Review of LAN Airlines flight Frankfurt Madrid in Business

Airline LAN Airlines
Flight LA705
Class Business
Seat 5A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 05 Jul 15, 19:35
Arrival at 05 Jul 15, 22:10
LA 65 reviews
By GOLD 3202
Published on 2nd October 2015
Hi everyone !

LAN has a daily flight from Santiago de Chile to Frankfurt via Madrid operated by a 787-8. However, during the summer, some flights were done by their brand new B787-9. It was not possible to know while booking the flight if it was going to be a -9, I've just been lucky.

The main difference between LAN's 787-8 and -9 is that the -9 are equipped with the new cabin of the LATAM Group.

Even though LAN and TAM are part of OneWorld they operate from the Terminal 1, next to all Star Alliance carriers and some exceptions like Condor, or El Al.
photo P1270397

Check in is done by TAM employees. I take this flight quite regularly and they've always been adorable. All of them speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and German which is probably a requirement.
photo IMG_6617

TAM and LAN flights leave from the B gates, next to Thai, Asiana or Air Canada. They send their business passengers to the Air Canada lounge which is, in my opinion, the best one in the area. Especially since the last Air Canada flight leaves when LAN passengers are arriving and when TAM passengers are arriving, LAN's flight is leaving. It is therefore a very confortable and intimate space.
photo P1270399

The entrance displays a huge model of Air Canada's 787.
photo P1270400

The lounge is pretty big but cosy at the same time. There is a huge window view on the tarmac and on some gates.
photo P1270401photo P1270402

There is a decent choice of snacks and meals

The press offer is limited to some Canadian and German newspapers.
photo P1270413

There is also a large selection of beverages
photo P1270416photo P1270417photo P1270419

The center of the lounge is a rest area with a sculpture
photo P1270412

On the side, you'll find some diner tables
photo P1270410photo P1270414

In the back are some rest areas
photo P1260001

The restrooms are clean
photo P1270415

My little selection while I wait for the beauty to arrive
photo P1270420photo P1270421

The last Air Canada flight, to Toronto, is pushing back
photo P1270424

While LAN is landing
photo P1270426

The CC-BGA, first 787-9 received by LAN is taking the spot of the Air Canada. Right in front of us. This plane, with this livery, is just gorgeous. Everyone in the lounge is taking picture of it.
photo P1270428photo P1270429photo P1270430

Boarding starts on time and I'm amongst the first to board the plane
photo P1270431

We are greeted by smiles from FAs and directed to our seats.
photo P1270432

And here I am ! Discovering this cabin I've been waiting to see for long ! I have to say that, even if they didn't choose a 1-2-1 configuration, this cabin looks beautiful. The colour combination is much more pleasant than on the 787-8.
photo P1270433photo P1270436photo P1270438

I take my seat, the 5A, last row of business.
photo P1270435

The TV is big and the quality is excellent.
photo P1270439

We can find a blanket and a pillow under the footrests. Those are given on short flights, long-haul passengers receive a bigger pillow and a real duvet.
photo P1270440

My friend found on his seat an amenity kit. Thinking that it was a mistake from the cleaning team or the crew we kept it in a bag until the end of the flight. While disembarking, the purser asked us if we had found it during the flight. It was actually a gift from them to my friend who is OneWorld Emerald.
The kit comes from Salvatore Ferragamo. It contains an eye-mask, a basket for your shoes, socks, a shoehorn, ear plugs, a comb, tissues, a pen, a toothbrush with toothpaste, a face cream, a hand cream, and a lip balm.
photo P1270564

Headphones are already available. They are not the best on the market but they are definitely confortable and good quality.
photo P1270441

Seat controls
photo P1270442

Reading lights
photo P1270443

The tv remote and a plug are located under the armrest.
photo P1270446

There is also a little button
photo P1270450

That allows passenger to raise the armrest. It is completely useless when you're seating but when the seat is in the bed position, it becomes practical to separate yourself from your neighbor.
photo P1270451

There is a lot of space for the legs.
photo P1270447

The middle table looks like the rest of the cabin. Nice and new.
photo P1270448

The content of the front pocket.
photo P1270449

The purser comes directly to us to welcome us onboard and propose a pre-departure drink with a little bowl of mixed nuts. There is a choice between water, champagne, and juice. Usually there is also the possibility to have a Pisco Sour and it has become a habit for me to drink Pisco onboard LAN's business.
Since today is going to be without my Pisco, I'll have champagne to make up for it.
photo P1270453

FAs are then offering newspapers and this is one of LAN's only flaw on those flights. They are only offering Chilean, Spanish and German newspapers. They really should add, at least one, english newspaper.
photo P1270454

I also found in a storage the wine list and the menu passengers from Santiago to Madrid had. Everything is divided in the 3 languages : English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
photo P1270461

This sounds pretty good.
photo P1270457

There is a large choice of beverages. The beverages with an asterisk might not be available during the flight and Pisco Sour is one of them, sadly.
photo P1270459photo P1270460

The Champagne is a Louis Roederer, a pretty good one !
photo P1270456

Wine are either Argentine, Chilean or Spanish, apart from the Port.

Cabin is getting ready to leave
photo P1270469

Pushed back on time
photo P1270470

The window of the Air Canada lounge
photo P1270471

An A330 of Air China
photo P1270475

A B747-8 of Air China
photo P1270477

Safety video
photo P1270478

Some Lufthansa on the way to the south runway
photo P1270479photo P1270480

Take off
photo P1270483photo P1270486photo P1270490

I really like the cabin, I find it very elegant.
photo P1270493

The pillow is a bit small but enough for a two hours flight.
photo P1270496

However the blanket is huge and very soft. I had to fold it in two and it was still covering my body.
photo P1270495

The IFE has a large choice of movies, tv shows, music and games. There's no way one could get bored on this 2h flight.
photo P1270497

There is also a wifi access but I completely forgot to ask how one access it.
photo IMG_6620

Shortly after take off, oshiboris were handed.
photo P1270504

A British Airways
photo P1270501

The map is very detailed and easy to use.
photo P1270506

Outside we are trying to avoid some storms.
photo P1270509photo P1270514

Service starts after passing over Geneva. FAs are giving trays from their trolleys. Except for us where one FA + the pursuer brought us our trays without allowing us to see the trolleys.
photo P1270521

Lyon Airport
photo P1270522

On flights of less than 3h, LAN doesn't give a hot meal. It is usually a salad with cheese and a dessert. The pictures are a bit blurred because we were in the middle of turbulences.
photo P1270526

The main plate contains turkey, and a salad with walnuts, candied fruits, smoked ham and tomatoes.
photo P1270527

Salt, pepper, butter, vinaigrette and black chocolate. It is possible to change the chocolate to have milk-chocolate or an after-eight.
photo P1270528

photo P1270530

And fruits for the dessert
photo P1270529

The bread isn't warm but is good.
photo P1270532

Overall it is a good meal but quite disappointing when I compare it with my previous experiences on this route. I had foie gras, Jamon Iberico, clafoutis, apple cake, blue cheese etc. A whole different level.

With this, I had red wine. A recommendation from our FA.
photo P1270531

This one
photo P1270462

We're slowly getting closer to Spain as we pass the Pyrenees.
photo P1270533

The seat can become a full-flat bed of almost two meters. It is not too soft, nor too hard, just confortable.
photo P1270534photo IMG_6623

I had a bit more champagne before we started the descent.
photo P1270536

The cabin was very peaceful on this flight. Only half of the seats were occupied.
photo P1270540photo P1270542

Approaching Madrid

We landed earlier than planned
photo P1270559photo P1270560photo P1270561

One of the problems of taking this flight is that LAN is operating from the T4S, the international non-schengen terminal. This means that we have to pass an ID control before taking the train back to the T4 where you can collect your luggage and leave the airport. It takes more time to leave the airport than if you fly with Iberia, Air Europa or Lufthansa.
photo P1270562

Thank you for reading.
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I've become a huge fan of LAN in the past months. I go regularly to Frankfurt from Madrid and they are probably operating the most confortable flight inside Europe. Whether it's in business or in economy class.
- I find this new cabin stunning, I really like the colors and the seats are confortable. The 2-2-2 configuration is not the best but it is not unpleasant, especially since I'm travelling with someone and I like having the window seat. The 787-9 seems to be a very quite plane, even less noisy than the 787-8 and the A380.
- The crew was very nice. They were discreet but always here when they were needed. We had 4 FA for the 18 passengers at the beginning of the flight but quickly a 5th arrived. All of them were smiling and pleasant.
- The catering was a bit disappointing from what I've been used to on previous flights. Yet, it was still a good quality meal that was well presented. Too bad I haven't had my Pisco Sour, now I have to wait for my next flight to have it.
- The In-Flight Entertainment is perfect for this flight. You'll easily find your happiness amongst the numerous movies, tv shows or CDs available. The quality is very impressive and the size of the screen is slightly bigger than the one on their 787-8. If they could offer the New York Times or another english newspaper, it would be perfect.
- We left on time and arrived early, nothing to complain about.

For Intra-European flights, there's no better way to fly.

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  • Comment 147804 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Awesome Report Moritz! It's too funny that you just posted this report on LAN 789 Business on a 5th freedom flight, because I am looking for flights between AKL and SYD right now and am considering the LAN 789 in Business. What a coincidence! It's making my decision really difficult between EK A380 or LA 789. LA is a bit cheaper, but only by like $30. EK has that awesome lounge in AKL and of course the on-board bar. But I'm also intrigued to try the LAN 789. The cabin looks beautiful and those seats are great. Yes, there's no direct aisle access from the window, but I'm travelling as a couple so this kind of seating configuration actually works better for us. What a wonderful option for flights between MAD and FRA! A real international Business class with quite an impressive meal for a cold meal on such a short flight! And Roederer champagne is a very pleasant surprise. And to top it all off, what a beautiful bird! I love the LAN livery and it is particularly beautiful on the 789. Thanks for sharing this beautiful report!
    • Comment 326211 by
      momolemomo GOLD AUTHOR 9690 Comments
      I think their business is worth it for a long-haul flight. Apart from the hard product, the soft product is also good.
      Same for me, I preferer this configuration since we're usually two.
      Thanks for the comment.
  • Comment 147818 by
    SebastianRDCD 23 Comments
    Very good and Full Flight Report! I liked it a-lot! I did not know that in nonperuvian flights they sevred Pisco Sour in J. I flew on a 787-9 from Lima to Los Angeles and the cabin was beautiful ans very spacious, and as always food wasnt a big WOW, but it was acceptable. I hope you enjoyed your flight Cheers!
  • Comment 147846 by
    eminere™ 271 Comments
    What a lovely gesture of offering the long haul amenity kit to status passengers !

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