Review of Peach flight Hong Kong Osaka in Economy

Airline Peach
Flight MM068
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:45
Take-off 24 Jun 15, 23:55
Arrival at 25 Jun 15, 05:40
MM 17 reviews
By 3190
Published on 15th October 2015
Hi guys, here come another report for a flight I took in the past summer.

This is a relatively rare report here I guess because this is about a pretty small scale low-cost carrier in SE Asia, named as Peach Airlines. It is a Japanese LCC and runs routines between Japan and SEA countries, for example Hong Kong.

This time I took the red eye flight from Hong Kong to Osaka Kansai overnight. As it is LCC, I need to pay extra for a lot of stuff, say seat selection, food, luggage etc. In order to pay what I need only, I only pay extra for the luggage and nth else.

And interesting I am going to introduce the small North Satellite Terminal of HKG today, which also is relatively rare here I think, because this satellite terminal now is only for narrow-body aircrafts, and a lot of LCCs use narrow-body aircrafts and hence, park at this terminal. And by terminal, it just refers to a little rectangular structure built across taxiways.

photo DSC_0463
The typical gateway at HKG, which is actually the main part of the terminal building.

photo DSC_0464
We were taking shuttle bus from the main terminal to the satellite terminal

photo DSC_0467
Gate 502 today at the satellite terminal. The terminal is not good for plane-spotting as the hallway in front of the glasses are assigned as restricted area.

photo DSC_0471photo DSC_0475photo DSC_0468

Just pictures of this terminal which a lot of people commented as stupid. Only 2 flights left at the terminal at the late night

photo DSC_0476
My ticket. So I and my another friend did not pay to choose our seat, and we were assigned 2 windows seat, i.e. 21A and 22A. One very bad thing is that Peach's seat is actually ridiculous thin. So my friend was sitting behind me, and every time he picked up or put back something at rear of my seat, I feel like his hand playing around my butt (I know it sounds stupid, but u can imagine how awkward it was)

photo DSC_0477
We were flying towards Japan welcome the sunrise, just around 2 hours after taking off. Japan is 1 hour faster than Hong Kong.

photo DSC_0480
Typical A320 LCC layout.

photo DSC_0483photo DSC_0493photo DSC_0501
Yay sunrise and getting closer to Japan. I barely slept, probably because I was too excited, and the seat was too uncomfortable.

photo DSC_0509
Landed at KIX. Peach parks at Terminal 3, which is a terminal specific for LCCs.

photo DSC_0510
There is no bridge. We walk downstairs (Rare!)

photo DSC_0511
This is not exactly the plane I took, but the same model. They just parked a series of these A320s outside the terminal. This is in fact the base for Peach.

photo DSC_0512
Everyone taking photos with the sun lol And u can spot that the LCC terminal is very primary, it is like a temporary warehouse. We literally just walk inside.

photo DSC_0514
After immigration and luggage retrieval, get a free shuttle to go back to T1 to change for trains to get to Osaka downtown.

photo DSC_0516
The free shuttle.

Hope you guys enjoy the report, esp to those who are not familiar to this Peach Airlines!
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Cabin crew6.5

Hong Kong - HKG


Osaka - KIX



As this is a LCC flight, I could not expect much really, with that amount of price I paid. Anyway the core services is alright, and the flight attendants are actually very polite, and they were all Japanese. Their attitude is not worse than full-service ones. I mean seriously for some LCCs the service attitude can be pretty bad. Other than this, not much can really comment on...

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