Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Newark in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX 890
Class Business
Seat 22A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 15:55
Take-off 18 Jul 15, 17:45
Arrival at 18 Jul 15, 21:40
CX   #2 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 511 reviews
By SILVER 6599
Published on 22nd September 2015

This series will cover my summer pilgrimage home to the US. Our destination this time will be Boston. For the background and planning, please refer to Part 1 of this series.

Part 1 – NGO-HKG [CX 533, Airbus A330-300, Business] –
Part 2 – HKG-EWR [CX 890, Boeing B777-300ER, Business] – You are here
Part 3 – EWR-BOS [B6 2380, Embraer E-190, Economy] –
Part 4 – BOS-HKG [CX 811, Boeing B777-300ER, Business] –
Part 5 – HKG-TPE [CX 474, Boeing B777-300ER, Business] –
Part 6 – TPE-NGO [CX 530, Airbus A330-300, Business] –

This report will cover the flight from Hong Kong to Newark.


After clearing transfer security at HKG, I took the escalator upstairs to the main level of the terminal.

photo 1

Well that is convenient, the entrance to The Bridge is right there as I exit the escalators.

photo 2

Down the escalators I go, where I am greeted by several CX employees who scan my boarding pass and welcome me to the lounge. I ask where the showers are, the agent points me in the direction so I turn left into the lounge.

photo 3

Artwork at the entrance of the lounge.

photo 4

Entering the lounge, it looks well appointed and not too busy. The large windows overlook the tarmac for some nice spotting. There was a press/magazine offering as you enter.

photo 5photo 16

I’m still feeling hungry after that disappointing entrée on the previous flight so I take a look at the early afternoon food offerings. Quite a large selection of hot food is available in addition to the standard drink and snack offerings.

photo 6photo 7

My first selection.

photo 8photo 9photo 10

The dining area is pretty quiet at this hour.

photo 11

After eating my first offering, I decide to go take a shower to wash off that airplane feel after the first flight. All of the showers were taken when I went to go check-in, but then the agent decided to just let me use the handicap accessible shower. This was quite spacious with adequate amenities.

After my shower, I wandered off deeper into the lounge where I ended up at The Coffee Loft. I took a seat at the bar and ordered a cappuccino while I nibbled on some pistachio cookies. The barista was Nepalese so ended up having an hour-long conversation with her about how she left home as an 18-year old to come to Hong Kong in search of a better life for her family. She is living the American Dream in Hong Kong. It’s always interesting to hear people’s stories and left me with a good impression of the little people behind CX’s service reputation.

Before I know it, I’ve downed several cups of coffee and it’s getting close to game time. I should note that the tarmac views from the lounge are utterly superb.

photo 21

I wish the barista all the best and she wishes me a safe trip back to the US. I pack up and head out on the loooooong walk back to Gate 4. The barista said it would be a 20-minute walk so I added 10-minutes of cushion to that for some spotting along the way as I make my way through the iconic HKG terminal.

photo 22

CX B773.

photo 23

CX B77W.

photo 24

HX A333.

photo 25

CX B774 (HX A320 taking off in the distance). The sight of the Queen still gives me goosebumps.

photo 26

CI A333 in “Welcome to Taiwan” special livery. That should make Marathon happy.

photo 27photo 28

FJ A332.

photo 29

Finally reached the duty-free shopping area that is always bustling at HKG.

photo 30

The FIDS, my flight highlighted in green is still on time departing from Gate 4.

photo 31

LX A343. A route frequented by Numero_2.

photo 32

Almost there now…

photo 33

…but getting close to the gate I see this really long line forming from where my gate is located.

photo 34

Fortunately, there was a premium cabin lane on the left-hand side that was empty so I was able to quickly go through the carry-on bag search. They threw my bottle of water I took from the lounge in the trash and sent me on my way. A candid shot backwards.

photo 35

I think these liquid searches are becoming more and more common on flights into the US (at least from China), happened on my PEK-IAH flight. I will give HKG credit though, they did the search before entering the gate area instead of on the jetbridge meaning that boarding wasn’t unnecessarily elongated.

photo 36

The bad news is that I’m now quarantined at my gate with time to kill. The gate next to mine was a CX A333 departing.

photo 37

Gate 4 is of course going to be one of those crappy gates that blocks the view of your plane. So this is the best photo I can get of my bird.

photo 38

The CX gate agents hard at work.

photo 39

Despite being quarantined, I decided to plant my flag in the corner by the windows as soon as I noticed that we had an active runway next to my gate. The glare off the windows was a slight battle, but here is some of my work.

CX A343.

photo 40

KA A320.

photo 41

CX B744.

photo 42

CX A333.

photo 43

CX B77W.

photo 44

CX Cargo B748.

photo 45


Cathay Pacific, CX890
Equipment: Boeing B777-300ER [B-KQY, delivered May 2015]
Departure: 17:45 (ATD: 18:20)
Arrival: 21:40 (ATA: 21:00)
Flight time: 14:40

As standard for an international flight, boarding is finally called slightly late and all the J passengers are huddled into a corner for document checks.

photo 46

Boarding pass. I like how EWR is now “New York.”

photo 142

We are then released into the jetbridge. There is press available at the mouth of the plane. Both 1L and 2L are engaged. I enter through 1L even though my seat is behind 2L.

photo 47

The purser is there to welcome premium cabin passengers aboard. I think this is the only time I ever saw her on the flight until she was there to wish us goodbye in EWR.

photo 48

Passing through the front J-cabin. This plane is in the 3-class configuration so only J, Y+, and Y are available.

photo 49

I had to fend off some Y+ passengers that were starting to show up at 2L in order to quickly grab this shot of the empty Y+ cabin for those interested in this product. Looks eerily similar to the regional J product… The first thing you notice is that there are no dedicated lavatories for Y+, an amenity I would expect.

photo 50

Here is my seat, 22A. It is the second to last seat in the rear mini J-cabin. I guess this will do for the next 16 hours… There is a pillow pre-placed in the seat and the duvet pre-placed on the ottoman.

photo 51

Seat pitch is good and I think the ottoman is bigger than in the AA seats.

photo 65

Sitting down, the IFE showing our routing today. A pretty short 8000 mile (12,900 km) haul that we will do in an estimated 14h 23m. The 20:11 arrival time is a really aggressive estimate, one that we would not meet.

photo 52photo 53

Settling in, a FA shows up with the standard pre-departure drinks offering. Is that AZ’s venomous blood orange juice reappearing on CX?

photo 54

A glass of champagne and water for me. She returned a little bit later with an oshibori (whose picture has somehow evaded my camera)

photo 55

A brief seat tour, there is a storage cubby under the desk. It says no stowage during take-off and landing, but I was never told to remove my items by any of the crew.

photo 56

On the other side of the seat, they have the shoe cubby hole.

photo 57

The all-in-one command center for the CX Cirrus seat. Everything is pretty straightforward and easily accessible from the seat even in bed mode. I think AA has more/better controls and functions in their Cirrus seat.

photo 58

The CX headphones that were pre-placed in the little cabinet next to the seat.

photo 59

The duvet. I found it to be nice and comfortable. I though the cabin temperature was on the warmer end of the spectrum (as is common on Asian carriers) so it didn’t have to be super thick.

photo 60

The retractable armrest of the Cirrus seat. Has to be down for take-off and landing, but can be raised for more privacy while sleeping.

photo 61

In that photo, you can also see the little pocket for in-seat literature. The standard offering including the safety card for this B77W.

photo 62photo 64photo 63

The view of the mini 4-row J cabin from my seat.

photo 66

As the front doors close, I take a peek out of the window to see a CX A333 parked next door.

photo 67

The captain comes on and gives us the run through of our trip into EWR. We begin pushback as the safety video plays.

photo 68

Our taxi takes us past the cargo terminal.

photo 69

We cut in line to get ahead of this CX A333.

photo 70

We turn onto the runway.

photo 71

Some shots of the same CX A333 (she looks really good in that lighting) as our GE90s roar to life.

photo 72photo 73

BA A380 and 9W A330 at remote stands as we power down the runway.

photo 74

I find it really hard to take pictures in the Cirrus seat because you are so far away from the window and “have” to have your seatbelt fastened. That said, this was the best I could manage until I loosened my seatbelt enough to reach the window.

photo 75photo 76

Leaving HKG.

photo 77photo 78

Beautiful GE90s as we power over Tsing Yi.

photo 79photo 80


photo 81photo 82

The first of two sunsets on this flight.

photo 83

As soon as the FAs are released, they pass through the cabin distributing the menus, a bottle of water, amenity kits, and arrival documents.

I don’t know what happened during take-off, but I suddenly developed some very uncomfortable stomach pains. This is kind of the worst-case scenario at the start of a long flight. So when the FAs stopped by offering apertifs, I could only manage water to accompany my cashews.

photo 87

Those stomach pains also made this menu suddenly look not so exciting.

The drink menu, which is different from the regional drink menu.

photo 143photo 144photo 145

The linens for dinner are laid.

photo 89

The appetizer on a tray is placed down followed by an offering of bread and drinks. The FA could tell something wasn’t right at this point so she asked if I was feeling okay. I explained the stomach pains so she seemed to change her demeanor towards me a little bit. The shrimp were still ice cold, but the vegetables were okay. The salad had only one or two olives in it, but another nice salad loaded with more vegetables than lettuce. As before, the presentation of the appetizer doesn’t look that bad on CX.

photo 90photo 91photo 92

When the trolley with the entrées arrived at my row, the FA recommended that I eat the pasta since it would be the easiest on my stomach. So here is the vegetarian linguine that she recommended. Not as sloppy as the entrée on the NGO-HKG sector, but nothing fantastic. I ate about half of the entrée as I nursed my stomach. The pasta was so-so, as one would expect on a carrier other than AZ.

photo 93

The trolley with fruit and cheese plates came through. I declined cheese and just asked for some fruit to serve as my dessert.

photo 94

Since the FA knew I wasn’t going to take dessert, she brought me a cup of chamomile tea to sooth my stomach.

photo 95

The pralines were offered post-meal, but I declined. She said I could take one and save it for later, but chocolate did not sound appetizing at that point in time. Meal service concluded with an oshibori. We were just passing Beijing (??) at this time.

photo 96photo 97

I went up to the lavatory to change for bed. The duvet and my little cocoon in the Cirrus seat. I’m 182cm and didn’t feel cramped at all.

photo 98photo 99

I normally can’t really sleep on planes, but I somehow quickly passed out. 4 hours later I was awoken by talking and a whole bunch of lights. Apparently this family of 4 that was travelling in the middle seats felt this was their private plane. They were all up having normal volume conversations in the middle of the night. The FAs didn’t say a word to them.

photo 100

The minor positive of this whole debacle was that my stomach magically felt normal again. I hit the call button and requested a hamburger since I felt like I could finally eat food again. A peak outside of the window shows the sun is already rising as we are getting closer to the North Pole.

photo 101photo 102

My midnight snack of an Australian beef burger and chamomile tea. It was still pink in the middle and hit the spot after skipping most of the dinner service.

photo 103photo 104

I made a dash to the bathroom at the very front of the plane. As an aside: the lavatory at the front of the plane is fancier than the lavatory in between the two J cabins. This is a brand new plane so I can’t figure out why this was done. Why have two different style bathrooms in the J cabin?

photo 140photo 141

Coming back to my seat, I see the FA brought me a new cup of chamomile tea and a new bottle of water.

photo 105

The grumpy businessman in front of me also woke up from the commotion in the cabin and complained to the FA about the noise. At this point, the FAs finally corralled the passengers and told them to continue their conversations in the galley area. Frankly, the FAs should have been more proactive and not allowed for them to disrupt an entire cabin in the middle of a red-eye flight.

With peace and order restored, I returned to slumber as we passed over the icey North Pole.

photo 106photo 107

I woke up again as we were entering the northern reaches of Quebec.

photo 108photo 109

I watched StudioCX for awhile until the mood lighting started to get switched on again.

photo 110

Mood lighting means mealtime and shortly thereafter oshibori were distributed.

photo 111

Linens were laid as we were now 2-hours from our scheduled arrival time.

photo 113photo 112

Views over Canada.

photo 114

Breakfast service starts (always strange for a flight that lands at 21:00, but I guess it is morning back in Hong Kong).

photo 115

The breakfast tray initially contains a fruit plate and a choice of pastries.

photo 116photo 117

The napkins have the buttonholes.

photo 118

Cabin view during breakfast.

photo 119

Next, we are given the choice of yogurts, cereals, etc. I just ask for a yogurt, even though those boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes scream J.

photo 120photo 121

The trolley with mains comes out and my heart sinks looking at the options. I ask if any congee is available, the FA says she will bring it out from the galley.

photo 122

The seafood congee and pork pie. A bite-sized pie and an average bowl of congee. Not terrible, but just average.

photo 123

An homage to Nagoya with the Noritake tableware on CX. I made a comment about it to the FA that cleaned up my tray; they asked, “what is Nagoya?” I was tempted to say: “check out your route map sometime.”

photo 124

I thought breakfast was started way too early. We finished service with still 1h until arrival. At least there was the second sunset to enjoy outside as we entered the US.

photo 125

We locked onto the Hudson River just north of Albany as we made our southern run into the greater NYC area.

photo 126photo 127

I went back to the lavatory to get dressed for our arrival. Coming back to my seat, I was nice and poised to get ready for what was the highlight of the flight. An evening arrival into EWR on a clear night. Unfortunately, CX leaves the mood lighting on in J (the Y+ and Y cabins had their lights turned off for arrival). Here are the best of the Manhattan skyline photos as we descended into EWR.

photo 128photo 129photo 130

We then drop down into EWR, arriving more than 30 minutes early with a smooth landing.

photo 131

Some spotting as we have a short taxi to our gate. DL B763.

photo 132

We pull in next to our oneworld brother, a BA B777-200ER that is getting pushed back for service to LHR (BA188). BA is the same, you can tell that the J cabin has the blue mood lighting turned on and the Y cabin has the normal lights on.

photo 133

A picture of the rear J cabin on arrival. Only 1L is engaged so the FAs shield off the J cabin.

photo 134

The forward J cabin as we deplane.

photo 135

The purser magically reappears to thank me for flying as I deplane. Entering the terminal, a look back at our beast on arrival.

photo 136

Our nextdoor neighbor was this UA B737 in *A special livery sporting some split scimitar winglets.

photo 137photo 138


photo 139

After the always-awkward immigration conversations with TSA that are usually light-hearted banter, he gives me a very warm “welcome home” as he hands me back my passport, I collected my bag that was already circulating, and took the shuttle to the hotel to spend the night. I will leave off this series here as I begin my overnight stay in Newark before continuing on to Boston. Thanks for reading this report and please stop by the rest of this series!
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew7.0

Cathay Pacific The Bridge


Hong Kong - HKG


Newark - EWR



An okay ultra long-haul experience with CX: nothing special, but a comfortable flight (for the most part). From a five-star airline, you probably expect something more in a premium cabin on an ultra long-haul route. CX served its purpose and that’s about it.

Cabin comfort: Brand new and clean B77W. I was in the mini-cabin, which I thought would be quieter since it was a 100% load in J. This intimacy was ruined by rude passengers. You are also pretty close to the thirsty GE90s, but I think their drone helped mute out some other noise. The CX Cirrus product is one of the best J-offerings on the market, great seat for sleeping and plenty of privacy. The rear J-cabin gets normal lavatories, not fancy like the ones near the cockpit. Okay amenity kit, had everything I expect other than lip balm and a pen. Is it too much to ask for an Asian carrier to have slippers?

Crew: Eh, nothing special. Non-existent purser. Crew never really seemed engaging. I understand it’s a redeye flight so they are trying to minimize their presence while people are trying to sleep. But even during meals, they just seemed kind of robotic. Other than the one FA that seemed to be more personal towards me, I have no memory of any other interaction with any other crewmembers. Not what you would expect on CX. The handling of the noisy passengers was not proactively handled by the crew.

Meal and catering: The catering is just not inspiring on CX. Nothing on that menu screams exciting or innovative. The appetizer for dinner was ice cold. The pasta, not something I would normally pick but did so given my stomach issues, was okay and so I’ll look past that. I thought the burger was good, or maybe I was just too famished to care. In the galley midflight, there were some other snacks, but not too different than what you would see in Y. The breakfast was fairly complete. I’m glad they had a congee since I prefer that to rubbery eggs. It’s pretty tacky to hand passengers boxes of Kellogg’s cereal in J. Normal protocol was followed with no noticeable deviations in service.

Entertainment: Newspaper available on the jetbridge and the standard seatback literature (I didn’t even bother opening the plastic to look at the magazine on this flight either). StudioCX has a good selection, the moving map could be better, and the ads before each program are annoying. I tried to rest most of the flight so didn’t really probe the offerings too much.

On-time performance: Pretty standard on a long-haul flight, we left late. We landed 40-minutes early so no complaints from me.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Cathay Pacific avec 8.4/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 15 heures et 51 minutes.

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  • Comment 147982 by
    eminere™ 271 Comments
    I enjoyed reading your flight report.

    Cool Nike kicks!

    And equally cool photo showing the different cabin lighting in the BA aircraft.
  • Comment 147983 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Hi Michael.

    Thanks for sharing this long haul FR on CX which honestly did not impress me. I would have expected more from a carrier with such golden reputation. The catering look basic and it lacks premium touches. For starters, that generic dressing for the salad is just so economy. The portion of the salad is also noticeably minimal and the shrimp appetizer looks very underwhelming, especially placed in such a large plate. The breakfast is nothing exceptional either but the mid-flight hamburger snack seems fitting for a premium cabin. I still think that they should offer more choices for snack.

    Good thing that your stomach discomfort did not last for long. That sounded scary for a second. It's also reassuring that the FA took it personally to pay some extra attention to you. Right there is your 5* CX service.

    The seat seems to be popular with many carriers. AV configured their 787's with the Cirrus one and it flies on the BOG-MAD route. I almost bit the bullet and took that flight to go to Europe but in the end I went with the schedule that fitted my itinerary the best and that was UA SFO-LHR in Y. You will find out later on.

    Looking forward to the rest of your reports.
    • Comment 326438 by
      NGO85 SILVER AUTHOR 2002 Comments
      Thank you, Adan.

      which honestly did not impress me
      - Catering is not good, there is no way to avoid that situation. I really think the hamburger was the best thing I ate on this flight. At the end of the day, it comes back to value. What is better catering worth to you? Is it worth $5000 more to fly SQ for better catering and slightly better service? For me, the answer is no. For what I paid, I'm satisfied with what I got. I think catering is the first thing that I will sacrifice for price. The impersonal service is what was more concerning, because that is what CX is known for. Based on the service on the regional route, I would expect the same (if not better) service standards on a flagship route (HKG-NYC).

      Good thing that your stomach discomfort did not last for long. That sounded scary for a second. It's also reassuring that the FA took it personally to pay some extra attention to you. Right there is your 5* CX service.
      - Yes, this had all the makings of a terrible experience. There is nothing worse than getting that sharp pain in your stomach 5 minutes into a 14+ hour flight. And you are right, the FA did go out of her way to assist me given that situation, which was very appreciated.

      UA SFO-LHR in Y
      - I have a UA in Y coming up in two days too ;) (not sure if that should be a tear drop instead...)
  • Comment 147984 by
    Benoit75008 7191 Comments
    THanks for this report,

    Really well made as we can feel like travelling in this plane too.

    CX lounge is apparently a relaxing one, not too crowded.

    This flight is a bit too long but catering is so nice. I would eat this australian beef burger!!
    Weird to see that your FA didn't have any knowledge about Nagoya...

    • Comment 326436 by
      NGO85 SILVER AUTHOR 2002 Comments
      Thank you for your comments.

      When I left the lounge, it was a little bit busier. Overall, I thought the Bridge was quieter than the Cabin or the Wing. The Wing was right next to where my plane departed.

      This flight is a bit too long
      - I would not do this flight in Y. I think those passengers deserve a medal. I do US-Japan often, but the thought of 2-3 hours more just makes my butt sore.

      CX sends 3 planes a day to NGO so I would think that FAs should be aware of their own carrier's destinations.
  • Comment 147995 by
    K2World 2258 Comments
    Thank you for this report.
    Gorgeous pictures.
    I'm gonna fly this 3-cabin aircraft in a month. Would you choose a seat in the forward cabin or stick with this seat ?
    • Comment 326435 by
      NGO85 SILVER AUTHOR 2002 Comments
      Thanks for stopping by :)

      For the 3-cabin configuration, I would go with the mini-cabin. Less people = less chance for distractions. I would go 21K or 23 A/K. 21A is near the lavatory, there is no lavatory on the K side. It looks close to the galley, but there are big closets that buffer the cabin from the lavatory and galley. So when people were gathering, they were closer to the main cabin than the mini cabin. The curtains are closed between J and Y+ the entire time so there is no foot traffic in the mini-cabin. Since CX does front-to-back service by trolley, you'll get served last in the mini-cabin (if that is a consideration).
  • Comment 148016 by
    aussenrist 225 Comments
    Thank you for this great report with the great pictures!
    You are so lucky that you can take photos in the security checking area in HKG!
    Catering services in this flight seems good and are in Cathay services standard.
    Looking forward to your next report!
    • Comment 326524 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
      I saw a no photo sign as soon as I stepped off the jetbridge in EWR off my recent OpenSkies flight. But, I played stupid and started taking pics of my plane parked right out the window and one of the queue minders yelled at me to stop taking pics...pffff whatevs, I was taking pics out the window, not of the customs area, dumb rule.
    • Comment 326434 by
      NGO85 SILVER AUTHOR 2002 Comments
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

      You are so lucky that you can take photos in the security checking area in HKG!
      - I didn't see any explicit signage at HKG in that area. I don't take pictures on purpose if it is clearly prohibited, but sometimes you can use the ignorant foreigner pass and get away with stuff. Like in the US, I think you aren't technically supposed to take pictures from the time you step off the plane until the time you exit Customs. At EWR, I didn't see no photo signage until the Welcome to the USA sign.

      I would say this was below CX standards. Service was done up to standards, but crew didn't really seem engaging.
  • Comment 148051 by
    SMilano 1284 Comments
    Thanks for this great report !

    Such a long flight you did!
    A nice flight in J class with CX but I would have expected more from CX.
    The catering looks good but the portion looks minimal...

    Such great pictures you did! Really nice spotting !
    The BA in EWR looks more a B772 than a B763 for me ;)

    See you on the next step :)
    • Comment 326517 by
      SMilano 1284 Comments
      Haha so give me a another picture with the registration or the registration because this one you put with the blue mood lighting is a B772 ;)

      Its the nose of a B772, the engine of a B772, the main gear (x3 wheel) of a B772, the tail of a B772 and the probes of a B772 :)
      And you don't have the 2 red lines under each door on a B763, only on the B772 ;)

      I'm 100% confident :)
    • Comment 326433 by
      NGO85 SILVER AUTHOR 2002 Comments
      Thank you for your comments!

      I expect more from CX too, but at the end of the day when I consider value (actual price paid versus product), it's a good offering. I'm not a big eater, so for me it's not a problem. I think the appetizers are generally small, but when you consider the entire coursed meal, there is enough food. They also have the on-demand snacks available throughout the flight if you are still hungry.

      The BA in EWR looks more a B772 than a B763 for me ;)
      - It does look very B772ish and that's what I thought it was at first, but it is actually a B763. BA 184 is operated by a B772 and BA 188 is operated by a B763. I got the registration in another picture so I'm 100% confident :) I don't think 4-doors is common on a B763.
    • Comment 326533 by
      SMilano 1284 Comments
      No worries, everybody can make mistake. Me first ;)

      Thanks for the picture :)
    • Comment 326522 by
      NGO85 SILVER AUTHOR 2002 Comments
      I'll be the first to admit when I am wrong, it is G-YMMI a B777-200ER. I was dyslexic and read WI instead of MI off the tail.

      Photo is in your inbox.
  • Comment 148078 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Thanks for all the #Airplaneporn as usual :-P
    HKG is a spotters paradise with such a large variety of carriers and widebdy-heavy

    Ooh, loving the lounge. Last time I was in HKG, I went to the Wing First Class Lounge and found it kinda meh, now based on your great review of the Bridge Business section, I'll go check out that F section in December.

    Gate 4 is of course going to be one of those crappy gates that blocks the view of your plane.
    - I hate those kinds of gates. I need to be acquainted with the outside of my plane before getting on board.

    Boarding pass. I like how EWR is now “New York.”
    - sounds better than Jersey

    The first thing you notice is that there are no dedicated lavatories for Y+, an amenity I would expect.
    - And yet it is very rare to actually have a lav dedicated to Premium Economy on any airline. Have flown on AF, BA, and VS in Premium Economy and always had to go back to steerage.

    I find it really hard to take pictures in the Cirrus seat because you are so far away from the window and “have” to have your seatbelt fastened.
    - True, but it's way better than on a traditional Herringbone layout where you have to be some sort of contortionist to see out the window.

    Is it me or does that amenity kit seem really small?

    Yikes, stomach pains are the absolute worst on such a long flight. I once spent the better part of a NRT-JFK in the lav--not a fond memory.
    The minor positive of this whole debacle was that my stomach magically felt normal again. - Amazing what a little sleep can do!

    As an aside: the lavatory at the front of the plane is fancier than the lavatory in between the two J cabins.
    - Most likely it was originally meant to be an F lav, but this plane is config'd without F afterwards.

    he gives me a very warm “welcome home” as he hands me back my passport
    - Ever since I got an American passport, I love hearing Welcome home

    See you on the next one!
  • Comment 148110 by
    Rl 777 802 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Great spotting shots from HKG! The nice weather definately helped.

    That's so disturbing when your gate blocks the view of your plane, I get so irritated of it when it happens but there's nothing you can do about the situation.

    Oh crap, I'm glad your stomach issues were solved after the sleeping session.

    The seats look good with a large IFE screen. You got some great shots of HK right after takeoff, even though taking pictures from these windows wasn't the easiest task.

    Catering on this flight doesn't look amazing, but decent. A lot of improvements could be made.

    You were unfortunate to have a group of noisy J passengers onboard, the crew should have reacted to that immediately.

    See you on the next one!
  • Comment 148509 by
    cobra 3582 Comments
    Lately thanks Mickael :)

    CX loung seem good, with plenty of food and space

    Cirrus is one the best in the sky( and the highest clouds :)), and CX ne seem totally good. I hope to try AF one to Japan, one day...^^

    I'm always don't impress with CX on board catering, and i won't change my mind with this flight. Nod bad at all, but very far from the best of Asia, japanese compagnies include (i ate a wonderful meal on JL, two years ago)

    Being sick on a plane, what a shame, and for a so lonng flight,it can be very painful. Fortunatly, a good rest on Cirrus (miley? :)), and everything is ok !:)

    Noisy neighbours, another type of disease on board ^^

    I think you collect a lot of good miles on your FFP. Japan airlines for domectics flights now?:)

    See you later
  • Comment 148523 by
    socalnow 976 Comments
    Thank you NGO85, spectacular FR as always.

    The barista was Nepalese so ended up having an hour-long conversation with her about how she left home as an 18-year old to come to Hong Kong in search of a better life for her family.
    -What a cool interaction. This is one of the best parts of travel, peoples' stories.

    The mini 4-row J cabin looks quiet and private.

    The lighting on push and takeoff made for some lovely pictures.

    Glad you bounced back form your turbulent stomach ;)

    The burger looks good, and cooked correctly!

    An homage to Nagoya with the Noritake tableware on CX. I made a comment about it to the FA that cleaned up my tray; they asked, “what is Nagoya?” I was tempted to say: “check out your route map sometime.”
    -Wow. I guess I expect flight attendants to be reasonably well traveled...

    Sorry the flight was underwhelming. I too would expect better from CX.

    Thanks again for sharing and happy flying.

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