
The larger display as well as the new seats made the flight comfortable.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Dubai (DXB)


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    KL651 TEAM 4525 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.

    Was there realy only one meal served on this flight? It's longer than MUC-DXB.

    The new seats are really good looking, and with a free middle seat it makes the 3-4-3 more bearable.

    • Comment 326807 by
      Rob777ER AUTHOR 42 Comments

      Yes there was only one big meal service.
      Instant noodles were offered all the time and some passengers got some small snacks (Twix, Snickers or something like that) about 1-2 hours before landing.
      Overall it was a nice amount of food but a small snack (sandwich or something else) prior to arrival would have been nice.

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